Dirty Nasty Dick

He unzipped his fly and quickly fished out his cock, and then began to piss. He was right, I was positively aching to touch it, to taste it, but he had told me to wait, and I could only watch, which was thrilling enough… finally, seeing another man pissing up close!


“Detroit, Chicago, Madison.”

I shook my head as I looked at my laptop screen. Not this time.

Two weeks later: “L.A. and San Diego.”


The next month: “Wilmington, Atlanta, Jacksonville.”

I forgot when it started but for awhile now Rich had been sending me lists of the cities he was going to on his business trips.

September: “Seattle and Portland.”

We’d started corresponding in the usual way, with Rich liking a story I had written and sending an appreciative email. I had sent him a picture of my cock in return.

October: “Washington D.C. and Baltimore.”

Rich sent one back, and soon we were exchanging fantasies – two straight men who felt a longing to experience another man’s cock. Our desires complemented each other nicely, as Rich was a little more dominant and I was more submissive. This lasted longer than the usual email exchange, and after awhile I would occasionally masturbate on webcam for Rich to watch.

November: “London and Paris.”

I wish! Both Rich and I talked about actually following through on our desires, but neither of us seemed to be able to break through the barriers to add to our limited real-world man-on-man experiences. At one point, I half-joked that I would be willing to service Rich if one of his business trips passed through my town, though I was careful enough about my privacy that I had never said where I lived. The lists in Rich’s emails began soon after.

And now: “Cincinnati, Cleveland, Minneapolis.”

I stared at the monitor, long enough that the screensaver kicked in. Then I started rubbing my cock. I held my breath and read the list again.

I hit ‘reply’. “So… When will you be in Minneapolis?”

* * * * *

After I parked the car and turned the engine off I sat in the driver’s seat for a minute. I could just drive back home, I thought. This could be… not good. I wasn’t worried about ending up a torso in a suitcase so much as, well… what if it wasn’t as good as my fantasies?

I exited the car. On the other hand, if I don’t try I’ll never know.

There were some butterflies in my stomach, but I didn’t really have time to be nervous because the lounge was attached to the lobby, and I spotted Rich right away. That was a little surprising, given I’d only seen him from the waist down. But the friendly-faced guy in his 50’s looked like what the guy I’d been corresponding with should have looked like. He was average-looking, I guess, but to be honest his face didn’t really matter to me. I had already seen the part of his body that I was attracted to.

I sat down beside him as he looked up from a Kindle. “Hi, Danny,” he said – so I guess the instant recognition worked both ways. He was finishing off a beer, and there was a full one waiting for me across the table. The small talk was a little awkward, but we’d agreed that we’d give each other a once-over for few minutes in public, each of us with the option to back out. I was surely not the most objective observer, but his body language was “right”, and suddenly I was eager to get on with it, to be up in his room.

I think he picked up on that because he smiled, and pointedly settled back in his chair, taking a slow pull of his beer. He was already taking charge, dictating the pace, and I was forced to take a breath and pay attention to the conversation.

About ten minutes later, he took one last swig of his beer and set the glass down with finality. I finished mine as well as he looked at me, asking, “ready to go up?”

I swallowed. Nodded. He stood up and I followed him to the elevator, noticing as I stood up how fast my heart was beating. Blinking, hardly noticing my surroundings, I was suddenly following him through the door to his room.

It’s happening! I thought to myself.

It was probably for the best that Rich was taking charge. “Get undressed,” he said to me as he sat in a chair beside the writing desk.

Here we go! I leaned down and untied my shoes, kicked them off, and pulled off my socks. I stood back up and unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, and my pants just as quickly. Only when I was down to my underwear did I pause and throw in any sort of “sexy” flourish, turning around and bending over, half sliding my underwear down to reveal my asscrack and then sliding it back up. I turned around and did the same with the front, going even slower before letting them drop to the floor.

And now, here I was, standing naked in front of a stranger in his hotel room. Of course, he had seen me before – or most of me – of webcam, but this was viscerally different. Exciting. I felt my cock twitch, and looking at Rich I could see he had noticed it too.

“Wow, okay. Just stand there for a minute… I really want to look at you.”

I was excited and nervous at that. My body, with its noticeable belly is far from perfect and I was simply not used to thinking that people might be excited by it. Then I thought maybe it wasn’t my face or the rest of me that Rich was most interested in, and my cock stirred a little more.

Leaning forward in his chair, but making no move to get closer in to touch me, he instructed me to shift to a few different poses. Turn around to show him my ass (hardly the taut buttocks that were supposed to be a big turn on) and then putting my hands on my head to stretch out more. He looked me over for nearly five minutes, with only the occasional command.

Then he looked up at me and spoke. “All right, I think it’s time for you to show me that you’re as dirty as you’ve been saying. Get on your hands and knees.”

As I lowered myself to the floor he stood up. He made a pointing gesture towards the restroom, and I started to crawl in that direction. He walked behind me, and I could feel his eyes on my ass.

“I’ve been getting ready for you,” he said. Since I got here I’ve had the ‘no maid service’ sign up. And, as you can see, I’ve been a little… sloppy.”

Following his gaze, I looked at the toilet. The seat had been left up, and I could see what he meant by ‘sloppy’, as there were a couple days of piss splatters on the rim.

“So… do you want to show me that you’re dirty?”

He didn’t have to explain any further. In fact, this was something that had arisen from a secret fantasy of mine that I had told to Rich.

A small part of my mind was thinking about the difference between fantasy and actually doing something, but I wanted to prove that I was as dirty as he could imagine. So I crawled over to lick the toilet rim clean.

There was a big splatter right at the front that must have been fairly recent, and a pushed the tip of my tongue through it. I looked up at him for a moment, then quickly began cleaning the rim with slow, broad tongue strokes. There were a few small pools of piss, plus scattered splatters all around, and below that dried patches of the same from the couple previous days. After a few licks, the taste of it hit me – strong and faintly metallic. I could even taste a difference between the fresh and dried piss.

A surge of excitement passed through me. I’m doing it! I’m licking this man’s toilet clean with my tongue! There was a funny pulsating quiver in my cock as I gave the rim one last slurp. I looked up, and it was damp, gleaming clean from my tongue.

“Wow,” said Rich, sounding faintly surprised that I had gone through with it.

“This is what you came here for, right? To get a taste of a man’s piss? Well, just stay there beside the toilet. You can watch, but you can’t have this yet.”

With that, he unzipped his fly and quickly fished out his cock, and then began to piss. He was right, I was positively aching to touch it, to taste it, but he had told me to wait, and I could only watch, which was thrilling enough… finally, seeing another man pissing up close!

Fascinated, my eyes traced the path of his piss from the splashes in the toilet bowl back to the cock that I had seen so many pictures of. His heavy, dangling balls were still hidden in his pants, but I licked my lips at the sight of his penis, which had a pleasing thickness even in its flaccid state and a pretty, bulbous head.

All too quickly he was done pissing, giving himself a quick shake before tucking his cock back in his pants, as if this were a normal situation where there wasn’t a naked man on his knees beside the toilet. He turned and walked from the washroom, giving a little sweep with his hand to indicate I should follow. Crawling once again, I followed him back into the main area of the hotel room.

He returned to the chair in front of the desk and pulled himself around so he was facing an open laptop. He pointed to the floor beside him and I crawled over, resting on my knees beside him.

There was an ice bucket on the desk, and he reached into it to pull out a lite beer which he opened and handed to me. He did the same for himself before turning to the computer. With a couple clicks, he’d pulled up a porn video. “Let’s just watch this for a bit,” he said as he clicked play.

It was a scene with two guys and a girl, about nineteen or twenty, sitting in a sauna. They were speaking in a foreign language, German maybe, but only briefly before one of the men, than then the other, started kissing the girl. But quickly it became obvious that the two guys were also interested in something else, too, as one proceeded to go down on the other.

It was frustrating to wait instead of pushing forward with Rich, but I could tell he was continuing to try and keep the pace slow. The scene was actually very hot with the two teenaged guys sucking each other off, plus I kept getting rushes when I saw Rich lean over to look down at my cock, standing at full attention. By the time we had watched the full video, about fifteen minutes, I was raring to go. The fact that Rich had been squeezing his still-concealed cock every few seconds made me think he was ready too. But instead of switching to action mode, we watched another, shorter video. This was set in a locker room and involved the members of a soccer team initiating a new member. Lying on a bench, the other players took turns pissing on him before he started sucking their cocks, ending with his face being covered in a layer of man-goo.

By this point I was so horny that pretty much all of my nervousness had abated, and we had both finished our beers. Rich turned and looked down at me.

“So, are you ready to see my cock now?”

I nodded, swallowed, and managed to grunt affirmatively. He stood up.

“Why don’t you undress me?”

Nodding, I reached over and untied his shoes. He lifted his feet for me to pull them off, along with his socks. I raised myself up enough to undo his belt, and unbuttoned his pants. I pulled his zipper down and his pants fell around his waist. He lifted one leg and then another and I tossed the pants aside.

I was never particularly into men’s bodies beyond cocks and assholes, but it was exciting to have Rich in front of me, and I could feel a certain eroticism just from his presence. I ran my hands up his legs, stopping at the bottom of his boxers, then pulled myself up so I could unbutton his shirt. That fell to the ground, and I touched his chest, rubbing my fingers over his nipples. He was solid, warm, a man.

But there was more to him yet.

I fell back to my knees, his crotch at eye level. I ran my hands up the inside of his thighs, then reached behind and squeezed his buttocks. Then finally, thrillingly, I squeezed his cock through his boxers, and I felt it pulse beneath me. Rich breathed in sharply.

My fingers now gripped the bottom of the boxers’ legs, I tugged the elastic waistband down about half an inch, pausing to run my fingers along the strip of flesh that had been revealed. I tugged the boxers down another inch, revealing the top of his public hair, and again I slowly caressed that zone.

Then one more tug, and the base of his cock was revealed. I leaned in to breathe in his manly crotch scent, and my lips kissed the flesh on either side of his cock through his thick bush. Getting the scent – and then the taste – of him, it was hard to keep going as slowly as I had been, but I knew I wanted to stretch out the feelings for Rich. So another tug, revealing more of his shaft, and I let my index finger curl around behind it to rub the underside of his shaft. And leaned in again to breathe in the smell of his manhood.

And another inch, another delicate touch, another sniff – and now some little licks on either side of his cock.

Another tug – and all was revealed. I let the boxers fall to the floor as I leaned back to take in the whole of his cock. I knew it from the many pictures we had exchanged, but to see it in the flesh was to render it both familiar and strange. Dangling freely with its pleasing thickness, and his large, loose balls dangling low behind. There was some grey amongst the black of his wiry pubic hair. It was a regular cock, probably an average cock, but it looked just right for my hands and my mouth. I leaned in again to breathe in his scent. It was a little faint, but entirely pleasing – musky without smelling overpoweringly sweaty. Well, I was going to see if I could make him sweat a little.

I looked up and smiled. “It looks great,” I said. “Do you mind if I touch it?”

“I can’t wait!” Rich replied. He was eager and ready and I knew he had been long fantasizing about this moment. So, of course, I tried to draw it out as long as possible.

I leaned in so that his cock was just an inch from my mouth, and I softly blew on it. When my breath hit him, Rich’s whole body trembled a little. I put the palm of my hand on his right thigh, and moved it up and down slowly several times before sliding it inwards so the back of my fingers were rubbing his balls. I kept rubbing his right thigh while I leaned over and kissed the other, and then licked up and down in the same way my hand had just been moving.

After a little more of this, I shifted my hand so that I could rub his scrotum and then gently squeeze his balls. Rich made a little muffled noise and his cock twitched in front of me, so I squeezed his balls a little harder. I was being super-careful here, not really sure of how far this would feel good before I’d hurt him. I was sort of in the dark here as I never tended to play with my own balls that much, but I knew that Rich had mentioned several times how he liked having them squeezed. Not wanting to hurt him, I went back to rubbing them as I looked over the cock that was slowly coming to life below my face.

It looked so exciting that I couldn’t keep my hands off it any longer. Trying to seem casual, I reached up with my left hand and gripped his cock at the base, lifting the whole thing up. I think my hand was shaking a little, bur Rich seemed a little unsteady too. My right hand slowly stroked it up and down. It’s so warm! If feels… alive! I was touching another man’s cock for the first time in so long. And this time, it’s not rushed, furtive. I can explore…

My fingers moved all over his shaft, sensing the subtle differences. I reached the spongy bulb of his cockhead, taking a moment to softly stroke the ultra-sensitive flesh at the underside of the glans. I traced the length of his shaft, and then down to his crinkly pubic hair and back to his balls, stroking them while my other hand stayed on his cock.

I could feel him responding in several ways – his knees dipping just a tiny bit as I hit certain spots; little intakes of breath, and his chest rising and falling a little more quickly; and of course, his cock slowly coming to full erection under my caresses.

I kept touching and stroking it for as long as I could bear, and then I licked my lips. I looked up at him. “I’m going to suck your cock now.” Rich exhaled sharply.

As I slid my lips over his cockhead, I’m not sure which of us was more excited. But I figured I’d let him worry about his own reactions and I would just concentrate on this fantasy coming true. So as I ran my tongue along the underside of his head, feeling it swell oh-so-slightly, I just tried to breathe through my nose and keep calm. Concentrate on the moment. Feel it… taste it…

There was a different sort of slickness against my tongue and I realized his pre-come had begun to flow. I pushed my tongue against the roof of my mouth and swallowed. It doesn’t really taste… well, no… there’s something there. Something subtle.

Something wonderful.

I swirled my tongue around his cockhead again, then carefully moved in, taking more of him in my mouth. I was most worried about nicking his skin with my teeth, and I curled my lips inward a little more, thinking back to all the hours I had spent practicing on my dildo. Jesus, this is so much better than the dildo.

Now I started moving my head up and down on his shaft a little, slowly taking in a little more of his cock. My mouth felt full of his warm manhood, and with my lips forming a tight seal around his cock, I sucked in a little, my cheeks tightening against the sides of his shaft.

Rich moaned, so I breathed in and out through my nose, then did it again. Trying to keep the suction on his cock, I started moving up and down again, releasing that only so that I could wiggle my tongue around a little more. There was a weird electric sensation on my lips, and I could hardly believe how stimulating it was to be sucking his cock. Although I had fantasized about it so much, I had never really realized how giving a blowjob could be almost as pleasurable as getting one.

I was getting a little less subtle now, bobbing up and down more quickly and trying to take him a little deeper, but I could only go so far without it feeling uncomfortable. So I kept going for a little while longer. My left hand reached over to find his balls, and I began to gently squeeze them. Rich moaned again, and after a few seconds, I felt his balls twitch a little bit.

“I’m gonna come soon,” Rich said.

I pulled back a bit, so my lips were wrapped around his cockhead, and my other hand reached over to start stroking his shaft, slick with my spit. A few seconds of that put him over the top, and his cock began twitching. Suddenly I could feel his come shooting into my mouth. And then I could taste it. It was salty and sour in a way that was different from my own. I wasn’t sure if it tasted good, but it was so compelling. I swallowed, and then swallowed again as his cock shot out another jet.

There were a couple smaller pulses, and then his orgasm was done. I swallowed the last of it, then pulled my mouth off his cock so that I could lick him clean.

Rich was puffing a little as I stopped and looked up at him. “Thank you,” I said. “That was everything I was hoping for.”

Rich smiled, and stepped over to the ice bucket and opened another lite beer. “Well, I have something else in my cock for you.”

I closed my eyes and shivered, wondering if my next fantasy – my piss fantasy – was going to finally come true. When I looked back at Rich, he pointed towards the washroom again, and once more I crawled there on my hands and knees.

Rich had apparently thought the next part through, as he quickly directed me into position, sitting on the floor with my back to the toilet bowl and my head tilted back over the opening. The front of the rim dug in between my shoulder blades as I looked up at the ceiling.

Rich stepped above me, his legs straddling my hips and he was suddenly towering above me. He looked me over.

“Your face… your mouth is the toilet now,” he said. “That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

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7 thoughts on “Dirty Nasty Dick

  1. Carl S says:

    Rick, I agree. First experience with Recycled Brew was with my first partner of 12 yr . we were out at out local watering hole and on the way back home when I decided to stop behind a dugout for some quick action. I was going down on him and he came heavily followed by his cum gushes getting a little liquidy. I realized late that his cum cum gushes were lengthen into a piss stream, then he was pissing so it was either drink or have him piss in my car. I drank , drank him dry he must have been holding it for 3 hrs. I finally came up for air and he giggled I gave his balls a twist then when we got back I fucked him proper! Mind you I was hard as a rock .
    The SCAT Part was a TURN OFF, UNHEALTHY, Dangerous and just ….well u get my drift. Being Held Underwater though well I have swallowed cum and Recycled Piss Underwater ( again piss not intentionally, but its becoming a turn on ) and the latter made me ROCK HARD & cum hands free!

  2. Martin says:

    Nice story, but I’m sorry: the scat bit was a major turnoff. I’m a pharmacist and microbiologist: piss is ok, as long as there’s not UTI, but licking the bowl? Yuck. Scat? Disgusting and medically dangerous, IMO. I’m in the Twin Cities, so…ah….maybe sometime we could have coffee & scones (without scat)

  3. Gene says:

    Piss is supposed to be sterile, unless shedding bacteria from an infection. They’ve used it to clean wounds on battlefields when there was nothing else. The scat part of the scene was a bit repulsive to me. Interesting change in story lines.

  4. Ron says:

    Really so hot except the scat. No scat for me ever, but everything else was a total turn on and so fucking hot. I would love this exact scenario without the scat. I love to eat a clean ass. I love to take piss right from the tap. So much about this story turned me on big time. I realize this is not for all. I would enjoy more of this type. NO SCAT PLEASE. I play with a guy who sometimes says, I need to piss bad which means I sit on the floor in my bathroom, just a night light and he comes in, strips and gives me his piss. Then we play. Other times no mention of piss. Mmmm it’s all good.

  5. Rick says:

    I’ve done everything but the scat part. I love sucking a pissing dick until it’s dry. I don’t enjoy being pissed on because I really appreciate feeling that hot urine splashing against the back of my throat like a man cumming and cumming and cumming. And just showering with piss isn’t as sexy. All in all a special kind of story not made for all tastes but definitely mine.

    • Mark S says:

      Hey Rick, I have not tried piss or shit. I am a nurse and the thought of all the germs contained in both, NO WAY could I smell or taste them. Be careful Mark S

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