Dried Cum In Dad’s Beard

Dad reached around to kiss Uncle John and then pulled his cum-covered cock out. More cum dribbled out of Uncle John’s ass. A minute or two later, the men peed together right in front of the camera. Dad thanked everyone for watching and then left the chat room.


I’m a 30-year-old guy, and about four years ago, I moved back in with my dad to keep him company and to help out with the bills. The arrangement works out very well for both of us. He never remarried after my parents split up, and I have no intentions of getting married. We usually hang out at home in nothing but our underwear and in the summer months, it’s not unusual for one or both of us to be completely nude every day of the week since we both work from home.

In the course of living together, we’ve seen each other hard and soft. I have to admit that his cock is quite nice – about 7″ long and thick, with a nice bush and hairy bull balls. His package compliments his beefy 5’11”, 220 lb. frame very well. He has short dark brown hair and a short beard, and his bearish body is covered in fur all the way down to the top of his large size 12 feet. My dad is very attractive for a 52-year-old man, and he’s given me a hard-on many times just seeing him nude.

I’ve never come out to my dad as being bisexual, but I’ve brushed my hand up against his cock many times just to tease him. We laugh it off, but secretly, I’d suck it in a heartbeat. I sucked my first cock in college, but I haven’t sucked but maybe three or four other guys since then. Actually, I don’t hook up much at all; in fact, I’d rather watch live sex cams and take care of my own needs.

Dad’s an avid hunter and living on 20 acres of land out in the country gives him the opportunity to hunt deer, quail, doves, or whatever is in season. Dad taught me how to shoot a gun at an early age, but I don’t hunt at all. Quite frankly, I just don’t have the patience to wait on some animal to kill.

One weekend, my dad’s younger brother, John, came to stay with us so that they could go hunting. Uncle John lived about four hours north of us, and he liked to get away from his wife occasionally. Coming to stay with us so that he and dad could go hunting was the perfect excuse. John was a successful lawyer and, at the age of 49, he and my dad could pass for twins – about the same size, covered in hair all the way down his body; and like Dad, he had a huge one, about 7-7.5″ of meat. His low-hanging balls were huge, too. Uncle John was aware of my dad and I hanging out in our underwear or completely naked at home, and he usually stripped out of his clothes as soon as he pulled up in our yard. Uncle John would walk in the house with his bag of clothes to wear back home, and his cock was already hard.

That Saturday morning, Dad and Uncle John went deer hunting on the back of our property. The night before, Dad told me that they would probably head into town to grab some breakfast when they finished, so that would give me a quiet house for sleeping in late. I usually sleep heavily, but that morning, I heard Dad’s truck leave, and glancing at my alarm clock, I saw that it was 4:00 a.m. I was pissed that I woke up so early but decided to take advantage of the situation. I grabbed my laptop and went to one of my favorite cam websites – Cam4.com. Looking through the previews, I didn’t see anyone that turned me on enough to check out his cam. Even though I’m bisexual, I prefer watching other men stroke their cocks. I’m turned on by big beefy men like my dad.

Just as I was about to leave that website and try another, I saw some guy dressed in camouflage with his cock out. I was intrigued, so I clicked on the cam preview to watch him. Of course, it was dark where he was, but I could tell that he was outside, and it looked like he was in the woods. The light of his cell phone was just bright enough to see his cock, and it looked huge. I couldn’t see his face or much of his body because the phone was so close to his cock. My cock begin to stiffen as I watched this guy stroke it. Just a minute or two later, I saw another man come up and I couldn’t make out his face at first. Then I heard a voice that I immediately recognized – Uncle John. He was asking Dad how many people were watching their cam show.

The Dad turned the phone toward Uncle John as he proceeded to unbutton and drop his pants. Then he pushed his underwear down to his boots. He stuck his hard cock up against Dad’s lips and then Dad licked the tip. His tongue swirled around the head of Uncle John’s cock just before Uncle John pushed it into Dad’s mouth. I heard Dad gag a little and then he started sucking, making loud slurping sounds as Uncle John fucked his mouth. Uncle John’s balls were slapping Dad’s chin, and then Dad reached around. I couldn’t tell what was happening, but I heard Uncle John let out a gasp. “Fuck it, Jared, fuck my ass!” I couldn’t believe my eyes. Dad was sucking Uncle John and apparently fingering his ass. Within about two minutes, I saw Uncle John’s thrusts become faster and then I saw a mixture of cum and saliva running down Dad’s beard.

My cock was throbbing by this time. I know it’s wrong, but I was so turned on by seeing Dad suck Uncle John. Uncle John pulled his cock out of Dad’s mouth and then he turned the other way, so that his ass was facing Dad’s stiff cock. They must have propped the phone against something because Dad grabbed Uncle John by the hips and worked his cock into Uncle’s John’s hole. Uncle John let out a holler and then Dad started fucking him mercilessly, his big balls slapping my uncle’s butt cheeks. The two men were fucking like wild animals out in the woods. The moans got louder, and the fucking got faster until I saw Uncle John’s cock let out a steady stream of thick white cum. Dad’s slapped Uncle John’s ass and then with one final thrust, I could tell he had shot his load into my uncle’s ass. Dad reached around to kiss Uncle John and then pulled his cum-covered cock out. More cum dribbled out of Uncle John’s ass. A minute or two later, the men peed together right in front of the camera. Dad thanked everyone for watching and then left the chat room.

It didn’t take long for me to unleash my own load. I don’t think I’ve ever cum as much as I did that morning. I went to the bathroom to clean up, and then went back to bed. It was about 5:30 by now, so I had about another two or three hours of sleep to get.

Sometime later that morning, I heard the back door slam loud enough to wake me up. Figuring it was them, I got up and went to see them in the kitchen. They acted like nothing had happened, but I could have sworn I saw some dried cum in Dad’s beard. I never mentioned what I saw earlier that morning on cam, but I do know that I’ll be flirting with Dad more.

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7 thoughts on “Dried Cum In Dad’s Beard

  1. Bill says:

    One of my fantasies. Dad and I shared a bed while I was in junior high and high school. I would have loved to have played with him but never had the nerve to try. I hope there its more.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    Never had opportunity to serve my dad after accidentally watching him fuk moms ass when I was yunger yung hairless but always wanted to serve dad
    Great story

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