Exploring My Other Side Pt 13

Without warning the head of my cock was enveloped in wet warmth as he leaned and sucked me into his mouth. “OH fuck yeah.” I flopped on the table. He steadied me with one hand on my thigh and the other with his thumb suddenly swirling on my hole.

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Isaac was right behind me as I climbed the stairs and texted. I set the phone down and breathing deep, met his gaze. “Hi.”


“How’re you?”

“I’m great…you ok?”

“All things shiny! Just more intense than I’m used to…”

“What’s on your mind for tonight…?”

“First, I’m looking forward to being with you. Second, I have to be back here by 1030 or so. My friend needs to crash here. Third, I’m gonna stop talking in bullet points right now.” He laughed and I sat down for a second. He leaned against my desk.

“What’s on my mind? I’ve wanted to be naked all day…I want to just let pleasure take over….”

“Those things we can do….Let’s head over to Clark Station.”

“Wait a sec….do we need to get anything? This is direct but condoms, lube? I don’t mean to assume anything”

“Nope, all supplies are on hand. I went over to the studio earlier to tidy up, turn on the heat and….well supply the place. I’m ready for anything…tell me what you want the evening to look like…?”

We were walking down the block before I answered. “I want us to be naked. I would like to just lie back and let you touch me, all of me…I want massage mixed with sex and appreciation of my body and being. I want to have you take the same loving attention from me in turn. I want to come hard. I want to have and give as many orgasms as possible.”

I’d looked at him each statement. He put his hands in his pockets to cover his stiffening dick. “Gawddam. Gawddam. That we can do…” we waited for a street light to change. “Jog there?” I was outta the blocks before the light completed its cycle. The gusts were closing together and a storm burst of cold fat raindrops pushed into the lobby of his studio.

Up two and a half flights, under the dormer roof, the studio was toasty warm. Divided into thirds the front area had a small desk, sink, shelves and a little toilet off to one side. The middle third was for the massage table, one of the widest sturdiest I’ve seen. The last third was mats and cushions, the angled ceilings covered with mirrors, for yoga and mat work. The rain made a white noise, blocking traffic and city noise. He turned on some awesome music. I stripped.

When he turned back from the stereo I was standing stretching naked. It was just 6:30, we had four hours to play, to give pleasure, to be naked and relax. Without a word he dropped his jeans and lifted his fleece off. We came together in a warming hug. He bolted the door. “We will not be bothered or bother anyone. All the shops below are closed. We can do whatever we want.”

I jumped on the cushy massage table and squirmed my ass, “Get me warmed up? Treat my whole body…please?”

He stepped up to the table. He took one foot, then the other, then each arm. He pulled each one slightly to get me centered on the table and begin stretching me out. The first moan of the night came outta me in a long sigh. He said, “One more adjustment…” He put his hand on my kidneys, smoothed back over, into my crack. With that hand he lifted, weighed, and jiggled my balls. When I arched up he tugged my cock back to point it between my thighs so it was lying flat easy to see and access.

He said, “I’m gonna work your whole body. Gimme the word when you want something, ok? This is your time to get pleasure…”

“and you’ll be next…” My feet were just off the edges of the table. My arms comfortably dangled off too. I was draped spread open and getting hot and hard. He rubbed a small drop of oil between his hands vigorously then standing at the top of my head gently rubbed my neck and shoulders. He kept a steady motion thru his hands. Then he leaned over me, his long strong arms moving muscles on my back all the way down into my ass crack in long sweeps. I felt his cock shift onto the top of my head as he began to really work hard to make a steady motion.

He moved around to my side, his cock stiffening against my bicep. His longs sweeps deepened into the bones of my back and kept gliding right into my ass and inner thighs. Every pass over my tailbone and glutes, down into my crack, along my thighs brought a responding arch from me. Without warning the head of my cock was enveloped in wet warmth as he leaned and sucked me into his mouth. “OH fuck yeah.” I flopped on the table. He steadied me with one hand on my thigh and the other with his thumb suddenly swirling on my hole.

My brain shut off. He had me. “Isaac, I could come….just like this….” His cock muffled, “uhuh!” let me know I could come whenever I wanted…he kept the suction on my head taut, the strokes from one hand around my shaft were timed to match the swirling inward pressure of his thumb. “Get in my ass, please, fuck me….” I could only gasp and thrust against his movements as his thumb made first contact with my ass button….I was the one moving now.

He held on with his mouth and hands. I grunted and grunted….I came up on my hands and knees, he rolled onto his back, still plugging my ass with his thumb. His hand was replaced by his throat as he lay under my cock’s thrusts. He took my face fucking. “Make me come, make me come…” he fast jacked my shaft, lips holding tight to the ridge of my head. Two fingers took over my ass….he was now intensely driving two fingers in and out of my ass….he wasn’t moving anything else, just his lips tight around the head of my cock.

I came, a flood of heat shot thru my ass, aimed down the length of my cock…..I was on hands and knees, head thrown back not breathing as I came and came and came. I broke a sweat.

Isaac was on the able in front of me pulling me up from my hands. He had a wicked gleam in his eye…He kissed me. I tasted a lot of my come and his spit, his fingers opened my ass again and the aftershocks gripped me. He had come in his beard and on his neck. He held me tight against him until my shivers ended, then lay me down and worked my front muscles as I came down from the orgasm. His cock was dripping on my bicep, and then smearing my shoulder. I turned my face to it….

He held my neck as I drew him in to my throat. He came almost right away, all over on my open mouth and on my neck and jaw. He kissed me deep and I felt him moan as we parted. “I should have asked….we shared come…that’s not something I’ve done before….”

“It’s not something I’d’ve planned to do…but it was in the moment…we’ll be safer from now on ok? With each other and anyone else….?”

Gravely he nodded….” I trust we are clean…and better lovers than that….”

“I suppose it wasn’t much more that I swallowed than heavy precum….”

“You were hot for that…”

“my ass took over….I’ve never come quite like that….I still feel super charged…have you ever been fucked, Isaac?” It took a lot for me to ask that….

He turned deep red. “Yes. I have. One friend in Hawaii….the time I had six orgasms…he and I met just to take each other’s cherry…I, I’ve only had a little ass play since then….”

I sensed the story went deep…I left those depths for another time….”that come just now….not right now, but some time away from the heat of the moment, can we talk about my first time? I’m pretty sure it is gonna happen…I want it to mean as much to me as yours did to you…”

We spooned on the massage table for a little while, talking about, well the mechanics of ass play. I’d thought I’d talk to J too….he had more experience, obviously. I had to piss and when I came back, Isaac asked to move down to the floor mats and cushions. I worked his whole body in the longest, hottest massage I’ve ever given. I brought him to the edge three times. I’d barely touched my cock the entire time.

We grappled into a 69, his cock was smaller than Brett’s and D’s still really nice sized though, for the first time I got to deep throat someone. Having my nose hard against his silky balls and his pube on my chin sent my eyes rolling back in my head. My throat felt slick and so satisfying, I actually kinda forgot about Isaac taking all 8 inches of me into his throat. Our orgasms were in unison and loud and coated our torsos. We kinda dozed a little, after. Standing at the sink, washing up I got hungry. It was about a quarter after 9.

We tidied up the studio, still naked. Isaac sat on the mats crossed legged and gestured for me to join him. We sat knee-to-knee and meditated. Our breathing was in synch. I came to when my stomach growled. A blissful 25 minutes had passed. We stood and hugged, starting to get dressed. “I’m free for yoga in the morning if you are…” He nodded. “Cool, Brett may join us, I thinking if we skip the flow yoga and do longer slower poses, there’ll be just enough room….”

Isaac grinned, “Dude, we’ll be balls to ass….that will be awesome!”

We left the studio and thankfully the rain was only a mist. We were mostly silent. On the front steps, Isaac grabbed my hip and sunk his tongue into my mouth. We were laughing at someone who whooped at us from the bus stop on the corner. He went upstairs and I went to the kitchen, grabbing yogurt and nuts. In my room only one text from D asking about our plans for tomorrow. It washed over me: I wanted D to be the first to fuck me. I tested back, “I’ll do whatever you’d like to do…”

“I’ll pick you up at 8:30…there’s a party I’m invited to and I wanted to bring you…”

“Cool. See you then.”

I reviewed homework and my calendar for tomorrow. I got an email from Will about our lab project. I sent him my available times to meet in the week. He replied in an instant message; we went back and forth finally settling on Thursday at 615. He asked what I was up to….I told him I’d just come from massage trade with a buddy. He really liked that idea he said. Brett texted me. I let Will know I had to run…he asked if I wanted to run together some time. I agreed and he quickly offered tomorrow at 830. It fit in my schedule. We’d meet at the gym.

Brett’s text said he was just getting off the bus around the corner. I texted back, “kitchen door.”

He looked beat, dark circled and red rimmed eyes and a clunky bandage behind his ear. He dropped his bag on a chair in the kitchen and just stood there, blew out a big breath. I grabbed him around the ribs and squeezed. I guess he needed it, fat tear drops hung in the corners of his eyes. “What ya need, buddy?”

“I-I-I’m a b-b-bit hungry….and and and s-s-s-sleep and and and m-m-more hugs.”

He’d taken his cap off and flipped his bangs on the last request. I smiled and grabbed him some yogurt, slathered almond butter on a plate with a quickly sliced apple. It was 10:10; guys were coming in the front. We dashed upstairs and closed my door. He hugged me again, shoving an apple dipped in almond butter into his mouth, “Y-y-you s-s-s-smell dif-dif-different…new-new- soap?”

I blushed and grabbed a towel, “Isaac and I did a massage trade, I haven’t showered yet.” I suddenly could taste Isaac on my lips…..

“S-S-S’not bad….”his grin told me he knew what he smelled on me….”w-w-w-wait, and and and I-I-I’ll sh-sh-shower to?”

He wolfed down the snacks and we trotted off to the showers…He took off the clunky bandage and I got a look at the three long nasty nail scrapes behind his right ear. I pushed away the anger. I put on fresh band-aids for him and we brushed our teeth. I was tired. We lay down, he was my little spoon. “I-I-I t-t-took day off f-f-from st-st-studio and work, t-t-to m-m-move stuff, s-s-so I don’t have t-t-to be u-u-up at s-s-six.”

“Good. Isaac is coming by at 700 for yoga…I’d like you to join us.”

“H-h-h-here?” he leaned up and looked at the tight space, “G-g-guess it-it-it’ll w-w-work.”

“Yeah,” I snuggled closer into his back, “It’ll be close, but cozy…”

I felt him roll his eyes and shake his head.

“B? Do you need to talk about it?”

“Y-Y-Yeah, b-b-but not not to-to-tonight.”

“OK. I’m here for ya….just ask.” I gave him a kiss on the back of the neck and settled in…he nodded a little nod and his breath changed a minute later. I heard tiny noises in the hall; but it all seemed to get farther away.

He moved outta bed; it was dark and quiet, “g-g-gotta pee.”

He padded back a minute later and crawled back into my belly and knees. I squinted at the clock, 4:27. Brett rolled on to his back; his hand brought my top thigh over his pube. In a flash I felt him growing hard. I sprung to life too. His arm went behind my back and he pulled me on top of him…with long kisses and slow rocking, hands gripped on our backs; we came together. Without a word we spooned again and passed back to sleep.

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