Exploring My Other Side Pt 14

I took my hand off my cock, it was pointing up away from my abs. My finger tip found the hard knob in my ass….I got three fingers in and started fucking my own ass…that shuddering climax was so close. “I’m close, I’m gonna shoot from finger fucking my ass…”

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My phone beeped a text….I groped for it. It was Isaac, “5 minutes?” It was 6:55. B and I groaned together. I glared at the door, it was unlocked. “Yup. Doors unlocked. Brett is here. C’mon up.” I texted and told B that Isaac was on his way. He responded by throwing his arm over his eyes and forehead, “Five m-m-more m-min-minutes, please?” and grinned. My alarm went off. Isaac tapped on the door and came in, wearing only pj bottoms which he dropped on the floor with one look at us tangled naked on the futon.

I can’t say it was the most spiritual or technically perfect practice, but it was fun….trying to navigate the space while holding poses was just damn funny. Brett’s dark circled eyes from last night were repaired by a good night’s sleep and gut busting laughs. After about 45 minutes we slowed things down…I was between Isaac on my back and Brett in front of me. I pushed Brett onto the bed and pulled Isaac down on top of my back.

“It is hump day, everyone!!” they both groaned at my lame pun, but we started exploring each other’s now warmed up bodies. When I got full contact with my cock on B’s ass crack he arched and said, “Yes. Come like this!”

Isaac grunted, “Uhuh,” in my ear and we humped, ground, and nibbled our way to a three way tie for orgasm. I dumped on B’s butt, Isaac flooded my ass channel with his, B filled my hand. We came quick but exciting rather than tiring. Isaac deep kissed me, and then shy about it, looked Brett’s face over, “I’m glad we could lighten your spirit today.” A tender kiss made them both shiver a little and pink came back to B’s cheeks. Without another word we sprung up and showered together.

Isaac followed us back to my room and pulled on his pj bottoms as he left the floor going downstairs. Brett got dressed as I packed my bag for the day. He sat on my bed watching me get dressed. “Z?”

His voice made me turn.

“W-w-will you, can-can-can you s-s-s-set a-a-aside time to talk t-t-tomorrow?”

“Of course. How about after class say at 2:00?”

“come see-see-see my n-n-new p-p-place then?”

“Sure.” I knelt and looked him in the eyes. “I’ll stay over sometime if you want…I would tomorrow but I’ve got late plans with Dustin ….”

He rubbed his nose and pushed his hair under his cap. We shouldered our packs. I made a double portion smoothie, gave him half and saved half for after my run with Will. On the kitchen stoop we hugged and went off. It was easy to be still with him.

I jogged to the gym; I was a tad late. Will was just parking his bike when I got to the stairs. “G’mornin Will.”

“Morning,” he pulled his lock off and secured his bike, “hey, I don’t have a locker here yet. Can I share yours? Track team hasn’t been assigned space yet.”

“Sure, no problem. The lockers are huge. Have you been in yet?”

“No. Working a lot, I generally run from home….wow!”

I smiled at him gawking at the redone lobby and locker room.

I opened my locker and lifted my fleece off; I had nothing on under it. He pulled his gear outta his bag and kicked off his shoes. There were a couple other guys here and there, guys I recognized from football squad. They were just getting dressed to go. Will took off his tops and pulled his fly open….commando and short-trimmed! I set my gear out and made room in my locker for his stuff. I undid my belt and my chinos slid down and off. I was free-balling too.

I kicked the chinos off and up into my hands, grinning at my acrobatics. Will never took his eyes off my swinging cock which began to show its appreciation. “I am a damn lucky man,” I thought. I tugged my running T over my head. Will had his pants off, his amazing thighs and hard lean ass flexed as he put them into my locker. I inwardly sighed as I grabbed my running tights; I didn’t want to wear clothes. Will put his T on first too.

The footballers left the locker room, “so how far do you want to go today?” Will had a glint in his smile….he had his shorts in one hand. His veiny abs and cock really looked too good to cover.

“I’ll match you for a bout an hour. You lead, stud.”

He clapped me on the shoulder. Banging doors at the front of the locker room and we pulled our bottoms over the show. In a few minutes time I realized he set a blistering pace, I could keep it up for a while, I thought. He was an intuitive partner; he slowed pace a bit and matched me when I started to lag. We didn’t talk much. When we were close to returning to the gym; I was whipped. Those 50 minutes were brutal. He was barely winded.

“You run well, for as much muscle as you carry. Y’all right?”

Y-Y-yeah…winded….how far was that?”

“Almost 7 and half miles.”

“Ha! I normally do 6 in an hour, brutal, dude! But awesome too. I’ve never run that well…you took me to a new place!” I’d got my breath mostly back.

“Ungh. I am so looking forward to the steam room. I don’t have class until 10…you?”

“Same here!” I unstuck my T from my sweaty back before we were in the locker room. “Its one of those days where I hate wearing clothes!”

“I hear that!” He had his shirt off and his shorts were caught on his shoes as he stripped in one move. I got my locker open and watched him stalk over to the urinals. I had my shorts off and my tights were rolled down to my thighs….he prowled back towards me, grabbing two small towels. “We’ve got about 30 minutes, to just chill, buddy.” He held a towel toward me and I stepped into his space, not taking the towel until my cock was almost even with his hands.

I’d never felt quite so immediately animalistic with a guy. I had this with a couple of the dorm gals from last year, and when my ex and I lived together and sex was a given at home, but this had all my senses sharp and alive. I think that’s how I sensed I was being watched…by Coach Mac who was seated on the bench in his office untying his running shoes. “Don’t look, but Mac is checking us out.”

“Dude, right? I saw him earlier.” He shrugged and draped the towel over his shoulder, walking slowly to the steam room. I followed, but hand on the door I looked back and Mac was bare assed, facing away, wrapping a towel. The Physical Therapist, Joe, opened the PT room and called Mac’s name…”Mac’s getting a rub…” I said as I sat on the bench opposite Will.

“Always thought Joe was not really good at what he does….hell I could give Mac a better rub down than the ones I’ve had from Joe.”

“I was just complaining about that the other day. I’m lucky; one of my frat brothers is an LMT. We just spent 2 hours last night trading massage.” I adjusted the towel under me and sprayed eucalyptus oil into the steam that started pouring outta the nozzles.

Will lifted his ass and flopped his cock between his thighs and gave a loud, “Fuck me that’s nice!” He ran his hand thru his thick brown hair. My cock wasn’t being shy. “I’d do anything for an unrushed massage….Your friend take new clients?”

“I dunno, I’ll ask him…he’s really busy…I’ll give you work sometime…” I pushed my knees together then farther apart. Our cocks were rising in tandem.

“Z? Can I get real for a sec?”

“Yeah, please do….I think we need to…”

“Tara wants us. She wants us on her and with each other….I’m guessing here…but I think you’re just as much of a dog for sex as I am…?”

“Dude I saw you too messing around in lecture last week, it kept me hard for an hour!” I cupped my balls, “I’m totally into you two…” Voices were in the locker room, moving away from the steam room.

“I wish she were here right now….I’d love to see you stuff her with that big dick…” He was openly stroking too.

The dry sauna door banged open and shadow appeared on the glass steam room door. Will and I both leaned elbows onto our knees to cover our erections. It was Jergens, the head of the athletic department, Mac’s boss. He grunted with a nod, “boys.” And dropped onto his back on the bench, “ya know, Joe just doesn’t seem to have ‘it’ anymore…my back is still killing me…”

“Mr. Jergens, we were just saying the same thing….no one really seeks out his work, ya know?”

Jergens grunted again, “What about you Wollinowski? You agree, with Guttmann?”

Will and I looked at each other, “Yeah, sorry but I do…I felt worse after my last session….”

“I will take that into consideration,” he sat up and left the steam room. I heard his office door slam. I was kinda dazed that Jergens knew me by name…”I need to rinse off, cool off a sec…”

Will joined me in a cooling shower. A handful of guys were aping around in the locker room. Will and I exchanged frowns….no more showing. Back in the steam room we both jumped when a voice bellowed, “Knock it off! You gorillas!” And a door shut hard. It was Mac’s voice. Dead silence followed. A moment later the steam room door open, Mac stepped in just as fresh blast of steam billowed out.

“Quite the entrance, Coach!”

“Wollinowski. Who’s this?”

“Guttmann, Will Guttmann…sir.”

“Ah, the marathoner….” He finally sat down. There was still no noise from the football squad. “Nice to meet you. Good run you had at Springfield last March.”

“Huh, uh thanks…I had no idea anyone really knew me…I mean Jergens knew me on sight…you knew about Springfield…thanks Coach.”

“What happened at Springfield?”

“Guttmann here lead the pack out of the gate, set the pace, won and smashed a division record. It was his race start to finish. Pure domination. Great stride on you, mister.”

“Wow, Mr. humble….” I slapped his thigh and leaned back, now soft but still long my cock wanted to be alive…”I just ran with him for the first time….he’d be great as a running, training volunteer for the squad, Coach.”

Mac still had his head in his hands, braced forearms on his knees. He flicked his eyes over at me…then leaned back and stretched….his towel opened some between his legs….I gave Will a little sign to lean back….he did…Mac kept his eyes on the wall in front of him….

“Yeah. I can see that.” he stared thoughtfully at the wall, “Will, come by my office if you’re looking to get on the support team. Might even have a small stipend if you got enough hours free to assist. Any other suggestions, Wollinowski? You seem to be batting 1000 so far today…”

He stood and didn’t bother holding his towel…his solid thighs and ass pushed him up on his toes as he reached for the ceiling. His cock hugged his ball sack, but both were well dangled below his pubes.

“No. No more bright ideas, Mac…other than I may have a friend who is an LMT, if you need a referral. He’s amazing.”

Coach leaned and twisted, trying to relax his spine. Will and I watched his every move…”Yeah. Email me his contact info. If he’s a friend of yours, I think we’ll get along…”

“Will do, Mac.”

“Guttmann, come ’round and see me, alright?”

“Yessir. I think I’d like to do more training off season.”

“Oh. And Zach? Anything I or Jergens said about Joe…”

“Off the record!”

“Cocky. Smartass!” He muttered, flashing a grin. He wrapped the towel low on his hips and left.

“Fuck! What time is it?” Will and I scrambled to rinse off and get dressed. There were a lot of guys heading in tot he football training room.

Outside in the lobby…we paused. “Zach, we should talk without distractions….”

“Definitely. I won’t get involved unless we talk…”

There was a moment of awkward, then I just hugged him, “But we will get involved!”

I hustled off to class, in a blur the afternoon flew by with my body buzzing. I saw someone I wanted; it seemed, at every turn. On break before lab, I had a voice mail from an unknown number. I listened to the message. I was Coach Mac, asking for that LMT info. He wanted to schedule some time as soon as possible. I texted Isaac, asked if he was willing to work on coach. Isaac offered next week…I asked if he’d let me use the studio, after hours. My belly flopped when he said yes.

I called Coach, “Hey Mac. Zach here.”


“Yup. My friend, Isaac, the LMT can’t schedule until late next week,” Mac groaned a little on the other end, “but listen. I almost certified myself. My ex, she was a chiro’s assistant, we studied on each other. I’d be happy to work on your back. Isaac says we can use his studio…” there was a long quiet on the other side.

I think I actually heard him gulp. “I’ll think about that. Thanks go ahead and send me his contact info, maybe next week. Goodbye.” I emailed him Isaac’s info.

I think I might have gone too far….oh well, I could clean it up. I sat for a minute before lab and checked my calendar. I kinda lost sense of where I was at in my week.

So, lab and lecture, followed by weight training. Home for dinner, study night. Tomorrow, run or swim first thing. Classes. Brett at 2. Team meeting a 3. Meet up with Victoria and then work group with Will and Tara. Night out with D. Tonight’s study night was heavy now that I saw how much more I’d scheduled. Class was about to begin. I texted J, D, B and V. I laughed at myself.

At lecture sitting next to Will and Tara was sweet torture. He did grip my knee under the desk a couple of times but we kept it low key. I hit the gym hoping to apologize to Mac if needed but he wasn’t around. I got some strut time in the locker room; thought at one point: I could come right here in the locker room and they’d applaud me. I saw that for what it was: crazy narcissism.

That was sobering. I reflected hard on some of my struggles; the conversations I’d had with Carol and my ex. That helped me feel a little more right sized. I hit the market on the way home. I answered all my texts and emails in the few minutes I was cooking and eating dinner. I turned off phone and with calm and quiet did nearly 5 hours of homework, which caught me up or put me ahead in all classes. Bleary eyed, I staggered to the shower with no thought other than relaxing, shaving and edging…

The hall was dim, light came from under Carl’s door; no noise anywhere. I threw some clothes in the drier, my last load for the day. I chuckled at that, because I’d only come once my last load of this day was with Brett early this morning. In the shower I just turned and turned under the spray. Then got to shaving everything. I was hard and dripping in no time. Shaving my balls and ass became an excuse to finger myself to a shuddering stand still…I rinsed off, did my teeth.

As I walked to my room, I kept the cock stroking going. I felt better after the shower. I managed to get my cock into a pair of briefs, threw on T shirt and wearing only this, in my biggest risk so far went down to the kitchen to grab a snack. The come stain was huge on my front. My cock stayed almost full hard the whole time. No one was around, nor was anyone up as I climbed the stairs. I did hear a little music from Carl’s room. I tapped on the door.

“C’mon in Z.” I laughed

“How did ya know it was me?”

“Heard ya go down stairs, we’re the only ones awake on this floor…”

He was laying in bed, shirtless, a sheet over his legs. His boxer briefs were almost the same color as his sheets, and in the dim of his study lamp I couldn’t see much. He stretched and put his laptop away.

“I’m calling it a day…long time at the desk….” I stretched over my head. I could feel my T riding up and my waistband sliding down a bit.

“So. You said the other day you like being ‘on.’ You like getting attention….You like to show off, huh?”

He hadn’t moved but it felt like he was about to spring off the bed. I nodded and finished my pear.

“Is that precome?”


“Take off your shirt.”

I lifted it off and tossed it across the hall into my room.

He sat up further on the bed, his legs spread. “You’ll do pretty much anything I say won’t you?”

“if we agree on it yeah….but yeah, showing off, getting attention, teasing myself gets me going…I want to be noticed…” my cock stirred and I pulled my pube muscles, making the waist band gap away from my pube.

“Go to your room, leave the door open. Do yoga for a bit, then get naked….do what you would do as if you were alone.”

“What’re you gonna do…?”

“Jack off watching you….my gal won’t let me play…but you’re better than any porn I could get to…”

I stepped back in to the hall, bending to get my clothes out of the drier. I stood and folded them briefly, when I stepped back the top half of my cock was fully above my waist band. I heard Carl draw in a breath. He said, “don’t really look at me…but when I tell you to, jump over here…got it?”

I nodded. In my room I switched off the overhead and left on my desk lamp. I moved the chair and spread my yoga mat. I felt him staring at me. I faced my mirror and teased my cock a minute thru my briefs. I saw on the dresser my new tube of lotion. I slid my briefs off and lovingly spread small amounts of lotion all over. When I got to my cock, I rose up on my toes and hardcore fucked my fists, the sudden movement felt so good.

I pulled back and went thru a yoga routine that had me glistening with a light sweat. In the mirror again I lotioned my pecs, abs and butt cheeks. I heard Carl moan a bit. I pulled my hands thru my hair and again fist fucked in front of the mirror. A string of precome hung to the floor after I froze to not come.

I set my chair in front of the mirror. I slow stroked until my thighs were rock solid and straight out in front of me…I did some yoga to cool down. I sat back in the chair and when I reached for my lube I caught a glimpse of Carl, naked, leaning back on his headboard, knees bent, feet together. He was thrusting up into his right hand; every push up highlighted his tense thighs and bubble butt.

I matched his strokes for a minute by the sound of his wet hand. I lubed my cock more and moaned out load. I put on leg up over the arm of my chair. I did little circles behind my balls getting wider to include my ass. Carl moaned louder, the pounding growing fiercer. I slid a finger tip in my ass and my head went back on my headrest. I grunted.

“Fuck yeah…” Carl was breathless.

I took my hand off my cock, it was pointing up away from my abs. My finger tip found the hard knob in my ass….I got three fingers in and started fucking my own ass…that shuddering climax was so close. “I’m close, I’m gonna shoot from finger fucking my ass…”

“Get over here,” Carl was hoarse with excitement. I stood and had to grip the wall for a sec, there was a lube mark where I grabbed the doorframe. Carl’s hand was flying up and down his shaft; his balls were tight up against him. “Keep showing off…”

I matched his intensity on my own cock….I put one foot on his bed and wiggling my ass pushed two fingers inside of me. I groaned…without a warning Carl scrunched up and shot off…right into his own mouth….all over his bed….I stopped.

I put my hands behind my head and breathed deep and hard. I wasn’t gonna come, I wasn’t gonna come. As Carl thrashed on his bed I backed from the edge again. I tossed him a T-shirt from his floor….”You would fuck me if you were single wouldn’t you?”

That added a couple of aftershocks for him. He wiped his belly and face nodding, “I wanted to come with you the other day, and I jacked off as soon as I got back in my room.”

“Happy to show off for you bud!” I grabbed his hand in a shake and ‘bro hugged’ him as I leaned over his bed he mumbled “we’ll do that again!…”G’nite.” I needed a long cold shower to get my cock semi soft. I fell onto my bed, set my alarm and was out.

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