Exploring My Other Side Pt 22

I slid my face against my twin’s chest and dropped the wettest spit I could muster right onto the head of his cock.

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Jason grabbed me by the neck and pressed our foreheads together. The competitive gleam flickered in his eyes, “let’s give him all we got! Go get the rubbers and lube.” We touched lips and I stood as Jason bent his face into Sam’s tight little ass. I heard Sam draw his breath in quick as Jason jammed his tongue deep into him.

I got the condoms, lube, grabbed a washcloth and towel and the cider. While walking back I heard Sam moaning. Jason had his ass lifted in both hands; Sam’s face was smashed into the couch cushions. Jason was making, ‘ung, ung’ sounds with every deep push of his tongue. His cock was bobbing as he clenched his abs to tongue deeper into Sam.

I knelt next to Jason and tore open a condom. I saw Jason smirk a tiny bit when he heard it. He spread his legs a little more. I broke the seal on the new lube, trapping a fat drop of it between three of my fingers. I wedged these between my brother’s face and Sam’s ass. I tipped that fat drop against his ass. He gasped at the coolness. Then he opened to my three finger tips. The fat drop of lube slipped inside of the ring of his hole. Jason drove it deeper with his tongue. Sam’s moans pitched a litter higher, louder.

I cupped Jason’s balls in one hand. I kissed Sam’s ass at the same time. Our tongues danced together in and out of Sam’s juicy hole and our mouths. I kept a stroking motion on Jason’s balls. He began to hump against my hand, the sign I was looking for.

I slid my face against my twin’s chest and dropped the wettest spit I could muster right onto the head of his cock.

“Oh damn Z!” he said into the ass in front of him. Sam arched around to see what I was up to; I twirled the spit with my palm down the head and ridge. I got the rubber and spit in it too. I worked the slippery latex down Jason’s shaft. My mouth watered for it. I pulled it up. Jason came up on his knees. I pulled Sam’s ass down and pushed his spine until he was kneeling on the floor in front of the couch and Jason’s cock was only my hand width from the shiny hole.

Sam’s eyes got wide, “you guys are huge! I dunno….”

Jason smirked….”you’ll take what you can…” and without warning pressed the fat head against the pucker ring of Sam. He grunted and pushed back equally. My eyes got wide as I got a close up of the top third sinking into Sam. He breathed for the first time in that long minute.

“Wait a sec…” he managed a few deep breaths, then nodded. Jason leaned another couple of inches deeper. Sam pulled away a tad bit. Jason froze. Sam bit his lower lip and nodded again. Jason pushed and met resistance; he put one hand on Sam’s hip, the other he tugged down on Sam’s balls. Sam went ‘oh!’ silently and Jason got most of his cock buried. Quivers started in Sam’s thighs and glutes. He was fighting to not fight the invasion of his ass.

I came up off my knees and sucked a quick kiss out of Jason then turned all my efforts onto Sam. I kissed his wet mouth, getting my tongue buried in his throat. I stroked his pecs and nips. I touched and petted him all over. I tugged and twirled his dick head. He began to relax. I kept up the petting and kissing. He was glowing now. Jason hadn’t moved, but I could tell his cock was swelling inside Sam.

I pulled Sam’s balls back towards Jason’s; this had the effect I wanted: Sam arched a little. The thick long dick up his ass shifted against his insides. He groaned.

“Ah damn. Damn. Damn. Fuck me….that is so hot, so full.” He swallowed my tongue. I caught Jason’s eye as he pulled back.

Sam’s face arched to the ceiling. I knew he wasn’t thinking right then. He scrambled and catching Jason by the hip re-buried my twin’s cock to the hilt. Jason grunted. Sam broke a sweat. I dripped more of my spit onto the stretched ring of Sam’s hole. Jason backed off farther. Sam held perfectly still. Jason hunched deep. Sam let out his breath. He reached back with one hand and amazed us by hooking his elbow behind Jason’s neck and opening his mouth for a kiss. He was almost suspended between that hot kiss and Jason’s thick cock. The quivers were back; Sam’s glutes were rhythmically vibrating. Jason gave a few rabbit hunches; little squeals spilled out of their locked kiss.

Jason’s thighs were straining with the weight of the two of them as he knelt holding Sam. I moved around to take Sam by the thighs we were smashed face to face; I took the weight off Jason. He pulled out and slid deep, pulled out and slid deep. I whispered to Sam, “Breathe buddy. You got this, Take his fuck…breathe…”

He tipped his face to me and sucked my tongue into his mouth. I felt the rabbitting of Jason. Sam was slick with sweat. Jason rolled his hips in a wide circle, causing Sam to go rigid then moan his loudest, “oh gawd. Fuck yeah.” Jason repeated the motion, while attacking Sam’s neck and mouth from behind. We kissed all together.

Jason flipped Sam over in a swift move. I flopped backwards onto the couch. My back was on the seat, my feet planted on either side of Jason’s thighs. Sam’s legs were pressed wide by Jason’s chest. Sam’s back was slick with sweat against my chest and belly. Jason had open access now to Sam’s fuckhole. He set to fucking him.

I was crushed under them, but held Sam’s thighs. He managed to keep his face turned to take all of our kisses. Jason had the look of a runner, jaw set to finish the race. He held my look and with each thrust and pull gave a deep breath. Sam held on. Sam was a hard knot of muscle, one solid clench of pleasure. Jason sped up, shortening his thrust. Sam’s mouth stayed open. Jason was gonna cum; he was now tightly clenched around his thrusts as Sam was in taking those thrusts.

Jason managed to gasp, “Get a rubber on Zach, I’m not coming yet….” I slipped out from under them and was wrapped in a flash. I knelt close to Jason and stroked the full length of my cock. Sam was lost in the fuck. Jason was so close I didn’t think he’d stop before coming…I slid my hand down his spine, he arched under my touch. Matching his movements for a moment I held his balls in my hand from behind. I forced a kiss on him and a little roughly yanked his balls back away from Sam’s hole. Jason’s cock popped out of Sam.

I was balls deep before he could gasp. On each of my first five deep pushes Sam gasped, “i-den-ti-cal-cocks!” Jason was still breathing too hard t even smile. He kissed me and in my mouth said, “Thanks for stopping me…”

I laid into Sam. I felt him like he was a hard knot of muscle around my cock that started to shake and flutter. We were gonna fuck another come out of Sam. I was getting hot and my balls rose against my shaft. Jason began nibbling Sam’s belly and pelvis. He took Sam’s stiffy to the base. Sam yelled. I was groaning. Jason moaned around Sam’s cock in his throat. Our voices echoed a bit off the fireplace surround. I was getting close. Jason looked up at me almost grinning around the shaft of Sam.

I knew I wouldn’t stop on my own. I nodded at Jason. We matched efforts; when I was balls deep he had Sam’s cock all in his throat. When I pulled out to the head, he teased the head of Sam’s cock with his lips. We sped up, again faster the faster still. Sam was only able to gasp and stare at his cock and ass. Jason wrapped his arm around my waist and his thumb flicked my hole in time to my fucks into Sam.

Just at the brink Jason pulled me off of Sam. He was balls deep fast enough that our hips collided. Sam gave an almighty, “FUCK ME!!” and grabbed the back of the couch. I knew there’d be no stopping Jason this time. I stripped off my condom, swiped my cock clean and shifted over Sam’s head. I was able to get most of my shaft into his sloppy mouth from that angle. I held onto Jason’s shoulders as his deep pushed rocked all three of us.

Jason growled, “Dammit Sam…fucking come, buddy. Be our little bottom slut and shoot everywhere again…” I felt his moan on my cock. Jason was short thrusting now; we were in the chute to blast off….

Sam’s throat gripped my cock; I imagine his ass did the same for Jason. We all froze. Sam came stuffed with our matching cocks. His first three clenches involved his whole body. His cock leapt but nothing came out. I pulled out of his throat and shot right into his open mouth. Jason was out of his ass and his condom off before my second blast hit Jason’s cock. Jason shot hard enough to send a string from Sam’s pube, belly, chest and my balls to join my third blast in Sam’s moaning mouth. Sam came under us. I lost track at that point.

We were a slippery happy pile for a long ten minutes. Sam pecked us both on the lips and trotted upstairs to the bathroom. Jason rolled me over on top of him. Our throaty moans as we kissed went on until we heard the toilet flush and the shower turn on. Sam yelled down, “I’m gonna be a few minutes guys….”

In the same concerned voice we answered, “Y’all right?”

“Uh yeah…just a bit messy and need to…well I might need the toilet again….” I could hear his embarrassment. Jason whispered to me, “been there know that feeling…we wrecked him dude!” I felt the same pride and concern. We rolled together to our feet. Grabbing all the rubbers, lube and cider we headed upstairs. We left the stuff in the bedroom and went into the bathroom. Sam was leaning his head against the wall, hot water streaming down his neck and back. He looked exhausted. For a second he was worried.

We stepped in and gently soaped all three of our tired bodies, being soft and slow with his ass and cock. Our twin cocks were still mostly hard, but we ignored them for now. Once we were all cleaned up, we started massaging Sam’s back, glutes and thighs. He sighed a few times, the stood straight and slipped out of the shower. The toilet was around the wall from us so he had some privacy and came back looking relaxed. We rinsed him down again and dried off together. He reached out for our swollen dicks and took them both in both his hands making us stand close together.

He grinned at us and jumped suddenly onto our hips. We held him off the ground as he laughed, “Thanks! That was amazing…that I could take those fucks! I need to do that again!”

We carried him into the bedroom and dropped him on the bed.

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6 thoughts on “Exploring My Other Side Pt 22

  1. LPS says:

    I wish guys like this actually existed in real life rather than just in fantasies. Great stories. Wish there was more!

  2. Coqteez says:

    Where’s the rest?? Ya know that 3some is gonna end up in a DP for Sam… This series has been damn hot; I hope it doesn’t end here.

  3. David says:

    Zach is one of my favorite characters in all of erotic fiction now. This could be a webtoon series or even a Netflix show with the right writing

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