Finally Getting My Cherry Popped

I was worried how his cock would fit into my mouth but at the same time, I was salivating and excited that I could play with it.


At the time when I first started to get curious about other guys, I tried to deny it and pretend those feelings weren’t there. There’s no way I could like other guys, at least that’s what I thought to myself. At most I’d click on gay porn, “by mistake”, but never even considered acting on my new feelings. Finally, I decided to at least get a small butt plug, curious about how it’d feel to have something in my ass. And as much as I liked the feeling, it still took me until shortly after my 18th birthday to actively try and have my first experience finally.

I had no idea where I could find a guy to top me but after wasting time on various websites and apps I eventually ended up on Grnder. I spent a lot of time talking to guys, all eager to fuck my virgin ass, but for one reason or another, I always found an excuse to not go through with it. Some guys were either weird or lived too far away, and my nerves were holding me back as well. Eventually, I started talking to a guy really nearby, he actually lived in the same neighborhood coincidentally. He was an older guy, 34 years old while I was 19. The age difference really turned me on and was also how I imagined my first time.

He kept trying to find a way to get me to his house, of course, my nerves were still getting in my own way. He was a very persistent guy though and eventually convinced me to come over and just give him head. I thought maybe after giving him head I’d be less nervous about going back for more. As nervous as I was I was also excited, we agreed to meet up that very night so I jumped up to get ready. I got dressed and thought I’d clean out my ass just in case. The guy sent me his address and I decided to walk over since it was so close by. The entire time he was messaging me, telling me how much I’d love it and I told him what I’d do as I was nervously shaking the whole time.

When I got to his house he was already waiting for me at the front door and without saying anything he let me in and led me upstairs to his room. When we got to his room he immediately started running his hands all over me and kissing me. I wasn’t really comfortable with it but I just stood there frozen almost and let him continue. Then he dropped the sweatpants he was wearing and his boxers, exposing his really thick, cut 8-inch cock before he laid down on his bed. Obviously, I was worried how his cock would fit into my mouth but at the same time, I was salivating and excited that I could play with it. Trying not to think too much about it I got on the bed between his legs and firmly held his thick cock in my hands for a second before softly kissing it on the head. All my nerves seemingly disappeared and I fell completely in love. After kissing it all over, I sucked on his balls and dragged my tongue up and down his shaft. He was rock hard, and veiny, which I loved along with how his balls felt in my mouth. Wrapping my lips around the head, I swallowed most of his cock until I was choking on it. After, he held the back of my head and thrust into the back of my throat. I felt euphoric and wanted to worship his cock, I wanted to please him. I looked up at him and told him I needed him to fuck me.

He must have been as excited as I was because he jumped up out of bed when I said that and grabbed a bottle of lube as I got in position, face down, ass up, back arched. I felt him spread my ass wide open and begin to eat my ass out, which sent a pleasant shock throughout my body. Almost instinctively, I moaned as he rimmed me, and then louder when he slid his lubed fingers into my tight ass. He then slid his cock up and down between my spread ass, making me anxious to feel him in me. Finally, I felt his beautiful cock pressed against my ass. I felt him use more and more pressure until his cock slid in, stretching my virgin ass and causing me to let out a loud involuntary moan.

At first, it hurt and I tried to pull away, feeling like I had been stretched too much. He held my hips to keep me from pulling away as he slowly buried his cock in deeper. Time seemingly slowed down with how long it felt for him to bury his entire cock in me. He was really gentle though, thrusting slowly at first, loosening me up. The pain went away after some time, and it felt more and more pleasurable as it did. That’s when I turned my head back and told him to fuck me harder. He didn’t disappoint, pulling me in by my hips, fucking me faster and harder with each stroke. Something about that moment, feeling him on me and pounding my tight ass, made me feel like a good slut and I loved it. As he enjoyed himself, I was moaning loudly out of pleasure, enjoying every inch of him.

Eventually, he slid out and told me to get on my back. Obeying him, I got on my back with my legs up in the air, then he kneeled down and rimmed my ass again. Like before, my ass was reluctant to open up for him so easily, though less so than the first time. He went straight to pounding me, only harder this time, knowing I could take it. Leaning down to kiss my neck, he told me how much he loved my tight ass between kisses.

After a while, as he was kissing me, he asked if he could unload in me. Being bred was always a fantasy of mine on how I imagined my first time so I happily told him yes, please. With a few more deep strokes he groaned and came in my ass, filling me up with his warm cum. After that I left pretty quickly, just getting dressed and walking back home, with a sore ass and a big smile. My first time was truly everything I had hoped for, an older man with a big thick cock, bareback pounding me and being bred. I only wish that he had wanted to continue seeing me.

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4 thoughts on “Finally Getting My Cherry Popped

    • Ty says:

      True, but when your young you do stupid things.We all learn by doing. Yet it is more dangerous now than back in the day.

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