Finding Gay Love At Work Pt 6

He wanted to bury his face in his smell and texture. Taste his precum that he was becoming addicted to. Then feel Travis’s cock buried deep in his mouth as he blasted all his creamy load into his throat.

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“Then you are ready to get back out there, Larry. You’ll see.” Travis placed his hand on Larry’s shoulder and squeezed it. “There is someone out there for you.”

They talked a little while longer before calling the dogs back and heading back home. Toby was ready for a nap and as soon as they walked in the door, he made himself comfortable on the ottoman and looked over at Travis to see if he was going to make him jump down. Travis didn’t say anything, giving in and letting him stay there. He was so cute on the ottoman and he had missed his little furry friend while he had been away.

As much as he loved his dog, he wouldn’t have traded that trip for anything. Finally getting to kiss Adam and share a bed with him had been more than he had ever imagined. They both sat down on the sofa. Adam slid over closer so their outer thighs were pressed together and Travis snaked his arm around Adam’s shoulders and pulled him in close for a kiss. He brushed his lips just faintly against Adam’s and felt him shudder under his arm.

Travis moved back in and claimed his mouth, pressing hard and pushing his tongue through Adam’s open lips. His tongue licked at Adam’s lower lip and he moaned at the sweetness. He slid his tongue into his mouth and their tongues twined, hot and sweet. He sucked a little and pulled on Adam’s tongue, eliciting a groan from deep within his throat.

Adam reached up and slid his hands into Travis’s hair and pulled from the kiss in order to give him tiny, hot licks from his mouth to his jawline and on down his neck. He felt Travis’s skin heat up when he licked that tiny little dip in front at the base of his neck. He swirled his tongue and then reached to the other side and started to kiss back up his neck. To get closer, he climbed up and straddled Travis’s legs and was thrilled to feel his hard erection through his jeans as he slid down and began to grind on him. He wanted him so much.

Travis growled and pulled back a little. “We need to go to the store, baby. If you are going to be here all week, and if we actually want to eat, we need to go to the store.”

Adam was confused. He was so turned on and thought Travis was, too. He gyrated his hips and leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Are you sure you want to go to the store right now?”

Travis moaned at the hot breath at his ear. “Baby, fuck! Yes, I want you. But… we’re meeting your parents in a couple of hours and I don’t want them to smell sex on us! That’s all I need is for them to be picturing me ravaging their innocent son.”

Adam laughed. “You are really nervous about tonight, aren’t you?”

Travis nodded, trying to get his dick to behave. He was nervous. The man in his life was his boss’s son and if he didn’t like them dating, it could go against his job, too. He didn’t want to lose his job or Adam. And he was nervous for another reason. He wanted to talk with Mr. Martins about Albert. The more he thought about it, the more he thought they needed to look at the possibilities of Albert escalating in his obsession over Adam. He felt like Adam was not sensing the danger; that because he was let out of the hospital, he must be better, at least somewhat. But, Travis didn’t agree. Albert gave him the creeps and something about the way he looked at Adam made him sure that he wasn’t ready to give up on his fixation on Adam.

Adam finally gave in and they made a trip to the grocery store where they stocked up on all the necessities for the week. They both had pretty simple tastes, so that made things pretty easy.

It wasn’t until the ride home that Adam brought up Larry. “Travis?”


“You are aware that Larry is into you, right?”

Travis swerved to miss a pothole and turned to look at Adam, his eyes wide. “No way. You’re wrong, baby, he’s just a friend.” He paused to focus on the road. “Wait, are you jealous?” He smile a little at that. Adam was adorable.

Adam didn’t answer, but rolled his eyes eliciting a laugh from Travis. He wasn’t going to push it, but he knew the truth. Larry was into him. But he also knew by the look Larry gave him that he wouldn’t try anything with Travis.

He suddenly remembered something. “Fuck. Travis, we forgot the red wine.” He couldn’t believe he forgot to pick it up.

“No we didn’t. I have a brand new, unopened bottle at home that was given to me as a gift last Christmas. I don’t drink wine often, so I was saving it for a special occasion. It’s from a local vineyard called Paisley Wineries.”

Adam’s face froze. “Are you serious? Paisley Wineries?”

Travis’s brow furrowed. “Why, is that a bad wine?”

Adam laughed. “No. It’s a great wine. Actually, it’s my parent’s favorite winery. Umm, Travis, they own it.”

Travis nearly hit the brake in the middle of the road. “Your family owns a winery?”

“Actually, my parents and his two brothers and their wives. It was an investment they made about ten years ago. It’s still pretty small, but it’s just started to get some really good reviews of their wine. Mom and Dad are not going to believe that you are bringing them that bottle! It’s perfect, though.” He couldn’t help laughing. It would please his dad to no end. His dad loved that winery. “It’s funny, though, because I pretty much know nothing about wine. I can name maybe two other wine brands, other than Paisley. I don’t even know what goes with red or white wine. I guess I have a lot to learn. My dad has wanted me to spend some time at the winery to understand the process better. My sister is really into it.”

They pulled into the parking lot and Travis parked and sat for a minute.


He looked over at his boyfriend. The sun was beginning its slide back down and it gave him a sort of “halo” effect. Travis couldn’t help it. He leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Adam’s lips then pulled back and looked into his eyes. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?”

“If it’s anything like what you have done to me, I do.” He smiled. “Now, let’s get these groceries taken care of so I can check out his bottle of wine you say you have!”

It was funny how they seemed to work as one. Just carrying in groceries and putting them away felt different when they did them together. Travis realized that aspect of his life had changed. It was a lot to take in and he wondered why he wasn’t scared? It all just felt so… right.

After they put their groceries away, they sat down to watch a soccer game that Travis had recorded while they were out of town. It was a good game and their team won. They had already known their team won, but both had wanted to watch the game anyway.

Later, they showered. Separately, so they wouldn’t get carried away. But when Travis came out in just a towel that he had tied around his waist and hung low on his hips, Adam nearly jumped out of his skin. He watched a few droplets of water drip from his hair and land on Travis’s chest. He wanted to lap up that drop of water. He wanted to slide his tongue through all that beautiful black curly hair that covered his beautiful chest. Wanted to find that tattoo and trace it with his tongue. He wanted to lick farther down, push him down on the bed and tear that towel off. He groaned as his mind got carried away and his dick became rock hard.

He looked up and blushed. Once again he had been caught staring. Travis let the towel drop to the floor and let him drink his fill for just a moment before he turned to grab a pair of boxers from the drawer.

Adam gasped as his boyfriend’s perfect ass flexed in front of him. And then Travis bent over to step into the boxers and he caught sight of that beautiful little puckered hole. He saw those heavy nuts dangling for just a second before they were covered in plaid cotton. Damn! He just wanted to reach down and tug at those balls. And suckle them. Slowly lap at the little hairs covering them. Slide his tongue from the base to the tip and back down, licking into his skin through those wiry little pubes. He wanted to bury his face in his smell and texture. Taste his precum that he was becoming addicted to. Then feel Travis’s cock buried deep in his mouth as he blasted all his creamy load into his throat.

Adam slid his hand to his cock, palming it through his jeans. Why had he already gotten dressed? Why hadn’t he waited until Travis was done, too, he moaned to himself?

Travis was pulling a nice pair of dark denim jeans on and hadn’t been paying attention to Adam, but when he turned around and saw the look of desire in his eyes his dick began to thicken. He felt like an animal around Adam. Never had he wanted sex so much in his life. He wanted to touch him, kiss him, and fuck him every second. He wanted to cum in his mouth, his ass, on his back, his stomach, his face. God, he wanted to fuck him right now.

“We can’t do this, baby,” he growled low, even as he was hungry for a taste.

Adam nodded. He knew Travis was right. But his need to be claimed and owned by Travis was something so primal, he didn’t have control of it. He tore his gaze away and tried to calm his breathing.

Travis mumbled something about a cold drink and headed to the kitchen. Adam found him a few minutes later downing a cold Dr. Pepper. Their eyes met and they seemed to have gained some control over their baser instincts.

Travis noticed Adam was wearing his new boots. “They look good, baby.” His voice was still strained.

“I absolutely love them, Travis! I may wear them every day.” He smiled and kicked his legs out one at a time, showing off his boots.

“How about you wear them tonight and nothing else, like you did at the hotel?”

Adam’s eyes flashed with desire. “You liked that, didn’t you? You want me naked for you, but wearing the boots you gave me. You want to fuck me in my boots, don’t you Trav? And don’t forget the ropes so you can tie me to the headboard.” His voice was teasing. Sexy. He licked his lips as his dick twitched at the thought. “Is that what you’re going to do, Travis? Bury your cock in my naked ass and fuck me hard? Ride me like I’m your bronco?”

“Fuck, Adam! You keep talking like that I’m going to fuck you right here! Now! You want me to rip your clothes off and fuck you here? Want me to order you on your hands and knees right now?” His eyes were dark, stormy.

Adam stepped back a little, but smiled and licked his lips. “I like it when you get all hot and macho and talk like that. You are so hot, Trav. I can’t wait to come home tonight and get you naked.”

Travis was going to fucking blow his load right there and his dick hadn’t even been touched. Adam had no idea how hot he was. And he was right. He was going to fuck his ass until he was balls deep and the only piece of clothing he would be wearing was his new boots. He hoped Adam hadn’t planned on getting a lot of sleep tonight because there were a lot of things he planned on doing.

He tore his eyes away and grabbed his keys. “Get in the car, sexy, before I take you here.” He slapped his hand against Adam’s ass and smiled when he heard him gasp. Oh, yeah, tonight was going to be fun. If he made it through the evening. He prayed his dick would behave while he was at dinner. The last thing he needed was a hard on at his boyfriend’s parents’ house. And in front of his boss!

Adam giggled a little. Whispered as he walked out the door. “You want me so bad your balls are ready to cum right now. Do you know how I know?” He looked into Travis’s eyes. “Because I want you so bad right now, that I wouldn’t care who saw. I would spread my legs for you right now and give you perfect access to my ass. Tell me you want to pound me. Hard. Tell me. Please!”

Travis couldn’t take it anymore. He reached down and cupped Adam’s hard cock through the denim. “You know I want to fuck you. And yes, you better be ready for a pounding. No mercy tonight, you little tease!”

Adam shuddered under his hot gaze. He wasn’t sure what had come over him. He was never a tease, but something had made him act like that and he wasn’t sure what. Was he trying to prove to himself that Travis was still hot for him? That he could turn him on? He wasn’t sure, but now he was almost breathless with desire for Travis. He couldn’t wait until they were back home. He trembled as Travis took his hand and pulled him out the door. Travis didn’t let go until he opened the truck door and let him climb in.

Fuck! What the hell was going on? He couldn’t think straight. He was so fucking hot for Adam. But the thing that was blowing his mind was that it wasn’t just sex he wanted. With Adam there was a connection he felt deep inside. And he craved it. He wanted it. Hell, he needed it. Somehow Adam had slipped into his heart and become a part of him. Like the air he breathed. He wanted this and he was scared shitless at the same time. Ahh, there it was, he thought. Earlier he had thought he wasn’t scared… and in some ways he wasn’t. But humans have a way of changing emotions and he admitted there were times, like now, that he was scared. He was scared that it was too good. Too perfect…

He slid into the driver’s seat and glanced over at Adam. He groaned and gave in. Slid his hand around to the back of his neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss. He took pleasure in the moan he felt from deep within Adam’s throat. His kiss was demanding and Adam opened his lips for him, letting his tongue slide deep into his mouth, dueling with his own.

Travis took all the sweetness he could from Adam’s mouth and thrust his tongue in and out over and over as he made love to him with his mouth. He finally pulled back and looked down at Adam. His eyes were closed and his lips were swollen. His breath was coming out in little pants. God, he was so sexy. It took every ounce of willpower he had to pull away and drive.

“You make me feel like a horny teenager, Adam. I can’t get enough of you. I haven’t had this much sex in such a short time in my entire life!” He laughed a little. “Everything you do turns me on.”

Adam smiled. He knew the feeling. “You want to turn around and go back to the apartment?”

“We can’t do that, Adam. Damn!” He tried to focus on driving. Adam’s parents only lived about twenty minutes away and he hoped the short drive would give them each the time they needed to cool themselves off. A change in topic would help, as well.

“Hey, Adam?” Travis began. “We need to talk before we get to your parents.”

“What’s up?”

“Well, we never really discussed what we’re going to tell them. I mean, are we telling them we’re together, or are you not ready to do that?” Travis suddenly felt insecure and didn’t like the feeling at all.

Adam reached over and squeezed his thigh. “I want to tell them. I don’t want to hide anything. Do you?”

Travis let his breath out and smiled. Gazed over at Adam. “No, I don’t want to hide anything. I guess we will have to come out at the office, too.”

“Yeah.” Adam smirked. “Maybe we should be make out in your office with the door open? Or better yet, how about we announce it at the door as they walk in?”

Travis laughed out loud. “Okay. I get it. I’m making it more stressful than it needs to be. Maybe it’s because I am outing myself to my boss and meeting my boyfriend’s parents all in one day.”

“You already know my dad, Travis.”

“You know what I mean. It’s just a little nerve-wracking.” He laughed a little, but Adam could sense the tension in him.

Adam slid his hand up behind his neck and began to rub gently. He felt Travis lean back into his hand a little and he began kneading the tight muscles.

“God, that feels good, baby.”

Adam blushed. He loved it when Travis called him baby. He looked out the window and saw their exit up ahead. “Get off here and turn right.”

Travis did as he was told and let Adam guide him the next few miles until they pulled up into a large circular drive. Damn! The house was huge. Large white columns graced the front of the southern style home. He would probably call it a manor, or estate, rather than a house. He looked over at Adam in surprise. He had no idea his family was so wealthy. He should have, he realized. They owned a vineyard for god’s sake.

Adam practically jumped out of the truck and circled around to meet Travis as he slid out of the driver’s side. He grabbed Travis’s hand and squeezed it. Travis smiled and took a deep breath. His nerves were under control as he walked with Adam to the front door. He wondered if Adam was going to knock or walk in, but instead the front door opened and there stood Mr. Martins.

Travis started to pull his hand away, but Adam held tight.

“Hi, Dad.”

Mr. Martins looked from Adam to Travis and back to Adam, taking in the whole scene. He smiled. “Hi Adam. Travis. Great to see you. Come on in and tell me about the trip.” He held the door open and Adam pulled Travis along with him into a very large, open entryway. A large crystal chandelier hung from the incredibly high ceiling and fresh flowers sat in a large vase on a small ornate table along the wall. He caught a glimpse of himself in the gilded mirror across from where he was standing and cringed; his hair was a mess and his face was flushed. He quickly raked his free hand through his hair and tried to calm his nerves before turning to face his boss.

“Hi, Mr. Martins,” he said.

“Outside of work you can call me Gerald, son.” The older man clapped a hand on his shoulder. “I can’t wait to hear about the convention.” His eyes were twinkling and he was doing his best to hold back a laugh.

Travis nodded, feeling a little tongue-tied; felt his face flush again.

“Where’s Mom?” Adam asked.

“In the kitchen. Making a fuss over dinner as usual.”

“Come on, Travis, I want you to meet my mom.” Adam pulled him with him and Travis gave a little smile to Mr. Martins.

Gerald laughed. Tonight was going to be interesting. He followed them into the kitchen where Adam was already making introductions.

“Mom, this is Travis.” Adam was beaming as his mom gave him a hug and turned and did the same to Travis.

“It’s so good to meet you, Travis. I have heard so many great things about you.”

Travis hugged the petite redhead back and tried to figure out what to say. “Thank you.” Wow, he thought. Smooth.

Mr. Martins laughed again. Travis was so flustered; nothing like his calm demeanor at the office.

Soon they were all seated in a large formal dining room. The heavy mahogany table was built to fit up to twelve, but they all sat together at one end. Mr. Martins sat at the head of the table with his wife seated at his left and Adam on his right. Travis sat on the other side of Adam, fidgeting in his seat.

Once Adam’s everyone was seated, Mr. Martins spoke. “Let us bow our heads in prayer.”

Adam smiled at Travis and they both closed their eyes and bowed their heads as he began to pray. Travis was so nervous, he didn’t notice when it ended until Adam squeezed his knee. He opened his eyes and was mortified to see them all looking at him.

“Were you doing some of your own praying, son?” Mr. Martins asked with a twinkle in his eye.

Before he could answer, Mrs. Martins spoke up. “Now, Gerald, don’t embarrass the young man. He’s probably nervous enough as it is.”

Travis smiled at her, silently thanking her. God, he really was nervous.

Everyone passed the food around and no one ate until all had been served. Dinner was lasagna, with green beans, salad and garlic bread and it was wonderful. The table was quiet for a moment as they all started eating. Mr. Martin’s voice shattered that quiet, though.

“So, Travis,” he began, “you are dating my son.” It wasn’t a question, really. More of a statement.

Travis looked up from his plate, his face beet red. Swallowed. Looked at Adam who looked as uncomfortable as he felt. “Yes, sir.”

Mr. Martins laughed. “Well, it’s about damn time. I’ve watched you two tiptoeing around each other and shooting those damn lost puppy dog looks at each other for months.”

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3 thoughts on “Finding Gay Love At Work Pt 6

  1. Kevin C. Zane says:

    It’s a story. And different departments handle things differently.
    Sadly this could be real life and real peoples lives are invoked.
    Take this to heart as wha could and can happen.

    🌈 Live Aloha! 🌈

  2. Steve says:

    Thus is getting good but why do police come talk to Travis it usually detective any the hot to get both sides if the story can’t wait to see what happens part 7 please

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