First P-Spot Orgasm

Me getting on top the first time is the best way for me to take a cock. My hole is very sensitive and I like to tease it into me.


I had known for a few weeks that Thanksgiving was going to suck for me. It wasn’t the first time this had happened, but I wasn’t looking forward to it and decided to do my best to make it fun.

I live on the west coast and all of my family is in the Midwest. Every friend that I would enjoy spending Tday with was going to be out of town. I work retail so I never get to go visit family for the holidays, but all my friends were visiting theirs. To make it worse I was going to have to go to work Thanksgiving Day evening.

When I got home Wednesday afternoon, I sat down and put a post on CL. I figured if I had some great sex the evening before or the morning of, it would put a different spin on the day. I would definitely have something to be thankful for.

There wasn’t much response until late in the evening I got an email message with the following information:

Serious Sexy Hot Discreet Masculine Mixed Black Guy

30’s Good Looking Masc Sexy Discreet Mixed Black Top Guy With A Juicy Nice Cut Dick…5’9 but fuck like I’m 6’9, 170lbs, shaved head, goatee with sideburns/mustache, nice lips, pecan tan complexion, athletic build, well proportioned to height, smooth, nice legs, calves/thighs, nice feet, extremely passionate, good kisser, HIV negative (tested), STD/drug/smoke free, imagine u sitting down slowly on my hard cock wrapping your tight man pussy around my dick like a glove while I play with your nipples making your pussy wet, and juicy as you bounce up, and down on my stiff rod while experiencing pure ecstasy…after that…I turn u over on your back with your legs on my shoulders…u play with my nipples because they are wired to my dick, and after it grows more, and gets even harder, you reach down…grab my dick, and enter it in your salivating pussy…after it’s in, you grab my firm butt to pull me deeper inside you to feed your hungry pussy…hit me up…I’m horny as fuck…leave me your # so I can call you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Let’s connect.

As you can imagine that statement grabbed my attention. I read it three times before responding with my number. He called about 10 minutes later. His voice was sexy and what he had to say on the phone was just as hot as what he had written.

We agreed to meet and I was in the shower douching immediately. An hour later a very attractive black man showed up at my door. He met his description on the mark. He had told me that he could not fuck or kiss a man who is not masculine. I assured him I was and that most people don’t pick up on my sexuality unless their gaydar is well trained.

Almost immediately inside the door, our hands were on each other and he went immediately to my nipples. I hadn’t told him that my nipples are wired and are actually like control knobs. If a man knows how to work my nipples he can almost completely control me.

I grazed my fingertips across his hard nipples and got an even better response than I expected. There is one thing I’ve found about men. If they are ‘really’ into doing it to you, on some level they want you to do it to them too!

We were soon heading to the bedroom. We were also soon naked and on the bed. After a bit of kissing and making out and yes, nipple play, he told me to suck his cock. I had no problem with that! He was also accurate in describing his cock as juicy. He gave off a ton of precum.

After some hot kissing, nipple play, sucking and just general foreplay, like in his message, he said: “Suck my cock a bit more and then get on top and slide it into your hot pussy!”

I’ll admit riding a cock isn’t my favorite position and calling my ass a pussy isn’t my favorite thing, but he seemed to get into it and something told me this hot man just might turn it into a pussy!. Also, me getting on top the first time is the best way for me to take a cock. My hole is very sensitive and I like to tease it into me.

He started working my nipples and soon I slid his entire length into me, then sat down and let all of my weight against him so his cock was as far into me as it could go, at least at that angle.

This was nice and I enjoyed it as much as I could being on top. He continued working my nipples and I was able to lean forward and kiss him and he fucked me pretty good from below.

After a while, he suggested that I turn around. I started to get up and he stopped me and said, “Keep my cock inside of your pussy!”

I did as he asked and enjoyed the sensation of rotating on his hard cock. I rode him sitting up for a while and even rose up so that my feet were flat on the mattress and rode him like that for a while. My cock was pretty hard but soft enough that as I rode him it slapped on his thigh, and he loved that!

After a while, he encouraged me to lie back on top of him. I don’t often do this as I’m not a small man, and don’t want to lower the entire weight of my body on top of someone else. But that was what he wanted.

He reached around me and worked my nipples and had me raise my legs and fucked me hard from below. It was hot!

Fuck that felt so good to have the body contact, hear and feel him hissing my ear, work my nipples and pummel my ass from below. Again after a nice long fuck in that position, he hissed into my ear, “Alright baby, time for me to get on top of you and bung the fuck out of your juicy pussy, I’m going to make your juicy pussy cum!”

I got on my back and he pushed my legs up and got between my legs and said, “Now work my nipples it will make my cock harder, and just so you know once I start “really” fucking your pussy it will get juicier and my cock will love it and get longer and thicker!”

Well hell, I was up for all of that. He bent over and took one of my nipples in his mouth and worked it expertly and had me moaning. He rose up and I worked his nipples and after a minute he bent over and kissed me deeply and slid his longer thicker cock into…well my pussy!

Fuck it felt good having his smooth tight body against mine his lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth and his cock slowly sliding deeper and deeper inside of me! It was amazing. When he broke our kiss I looked to my right and could see our image in the full-length closet mirrored doors. It was a hot scene. I love to see a man who can hold his entire body still and just fuck with his hips. That is exactly what he was doing!

Soon he was getting in deeper and deeper, I could actually feel his cock lengthening and swelling. At first, I was afraid that he was going to cum, but he wasn’t fucking frantically or panting, he was fucking with purpose, for pleasure and depth, and the depth kept getting deeper!

Soon he had reached that spot deep inside of me. I don’t know whether it is another opening (it feels like it…another tight elastic ring to stretch and penetrate) or just a turn in the colon, but it makes me grunt and moan every time it gets hit.

He wasn’t banging it hard, he was nudging it, teasing it, then when I almost couldn’t stand it anymore he’d switch and rub his cock against my prostate. He kept going back and forth long slow deep strokes. Once in a while, he would start going faster or hard, sometimes both, and about the time I thought I couldn’t take it anymore he’d change speed, depth, and angle. I never knew what was coming next and I loved every minute of it.

This stud could also just keep fucking and bend over and suck one or both of my nipples and then bring his face to mine for a hot soulful kiss.

About the third time, he whispered in my ear, “Your pussy feels so good on my cock, it is really opening up and getting so wet it’s sloppy, I love that!”

This sent pleasure waves through my body, knowing that this hot man was getting off on being inside of me. I told him how great his cock felt inside of me and I loved the way he fucked, and he smiled and said, “Now I’m going to make your pussy cum! Have you ever had that happen?”

I shook my head “no” and he said, “You’re going to love this baby and my cock is going to love it more!”

With that, we melded into a really hot kiss. He started fucking deeper and harder, first banging my prostate harder and then going deep to that sensitive spot way up inside. Since he had teased it so much over and over, and now had given it a break it was pure pleasure!

Again he leaned over and sucked my nipples to ecstasy and was banging me with just the right speed, depth, and pressure! I was almost gasping for breath, and all of the sudden I felt myself get really wet inside, I could hear his cock making squishy noises inside of me that I’ve never heard. He looked at me and smiled and said, “Oh yeah baby, make that pussy cum! My cock loves a wet slick pussy like yours, make it cum!”

He was fucking like a madman building me up, then slowing back a little then building up to an insane tempo, and actually pulling all the way out, I could feel cool air across my hole and then he would plunge in deep, his cock found my hole with no hands, no aim it just found it! He just kept going on, I love your wet pussy, it is “SO” hot, “SO” wet, your pussy is cumming and my cock loves it!

Again I thought he was going to shoot, but this time I didn’t want to hold him back, I could only imagine how he would fuck while he was shooting, I wanted it, I never wanted this fuck to end, but some part of me wanted him to cum!

He slowed down this time and then stopped he held inside me very deep just barely moving and we met in a hot wet kiss. He smiled at me and said, “That was hot, and I’m not finished with your hot pussy, but I need a break, that okay?”

Hell, I couldn’t answer so I just shook my head yes. He slowly pulled out and then rolled onto his back. We laid there and he just kept going on about how hot my pussy is, and I think that kept us both turned on. I finally moved and felt the wet spot on the sheet. I moved back from it and was amazed! Not only was it fucking huge, like 12 to 14 inches in diameter but there was so much of it, that a pool of liquid was still on top of the sheet, and it was about six inches across!

I was shocked and said, “What the hell is that?”

He looked at me and smile and said, “That’s from your pussy baby, your cock may not have cum, but your pussy did, I told you it was sloppy wet, your pussy came a lot!”

I was really shocked, I’d left a wet spot before when the sex was really good, but nothing 100th of an amount like this and so much of it that it actually left a pool! I looked at it and it was all clear fluid, I smelled it, and there really wasn’t a scent to it, so I ran my finger through it and found it was almost the texture of precum.

I started to say something and he said, “Don’t worry, your pussy came and if you suck my cock a bit, it will get hard again and I’ll make that sweet pussy cum some more!

Well, this was all new to me, so I was not about to refuse. I sucked his cock it got harder, he got between my legs and I started playing with his nipples again, he was teasing my hole with the head of his cock, leaned over and kissed me and slid the full length of his cock into my hole!

The kissing continued and the fucking started, deep and intense. I was still totally open and his deep strokes felt amazing. I soon felt the juicy squishiness deep inside of me and soon he was moaning about how much my pussy was cumming for him. His kissing and nipple work was amazing. The bliss continued for 15 or 20 mins and he slowly slid out of me. Again there was another huge puddle in the middle of the bed; I was again amazed that all that liquid that he called pussy cum flooded the sheets.

He rolled me over and got on top. Sometimes this is my favorite position. I love the head to toe body contact, the feeling of his hips and tight belly thrusting against me, his cock hitting things inside of me from different angles.

We were both panting and frantic. My cock went from soft to hard, back to soft and then ended up somewhere in between. This makes me think of a statement I’ve used in a couple of other intense sexual situations. My ass is so busy, my cock can’t think!

I couldn’t even think about my cock cumming, but I could now hear and feel the juices running out of my well stretched and well worked hole. It was so opened that the juices now just flowed, I could feel them running in a stream down my taint and off the back of my balls sack.

He was hissing in my ear, “I’ve made pussies cum before, but never like this, you have the juiciest pussy I’ve ever been inside, my cock loves this, keep cumming for me baby, just keep on cumming!”

Hell, I couldn’t have stopped it if I had to! I didn’t know how it started. My hole felt like a tunnel you could drive an 18 wheeler through. I for one of the few times in my life felt so sexually sated and totally overcome, it was as if my ass had finally been conquered!

I didn’t want him to stop, but I wouldn’t have minded if he did. It seems I am always left wanting more, wanting the guy I’m with to go deeper, harder and/or longer, but not with this stud. I could have gone on for hours, but when he was finished, I knew I didn’t need any more.

Not only was my ass happy, he had satisfied my need for hot kissing, for my nipples being worked, hell I didn’t even care about my cock. Finally, he said, “Baby you’ve cum so much for me, it’s amazing, now I’m going to cum for you! Are you ready?”

Hell yes! What else could I say, this man had given me so much pleasure, had made me feel like a totally desirable sexual being, I knew that he hadn’t had this much pleasure in a long time and he had found it with me! I felt as if he had given me a gift!

All the fucking before had been bridled, he had held back some; he had intentionally played my body like a musical instrument. It had not only his for his pleasure, but mine, he wanted me to cum, he wanted me to enjoy his sex and his body more than any I had ever enjoyed, and I had!

As his strokes sped up and intensified I could feel the juices pouring out of me, he loved how slick my hole was, and even in its tattered stretched out condition, he just kept cooing about what a wonderful, hot cumming pussy I had and how great it felt on his cock. So I did every more I could with my butthole, abs, and inner muscles to squeeze and massage his amazing cock!

Soon I knew we had reached a new level as his always steady and purposeful pace and breathing, his panting, and hissing, now became ragged and unplanned, his grunts and moans started and became more and more intense, now there was no rhythm, no dance, just pure lust and the need to expel and plant his seed!

The pounding had begun. For the next three to five minutes I took all he had, as hard as he wanted to give it, and yes this too was now a pleasure. I took his pounding with pride that I was so open there was no pain or discomfort and I did everything I could to make it the best orgasm he’d ever had.

He collapsed in a sweaty pile on my back and we both laid there panting as felt the juices still trickling out of my well fucked hole. The hole he had now proclaimed he had single handedly turned into a pussy.

After he gently eased out and rolled onto his back, I got up on my hands and knees. I kissed him and then checked out the third puddle of the night. I was again amazed. It rivaled the first in size and volume. How did this happen? I still didn’t know!

This is true to the best of my memory. It really did happen the night before Thanksgiving a couple of weeks ago, but as you can tell from the story I was pretty involved with what was happening inside of me, so it may not be accurate the minute details, but pretty much exactly as it happened.

There is one minor omission! Most of you guys who have read my stories know that I believe in SAFE SEX! Condoms were used for every penetration! That is part of the reason for my amazement at the amount of fluid that exited my (ass) pussy! It couldn’t have been his precum or a mixture of, hell he would have been dehydrated…LOL

This hot man truly knows what he is doing! He made me crazed with lust and desire and I loved every second of it! And yes there has been another episode, but don’t know if I can relay it as hot as this one was!

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8 thoughts on “First P-Spot Orgasm

  1. Rob says:

    I have to agree with everyone else. Aside of the understanding that pussy is a slang term attributed to the female sex and not a hole to fuck. I however do prefer more details. According to what I read. Neither one of them actually orgasmed in a traditional way.

  2. Bill says:

    I enjoyed the story. And, it is an ass, not a pussy. I’ve never heard of an ass producing like described. I thought from the title, he would cum simply from the action on his prostate.

  3. Bill says:

    We seem to all be in agreement here – i too hate the use of pussy in anal sex. It’s very demeaning in my opinion and not at all a sexy term. A good storry except for that.

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