First Time Eating Cum

Mike stuck his cock in front of my face and started to jerk himself off. A minute or so later and my face was covered in his cum. Some landed on my lips, and I couldn’t resist a little taste.


I’d been married to my wife Rebecca for 6 years. I was now approaching 30 and she was due to turn 28 later in the year. We’d met during our time in school so had already been together for a long time before we decided to get married. When we first got married, we had lots of plans, the main one being that we wanted to settle down and start a family, but our career aspirations put those plans on hold, quickly followed by COVID meaning we were behind on our life plan by three or four years. We obviously had our own place which we both worked hard for, and we were managing to pay for a three bedroomed house on a modest joint income.

Our sex life had always been pretty good. We tended to fuck two or three times a week which was more than enough for me. When COVID hit, our sex life took a hit. The lockdowns really affected our mental health and as a result we had sex less and less. I became very inactive as well meaning that I ended up putting on a lot of weight and became generally unhealthy. And I think it influenced the way Becky looked at me. She always wanted the best for me, and she always wanted me to be the best version of me.

Once COVID had passed, I did my best to become more active. I signed up for a gym membership that cost a lot more than it should have but I used this as motivation to get myself there and make myself lose weight. I changed my diet. I ate a lot more fruit, made home cooked meals and cut down on the number of takeaways I ate. And it worked, over the course of 6 months I started to lose weight. I took my gym membership one step further and signed up to a personal trainer once a week. Anna was amazing. She showed me how to work all the different muscle groups and before long I was looking trim and toned. Yeah, I didn’t have a six pack, but I now had a better body than I did before COVID and was a lot more active. I particularly enjoyed my cycling in the gym and would usually do this two or three times a week.

Joining the gym also gave me the chance to make new friends. Something I hadn’t done a lot of since I’d left school and spent most of my time with Becky. It was a great way to socialize, we even organized charity events and other things which really brought us all closer together. I particularly struck up a friendship with a couple of guys. One was John, who was around 5″9 and had the body of your typical gym regular, big arms, big legs and a strong chest. He had brown hair and I’d never seen him with any type of facial hair. The other was Martin, he was around 6″3 and built very similar to John but because of his size, it looked completely different on him, he had jet black hair and one of those big bushy hipster beards everyone was growing lately. I, on the other hand was just under 6ft tall, and like I mentioned earlier was now nice and toned with blonde hair and light stubble.

My usual gym schedule was Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and then I would have my PT session on Anna on a Monday. I was in the middle of my usual workout on the bike on a Sunday, I normally aim to do 30km before doing some weights. By the time I’d hit around 22km, my legs were starting to ache, and my muscles were tightening up. Just before I reached the 25km mark, I felt something go tight at the top of my left leg, just below my ass. It was a sharp shooting pain that made me come to a complete stop. After that I hobbled my way home, thinking I just had a bad cramp and that it would be fine in the morning.

I felt slightly better the next morning but still felt a little tight. I managed to make it through work and headed to the gym after for my session with Anna. Everything seemed okay when we started warming up and I thought I’d gotten away with it. Then she put me on the treadmill which turned out to be dangerous. Luckily, I was wearing the clip which forces an emergency stop because as soon as I started to run, it twinged again, and I had to stop. Anna helped take the weight off my bad leg and walked me to one of the chairs behind the office desk.

‘What the hell happened?’ She asked seeming genuinely concerned.

‘I felt something tighten up yesterday when I was on the bike. Woke up this morning, didn’t feel as bad but turns out it just got a whole lot worse.’ Anna handed me an ice pack which I strapped to the top of my leg.

‘Definitely no more training for you for a couple of days. You need to rest up and see how it goes. Let me know in a few days if it’s not getting any better,’ Anna said before making sure I could get to my car and make it home.

I got home and Becky wasn’t very sympathetic, and she give me the ‘I told you so’ talk after she’d said I should’ve rested for longer before trying to get back in the gym. Over the next few days, nothing seemed to get any better and in some cases it got worse. The strain seemed to be working its way into my thigh as well. And because of my lack of movement, it meant no sex and Becky was willing to give me any pleasure if she wasn’t getting any. So, I heard plenty of moans when she was using her toys, but I didn’t have it in me to jerk myself off, it was still sore.

By the time it came to my next PT session with Anna, I had to contact her and apologize but there was no way I could do a session yet. It felt like it was getting better, but I was still struggling with any strenuous activity.

‘Oh man, that sucks,’ Anna said when I told her. ‘Give it another few days and if it’s no better, I think I know someone who can help.’

‘Thanks Anna, really appreciate it.’ I hung up.

The next few days came and went, and there was very little change in the way I was moving. I was still walking with a limp and even had to resort to working from home a couple of days just to give myself a few days extra rest. On the Thursday, whilst I was working from home, my phone started to ring, and it was Anna.

‘Hey, how’s it going?’ She asked me in her usual cheery manner.

‘Still not getting any better. Well, that’s a lie. It’s not as bad, but still extremely tight when I’ve not moved for a while,’ I told her.

‘Okay,’ she started. ‘I know a guy who is a sports massage therapist. If I give him a call, he’s more than likely to give you your first massage for free as a friend so he can assess what it is you need.’

‘That sounds good,’ I told her. ‘I’m willing to try anything now.’

‘Great, I’ll give him a call and set it up,’ she paused. ‘But I must tell you one thing…’

‘What is it?’ I questioned.

‘Mike is gay…’ she seemed to pause for dramatic effect.

‘And?’ I said laughing.

‘Oh,’ she seemed surprised. ‘Quite a lot of guys refuse when I tell them he’s gay, you know the whole macho masculinity thing.’

‘I’m in that much pain, I’d let pretty much anybody touch me at the minute.’

‘I’ll text you soon then with the details and his address.’ She finished the call, ‘Take care James.’

We hung up and I told Becky of the plans and she seemed kind of relieved that I would probably stop moaning once I’d had the treatment. I hobbled around the house for another couple of days before I got a text from Anna. She’d booked me in with Mike on Sunday morning. She followed it up with address, time and confirmed that this session would be free and after that I would need to pay. So, hopefully, I had only two more days to get through and by then I might be feeling normal again.

Finally, Sunday arrived, and I was up early to make it to my appointment. I jumped in the car and put the postcode into my Sat Nav and headed off on the 25-minute journey to Mike’s house. The drive seemed to go rather quickly and before long I was pulling up outside of a lovely house. The outside of the house was immaculate, the garden looked superb as I parked my car on the curb just in front of his house. I hobbled along to the door and rang his doorbell. A few seconds later the door opened.

‘You must be James,’ Mike said. He was a bit older than I expected, I would say probably his late 30s or late early 40s. He had very short hair, a very well-groomed beard and looked like he looked after himself.

‘Yes, lovely to meet you Mike,’ I offered him my hand for a handshake. ‘And thank you for fitting me in at such short notice, I really appreciate it.’

‘Not a problem at all,’ he stepped aside to let me into the house. ‘Anna is a good friend; she sends quite a few clients my way.’

I stepped into the hallway and was at once impressed with the décor of his house. ‘Do you live here alone?’ I asked him.

‘I don’t,’ he responded. ‘I live with a female friend who I’ve known for years. She spends most of her working week in the office and has space from working from home. My massage business purely runs from this house, but I can also go mobile if needed.’

He guided me down the hallway and then turned off into what I imagined was an extension of the house. He opened the door and I walked in, the room had a massage table in the middle, a couple of chairs around the outside, a storage section for all his oils and towels and then a small window which looked out onto his back garden.

‘So where is the problem area?’ He asked.

‘Mainly around the top of my leg, just below my ass cheek,’ I grabbed where I meant with my hand. ‘But because I’ve been walking funny for a couple of weeks, I think I’ve now started to put pressure on my thigh which is now sore as well.’

‘Right, okay.’ He paused. ‘So, obviously for that sort of massage, I’m going to need you to be naked. Unless you’re wearing a thong?’ He laughed. ‘But I don’t imagine you are. I’ll give you 5 minutes to get yourself ready, cover yourself with a towel from over there and then just lie face down for me.’

Mike left the room and closed the door behind him. I started to undress, removing first my shoes and socks which were quickly followed by my t-shirt. I then removed my shorts and briefs and my cock sprung free. I was 5 inches when soft but didn’t really grow much when fully erect, maybe I could get away with saying I was 7 inches when hard.

I grabbed one of the towels from the shelf at the side of the room and climbed into position on the table. It took me a little while to get comfortable, eventually manhandling my cock so it was pressing against my stomach when laying on my front. I placed the towel over my ass, which is a lot more difficult than you would imagine when you can’t move. Then there was a light knock on the door.

‘Are we all ready?’ Mike asked as he opened the door slightly but didn’t come in.

‘Yeah, I’m good.’ I replied and Mike stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He was wearing a t-shirt and pair of shorts as he walked around the massage bed before grabbing some oils off the shelf.

He approached the table and moved the towel slightly higher, so a very tiny bit of my ass was exposed. I heard him pop the lid off the oil before dripping some onto the top of my leg. Then the pressure started as both his hands started digging deep into my muscle. God, it felt so good but at the same time hurt like hell. I moaned into the hole where my head was currently resting.

‘Is that too much pressure?’ Mikes asked easing off slightly.

‘No, no. That was good,’ I said through the discomfort. ‘That’s exactly where it hurts.’

Mike continued to work over that muscle for a good five minutes or so, getting deep into where the pain was and working wonders. ‘I can feel the knots at the top of this muscle,’ he said. ‘But it’s nothing a couple of sessions shouldn’t sort.’

For the next 15 minutes I just laid there whilst I was the focus of his attention. He kneaded and massaged every part of that muscle. As we were coming towards the end of this part of the massage, I was starting to feel like a new man. ‘Just before you flip over, I’m going to give both hamstrings a quick rub down, you’ve probably been applying more pressure to them than normal so hopefully it’ll prevent any further injury.’

I wasn’t going to argue and let him continue what he was doing. Once he moved away from the area of discomfort I really started to relax. He started moving his hands up and down my hamstrings, wrapping both hands around one leg and working it from my knee right up to my groin. The closer he got to my groin, the more the massage seemed to press my pleasure button. It’d been a couple of weeks since I last had an orgasm so pretty much anything or anyone could set it off right now. He then moved on and did the same to the other leg, only this time it felt like he was going higher. A few times he brushed the bottom of my balls, and I could feel my body reacting to it, my cock was painfully trying to get hard beneath my body.

‘Right, if you want to flip over for me, and I’ll get the other side done as well.’ Mike stepped away from the table and allowed me to turn.

‘Fuck,’ I thought to myself. Once I spun over, my cock was going to spring into life. I was already pretty much hard, and my cock just needed the breathing space to get fully hard. I delayed for as long as possible, Mike held the towel up slightly and looked away as I started to turn over. Once I’d gotten comfortable, Mike let the towel drop and it got hung up on my cock.

‘I’m so sorry,’ I said feeling so embarrassed.

‘Don’t worry about it,’ he laughed. ‘It happens more often than you think.’

The towel kept moving every time my cock twitched. Mike laughed again. ‘You can just get rid of that if it’s annoying you. I mean, I have no problems with you being naked whilst I finish the massage.’ I was sick of watching the towel move around as my cock kept it upright like a tent pole, so I removed it and let it drop to the floor.

Mike got back to the massage. And the more I started to relax, the more my cock started to deflate. It never went back to being fully soft, but it was now resting against my stomach again. Mike worked the muscle around my hip area, this is where I’d applied a lot of pressure to my leg when limping. Again, Mike was working wonders and I could feel the discomfort easing as he continued to work the damage in my hip.

‘That should be enough work on those for today. I’ll just give your thighs a quick massage and then we’ll sort out another appointment for next week.’

The massage continued once more as he started working my legs just above my knee before slowly working his way up towards my groin. Again, the pleasure returned over the relaxation and my cock started to stiffen again. He brushed past my balls again many times. I could feel my body betraying me, he started to work the very tops of my legs. He’d gone past my groin and was rubbing just underneath my waist. Then he’d brush my balls again. I didn’t know if he was doing it on purpose, but I was in trouble.

I couldn’t explain what was happening, but I could feel something building inside of me. ‘Fuck,’ I thought to myself. ‘I think I’m going to cum. This can’t be happening. No. No. Fuck. No.’ My cock started to twitch and then cum shot out of the end of my cock, covering my stomach and chest as I tried to remain as still as possible. Now laying there just wanting the massage table to fall through the floor and forget this ever happened.

‘Oh God,’ Mike said seeming shocked. ‘Let me grab you a towel.’

‘Oh, that’s so embarrassing,’ I said pleading with Mike. ‘I can’t believe that’s just happened. I’m so sorry. I haven’t had sex since the injury, so I’ve been pent up lately.’ Why the fuck am I telling him that?

He handed me the towel and I cleaned myself up as quickly as I could, planning on exiting as quickly as possible. Mike left the room to let me get dressed and I did quickly. As I left the room, I walked towards the door and Mike was waiting for me. He placed his hand on the top of my shoulder.

‘Seriously, don’t worry about what just happened in there. Should we say same time next week?’

‘Yeah, sounds good.’ I quickly left his house, got in my car and drove home. I was already thinking of different ways I could get out of the appointment next week. Once I got home, I showered and spent the rest of the day trying to blank the last part of the massage from my memory. He was probably going to tell Anna and then I’ll be the topic of all the jokes at the gym and I just couldn’t face that at the minute.

When I woke up the next day, the pain wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it had been yesterday. I was kind of hoping it wouldn’t have gotten any better, that way I wouldn’t have to go back because it wasn’t working. But it genuinely worked. I had more movement and felt a lot more comfortable. I spent the next few days resting and got a call from Anna on the Friday. She asked me how everything was, and I said it was genuinely feeling better and that I’d made another appointment for Sunday. She didn’t mention anything about the incident so I’m hoping he hadn’t told her.

Sunday arrived quicker than I liked and as much as I didn’t want to, I needed to see Mike again because what he did last time really worked. I hopped in my car and made the journey over to Mike’s. I rang the doorbell only this time I was greeted by an older woman. She must’ve been the roommate. She seemed a lot older than Mike with long blonde hair and a body I wouldn’t mind seeing without clothes.

She told me Mike was already in his massage room and to head straight down, which I did. I opened the door to find Mike sitting in one of the chairs. ‘Oh,’ he seemed surprised when I walked in. ‘I didn’t think you’d turn up after last week… even though it was nothing to be embarrassed about.’

‘Yeah, I wasn’t going to come,’ I told him. ‘But what you did, really worked so I really didn’t have a reason not to come back.’

‘Well, I’ll give you a few minutes to get settled and undressed and then I’ll pop back in.’ He rose from his chair, put his phone in his pocket and left, closing the door behind him. I got undressed, grabbed a towel and got myself into position.

Mike returned a couple of minutes later and we went through the exact same massage as last time. The towel was raised slightly again so he could access just beneath my ass cheek. And he got to work. This time didn’t hurt as much which was all the proof, I needed that it was working. He continued the massage and again my cock started to get hard. And it happened now, just when he asked me to turn over, so I did and didn’t bother with the towel again, leaving my hard cock on show.

Again, Mike repeated the same massage again. Only this time I was doing my best to make sure an orgasm didn’t happen. I was thinking about everything other than the actual massage which seemed to be working until Mike did something strange. He started lifting my legs off the massage table, quickly massaging my calf muscle before leaving my foot flat on the massage bed so my knee was bent. He then did the same with the other leg. I now felt slightly exposed but just went with it because I assumed he was being a professional.

He moved around to the side of the table and was looking down at me. His blue eyes firmly fixed on mine. A minor panic went through my body as he reached for the oil. He opened the cap and poured a small amount directly over my cock. ‘Now I’m going to do some different, if at any point you want me to stop, just say so.’

Before I had chance to respond, he reached for my cock. Frozen, I didn’t stop him. He grabbed a hold of my shaft and slowly started jerking me off. ‘Fuck,’ I moaned out loud. He held his other hand at the base of my shaft, fully extending my cock as far as he could as he continued to jerk me off.

‘Why wasn’t I stopping him?’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m not gay, why am I letting him doing this. But fuck it feels good. A hand job isn’t gay, is it? Oh fuck, it feels so good though.’

I didn’t resist and he continued to jerk my cock. I laid back and closed my eyes until I felt his hand leave my cock. I watched him as he walked around the bed until he was standing at the foot of it. My legs were still bent at the knee, and he grabbed a hold of the oil once more. This time he spread some on his hand and held it just above my balls and let it drop down my balls and into my ass crack. I almost knew what was about to happen again, but my body made no effort whatsoever to stop Mike. He leaned forward and grabbed my cock with one hand before he moved his other hand to my ass, and I felt immediate pressure at my asshole. His finger seemed to glide past any resistance and straight into my ass thanks to the oil.

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    OMG, another hot erotic narrative! Wish my wife could have such an understanding as Becky! Yes, I’m a bottom slut too!

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