First Time Man Sex On Campus

Do you want to suck my cock? Would you lick my balls? Would you let me pump your face until I came down your throat? I would return the favor.


I loved the smell of the laundry room. Located on the bottom floor of our college dorm it has that warm fresh smell that contrasts sharply with the wintery chill outside. It also gives me a chance to meet other students since I keep my head crammed in a book up in the dorm most of the time.

Oh, it’s not because I’m a bookworm. Being on the swim team, I try to pack in more courses during the off season so I can have a light load during swim meets. And the chill in the air signals it’s off season.

“Hi Steve. Where’s Todd?”

It was Julie from Chemistry class.

“Why does everyone ask about my roommate?”

“Oh, quit being paranoid. You’re gorgeous too. But you’re always studying.” Julie started pulling clothes from a dryer and quickly had her basket full and was out the door before I had nerve enough to continue the conversation.

I needed to get out of the dorm more. Ok, Todd was a good looking guy. He ran track and lifted weights. He was distracting even for a guy, I guess. I was considered a stud until I started rooming with him in fact. If Julie was asking about him, he must be doing something right.

No sooner than my mind drifted from Julie’s ass bending over the dryer to Todd’s muscular physique then who would come in with a load of laundry?

“Hi Steve. What’s up?” Todd said dumping his basket of clothes in a machine next to mine.

“Julie from my Chemistry class just asked about you.” I said.

“Really? Did you tell her I’d be down here soon?”

“Naw. I told her not to waste her time. You were gay.”


“Just trying to help you out Todd. She ain’t the girl for you.”

“You’re still an asshole. Gay, huh?”

“Hey, I’ve seen the magazines you subscribe to.”

“It’s naked women.”

“Well, I saw men and women. To me it looks bi-sexual at best.”

“Why don’t you keep out of my stuff?” Todd closed the lid, shoved some quarters in and strode out of the laundry room.

I think I must have hit a nerve.

Before long my laundry was done but since I was feeling guilty of maybe hurting Todd’s feelings, I waited on his laundry to finish and took it up with my load to the dorm room. Todd was reading.

“Hey, Todd I finished you’re laundry.”

“Thanks.” He said without looking up.

I started sorting the clothes. The silence was deafening.

“Look, Todd. I didn’t mean to suggest you were gay. In fact, I didn’t say anything to Julie. I was just joking.”

“But you’ve been through my stuff. My magazines.”

“Yea. By accident. I really didn’t pay them any attention.” I lied. The images were clearly bi-sexual. Women with men. Women with women. Men with men. I found them…well, exciting.

“Well, some of them are real personal Steve. That’s why they are in plain packages.”

“Hey, Todd. What guy hasn’t fantasized about watching two women and if guys were honest; who hasn’t wondered what making out with another guy was like. So there. It doesn’t matter to me what you like, ok?”

“I like girls.”

“I wasn’t saying you didn’t.”

Todd didn’t say anything for a few moments. I just kept sorting socks. Todd was running his fingers through his hair.

“I’ve fantasized about being with men is all. I’ve not been with a guy, ok.” He finally said.

We both let the silence hang in the room for a moment. I sorted some shirts. Todd started looking down.

“Todd, I liked them.” I confessed.

“Liked what?” He looked up.

“Your magazines. I’m just like every other guy…you know. You wonder, but you don’t tell anyone…you know.”

“Know what?” he said.

“What you said. About fantasizing about…well, making out with a guy.”

I have no idea what happened at that moment. But the air in the dorm room changed. It was like blunt honest confessions between two roommates suddenly made the room charged and warm like the air in the laundry room.

“What have you thought about?” Todd asked.

“What do you mean?” I said. My mind was wondering if he was just making conversation, was actually curious what I thought or was he testing some uncharted waters.

“Well, since we’re opening up to each other. What have you wanted to do with another guy?” Todd said.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve looked at guys that were ripped like you and I…”

“No. Seriously. Did you want to suck their dicks? Have them suck you? Feel you? What?” Todd said. The words hung uncomfortably in the air for a moment.

“Well, since you asked. If I was going to do it. I’d just go all the way and do everything. ‘Cause no telling if I’d ever get the nerve to do it more than once, you know.”

“You’d fuck a guy or let him fuck you?”

I didn’t say anything for a moment. The air had that warm smell. Todd’s voice was hypnotic as I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation. But instinctively I knew my answer could be turning point either away or toward our apparent mutual curiosity.

“Yea. If it were the right guy. I wouldn’t just fuck any guy, of course.”

Todd ran his fingers through his hair again. He always did that when he was thinking or nervous. I folded another shirt. Suddenly I realized my hands were shaking. My mind started recalling the time I sneaked a peek at Todd’s magazines. I didn’t tell him, but I jacked off after looking at them.

I then remembered the times I had admired guys as much as I did girls; the girls with their smooth skin and the guys with firm muscles. Maybe I was bi-sexual myself or something.

Todd was looking at his book but I don’t think he was reading. He acted like he wanted to say something to break the silence but never did. If I had to guess, he was still struggling with me now knowing he liked both guys and girls. I decided to break the silence. Maybe secretly I didn’t want the conversation to end.

“Ok Todd. I’m sorry I looked at your stuff. And I won’t go out joking about you being gay. Heck, now you know I think the same way you do. I’ll admit it. I even jacked off to your magazine, alright?”

“Thanks, Steve. I appreciate you being honest. It’s not easy being attracted to both guys and girls.”

“Maybe that’s why I’m on the swim team. I get nervous talking to girls and I’ve not gotten the nerve up to make a move on a guy but at least I get to watch girls in the laundry room and see half naked guys in the pool. How about you?”

“Me? I date girls. I just look at guys. You know girls think we’re both hot being jocks and all. I hear them talk.”

“Would you fuck a guy? I mean, if you had the chance.” I said as I folded the last shirt.

“Well, I’ve…”

“Come on Todd. You asked me and I confessed.”

“Well yea. Of course, I’d fuck the right guy. Not just any guy.”

My hands were trembling more. I folded the shirt and put it away. My heart pounded.

“Well since we’re discussing the topic. Would I be what you considered the right guy?” I said. I placed the clothes basket beside my bed. I’d fantasized about girls and guys in this dorm room and the pool while Todd was out partying and secretly having his fantasies fulfilled through his bi-sexual magazines. And I’d fucked a couple girls.

But, maybe we both were too shy about our true sexual feelings. Neither of us had been this honest before. My hands trembled because Todd would determine if the conversation would end here.


“Yes?” I asked again.

“Yea. I jack off to the magazines too.

Even the men fucking. And you’ve got the same ripped muscles on your abdomen that I like. If I were going to have sex with a guy, it would be you.”

I looked at Todd then at the clothes basket. My heart pounded harder. Todd probably didn’t realize it but I noticed he was resting his hand on his erection. I stripped my shirt off and tossed it in the empty clothes basket.

“You mean this six pack?” I pointed to my toned stomach.

“Yea. That six pack. I like it.” He rubbed his erection harder, not seeming to care that I was watching him rub it through his pants.

“Well, how about this?” I flexed my biceps and forearms that helped me win the butterfly heat at the last state swim meet.

“Sexy.” He turned in his chair to face me, clearly enjoying the show.

I unzipped my pants and tossed them in the clothes basket. Swimmers are accustomed to being in front of people in scantily small swimsuits and my jockey shorts were actually larger than my swimsuit but not with a hard erection pressing against the fabric. And my erection strained pretty hard trying to break out of them.

“Nice. I like swimmers.” Todd smiled.

“How about track stars? You don’t have anything to show off?” I said.

Todd was beaming. I figured he’d strip slowly but he didn’t. He expertly slipped out of his clothes, down to his underwear in what appeared to be a single motion. I knew I liked to look at the photos of both guys and girls fucking. But to be honest, at that moment I don’t think I would have fucked Julie if she came in naked.

Todd’s lean thigh muscles were toned for running and he had well defined chest muscles that striated into his shoulders and arms which were suited for pole vaulting and throwing the javelin. It was clear he didn’t mind getting naked with that body which was every inch as toned as mine.

“I’ll bet that thing would cause a lot of drag in the water.” Todd said pointing to my erection which was now trying to peak out of the top of my underwear. Without hesitation I stripped off my underwear and was now naked in front of my jock roommate. My dick bobbed freely in front of me.

Todd was more methodical. He slipped his thumbs in the elastic band holding his underwear and slowly peeled them down. I’d seen him half naked before but the full glory of his nakedness made my breathing deepen and my heart pound.

His ass was tight and round. It was as curved as any female and every bit as sexy. His dick was similar to mine, maybe even slightly larger. His erection pointed straight up toward his stomach. No words passed between us at that moment as we drank in each other’s naked bodies.

My eyes lusted over his muscles, the curve of his hips and the perfection of his dick. His dick was like a magnet. My eyes could not leave it. I wanted his ass in my hands and his dick in my mouth.

Silently I sank to my knees in front of this Olympian specimen. I ran my hands over his hips and down his ass letting his dick brush against my cheek. My lips kissed the shaft gingerly at first. I then ran my tongue down the smoothness of his shaft.

I felt Todd run his fingers through my hair. It was so gentle, so loving. I kissed his balls then licked my way back up the shaft of his dick. I caressed the cheeks of his ass and let the head of his dick rest on my lips as a drop of pre-cum glistened on the tip. I licked it and it was sweet. Like a drug I wanted more.

Todd guided his dick in my mouth and I held him inside gripping his ass. He rocked his shaft in and out slowly like he was fucking my lips. I began to suck. I sucked him into my mouth and he slid slowly out then I sucked him back again.

Soon he only rocked his hips slightly and my head bobbed up and down his shaft. I heard Todd begin to moan.

“Steve, if you don’t stop this will be over ’cause I could cum.” He whispered.

I didn’t want it to end. Not yet. I let his dick plop from my mouth and stood up to face my new found lover. You know, it’s strange what can happen when you’re naked with someone; especially when it’s someone of the same sex that you’re supposed to be all macho with. Suddenly you have these feelings and openness you’ve never had before.

My hand found his face. I caressed his cheek then ran my fingers through his wavy hair. I caressed his shoulders and touched the firm muscles on his chest. His hand was on the small of my back gently pulling me toward him.

“You’re beautiful, Todd.” The words just came out. Even in my fantasies, I never dreamed that being with a man would be so sensual. I just imagined it being raw sex and nothing more. But suddenly I felt an intimacy that seemed stronger than with anyone woman I had been with.

“I want you.” Todd replied.

I felt him pull me closer. Our dicks touched. Our chests heaved. I put my hand behind his neck. First our breath mingled, then our lips touched and I kissed him. It was soft, gentler than I would have imagined. Our tongues searched for each other then entwined in an erotic dance within our mouths.

My hand found his ass again which I kneaded, pulling his hips into mine. Our dicks ground against each other as they dry fucked in a dance of their own twisting, bobbing, trying to meld into one.

Our hands explored as we kissed. His back was smooth, his ass so tight. I wanted to kiss him forever.

Soon I felt a burning desire rise into my chest. I kissed Todd more deeply, thrusting my tongue passionately. My fingers slipped between the cheeks of his ass and found his asshole. Todd seemed to relax it as we kissed, permitting my finger to slip within slightly. But it wouldn’t go but so far. He moaned and ground his dick harder into mine.

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7 thoughts on “First Time Man Sex On Campus

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  2. Josh says:

    It was great, but ended way too quickly…there was no need to gloss over the next few nights and certainly shouldn’t have made the fact they flipped a throw away line. I would have loved to have read that part as well, even if the rest was just a few lines about the next few nights. Otherwise, this was some amazing writing !

  3. barefootlad says:

    Ken, you know this “first loves never die”. Oh God to have another guy make me feel as they did, I can but dream. I loved it and Ken, if you were with me, “my first love to you would never die. Thanks for that line of text. I would love someone to give me a first time experience which I have still to have. Perhaps ken you have had many. Is it really as engrossed as that as I lived it with them both just thinking of a first time. Thanks Ken.

  4. frank says:

    Now that was a lovely story and so fucking hot. I wanted to be both of them, the fucker and the fuckee. I can almost taste the cum. yummy

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