First Time with Neighbor Daddy Pt 4

I lower my head and start to suck my daddy’s cock as Vanessa guides me with her hand. Deeper and deeper she pushes me until I’m all the way down gagging on his cock.

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After our last experience, I knew it was true. I belonged to Mr. Stanton. He had finally molded my throat perfectly for his dick, and now he has bread me, shooting his cum up deep into my ass. Whatever he said do, I was sure to comply.

So two days past, and 5 PM came around. I was so nervous, but also excited for what was to come. All Mr. Stanton told me was the he had a surprise for me. I didn’t know what to expect. I walked over to his house and knocked on the door just as instructed. Mr. Stanton opens with a smile on his face.

“That’s a good boy who follows directions. Come in.” He waves me into the utility room. “Now, put this blindfold on, and take off your clothes. Now.”

Following orders from my daddy, I place a black blindfold over my eyes, and strip. I’m so nervous at this point, having no idea what is behind the door. But it was too late, I was here and it was happening. He opens the door and leads me into the house. We don’t go far.

“Stop here boy, and do not say a word unless instructed. Understood? Good. Now here is my surprise. On the count of three, take off your blindfolds. (blindfolds?). 1…2…3!”

With that I pull down my blindfold, and I am completely caught off guard and utterly confused at what I’m seeing. Standing 10 feet away from me is someone I never expected to see.. Vanessa Truck, completely naked, taking a blindfold off.

Vanessa is a year older than I. She was the captain of the volleyball team while still in highschool, and had gone away to play for college the year before. She was the girl everyone wanted. Absolutely beautiful with long dark curly hair. A great pair of tits, at least a C cup that fall perfectly over her body. Her stomach was flat and tan. Her legs and ass were out of this world, as she never missed a leg day in the gym. She had the kind of ass that jiggles when she walks, but is tight and fit. And she was the last person I’d ever think would be standing in front of me at this moment.

“Well, from the looks on your faces, you must recognize each other. You are both mine, and I am your daddy. You each know your names. Slut, walk over to my boy and get on your knees in front of him.”

I didn’t know what was happening. I was standing naked facing Vanessa. She slowly starts to walk towards me. I was so nervous! She stops right in front of me, staring my in the eyes as she gets on her knees, level with my cock.

“I imagine my boy likes girls, so I thought I’d let you experience how good I’ve made my little slut. Put his cock in your mouth, Slut.”

“Yes Daddy” she says, looking me in the eyes.

Obediently, Vanessa takes my cock in her hand and guides it to her mouth, never taking her eyes off me. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I never dreamed Vanessa would be sucking my cock. It feels so good as she takes it all in her mouth. She uses her tongue to rub around my sensitive head, before diving back down onto my cock. I look over at Mr. Stanton, and he has pulled his own cock out and is jerking off slowly.

“You like the way my little slut sucks your cock don’t you boy. “

“Yes daddy, it feels really good. I’m going to cum soon”.

Vanessa keeps sucking my cock, looking into my eyes every once in a while. This is amazing!

“Not yet boy, I have more for you. Slut, get on your knees and turn around. Boy, my slut likes to be fucked in her ass, just like you. Do it for her. “

Vanessa popped my cock out of her mouth and spun around so her ass was facing me. She put her head down on the carpet and spread her legs, giving me the most amazing view I’ve ever seen. Her ass was perfectly rounded, with the tan lines under the cheeks. It was beautiful. I got down behind her, and looked at my daddy. He nodded in approval while rubbing his cock. So I slowly pushed the head of my cock against her little bleached button. Once my head popped through I thought I was going to cum already. Her ass was so tight and amazing! I kept pushing as my daddy does with me until my dick was all the way in her ass. She let out little moans the whole time, letting me know she enjoyed it. I couldn’t believe I was fucking Vanessa’s ass!

“You like that don’t you boy”

“Yes daddy, her ass is so tight it’s amazing I’m going to cum”

“Who’s ass boy” Mr. Stanton asked me.

“Her’s daddy, your slut’s ass.”

With that, Vanessa let out another moan. The idea of being a slut must turn her on as being a submissive boy does for me.

“Cum in her ass boy. My slut loves having cum deep in her ass, don’t you slut”

“Yes daddy! Please boy cum in my ass, do as daddy tells you. Give me your cum” Vanessa said through moans.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. With that I pumped once more and shot my load deep in her ass. When my first load left, I felt her ass tighten around my cock as she came in excitement.

“Well done you two. But now it’s time for the most important part. You don’t want to leave daddy without anything do you. Both of you get over here.”

Vanessa and I get up and walk to our daddy. With no regard to what just happened. We get on our knees and Vanessa takes control. She grabs our daddy’s dick and gives it one long suck before pointing it at me and grabbing the back of my head

“Suck it boy” Vanessa tells me.

I lower my head and start to suck my daddy’s cock as Vanessa guides me with her hand. Deeper and deeper she pushes me until I’m all the way down gagging on his cock. She holds me there as our daddy moans in enjoyment. She finally lets me up and turns my head towards her. She starts making out with me, before turning be back to daddy’s cock.

“Little slut, go behind our new boy and get him ready for daddy. I want to fuck his little ass today.”

With that Vanessa leaves me to sucking our daddy’s dick and positions herself behind me. I don’t know what to expect until I feel her positioning me on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. She grabs my cheeks and spreads them, and then I feel a wet tongue circle around my ass before a soft kiss is placed on my hole. It’s amazing. She works her tongue all over my ass, getting it really wet as I continue to suck daddy’s cock in my mouth.

She’s working my ass over before she pulls back and spits on my ass. Then I feel a finger slide down my crack and enter me. She’s finger fucking me, getting me ready for daddy’s big cock. Once I’m nice and loose, she lets Daddy know.

“I think your boy is ready daddy. His ass is ready for your big cock”

“Good girl” Daddy says as he gets up and walks around me. “now get underneath of him. I want you to suck my boys cock while he eats your pussy”

She walks around in front of me and gets on her back. With our faces over each other, she gives me what appears to be a faint smile of recognition as she begins to slide underneath me. Daddy is now behind me, rubbing his cock head up and down my crack, teasing me. Vanessa stops sliding when her tits are right under my face. With her hand she reaches back and lowers my head, feeding her tit to my mouth. It’s so soft in my mouth as I give it a good suck before she goes the rest of the way underneath me. We are now in the 69 position.

“My sluts got a real sweet pussy boy. I want you to lick it boy. Lick it all up”

With her legs spread, she raises her hips up, giving me access to the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. I run my tongue down the length, savoring her delicious taste.

My own dick is resting against her face as I hear daddy tell her to suck on his

“Slut’s back here sucking my dick boy. That’s good for you since you want this dick don’t you boy. Tell me slut what you want.”

I come up from her pussy and say “get daddy’s cock hard slut. I want him to fuck me so bad. I need it really hard!”

“That’s a good boy and slut” I hear daddy say as he pops his cock out of her mouth and positions it against my ass.

“Take his cock now slut, suck his dick as I fuck his ass. “

With that Vanessa takes my now soft dick in her mouth and sucks it vigerously. She reaches up and spreads my ass for our daddy to enter my ass. As soon as he enters, she’s takes my dick all the way in her mouth and holds it. This feeling is something I can’t describe. Pleasure from both ends. It seems that Vanessa is timing it with my daddy, as the faster he fucks me, the faster she sucks. All I can muster out are a few oh my gods the pleasure is so good.

“Is that good boy? You like being sucked as I fuck your little ass”

“yess daddy, it’s amazing. I’m going to cum.. im going to cum!”

“Cum in my sluts mouth! Do it boy! Don’t you swallow that slut! you hold that!”

My daddy starts fucking my faster, spanking my ass, while Vanessa is going faster and faster on my cock. It’s too much and my cock erupts! shooting the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had into her mouth! My ass clenches on daddy’s cock, and I can tell he is about to cum!

“Ahh OPEN UP SLUT!” He pulls out of my ass and stuff his cock in Vanessa’s open mouth, emptying his load into her mouth.

“Yeah.. slut take my cum take it all. Don’t you swallow it yet! Come here boy, make out with my slut”

With that I turn around and lay on top of Vanessa and start making out. We slosh the combined cum of mine and our daddy back and forth between us, caressing each other the whole time. We stop, split the load and each swallow some before opening our eyes and looking at each other.

“Oh man. My slut and my boy, finally at the same time. Wow, we may have to try this more often..”

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    • Robbie says:

      He was already from chapter1 with the threat to tell his mother and father that he was smoking weed as he does not submit to him.

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