Forced?? Pt 3

“Lose the shorts cock sucker,” Daddy said as I was dressing. “You won’t need men’s underwear anymore sweetheart. And leave your hair long. No pony tail. Brush it out sweet girl. Try to make me proud of my new whore.”

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How can one describe the sweet feel of total surrender? There is an eroticism that comes with giving up all pretenses of free will and completely submitting ones self to someone more dominant.

I know that feeling. Daddy claimed me as his and after the initial fight for survival I have allowed myself the sublime peace that comes with knowing that another, stronger, wiser, and more powerful person, has taken control over me.

Daddy has command of my actions, of my sex life, of me. Plain and simple, I am his property to do with as he sees fit. His strong will, deep soothing voice, and persistence that I was more than what I thought I was, had me convinced.

Daddy had talked to me about him making me a star. How I could make him so much money becoming his prize whore. More than having had his cock in me, Daddy has confidence in me.

So easy it was for him to fuck me and make me his cock sucker. Falling asleep in his arms to his hypnotic message that I was is property, I awoke the next day with a new resolve.

I’ll be his whore.

The day after Daddy allowed me to become his cock sucker we went shopping for me.

“Lose the shorts cock sucker,” Daddy said as I was dressing. “You won’t need men’s underwear anymore sweetheart. And leave your hair long. No pony tail. Brush it out sweet girl. Try to make me proud of my new whore.”

I finished pulling on my clothes and went shopping with Daddy. I was instructed to hold onto his out turned pocket lining when we walked down the streets. I did so, feeling both foolish and safe at the same time. No one was going to mess with me when they saw I was Daddy’s property.

In the first specialty store Daddy and I went to the sexy women’s lingerie department. “Pick out what you like Pink,” he told me.

“But Daddy, I have never worn women’s underwear before,” I whined.

With Daddy’s keen eye and the salesman so helpful, I tried on several pair, modeling for Daddy and the salesman.

After selecting 10 pair of assorted panties, leotards, and half slips, hose and garter belts, we moved to the outer wear. Daddy wanted me to accentuate my “full, fine ass,” as he called it.

That made me blush like a school girl.

I tried on many outfits finally settling on several that made Daddy happy. The first was what the salesman called a black mesh romper. Essentially, it’s a onesy that exposes my sides through the mesh with solid front and back panels that barely hide my privates. It was sexy. I also chose a couple jump suits that while technically one piece pant suits, the legs have a slit up to my waist.

My little dick hardened when the salesman, most graciously, helped me into that one. His hand, and I’m sure it was no accident, brushed against my erection that was hidden under my new panties. I donned the backless, sleeveless, sexy romper. He told me it was club wear and that I looked divine in it. I thanked him, blushing profusely.

Suddenly I began to feel less foolish and more desirable. I was getting into my new role. “How did Daddy know?” I wondered. “What did the big man see in me that I never knew was there?”

Daddy and I both laughed when he had me try on what he called ho shoes. The heels were so high they were impossible to walk in. I fell into the salesman’s arms more than once before mastering the art of walking sexy as Daddy directed me.

One look in the mirror and I knew why he wanted me in these high heels. My pert round butt jutted out almost obscenely. I looked more sexy.

Daddy wanted me in full cross-dress mode. The salesman helped me into the garter belt and as he knelt in front of me, pulling up my hose, managed to sneak a kiss on my hard dick through my panty.

“Not much there is there Pink? More like a clit.”

What could I say? He was right. The memory of Daddy’s soft cock jutting between my legs returned. My tiny white dick lying atop his long, fat black man tamer was a quiet and reinforcing narrative that I was not a real man.

Then the salesman surprised me by asking for a date. “Sometime when your Daddy doesn’t have you whoring and turning tricks, maybe we could get together and you could suck mine.”

I smiled down at the horny salesman and said, “it will cost you.” I reached for my romper. As I pulled it on, I could see the looseness where breasts should be. That kind of made me sad.

From the side you could see the tops of my hose and the connecting end of the garter. My fat ass swayed as I went to Daddy.

He had me pay for my purchases saying, “why should I pay bitch? They’re yours,” and we left. I clung to his pocket lining as we walked a few blocks to a day-spa. I stumbled a few times in my heels and Daddy became irritated. Finally, he took control of the situation and held me close, his large hand on my ass as we made our way through the pedestrian traffic.

I sighed contentedly and leaned against my man.

Entering the spa, they had hip hop music piped in and the atmosphere was soothing with an African motif. A large black woman greeted Daddy, “Earl so good to see you my friend. You got another sissy for me?”

“I think Pink will be my best bitch yet Siobhan. Might even make bottom bitch in a few months.”

“My, my, such high praise for this faggot. You really think so?” she asked as she walked around me taking in my figure and features. “Nice ass,” she said with a spank. “Almost a sista booty.”

“Give this cunt the works. A new hair style that emphasizes her face. Lose her body hair. Maybe tattoo some eye liner, and my brand.”

“You got it Earl,” beamed Siobhan. “Strip honey.”

“Right here?” I cringed.


“Ouch. Why did you hit me?”


“I said strip. Shut the fuck up and get out of your whore clothes,” she growled. Then she turned to Daddy and told him to teach me quick. “One of the brothers will kick the shit outta this faggot, he’s slow to take orders.”

“Can you give this queer some Botox in his fat lips Siobhan? I want her sucking cocks tomorrow.”

“Shoot Earl, I know a doctor who can give her titties if you want.”

“Nah, she ain’t earned a dime yet. Let’s see how she performs first.”

Again, two people talking about me like I wasn’t there. The insignificance of me as a person was being hammered home.

I stood naked as they talked, waiting for instructions from the tall negress.

“Have you trained the bitch yet Earl?” Siobhan asked Daddy.

“Not yet. The cunt has been pretty obedient. When she gets out of hand is when I’ll show her the ropes.” Daddy looked sternly at me when he said that.

My dick was no longer hard. It shrunk even more at the thought of what Siobhan meant by training.

A few people came and went as I stood in only my “ho shoes,” naked and cold. When I attempted to hide my shame Daddy told me to put my hands at my side. “Be proud cunt. Let them see your clit.”

More debasement. I stood as directed and let them see me in all my glory.

Daddy was slowly but surely taking my dignity from me.

Finally Daddy and Ms. Siobhan completed their business and she led the way to a back room.

“The first thing we’re going to do is laser off your body hair. Lay on the table.”

Doing as I was told, I lay there for a half hour as Ms. Siobhan gave me the treatment. As she was finishing my chest she moved behind my head. I felt her rub against my head and then the side of my face. I swear there was a cock where a pussy should have been.

I turned to look at her questioningly. As if to prove my suspicions Ms. Siobhan smiled down at me. “Yes Pink, it’s a cock.”

She continued to rub it against the side of my face. Then without much fanfare she raised the dashiki exposing a very nice black cock.

I knew what she wanted. I opened my mouth and took her in. Sucking a tranny dick seemed only a little strange. She had big boobs but also a cock. My Daddy had introduced to me a world I didn’t know existed.

I reached for Ms. Siobhan’s big ass in order to give her a deep throating. She humped and bucked, fucking my mouth like a cunt. “You white faggots love you some black dick doncha girl?”

She was right. This was only the second cock to be in my mouth but it felt so right.

My oral skills had an impact on her. Ms. Siobhan reached down and began to finger my anus. “Nice tight boi pussy,” she complimented me.

I brought my feet up on the table, my knees bent and spread, opening my canal for her.

I sucked and she fucked her cock in and out of my mouth while she fingered my ass. She hit my magic button and cum sprayed from my little dick across my midriff. I humped up and down as my orgasm took me over the edge.

Then Ms. Siobhan stiffened a bit and I heard her moan the beginning of her climax. “I’m cumming Pink. Don’t spill a drop precious bitch. Swallow it all.”

And I did. Ms. Siobhan pumped and throbbed several times causing me to swallow repeatedly. I made sure none was lost as she fed me my reward.

As she softened, Ms. Siobhan permitted me to nurse and suckle her love muscle. I coaxed the last of her ejaculate with my sucking lips.

“Bitch boi, you do have a talent for taking black cocks. Earl is right. You’re going to make a boat load of money for your man.”

“Thank you Ms. Siobhan,” I whispered, still savoring the taste of her offering. Having a cock in my mouth made me feel like I was in charge of events. I knew I had a talent for giving head, Daddy told me. That was reinforced when Ms. Siobhan told me the same thing.

I was finding a new self worth in pleasing black cocks.

A few painful hours later Ms. Siobhan was finally finished with my make-over. She had done everything Daddy had told her to do.

Looking in the mirror I was surprised to see that the tattooed eye liner gave me a wide eyed, slutty look in a blackish green. My eye lashes had been treated to extensions. They looked pretty.

Ms. Siobhan had her assistants apply a base to my face then softened my look with subtle hints of pink. My lips had the Botox treatment and looked fatter and more appealing. Permanently outlined with a deep red tattoo liner and a bright red lip gloss applied, my mouth certainly looked like a an inviting place for cocks.

The long page boy styling made my hair look thicker, fuller. No longer was it merely brown, Ms. Siobhan insisted on dying it jet black and then added blonde high lights.

What pained me the most though were the tattoos. First Ms. Siobhan had her man mark me as Daddy’s property. Along the length of my right leg in beautiful calligraphy were the words “property of Daddy Earl.” If lost, please return.” My ear was marked with what Ms. Siobhan told me was a pigpass. It’s a marker that when decoded details the place I’ve wandered away from. It started on farms so stray pigs could be identified and returned to their rightful owner.

“It has Earl’s cell number on it,” Ms. Siobhan said proudly.

Indeed my Daddy wanted to own me, to protect me, and keep me. My heart fluttered at that thought. This was indeed proof that I was his.

There was a finishing Q with a spade in it on my ass and neck. “That way,” Ms. Siobhan explained, “folks will know that you service black cocks. It’s a marking you should be proud to display, Pink.”

Ms. Siobhan gave me pointers on how to dress. “Always wear your panties over your garter belt. That way you can fuck and quickly get back on the track to your next trick without having to fuck with your hose and shit.”

What she said made sense but the realization that I was about to become a prostitute suddenly hit me. “I don’t want to be a whore Ms. Siobhan,” tears welling in my eyes. “I have a life, a business, a wife. Daddy taught me to enjoy cock but I have a life.”

Taking my small body in a hug, Ms. Siobhan showed empathy. “Pink, you don’t have a life outside of what Earl has planned for you. Girl, the sooner you learn that you are gonna be trafficked for sex, the sooner you’ll come to grips with it. Why honey, the way you went after my cock shows me you have the making and desire to be a wonderful slut for black cock.”

Her arms around my still naked body, her soft spoken words served to sooth my fears. My dick twitched again. Being controlled by stronger, bigger black people heightened my sense of submission.

I blinked back my tears and looked up at her. Ms. Siobhan looked down and gave me a sad smile. Then she kissed me on my new lips. It was nice. It was comforting to be shown affection. I kissed her back and we soon were doing tongue dances in each other’s mouths.

We kissed like that for a few minutes before I felt pressure on my shoulders. Ms. Siobhan wanted me on my knees and I obliged. Kneeling I watched as she completely removed her dashiki and stood before me nude. Her breasts were magnificent Her nipples pierced held little rings. Her long legs were firm and feminine as were her hips.

Making eye contact I swallowed as much of her cock as I could.

“That’s right Pink,” she sighed. “Get me ready to fuck your boi pussy.”

I slobbered all over her cock until it was shiny with my saliva. “Lie on your back,” she hissed when she was ready to fuck me.

Ms. Siobhan raised my legs and pushed her cock in me. Her hands under my knees, her palms on the floor, she looked down at me as she fucked me. “This Pink, this is your life now. Accept it baby girl. Revel in it. Nigger cocks are your future you pretty bitch. The brothers are going to pay good money for your ass.”

A few of her co-workers and assistants had gathered around to watch us. I felt embarrassed but once again Ms. Siobhan calmed my fears.

“Pink, Earl will have you pulling trains, dancing nude on stage, making fuck films, anything that will make money for him. Don’t be embarrassed by people seeing you naked and filled with cock. Leave your pride and dignity behind. You’re a sex slave now. You don’t matter. Whether you live or die is up to your Daddy and no one will give a shit if you suddenly disappear. All your worth is tied up in your ability to make Earl money by being a good whore. Earl is a mean pimp when his bitches aren’t doing right by him Pink.”

Continuing to discuss my future Ms. Siobhan reminded me that I was, or should be familiar with my new life. “You’ve seen the TV shows where the girl cannot get away from her pimp, right Pink? Well once in that life you’re hooked. Your pimp Daddy pulled you Pink. He decided on you. You’ll do anything and everything your Daddy wants you to do. You’re hooked Pink, hooked on black cocks and you love your pimp Daddy.”

I shuddered at Siobhan’s words. I wasn’t sure I could succeed as a whore but I knew felt something strong for my new Daddy. Was it love or dependence. I wasn’t sure but I knew I felt safe when I was with him. I also felt like I owed him for awakening me to the fact that I was born to suck black cocks.

I was enjoying the fucking I was getting. I arched my hips and groaned my climax as Siobhan pushed past my prostate.

After Miss Siobhan pumped her load up my boi pussy, she handed me some tissues and told me to clean myself up and get dressed.

Finishing getting dressed, I took stock of myself in the mirror. What I saw looking back at me was astonishing. I was beautiful. No longer any semblance of male, I looked every bit a sexy, stylish whore.

Daddy came back to get me and thanked Miss Siobhan. “The bitch looks great. She’ll bring top dollar. Pay Siobhan cunt,” he told me.

We made our way back to the hotel and into a seat in the rear of the lounge.

“Watch the white faggots Pink. See how they handle their johns. See, most of your tricks will be brothers. Most if not all, have been in prison and have gotten fond of fucking white faggots like you. They broke them in behind bars and changed their lives.”

That thought must have excited Daddy for he took my hand and placed it in his lap. I grasped his large cock and squeezed as he continued.

There were three whores working the lounge. Each had a black man with her. All three looked pretty good except you could tell they were males.

“Yeah Pink”, Daddy chuckled. “I know what you’re thinking. Those whores look like white bois in drag. I want them to look like that. I want people to see how low they’ve sunk and what depraved sissies they’ve allowed themselves to become. When they can no longer earn I’ll dispose of their useless asses and society won’t miss them.”

I unzipped Daddy’s trousers and fished his cock out and began to masturbate him right there in the lounge. As I fondled and stroked his magnificent manhood our waitress came over to take our order.

“Damn Earl, I can’t believe how good she looks. Siobhan did a great job on your new whore.”

I beamed wide pride and throwing caution to the wind, bowed by head and lapped at Daddy’s cock while she watched.

“Bitch is losing her inhibitions,” the waitress said as she took Daddy’s drink order.

Daddy didn’t think much of my brazenness. He pulled me up and slapped me hard across my face. “Bitch don’t even think you can take liberties with me,” he spat.

I sat there chagrinned, my lesson learned. When my man wants his cock sucked, he’ll let me know.

Two large black men came to our table. They slapped five and greeted each other the way only black men can.

Daddy told them I was his new property and if they could pay the price they could be the first tricks I’d turn.

“This bitch is new white meat my brothers,” he grinned. “She will cost you $100 each.”

The next thing I knew the three of us were in the elevator headed for my room.

“Get out them clothes,” one said as he pulled off his shirt. “Do it nice and sexy like.”

Let me tell you girls something, getting out of a romper “sexy like” is hard. I tried my best but being unfamiliar with the garment I struggled.

Finally out of the romper I looked to see my tricks grinning at me.

Bare chested as I was, my hips encased in the garter under my panties, my hose and “ho shoes” on, I must have been a pleasing sight. Both men sported nice big erections.

I went to them and knelt. Taking both cocks in my hands I alternated between them licking and sucking. “They wanted a whore,” I thought. “I’ll give them one.”

I ducked my head and laved their scrotums, again alternating between the two men.

I was told to get on the bed on all fours.

I felt my panties being taken down by one of my lovers as the other gentleman knelt at my head, feeding me his cock.

I groaned in pain around the cock stuffed in my mouth, as the big black cock entered my boi pussy. He was larger than Daddy and it hurt.

“This bitch is tight,” he told his partner.

He began to thrust in and out timing his rhythm with the cock in my mouth. The pain subsided gradually and I began to enjoy the pleasure my two visitors were giving me.

Moaning and fucking back I urged the cocks to fill me from both ends. The nastiness of what I was doing took hold of my psyche. I was a whore, a faggot whore for black men. I have a pimp. I am a just a piece of ass to these fine gentlemen, merely a receptacle for their sperm.

My two callers fucked their spunk down my throat and up my ass satiating themselves with my body. I lay there totally spent with cum oozing from my behind. They dressed to leave.

“Gonna see you again. You are a fine white boi. Earl got him a fine punk.”

I smiled at the compliment as the door closed. I had turned my first two tricks for Daddy and they left satisfied.

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