Friendly Smile Leads To Blowjob

When I entered the elevator I saw him. He smiled warmly which elicited a smile from me. It could have been a friendly smile between two strangers, but there was electricity I sensed. I turned around and arched my back a little to show the round globe that is my ass while I punched in my floor number.

I backed away from the key pad, but did not put my back to the wall. I want him to see my ass. There is something about being on a business trip, far away from home, that makes me more confident and free. I take chances. I move one leg forward and put the weight of my body on my back foot. My back is still slightly arched.

“How was your day?” He asks. I turn to face him with a beaming smile.

“Oh, I think I am at the bottom of my game.” I answer stressing the word bottom. I hope he gets the hint. “How was your day?”

“I am at the top of my game.” He says, stressing the word top. The game is on.

“My name is Michael.”

“I am Mark,” I answer.

“Would you like to go to a party?”

“I would love to” I smiled.

“Meet me in the lobby at 10”

“I will see you then!”

My heart is pounding and the adrenaline is rushing through my body. I wonder what kind of party? I hope I am not getting in to anything I will regret. I hope I get him in to bed. I wonder what he looks like naked. I hope he’s good.

All these thoughts dance through my mind as I shower. Getting out I look at myself in the mirror. I have a runner’s body. No fat and kind of thin. I have wide hips and a very round ass that gives way to my long legs. I think I have a very feminine body. Thank god I am a bottom I think. It would be a shame to waste such a nice ass and gripable hips! I chuckle to myself.

Michael is already in the lobby when I arrive at 9:45.

“I was a little anxious,” I laugh

“Me too” he smiles. “I’ll drive”

He takes me in his rental car to the outskirts of town. I start to get nervous as we enter a somewhat industrial area. I should have left a note at the front desk or something else behind incase I wind up missing! He pulls in to a larger hangar like building that is full of cars.

When we get out of the car I hear the music. This must be a rave. I hear the buzz saw sounds of techno trance music in the next hangar. We walk towards the music and enter the building through a side door.

The music is deafening and the low beats and throbs resonate in my chest. The relentless rhythm of techno music usually reminds me of the actions of lifeless machines. This is different. The machine like beat is there but the soul is not lifeless. Within it is a primal urgency that surges forward with each metric beat. The urge is to sense, connect, touch, feel, pleasure, experience, explore, suck, pinch, fuck, spank, and cum and cum and cum.

Each beat is another load of man seed shot on the face and in the mouth of a cum hungry lover who wants to get men off. The throbbing mass of men dancing together in synch with the beat manifests the raw sexual desire that drives our passion. Each man, short, tall, muscular and frail, is a fiery flicker of a vast fire of desire. Each is consumed and accepted in to the greater fury of lust.

The man could be you. You as you grab my head and make me choke down your cock and swallow the long ropes of thick hot seed that erupts from your swollen balls. You as you watch your meat invade my ass and watch the ripples of your thrusts resonate through my round cheeks. You use my body. You own my body. It is your tool to dominate and get you off. You fuck my tight puckered anus and stretch me with your meat. You ram in to me because I am your whore. You cum deep in to my bowels as you marvel at your hard cock thrusting in to my ass. You spank me and use me until your balls run dry.

I feel my heart beat match the music. My cock is aching hard in my tight jeans. I walk to the bar and find a perch. I have lost Michael. I notice some men with out shirts and others in tiny thongs like the one I am wearing. I order a drink and when the bartender comes back I ask, “What did they do with their clothes?” The bartender points to a coat check area with a wall of cubbyholes.

I watch the men dance. They touch each other and grind their bodies together. The ones with out clothes look shiny, like they are covered in baby oil. Hands slide all over their bodies. I see a naked man with three men servicing him. They lick his balls and he smacks his massive cock against their faces. They crown moves in and I lose my view. The image is burned in to my mind. My clothes feel like a jail. I need to be touched. I finish my drink and walk to the coat check with my heart pounding.

There are other men getting undress there and I take my place among them. I remove my shirt and put it in to one of the boxes. Next my shoes and pants are in with my socks. I am only wearing my thong. I a moment of modesty I decide not to get completely naked. I notice others writing the box number on their palm and I do the same with the pen attached to the box. I turn my box in. I realize there are no prices posted and that I did not pay for my drink. I pass it off as my good luck.

Long ago I copied a tape from a friend of mine. The tape was exotic and erotic dance for men. When I lived alone I would practice that tape for hours. I used to imagine I was dancing for my lover and coaxing his cock to full arousal with out so much as touching him. The tape was excellent. I learned to move with sensuality. I learned the magic contained in my hips and how to accent my better features through movement. I used this now.

I walked to the dance area as if I were approaching my lover. My hips sway, my back is straight, my legs take measured graceful steps. Hands brush my arms and ass cheeks. I enter the throbbing mass. I raise my arms in the air and bump and grind to the relentless beat.

Hands come from behind, slide up my flat stomach, and fondle my erect nipples. A hard thinly clothed cock slides between my cheeks. I throw my head back in a fit of passion and I feel his hot breath on my neck. One hand continues to softly pinch my nipple as the other reaches for my hard cock. His fingers run up and down my shaft. Pre-cum soaks my thong. I feel other hands run smoothly over my ass cheeks. I am living the most incredible erotic dream!

A large hairy man grabs my waist from the front and pulls me away. He grinds his naked cock against my groin and I feel the sticky warm pre-cum on my leg. His hairy chest tickles my sensitive nipples. His eyes are on fire.

Very strong hands grab my waist and turn me around. I am greeted with a very muscular Middle Eastern or Indian man. He is smooth and hairless. He too has a dark lustful desire in his eyes. He is uncircumcised and very large in both length and width. He whips me around again and rips off my thong. His huge hunk of man meat slides between my cheeks and he hugs me tightly as we throb to the music. I reach behind me and pull his head to my neck. He nibbles at me and sends electric shivers through my body.

A wet or lubricated hand stokes my cock and balls. Other hands, similarly wet, slide all over my body. I am lost in the tactile pleasure of anonymous lust. I give my body to these men and they take me. I am parted from my massive Indian lover as waves of hand and lubricated body parts rub some type of lubricant over me. There is a faint sweet scent to the strange oil. My body becomes hypersensitive. My moans are downed by the al consuming music.

A young man, not more than a boy dances over to me. His hard cock is sticking straight up. The bulbous head is engorged to a bright purple color. He hugs me and our slick bodies rub against each other. I feel his hot sperm erupt as he shivers and humps my body. Then he is gone. Wet tongues from cum hungry men lick my body clean of the boy’s seed. My cock is swallowed as strong hands grip my waist.

A slippery finger slides in to my anus. I feel a hard dick slap my ass. Another finger enters me. Three men are servicing me. My senses are disjointed and flash from sensation to sensation. Two men lick my balls as another chokes down my cock. There are 3 fingers or more in my ass now. Hands are all over me. My nipples are pinched and tickled. Cocks slap against my body.

I am forced down. A long hard dick slides between my cheeks and rests on my anus. He pushes forward slowly and I yield my body to his manhood. He enters slow and smooth. I am shaking with desire. I push back and swallow his cock past my anus. He pushes ever deeper in me. He feels so hard and big. Deeper and deeper he plunges in to my tight little fuckhole. At last I feel his body meet mine.

Someone crawls under me and takes my cock in his expert mouth. Others kneel around me and spank me with their cocks or hands. A beautiful penis is offered to me. I take it in to my mouth. I wish I were a woman so that I could offer another hole to fill. I want to be fucked all over. I want their hot loads.

My topman starts working me good. His cock moves like a piston in to my ass. His machine like rhythm is in time with the music. My balls are massaged as my cock is sucked and licked. I choke down that beautiful penis in frenzied lust. Hot sperm is ejaculated on my body from above. Spurt after spurt rains down on me and I feel each hot droplet run down my fuck frenzied body.

My topman cums in to me. He thrusts so deep and he spanks my ass in forceful blows. Make me your slutty bitch. Fuck me and cum in my ass. Let me get you off lover. Hands smooth the semen all over my body as the owner of the beautiful cock pumps his load in my mouth. I shove his cock deep so he may cum in to my throat. I drink him.

My muscular Indian returns. He pulls me up, kisses me, and guides me to the center of the hangar. Here there is a boxing ring. Men are fucking in the ring. He helps me up and I notice the floor is slick with cum and lubricant. He puts my back against the ropes. Hands grab my arms and hold them against the ropes. He lifts my legs with little effort and my arms and his sexy muscular grip suspend me.

Using his beautiful dark muscular arms he guides my anus to his waiting hard huge cock. I feel the soft spongy head pressure my asshole. He slides his massive meat in to my hot man pussy. He lowers me on to him. His eyes are burning with desire. Fuck me. I want to milk the cum from your big dick and carry it in my bowels like the good cum whore I am. He thrusts with intoxicating power. I bounce back with the elasticity of the rope. His rhythm is perfect. Each time I bounce back he trusts to make me bounce again. I am a fuck toy for this giant man and I am going to get off.

I clench my ass to give him a nice tight ride. He pumps and pumps and pumps in to me. Give me your cum. I want your cum. I want you to empty your big swollen balls in to me. FUCK ME! I am screaming with desire. My hard cock is slapping against my stomach. My arms are being held tightly in place. I watch his sexy muscular chest heave. He is looking my in the eye.

He throws his head back and his scream is drowned by the throbbing music. He cums in to my body. He pushes me against the rope as he ejaculates the last of his seed in to my hungry ass. He pulls his massive meat from me and I marvel at the thought that such a huge hunk of manhood was inside me. My ass feels so empty now, after being so filled.

I stand with my legs shaking. He kisses me again and I revel in the slick muscular feel of his body. He leaves and I drop to my knees. A young sexy thing with a nice round ass drops in front of me. Pushing his face in to the cum slick floor he parts his cheeks for my pleasure. I slap his anus with my dick and push the head in to his puckered anus.

I grab his hips and slide in to his sexy white body. His body is gleaming from the lubricant and the countless loads of cum that cover his lithe body. I fuck him. I thrust my meat in to this little bitch. Yeah baby! Take my dick. You like that? You little whore. You like my hard dick in your ass? I ram in to him with each utterance. Fuck yeah! You are my little tool. I am gonna work you nice and good you slutty bitch whore. I am gonna cum in your fucking ass you cunt!

With each thrust his face slides on the cum slick floor. His open mouth is oozing thick semen. His eyes are shut and I know exactly how he feels. He is lost in the power of man lust. His hot hole is so nice and tight around my throbbing cock. I feel the beginning rush of orgasm and I fuck him even harder. I pump my cum in to his pretty round ass. Over and over I thrust in to him and fill him with my man load. Oh yeah! Take it you fucking slut. Eat my cum with your tight little young ass. Yeah!

With my load spent I fall over and lay with my back on the slick floor. My sexy young thing moves over to me and straddles my body. He jacks off and aims his penis at my face and mouth. Others have gathered around and have formed a circle. They too are jacking off. Someone cums and a thick stream of rope like cum spatters the sexy young thing and my face. He cums as well, sparked by the hot load hitting his body.

I shut my eyes and let his seed shoot all over my face and mouth. I taste him. Others are cumming too. I am washed in a shower of man chowder. I rub it all over my body. The slight salty taste and the smell begin to arouse me again. My cock begins to stiffen…

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