Gay College Fun In The 70s Pt 3

His cock, wow, it was impressive, thick and black, with a pink head, standing our proud from his body. It was longer than Jay’s, and I knew this was going to be another new experience.

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The fall air was crisp when I moved back into the dorm, and greeted old friends. As I had thought, no one had an inkling of my afternoon and evening at Ted’s house in the spring, and they welcomed me with the usual crap that college guys give each other. In the days that followed, I threw myself back into sports and classes. Ted and Rich of course had transferred, and it appeared no one noticed, or cared. As I looked around classrooms and the dining hall, I wondered if any of the guys were like me, hiding the fact they loved the feel of man’s naked body. Of course, I could not ask if so-and-so was queer, without raising suspicion, so I contented myself with looking and wondering.

Besides the usual impromptu parties, there was a monthly bash each month at the Legion Hall, hosted by the fraternities as fundraisers. These were always a great time, with cheap booze and willing coeds. At the October gathering, I was standing at the bar, listening to the band, and sizing up the crowd, when one of my teammates walked up and ordered a drink. It was Gerry, a lithe athlete from a big city, and a real nice dude. Gerry was one of the small number of black students at the college. He wasn’t big enough to play for one of the universities, so he had enrolled here. Gerry paid for his drink, and seeing me said Hi, and began to chat with me. Gerry was a bit shorter than I, with skin the color of a Hershey bar. His kinky hair was short, and he had a small goatee. I had seen him in the locker room, and noted that he had a big thatch of the same kinky black fuzz on his chest, with a line running down his body under his shorts. I had never seen his cock though. He had a full lips and big smile, and seemed to be always happy. Unlike me, for his sophomore year he had moved off campus into a tiny apartment.

“Hey man, what’s happening?” he asked, leaning back against the bar. “You here with a date?”

“No date, my friend, just getting a buzz and checking out the scenery.” I replied.

“Heard that.” he said, taking a drink and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“How about you, you here with one of those cuties?” I asked, motioning to the small bevy of black girls sulking in the corner.

“Hell no. They cute, but they also be mean!” he laughed, lapsing into his city lingo. I threw back my head and laughed. Gerry was always a hoot, especially after he’d had a few.

“No sweat, hang out here with me. I’ll buy the next round.” I said as I dug in my pocket for cash.

“That’s a plan.” he answered, and clinked his glass against mine. We stood and drank, and watched the dance for an hour, our conversation ranging wide and far. After an hour or so, Gerry looked at me. “Why aren’t you here with a date?” he asked.

“No reason, really. I had some luck last year taking girls home from these. Seems easier than asking them when they’re sober.” I said, grinning at him. He laughed at that.

“Good looking dude like you, figured you’d have a girl on your arm, and a couple more on the waiting list.” he said, punching me on the shoulder.

“Aw shucks, you think I’m good looking? Now you’ll make me blush.” I said, acting stupid. Gerry thought it was hilarious though.

“Nope, you are one good looking dude. I heard those two guys last year had a crush on you.” he said, keeping a straight face. I looked at him hard. What the fuck was that about?

“What two guys are you talking about? I think you’re drunk and hallucinating.” I replied, a bit sharper than I intended.

“Now shit, don’t get bent on me. I’m just messing with you. Those dudes Rich and Ted that lived together, that’s who I meant. And I did over hear them saying you were hot. You were walking by in the dining hall. They didn’t know I heard them. It’s no big deal, a compliment actually.” Gerry explained, the smile never leaving his face. I calmed down, realizing what he said made sense, and also explained why Ted had approached me. I smiled at the thought. “See, you’re good, my man. I don’t know about you, but I’m bored with this scene. How about you?”

“Yeah, it’s the same old shit. What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“Let’s blow this place, and go hang out at my castle?” he replied. I asked if he had any beer, he replied that he did, so away we went.

As I had said, Gerry’s place was small, but it was clean, in a quiet neighborhood a couple blocks from campus. He fetched us some beer, and we relaxed.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to get you upset back there.” he said. “I was just pulling your chain, and I went too far. For what it’s worth, I meant it when I said you’re a good looking man.” he added with a smile.

“Thanks. So are you.” I replied, looking at Gerry. I was curious where this going.

“There’s another thing. I’ve noticed this, that you are the same with everyone. Jocks, intellectuals, the weird kids, you’re nice to everyone. Even us coloreds.” he said, winking at me.

“Yeah, well, it’s how I was raised. Don’t put yourself above people is how I was taught to behave. As far you black people, I know this is hard to believe, but there are none in my hometown.” I said with a laugh.

“No way, no black folks?” he said in mock dismay, covering his mouth.

“Not a one, whole town is white as a snow drift. So when I came here, you were the first black person I had ever talked to. You were cool, a real friendly guy, helped me meet people and get my feet under me. It meant a lot, still does.” I replied. “Skin color doesn’t mean shit, it’s the person inside that matters.” I said, and I meant it.

Gerry grinned at me, and got up to get another round for us. Handing a bottle to me, he sat down, and looked at the floor for a minute. Then he raised his head and looked at me. “I’m going to test your tolerance.” he said in a quiet voice. “I have something to tell you. And regardless of how you feel after I tell you, I want you to promise to keep it to yourself. Deal?”

“Deal. Whatever you got is safe with me.” I answered. I was very curious now.

Gerry took a deep breath. “Okay, it’s like this. You see, I’m attracted to men. I have been since high school. The head of the drama department made a move on me after the cast party my senior year. And I let him.” he said, looking at the floor again. “So now what do you think of me?” he asked.

I took a long drink, then set the bottle down and leaned forward. “It doesn’t change a thing. Because it’s the same for me.” I said. Gerry stared at me in surprise, the look on his face was priceless. “Yeah, it’s true. Last spring, end of finals week. That guy Ted you were talking about? He came and sat with me at lunch. No one was in the hall but us. He asked me to come hang out after my last final. I did, and I ended up spending the night. He fucked me three times, and I liked it a lot. Then over the summer, I found out a guy at home was queer. I went to his house, and he fucked me too, and I liked it even more. So, you and I have another thing in common.” I said, sitting back.

“Shit man, you don’t hold back do you?” Gerry laughed. The tension in the air was broken, but it was replaced with something else. We looked at each other with new interest.

“So, what did you and the teacher do?” I asked.

“First time, he sucked my cock.” Gerry replied. “Next time, I sucked his too. Third time, we fucked each other.” he said. “Then the school cut his position, and he moved to another state. Now that everything is out in the open, what’s that do to us, and our friendship?” he asked quietly.

“We’re still friends. If you want to be more, I’m up for that.” I replied.

Gerry stood up, and walked over to the couch, and sat down next to me. “I was hoping you’d feel that way.” he whispered, and leaning into me, gave me a soft kiss. I put my hand on his waist, and kissed him back, slipping my tongue between his full lips. I felt the now familiar rush of excitement at kissing a man and holding him close. I had thought about this a lot, why being with a man so such a thrill, and had come to the conclusion I was doing something ‘wrong’, something ‘bad’. Touching a man was wrong. Kissing a man was more wrong. Sucking a cock was another step, and letting a man fuck me in the ass, and cum inside me, was very, very wrong. And because it was so wrong, it was exciting. I was breaking a lot of society’s rules, and I loved it. It was heady stuff. Now, I was doing it again, this time with a black man, another taboo. My cock was engorged, straining to be released, and I was almost shaking, I was so keyed up. Gerry pulled away, and looked at me smiling. “Relax, this isn’t your first time.” he whispered.

“First time with you. Which way to the bedroom?” I responded.

“This way.” he said, standing up. I followed him to the bedroom, and we undressed. I watched as Gerry stepped out of his pants and stood up. He was more defined than I, his black skin shining in the light from the window. The tight black curls trailed down from his navel to a wide patch surrounding the base of his cock. And his cock, wow, it was impressive, thick and black, with a pink head, standing our proud from his body. It was longer than Jay’s, and I knew this was going to be another new experience. He was staring back at me, a look of hunger on his handsome face. “I’ve dreamed of this day.” he whispered. “Never thought it would happen.”

I just smiled, and covered the short space between us. I took his cock in my hand, and pushed it up against his body, and then brought my cock against his. Wrapping my arms around his back, I pulled him close, and kissed him, loving the feel of his full lips on mine. Gerry’s kisses were different, soft and languid, his tongue tracing a path in my mouth. Nothing was hurried or frantic, except our beating hearts. I slid my hands down his back and over his buttocks. They were firm and muscular, and they clenched as I squeezed them, the skin warm and smooth. Our cocks were pressed together between us, and we rotated our hips, increasing the friction, causing the first dribbles of precum to leak from the tips of the swollen heads. Without a word between us, we separated, and climbed onto the bed. Gerry turned his body, so his head was at my crotch, and he slid out his tongue, flicking it at my cock head. Ah, he was good, and I lay back to enjoy what he was doing. He slid closer, and I felt his cock against my shoulder. Turning me head, it was right there, and all I had to do was open my mouth.

His cock was warm in my mouth, the head having that spongy feel to it that all cocks have. I sucked it in, laving it with my tongue, tasting his precum as it leaked out. We were in a classic 69, on our sides, each with a hard cock in his mouth. I was caught in a swirl of sensations, Gerry’s cock jerking every time I swirled my tongue around the head, while the tingle grew in my own cock at the same time. I was happy to stay this way, swallowing Gerry’s load when he blew it into my waiting mouth, and spraying mine into his mouth. But Gerry had other ideas.

Releasing my cock, grabbed my hips, and rolled over, pulling on top of him. “Get up on your knees.” he said in a hoarse whisper. I did as he asked, and felt Gerry pull my ass to his face. The next thing I felt was his tongue flick at my asshole, causing me to gasp as the intense feeling shot through me. I immediately wanted to do the same to him, so I maneuvered his legs under my arms, which brought his puckered bud into view. I lowered my head, and stuck my tongue into the center, giving it a good lick. We both writhed and bucked as the hard tongues licked and probed our holes. This was new for me, to have my asshole licked while doing the same to another, and it was bringing me close to cumming.

Gerry must have been close too, and he tipped me to the side, dumping me on the bed. I lay there breathing hard, and watched Gerry dig out a bottle of KY from the nightstand. I was surprised when he squirted some on my cock, and spread it around with his fingers, but made no move. Once again, I was letting my lover decide how we would proceed. Gerry reached behind him, and applied a generous amount of KY to his ass, then proceeded to straddle my midsection. I watched in anticipation as he grabbed my cock, and pointed it at his ass. He lowered himself onto my cock, and it felt it pressing against his opening. He closed his eyes in concentration, and kept pressing his ass against the head. Suddenly, it was in, and Gerry went “Uh” with a gasp. He held still, and I could feel the ring gripping my cock. He moved his hips up and down slightly, trying to get used to the intrusion. I held still, letting him do as he wanted, not wanting to hurt my friend and lover.

He sighed, and lowered himself another inch, the tight ring sliding down my shaft. My cock had never felt so hard. Lifting up, it pulled out, leaving only the head inside, followed by another move down. This time, he went all the way to the base, taking me completely inside him. The heat and the friction were unbelievable. I looked at his cock, straining and pointing at the ceiling, a stream of fluid dripping from the end. Placing one hand on his chest, I took his cock in hand with the other, and squeezed gently. He breathed in sharply, and lifted his body again. Now that he was opened up, Gerry could bob up and down on my cock, enjoying the pleasure as he brought me closer to orgasm. It didn’t take long, the tight grip thrumming the nerve endings, bringing on the familiar tingles and contractions inside me. A few more strokes, and I closed my eyes as I arched my back, pushing my cock into him as deep as I could. The orgasm hit me, and my cock jerked as streams of cum shot out, coating Gerry’s insides with the hot white fluid. I lay back, the orgasm draining my strength for a minute as it always did. Gerry leaned forward until his face was in front of mine, and kissed me, consummating my first time in another man.

Gerry lifted himself off me, and my cock slid out, followed by a gob of cum that fell on my abdomen. He lay down next to me, snuggling close, his arm across my chest. “That was great.” he whispered in my ear. “Want me to do you?” he asked.

“Oh yeah.” I murmured in response. This was going to be another new experience for me, since his cock was so big, but I had taken a big cock and loved it, and I was determined to take Gerry’s too. He had me roll onto my side, facing away from him. I felt his fingers against my ass, smearing the KY in and around my hole, getting me good and slick. His fingers were big, and sent electric jolts through me when they slipped into my anal channel. I squirmed in anticipation, my red asshole pulsing, wanting his long black cock. After greasing his shaft, Gerry moved in close to me, and guiding it to my hole, pushed it against my puckered ring. I was surprised, it slipped in easily, the stretching not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. He stopped, and I clenched my ass muscles, gripping his cock. I relaxed, and Gerry put his arm around me, his still greasy hand gripping my cock. He pushed again, and sunk it deeper in me. It felt huge, and I wondered if he had all of it in. No, he pulled back then pushed it in again, and this time he hit bottom. I started at the sharp stab, and he stopped. Pulling back, he gave me several shallow strokes before going deep again. This time when he bottomed out, there was no pain, only pressure, and I could feel him tight against my buttocks. He was all the way in.

I loved the feel of his body against me, his arm holding me close, and his hand holding my cock. Even though I had cum, I was hard again, and my cock was very sensitive. The big cock inside me was putting constant pressure on the sensitive spot, making me leak what little fluid I had left. It was a strong mix of sensations, putting me into an almost dreamlike state. The, Gerry started to move. He began slow, pulling out all but the head, and slowing pushing back in. As he did so, he squeezed my cock. I sucked in my breath, this was going to be intense. For several minutes, he kept it up, a slow and steady fucking, never stopping. I felt weak, unable to do anything but lay in his arms as the black shaft throbbed in and out of me.

He started to pick up speed, and the electric waves from my ass came faster too. I felt an orgasm building, more intense than usual, but I had no more cum to give. It hit, and my ass and cock muscles clenched and spasmed. Instead of peaking and going away, the intense feeling stayed in me, a continuous flow of orgasmic contractions. Gerry was really giving it to me now, his body slapping against my back in a rapid cadence. Every time his thick shaft plunged into me, my cock would jerk in his hand. I have no idea of how long this went on, his big black cock drilling me from behind. I wish I could have seen it, my red rimmed hole stretched tight around it, pumping in and out like a machine. Gerry started grunting on each downstroke, and I knew he was close. With the little strength I had, I tried to grip his cock tighter, and was rewarded with a long moan, followed by him pushing it in me as deep as he could reach. I felt his lips on my shoulder, and he shuddered, hugged me to him, and shot a hot geyser of cum deep inside me. His cock gave several spasms, then it was still, and I could feel it getting soft. We lay still, unable to move, drained by the powerful fuck we had just shared. I had never experienced a dry cum before, and I was amazed at how strong the sensations were.

Gerry’s cock slipped out of my ass, followed by a steady ooze of cum running down my ass and pooling on the sheet. After several minutes, our breathing and heartbeats had settled down, and I got up to clean myself off. When I returned, Gerry held his arms open, and I settled into his embrace We kissed, long and wet, then fell asleep in each others arms.

That was the first of many hot lovemaking sessions at his house. No one suspected, and in public we acted as teammates would. Second semester, we discovered another guy. He was a freshman, a skinny kid, and hung like a horse. We heard that he was a homosexual, and approached him. That led to some amazing three way sex, often with me in the middle. They would take turns at each end, one in my mouth, the other in my ass. It was a great time. As Spring approached, Gerry wanted to know if my feelings were more than sexual. He was wanting an emotional connection as well as the sexual chemistry we had. I had to be honest with him. I was attracted to him, but was not in love with him. I had given it a lot of thought, and the emotional component was not there, with him or any man. He was disappointed, but understood where I was at. He was ready for a relationship, something I could not give him. We continued to have sex until the end of the semester. I noticed that our freshman friend was at his place a lot, and could see what was happening. On the night before we left campus, we had one last powerful and intense fuck, followed by a tearful farewell. Like Ted, Gerry transferred to a larger and more liberal college, and I never saw him again.

Over the following summer, I had several fun encounters with girls. One stood out from the others, and I realized I was falling in love with her. Her feelings for me were the same, and 3 years later we married. We kept nothing from each other, and her stories of sex with her sorority sisters aroused me just as much as my stories of being fucked aroused her. We often bring thirds, or other couples into our sex life, and to this day we are very satisfied with each other. It’s been a great life, with many vivid memories. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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