Gay Cop Fucks Teacher Pt 1

My hands moved onto his chest. God his chest felt so strong, so sturdy. We spent what felt like forever kissing. His lips taste so good. I started to grind my body into his. Our cocks rubbed against each other and we both grew hard.


“Good morning class,” I said to my 21 5th grade students.

“Good morning Mr. Capra!” They all said back in unison.

“Later today we are going to have a special guest talk to you about how drugs and alcohol are bad for you. His name is Officer Haden and I want you to be on your best behavior for him, okay?”

“Okay,” most of them replied.

I had talked to him on the phone twice. Both times he was very nice and excited to work with the class through the D.A.R.E. program.

We have set up the next 10 Fridays for him to come in for an hour and talk to the kids.

At exactly 2 p.m. Officer Haden knocked on the classroom door. The kids all got excited to meet him.

“Okay class, put your math homework in your home folder and clear your desks except for a pencil, please.” I told them.

I walked to the door and through the glass window I got my first look at him. Holy cow he was cute. Like, dang, really cute.

“That’s not the point though, this is a professional situation,” I told myself.

I opened the door and stuck out my right hand to shake his.

“Good afternoon, I’m Jake Capra, so nice to meet you.” I said with a warm smile.

He took my hand and, with his deep brown eyes, looked into mine. “Hi, nice to meet you as well. I’m Adam Haden.” He said, giving a gorgeous smile after. Wow, I’m going to enjoy these next 10 weeks.

I ushered him into the room and all the kids started to talk cheerfully.

“Ok class, this is Officer Haden. Please give him a warm welcome, and remember what I told you, be on your best behavior for him.”

“Hi Officer Haden!” They said in unison as I stepped away from the front of the class and took a seat behind the big work station table.

“Good afternoon everybody! It’s so nice to meet you! Before we begin I’d love to get to know your names, so let’s go around the room and share them. I’ll start: I’m Officer Haden.” He points to Alex in the front left and asked her to start.

“I’m Alex!”

“My name is Justin”

“I’m Ashley!”

Okay he is good with the kids, this will be easier for me now great. And it doesn’t hurt his sexiness.

“NOT the point,” I reminded myself!

At 3:10 the kids grabbed their backpacks from their cubbies and waited to hear their bus called. Officer Haden stood at the door and said goodbye to each one with a high five and he even remembered their names. How he did that I have no clue, but it was impressive.

Once they all left he said, “Wow that was nerve-racking!”

“You did awesome! They love you!” I replied.

“Thanks, I was so nervous, but I think it went well.” He said with a little laugh.

“It did.” I replied. Just then my friend and coworker Ashley Bosco walked in.

“Hey how was your day-?” She said, lingering on the last word. She caught sight of Officer Haden and quickly remained calm, even though I could tell she wanted to rip his clothes off. “Oh hello, my name is Ashley Bosco, I’m the other 5th grade teacher!” She said, walking over to him and shaking his hand.

“Hello, I’m Adam Haden.” He said, giving her a kind smile. “Nice to meet you.”

“You as well!” She said with a little too much interest/flirtation.

“Well I better get going, have to resume my patrol. It was nice to meet you Mr. Capra, and you as well, Ms. Boyer.”

“You as well. See you next Friday.” I said.

“Goodbye, Officer!” Said Ashley. I had to control myself from rolling my eyes at her.

Officer Haden walked out of the classroom and down the hall. Ashley gave me a look only she would. She knew he was hot. And she knew I knew he was hot.

“God, you are so lucky. My Officer is middle-aged and married. He probably had kids too!”

“Hey, how do you know Officer Haden isn’t married with kids?” I retorted.

“I didn’t see a ring, did you?” She sasses back.

“Well… I wasn’t really looking for a ring…”

“Mmmhmm, too distracted by his face. Don’t blame you. Bet he is so fit under that uniform too.”

“Ok ok, why don’t you ask him out then?” I asked her.

“Trust me, he isn’t my type, he is gay.”

“How do you know that?” I asked, not believing her.

“I have good gaydar! Plus, did you see the look he gave you on his way out!”

“What, no!!” I said, blushing.

“Fine, don’t believe me. But I’m betting he is gonna ask you out.”

“I can’t, he is working with my kids!”

“Maybe, but I can tell he doesn’t just want to get in your classroom if you know what I mean! Besides, I can tell you like him! Your face is red!”

“Hey! Okay… maybe I did notice his deep brown eyes… and his endless smile… and how good he was with the kids…” I said smiling and blushing.

“I told you! Now, let’s get our lessons prepared and get out of here!” Ashley said.

We had made plans to go to my house and watch movies. I was following Ashley in my car when I heard the sirens. Shoot! I’m not even speeding!

I pulled over to the side and Ashley must have noticed because she pulled over a little ways ahead of me. I reached over to my glove compartment and grabbed my registration and took my license out of my wallet.

I looked out at my left mirror and, holy moly, there was Officer Haden walking toward me. Oh gosh, this will be embarrassing.

“Hello again, Officer Haden.” I said, a little guilt in my voice.

“Hello Mr. Capra. License and registration please.” He said with that deep voice of his.

I handed them to him and asked, “Was I speeding, Officer?”

“No, I just wanted an excuse to ask you out.”

My brain went into overdrive. Oh my god. He just asked me out.

“Ummm” I said, pondering his question.

“I know I’m the officer for your class but when I shook your hand and you smiled at me I knew I wanted to know you better” he said.

“I-I would like to go out with you.” I said smiling, still in a little shock. “How did you know I I’m gay?”

“I didn’t, I just really wished you were, and thank god you are” he said with a little laugh. “Does tomorrow night work for you? I can pick you up at 6?”

“That works for me.” I said, not able to keep from smiling. Gosh I really do feel butterflies right now.

“Ok. I’ll remember your address from your license. See you then.” He said, handing back my listened and registration.

“Did you get a ticket?! What happened?! Was that Adam?!” Ashley pounded me with these questions as I got out of my car at my place.

“No I didn’t and yes it was.”


“And… he said he just wanted an excuse to ask me out.”

“Oh my god I knew it! You better have said yes or else I’m going to have to kill you!” She replied.

“I said yes. He is picking me up at 6 tomorrow night.”

Adam’s Point of View

I pulled into Jake’s long driveway and wow, he had a nice house. Wonder how he affords it on a teacher’s salary.

“That’s none of your business” I said to myself.

I walked up the nice front steps and rang the doorbell. A few seconds later he opened the door. He looked amazing in dark blue shorts and a nice short sleeved button up shirt. There he goes with that cute smile, gosh act cool.

“Hey, you look great.” He said.

“Thanks, so do you.” I replied with a big smile. “Ready to get your butt kicked in mini golf?”

“Well, I can’t be ready for something I am not prepared is going to happen” he jokingly said.

“Fine, fine. Guess we will have to fight it out for me to prove it”

“We will see about that!” He said, shutting the door behind him.

I really hope mini golfing is okay with him. He must be use to expensive meals and all that by the looks of his house.

We walked over to my car and I opened the door for him.

“Thank you.” He said sweetly.

I walked around and got in. I continued to follow the driveway put back on to the street.

“So how do you like being a teacher?” I asked, trying to start conversation.

“I love it. My kids are so incredible. I honestly love going to school with them everyday. I’m so lucky to have gotten the job, I love the small school environment. How about you, Adam, do you like your job?”

“Wouldn’t want to do anything else. I also love working in a small community and getting to protect others and do good is priceless” I said.

“That’s really amazing. How long have you been a police officer?”

“Well I spent four years in the Marines after college so I didn’t start until I was 26, so only 2 years. How long have you been a teacher?”

“Wow thank you for your service. I’ve been a teacher since I was 24, so for 3 years.”

“Ah, so your a year younger than me.”

“Guess so, gosh this is gonna be hard on my reputation… going out with an old guy!” He said playfully.

“Ha. Ha. Hilarious” I said retorted

We pulled into Pirates Cove, the mini gold place. We went up to the teen and told him two.

We both went for our wallets.

“Please, let me pay.” He said.

“No, I asked you out, I’m going to pay.” I said, handing over the money.

We grabbed out gold balls and clubs. I got blue, he got green.

As we walked up to the first hole he said, “Let’s make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” I asked.

“If I win, I get to pay for the game.”

“Hmmm. Okay, but if I win… I get to pay for our next date.” I said with a smirk.

He didn’t seem to like that idea but he said, “Fine. Deal.”

He best me. 42-38.

“Ha!” He said. “Looks like I kicked your butt!”

“Seems so.” I said. Over the 18 holes I really enjoyed our conversation. Jake is really smart and so funny. And he smells really good which helps.

He handed me the ten dollar bill. “There you go”

“Thank you” I said reluctantly. “But, now it’s up for grabs on our second date. And since you payed for this one it only seems fair that I pay for our next” I said with a smirk.

Ha. I got him there. “Your assuming we have a second date.” He said flirtatiously, looking me in the eyes.

“Hey, a guy can hope. Since you seem to like the competition, how about we go bowling?”

“I’d like that.” He replied.

The drive back to his place was fun. We listened to music and found out we both like country and pop.

Once getting to his house, I put the car in park and got out and ran to open his door. We walked up the steps to his front door and just stood there facing each other.

“Thank you for a great night. I had a lot of fun.” He said, looking up a little at me.

“Hey, you’re the one who paid” I said with a laugh. “I had a lot of fun too. So, how does tomorrow work? 12?”

“Perfect, I hope your ready to lose again.”

“We will see about that…” I said, leaning in closer to him. God he smelled nice.

Finally I raised my hands to hold his jaw and neck and pressed my lips against his. Lord help me, his lips are so soft. I want to never stop, but I didn’t want to go too far. Gosh I could feel my dick getting happier and happier by the second.

I sadly pulled my lips back and opened my eyes. Damn he had a sexy grin on his face.

“Well, I better get going.” I said, both of us knowing it wouldn’t be good if I stayed any longer.

“Ok, see you tomorrow.”

Jake’s Point of View

Adam beat me at bowling. Because it gave me a good view of his cute butt when he bowled.

We spent the next few weeks going on dates. Adam worked a regular shift so we got to spend a lot of time together. We’d go over to each other’s houses for dinner and watch movies. Adam loved watching movies in my home theater, so we mostly ate at my house.

For our one month anniversary he said he wanted to make me a special dinner. I had no objection considering he is an incredible cook.

“So what are you making me?” I said, leaning on the island counter.

“I was thinking a nice filet mignon and mashed potatoes.”

“I do love steak.” I said with a laugh.

“And candy apparently. That’s all that you have in this house.”

“Hey, its how I keep my skinny, fit body” I retorted.

“Mmmhmm, sure it is. Not like some of us have to go to the gym 6 times a week”

“Hey, I go to the gym too. More like 3 times a week but still” I said, walking around the island in the kitchen to him. “So, how can I help?” I asked, wrapping my hands around his strong stomach from behind him.

“Oh, I think your helping plenty as is.” He said.

“Good, cause I don’t want to ruin this dinner” I said, giving him a kiss on the neck.

That gave him a good laugh.

I set the table and lit some candles. It was very cliche but I loved it. Adam made an amazing dinner and we ate and talked about our schedules for the upcoming week. When we finished we cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher.

“So, what should we do tonight?” I asked.

“I was thinking a good rom com.”

“Hmm. Let’s go browse.”

We walked down to the theater.

“I still can’t get over the fact you have so many DVDs. And that they’re alphabetized. You really are a loser.” Adam said jokingly.

“Yes, but a cute loser.”

“I can’t argue there,” he said, kissing my cheek.

“This is my favorite movie! We should watch it!”

“Are you kidding, [insert movie name here] is the best movie ever made!” he said shocked.

“I used to watch this all the time with my mom” I told him. “We even found the type of tea they both drink.”

“That’s amazing. I never get sick of this movie.”

“Same here. Why don’t you get it set up, and I’ll go make the tea for us”

“That sounds great.” He said, giving my a kiss on the lips. Gosh I do love to kiss him.

When I came back he had the movie ready to go and had made a comfy bed of blankets and pillows on the couch.

“Babe, this looks incredible.”

“Hey, who said you get to lay in it?” He joked.

“Fine, I guess I can drink both of these cups on my own. And you know very well I can.”

“Fine, fine! You win. I must taste this delicious tea.” He said, reaching for it.

“Uh-uh-uh, not yet. Got to earn it first” I said, pulling the tea away from him.

“I think I can do that…” he leaned in and gave me the best kiss I’ve ever had. Oh my god his lips against mine made my legs feel numb. I had to control myself to not spill the tea.

“Hold on a sec” I said, putting down the two mugs and climbing into the blanket-bed. Adam climbed in next to me. “Okay, resume please.”

“As you wish.” He said, pulling me closer to him. His tongue in my mouth was heaven. I wanted him so badly, and I could feel he wanted me bad too.

“Shall we start the movie.” I said after pulling away.

Our breathing was heavy. We must have been kissing for a few minutes. “Yes” he said grabbing the mugs of tea as I clicked play.

Half way through the movie we finished our tea, well I had finished mine in 15 minutes (I’m a teaholic), and put them down on the table.

Watching this movie was always a joy. Watching it with him was even better. We both laughed so hard at all the jokes and it was awesome experiencing him watch this movie.

Sadly, the end of the movie came. We spent the rest of the movie cuddled up after finishing. I took the DVD out and put in the box and put it away as he picked up the blankets and pillows.

We brought the mugs back to the kitchen and rinsed them out. We stood in the kitchen kissing for a minute.

I pulled my lips back. “Why don’t you… not go home tonight” I asked Adam.

“I, I like that very much.” He giggled as we kissed again.

“Just so you know, I haven’t slept with my ex since last year and I got my test results back last week. I’m all clear.” I told Adam.

“That’s great to hear, because same for me. All clean.” He said smiling.

Adam brought his arms around to my back. He ran them up and down my back as we kissed. My hands rested on his neck but I began moving them up towards his hair. He had a military style buzz cut and I loved the feeling of his hair through my fingers.

His hands moved their way down my lower back and onto my ass. The warmth of his hands felt amazing over my basketball shorts.

He pulled me closer to him. Our lips never left each other’s and our tongues fought for more. I could feel myself getting hard. Very hard. And dang, I could definitely feel him getting hard too.

“Why don’t we go get ready for bed…?” I asked.

“Please, lead the way.”

Without letting go of his hand I led him up to my bedroom. He seemed shocked at how big the room was.

“You have a sweet bedroom!” He said, soaking it all in.

“Haha thanks. There is one thing I don’t use very often. But right now seems like a great time to.”

“I-Are you sure you want to right no-“

“Trust me. Just stay here for a minute.” I interrupted, sitting him down on the end of my bed.

“Yes, sir.” He said, giving me a fake salute.

I walked into the bathroom and started the jacuzzi tub. I had actually planned this so I grabbed the bag of rose petals from under the sink and, to the best of my abilities, artistically threw a few dozen in the tub. I grabbed the bubble soap and poured a few squirts in as well. Finally, I lit the candles that surrounded the tub.

I walked to the door and opened it up.

“You may come in now” I said in my best sexy voice. It only made me laugh.

“That’s just sad.” He laughed. He got up and entered the room. “God, I am lucky to have you.” He said once spotting the tub.

“Not so lucky. I may have put red dye in there for all you know.”

“So funny.” He responded, kissing me.

“I think we should enjoy it, don’t you.”

“Yes, very much so.” He said.

He reached for the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I did the same for him. He then rolled down my shorts, and then my boxer briefs. He kissed my collar bone after he stood up again.

He took in the sight of my naked body. I have never felt more comfortable naked with some dog before. I think that’s a good thing. I truly feel safe with him.

I grabbed the waste-band of his shorts and slowly pulled them down.

“Could you go any slower?” He sassed. And so I did, I went even slower as I rolled them down over his knees. “For the love of god!” He said, making me have to sit on my knees laughing. I pulled raised my hands and gripped onto his underwear. He also wore boxer briefs. I pulled those down, this time a little faster. I took in the sight of his body. He had incredible abs that I just wanted to kiss and his chest was well defined. Sure, I was of an athletic build, but he was a work of art. His cock was soft but not small.

He stepped into the tub and turned off the water as it finally reached the perfect height. And, of course, his butt was a masterpiece. I could lay my head on it and be so comfortable I’d fall asleep.

“Are you just gonna stare or join me?” He said as he sat down.

“I-I, I’m sorry. You’re just so hot.”

“Well, I’m not going to disagree.” He joked.

“And trust me, I’d spend all day just staring at you if I could. But I’d also like to cuddle up with you in here.”

Lord help me, he is amazing. I’m officially blushing. I stepped into the tub. He didn’t take his eyes off me. The water felt good as I lowered myself in. It was big enough for us to spread out, but I got close to him. I had my hands on the floor of the tub on both sides of him. I leaned down and kissed him gently. “I think I can arrange for that cuddle right about now.”

“Good” Adam said, wrapping his arms around my upper back and pulling me down.

My hands moved onto his chest. God his chest felt so strong, so sturdy. We spent what felt like forever kissing. His lips taste so good. I started to grind my body into his. Our cocks rubbed against each other and we both grew hard. My chest against his, I could feel his heart beating. God I’m really falling for this man.

“So um… do you have a certain position…?” Adam asked.

“I like both. If you’re willing to do that, Id really love to with you.”

“Phew, good. I’d love to do both too.”

We kissed some more. The water was no longer hot. “Why don’t we get out of here?” I asked.

“Sounds great.” He said. I leaned back and stood up. While getting out, I reached for a towel and held it for him to grab. Once he stepped out of the tub he reached for the towel. Before he could grab it I swung my hand behind me.

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3 thoughts on “Gay Cop Fucks Teacher Pt 1

  1. Joe Blow says:

    Not a teacher but 25 years ago I was visiting a gay strip clubhouse in adjoining state and am off duty police officer was working security
    Afterwards we went back to Jack’s place where I spent the night serving him
    He said he also had several other cops that would love using me
    Over the next two years I would drive to Jack every other weekend and serve up to 4 off duty cops as they would fukd my pusdy with nightstick and flashlights and then all of them beautiful cocks

  2. Alex says:

    Nice love story. I hope chapter 2 has hotter sex. I was kind of hoping the cop wasn’t verse, but a top and more dominant.

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