Gay Cop Fucks Teacher Pt 2

While holding his legs on each side of my body, I slowly pushed the tip in. God he is tight. “Oh my god baby, you feel incredible!” I said. “So do you Adam, oh god, I want you so bad.” He moaned.

Part 1


Adam’s Point of View

I woke up early for a Saturday, around 7. I loved having Jake in my arms. God this felt good, this felt right. I don’t want to get up, I feel like I’m at home right now in this bed. But, I have a plan!

I slowly worked my way out of the bed without waking Jake up. I put on my shorts and cleaned up all the rose petals in the tub that we abandoned last night. Then I went downstairs to the kitchen. Surprisingly, Jake had pancake batter. I let the mix sit for a few minutes as I set the tray up. I hope he doesn’t mind me using all this stuff, then again he probably never will without me.

Once they were ready I carefully ascended the stairs with the tray of chocolate chip pancakes, water, orange juice, silverware, and napkins. He looked so beautiful just laying in bed.

“It took you long enough!” He scared me.

“What the heck?! I thought you were sleeping?!”

“I was but I must have woken up after you left the bed. It’s not as comfortable without you.”

“So you’ve been laying in bed while I slaved away in the kitchen?”

“Sounds about right to me.” He said, laughing.

“If you weren’t so dang cute and if this food wasn’t here I’d hit you over the head with that pillow!”

Jake laughed at that. “So what’s that you made me?”

“I made myself some chocolate chip pancakes. But I guess I could share, if I were to be persuaded.”

He turned over on his back and spread over the whole bed, revealing everything. He leaned up and kissed my neck, then the other side, then my jaw, then my lips.

God he had a mouth on him. “Hard to believe such a sarcastic mouth can be so sweet.” I breathed. He lightly laughed.

Then he bent down and kissed my stomach. He pulled away and grabbed a cup of orange juice. “Thanks, I’m starving!” He said. That evil, sexy boy played me.

“I see you only want me for my food” I said, putting the tray down on the bed.

“Yup.” He said. And I did not mind one bit.

We spent the day in bed. Not being naughty, just eating and talking. God I could talk to him for hours. It flows so naturally and even the silence isn’t awkward. We snuggled up under the blankets and kissed. I don’t know how he does it but even his simplest words make me laugh.

That Friday I was looking forward to going to see the kids again. They are incredible and we are about half way through the sessions, which is crazy. Plus, getting to see Jake with the kids is always amazing, he is so good with them.

After the kids left Ashley came in. “Hey Adam, how’s it going?” She is the only one that knows we are dating.

“Great Ashley, how was our week?”

“Good, its always nice having that break on Friday when you guys come in!” She said with a smile.

“Why don’t we all hang out tonight at my place. I’ll make dinner for us.” Jake said.

Ashley and I looked at each other, knowing very well that he doesn’t cook.

“What kind of dinner are you making…?” Ashely asked.

“Guess you’ll just have to find out, won’t you? See you guys at 6?”

“Sure” I replied cautiously.

“Ya, okay…” Ashley said.

I got there at 6 on the dot and Ashely was right behind me. He let us in and led us to the dining room. He had set it up all fancy. Then he ran off into the kitchen and a minute later came out with a platter of Bagel Bites.

“What a loser” Ashley said laughing.

“Hey I slaved over these for 12-14 minutes.” He retorted.

“I think we need an intervention for him, Ashley” I said.

“Shut up.” He interrupted. “And eat it. And like it!”

We all laughed and ate. It was a great night. We had brownies for dessert and retired to the home theater to watch our reality shows. I can see why he and Ashley are so close. They are basically the same person.

Ashley and I left at around 11.

After he shut the door, I walked her to her car.

“You better not break his heart. That boy has gone through enough already.” She said, pointing to the door. “He is the sweetest person I know and if you hurt him I will personally make sure you pay for it.” She said protectively, looking me in the eyes.

“I promise I won’t hurt him. I care so much about him. I think I’m falling for him.” I replied.

“Oh , I know you are. The way you look at him… anyway, Ill always have his back and yours, just don’t hurt him.”

“I won’t.” I said, giving her a hug before she got in her car. “Goodnight.”


Another month passed by smoothly. It was time for the DARE graduation. The kids all got dressed up and I presented them with their diplomas and the parents all took pictures, it was really a special night. The end of the school year had come, only one more day left.

After the last day, the three of us went out to celebrate. Jake drove us in one of his cars, this one being a brand new Mustang Convertible. We went mini golfing and got ice cream, if was a perfect summer day out.

We dropped Ashley off out her house and then Jake drove us to his. He parked the car in the garage and ywe walked inside.

“So, what shall we do?” He asked. We hadn’t done anything more than the night of our one month anniversary. We were just both busy during this one of year.

“I was thinking we could relax, celebrate your year being over…”

“Oh ya, that sounds nice.” He said, kissing me.

“Why don’t you undress and go lay on your stomach on your bed. I’ll be up in a minute.” I whispered.

“And what do you plan on doing with me?” He asked seductively.

“It’s a surprise” I replied, turning him around and sending him up stairs.

He did as he was asked. I walked up a minute later and found him laying on the bed naked, his bubble butt out for me to admire. I took of my shirt but left on my shorts, not they they stopped my cock from getting hard.

I climbed on the bed and nuzzles my head in his neck, kissing it. “Hey baby, I thought you deserved a nice massage, so just close it eyes and relax.”

He smiled and shook his head, allowing me to begin. I started with his shoulders. I rubbed my hands in circles over his shoulder blades. He doesn’t seem it when clothes, but damn he had a great body. I pushed my thumbs in, kneading away at the muscles on his back. He moaned as I continued to work my way down his back. I got in between his legs and admired his ass. Uh, his butt is beautiful. I applied pressure with both hands in each cheek, making him push up at me. He liked that, so I did it again, and again, and again.

Then I moved my hands down to his hamstrings and rubbed those. As I rubbed them, I brought my lips to his left butt cheek and kissed he top, then did the same to the right. Then I kissed the middle on each side, and then the crevice where each cheek met his legs. He really liked that, and so did I. I was rock hard at this point.

I flipped him over. “Someone’s happy.” I said.

“Same can be said for you mister!” He said, wrapping his legs around my waist, pulling my stomach to his.

We shared a long kiss that had us both meaning in each other’s mouths. He tongue fought to enter my mouth and I let it. Then mine fought to do the same. My arms were on each side of his head in plank position as I ran my hands through his short brown hair. His hands grabbed my my back, he had complete control of me and I loved it.

“Please baby, I want you in me.” He whispered in my ear. “I need you Adam.” We kissed for another second.

“I’m so glad you said that.” I smiled. I leaned back and sat on my legs. He pushed himself further up the bed so his head lay on the pillows.

He handed me the bottle of lube and I got us both prepared. He was laying on his back with his legs bent up in the air. I positioned my self right next to his butt, my cock ready to enter.

While holding his legs on each side of my body, I slowly pushed the tip in. God he is tight.

“Oh my god baby, you feel incredible!” I said.

“So do you Adam, oh god, I want you so bad.” He moaned.

I pushed further and further in. My cock was pulsing at the grip his hole had on it. With roughly 6 inches in I stopped to let him adjust. I bent down and kissed him. God his body is incredible, but his lips are heaven.

He pulled back and said, “I want you all baby. Please.” And then he grinned my damp ass and pulls some closer to him, thus making my cock forge the last two inches in.

“Oh god baby you’re so tight!”

“Please babe, give it to me. Let me feel you all.”

I took that as a sign to really start. I pulled all the way out, slowly entered my head, and thrust all the way in. I repeated this multiple times. Then he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me down. He kissed my sweaty neck and that made me moan. He drove me over the edge. I started thrusting in harder and harder. Then I slowed down, taking each thrust with more and more ease.

His lips touched mine and he mined in my mouth. I loved it. It made me even harder. I began to pick up the pace and that’s when I hit his prostrate. God that was amazing.

“Ahhh. Yes Adam, yes babe. Right there! Keep going, keep going!” He yelled.

“Is that what you want baby? Want me to keep fucking you?”

“Yes, please. Don’t stop!!” He begged. At that I started going in and out, in and out, hitting the spot each time. I picked up the speed with each thrust. His king size bed had never felt so big as I buried myself all the way in him. His chest against mine. My pubes against his ass.

I held on to him for support as I raged in and out of his hole. I didn’t even realize I was grunting, all I could hear was his “yes yes yes” with each new thrust.

“I’m so close baby.” I grunted.

“Don’t stop, cum in me Adam. Fill me babe. Let me have all of you.” With that I pounded in him as hard and fast as I could, sweat dripping down both of our bodies.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better he shot his load in between our stomachs. His hole tightened around my cock and it sent me over the edge. I slowed down my thrusts as my load shot out one by one into his hole.

“Yes baby cum in me. Give it to me, I want you so bad!” I heard him say.

When I stopped oozing I pulled all the way out and then later down next to him.

“That was incredible. Thank you for that” I said, panting.

He leaned his head and kissed my chest. “I should be thanking you” he said. “I mean the sex was meh, the massage was awesome.” He joked.

“Ha. Ha.” I responded.

“Maybe it’s the old age…” he added.

“Don’t make me!” I said, grabbing a pillow.

“What, I thought you like this butt?” He said, turning over on his stomach and pushing his ass up.

“Oh I do. I really do.” I laughed. “But I think I like this better!” I said, taking the pillow and hitting him on the butt with it.

“Oh you want to play dirty! I see how it is!” He said, getting the other pillow and hitting my chest.

I put my hands up in defeat. “I lose! Im too tired for this!” I said with a smile.

“Guess mini golf isn’t the only thing you’re not good at.” He smiled at me.

I couldn’t resist, I had to pull him in for a kiss.

“Why don’t we go clean up?” He said. I followed him into the bathroom and we stepped into the gorgeous glass shower stall.

We cleaned up and got on some comfortable clothes then headed down to the family room to cuddle on the couch.

[Author’s note: Sorry, I should have included a scene where they talk about their families earlier considering it’s already a few months in but I just got to the topic/idea for it now. Please excuse me if it sounds too much like a conversation that should’ve happened already]

“So, I was hoping you’d come meet my parents for their 4th of July party? We could make a long weekend of it and go up that Friday before so you can meet them before all the crazy family comes.”

“I’d love that. They sound like wonderful people. I can tell how much you love them.”

“I can tell your parents loved you very much. Nobody can be as sweet and as kind as you without having that love in their childhood.”

“Ya. I know they loved me. I’m lucky I got 16 years with them before the accident. I never told you this and I appreciate you not questioning it cause of how obvious it is that I can’t afford this house on a teacher’s salary. I, uh, my parents were the founders and sole owners of Capra Candy. Being the only child left alive, I inherited everything.”

“Wow. I didn’t even think of your last name being connected to the candy. I appreciate you opening up. And ya, I was curious but it’s none of my business.”

“Well, I want it to be. I care about you so much and I want to be open and honest with you.”

“I want to be open and honest with you too, baby.”

We shared a kiss. “It just clicked, no wonder you have a sweet tooth” I joked. We kissed again.

“Ya, guess I get it from my parents.”

We had pasta with butter and cheese for dinner as we watched our usual shows.

It became clear to me that I truly love Jake.


Jake’s Point of View

July 4th is always a fun day. I’m a little nervous to meet Adam’s parents, but he says they’ll love me. I really hope so, because I really do think I love him.

We decided to take my convertible because it’s a perfect day for the top down. I let him drive, he is actually really good at driving, plus it’s super sexy.

We arrived at 12 p.m. Since it’s the 3rd, his parents were the only ones there setting up for the next day. When we pulled in they both came out to greet us.

His mother ran up to Adam. “My baby’s here!” She said, squeezing him tight. “It’s so good to see you!”

“Hi Mom, it’s good to see you too.” He said.

“Hi Mr. Haden, I’m Jake Capra! It’s so nice to meet you.”I said, shaking Adam’s father’s hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too, my son doesn’t stop talking about you when we are on the phone!” He said making me laugh. “And please, call me John.”

Then we switched, I went up and shook his mother’s hand. She took it and then pulled me into a hug, “it’s so nice to finally meet you!” She said, giving me a warm hug.

“Don’t squish the boy to death Susan!” John said while hugging Adam.

“I know, I know!” She said, letting go. “It’s just so nice to meet you!”

“It’s so nice to meet you as well.” I responded.

“Please, come in! You both must be starving! Have some food.” She said letting us in. We all walked to the kitchen where a feast of Greek food was being prepared. “Most of this is for tomorrow, but I have some chicken and rice you can have.”

“That sounds great mom, thanks”

The four of us ate and talked. His parents are so sweet and so funny, I see where he gets it all from. He must have had a great childhood.

The next day his whole family came over. There must have been 15-20 people. His mother said it was a small part of the family, of course considering she is Greek.

The day went by fast. We played games like Kan Jam, Corn Hole, Volleyball, Bocce, etc. The food never stopped and the laughter continued throughout the day. His family all started heading out for the beach to watch the fireworks when he pulled me aside. “We’ll be eighth behind you.” He told his siblings.

“Sure you will!” Said his brother Nick.

“Hurry up!” Shouted his sister Alex.

“Ok! We’ll be there in a sec!” He yelled back, shutting the door. “Sorry about them.” He laughed.

“There’s nothing to be sorry about, it is quite a show watching you guys.”

“At your service!” He joked, bowing before sitting next to me on the bed. He turned to look at me. His dark brown eyes were endless and I loved to lose myself in them. “You know, I loved watching you interact with my family. You fit in here so well.”

“I loved getting to know them. They are all so amazing, I see where you get it from.” I said making him blush.

“I wanted to pull you in here cause I just can’t keep it from you. Watching you today with my family has just solidified what I already knew. I…I’m in love with you.” He said, giving me the most intense and loving look I’ve ever seen.

“I’m in love with you too.” I said, I sigh of relief escaping him. He leaned in and, even though I thought it was not possible, gave me an even better kiss than our previous ones. I could feel the passion. I could feel the need his lips had to touch mine. I could feel the love he had for me. I’ve found my own heaven on this earth.

At this point we were so deep in the kiss he had completely fallen over me as I laid flat on the bed. My legs were enclosing his and my hands were pulling his neck down towards me.

“We better get up before we get caught” I said.

“While you are right, is much rather not.” He leaned in for another kiss.

“But the fireworks, we don’t want to miss them!” I argued.

“We can make our own right here.” He said, kissing my neck.

“You really want your parents or siblings to walk back in looking for us?”

“Ok. Good point.” He said, climbing out of bed. “Let’s go.” I laughed as I followed.

We joined the family and sat on the beach. While we aren’t into PDA, we cuddled up and just took in the beautiful show. I can’t believe how happy I am right now.


Adam’s Point of View

The summer flew by. Jake and I spent as much time together as we could.

While I have been topping we decided we wanted to try the flipping.

Late September I went over to his house as usual. We had dinner and watched a movie then started to make out. “I want you to fuck me tonight baby” I told Jake.

“God that’d be awesome.” He said, kissing my neck. We walked up to his bed and he threw me on it. He pulled his shirt over his head giving me a great view of his upper body. Then he undid his pants and slid them down, followed by his underwear. He pulled my shirt over my arms and then undid my pants. Soon he was laying on top of me, his skin touching mine. We kissed for a few minutes, inning our hard cocks against one another’s. Then he climbed down and took me in his mouth. Every blowjob he gives me is like a new present. He is so dang good at it I am always left satisfied yet always want more.

Then he flipped me over and slapped my left butt cheek. “God your ass is meant to be worshipped” he said.

“What kind of worship are we talking about?” I teased.

He put his hands on each side of my body and lay flat on top of me. With his rock hard cock gliding over my crack, he brought his mouth to my right ear and whispered “I think this will be a good example” as he poked his head in my hole.

“Oh, I am definitely subscribing to this worship subscription!” I said.

“Good, cause I want you to get the most for your money’s worth.” And with that he grabbed the lube and got to work.

Soon he had three fingers in my hole, making me moan in pleasure. “God that feels amazing!” Then he pulled them out. No. I already miss him in me. “I need you baby.”

“Don’t worry. I’m here for you.” He said, running his hands down my back. Then he straddled my butt, gripped onto my hips, and pushed his tip in me.

“Yesss baby yes” I moaned. Then he slowly slide further and further in me until I felt his pubes against my ass. “Aaaahh yes baby yes!”

He stayed still for a few seconds before pulling out and then pushing back in. He did this a few more times, keeping it a slow place. The initial pain was replaced with a sense of fulfillment that made me feel incredible. “Are you ready baby? Want me to pick it up?” He asked.

“God give it to me Jake, fill me baby.” I moaned. Then he slammed into me, making me grip the sheets. He laid down on top of me and put his left arm under my check/shoulders for balance and put his right arm on the bed. He lifted his hips up then thrust them back down. “God that feels incredible, don’t stop. Please don’t stop Jake!”

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5 thoughts on “Gay Cop Fucks Teacher Pt 2

  1. Robert says:

    Romantic story but…..A whole year and they are barely fucking now? I know the world is regressing socially but are we in 1824 already?

  2. Ken says:

    Agree with Bill completely. The errors and typos and totally wrong use of some words is very distracting. Makes it hard to stay focused. Good storyline but won’t look forward to more from this author…

  3. Bill says:

    This is a nice story but so awkward to read with all the grammar errors and basic typos. It would be perfect if it had been proof read. I could overlook the rather stilted writing style if only for all the writing errors. Too bad, because I think the author had a good idea for the story.

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