Gay Festival Sideshow Pt 2

I clamped my lips round his shaft and pushed him back out a bit until I was comfy, then settled down to suck him while still having enough cock available for my fist to work on.

Part 1


With the help of a divorce, the ensuing freedom and a pal from the pub, I found this fantastic ‘adult only’ leisure center in which to take a break from life. And while there I met a fellow hedonist called John who helped me through some of my adventures all of which you’ll find in Chapter One.

So after our first day out around the center, we’d retired, spent and exhausted for now, to recover and prepare for the evening’s entertainment and this is how our day continued…


I must have dozed for a good hour or two and awoke because although the sun was still shining brightly, my stomach was telling me that it was food time. Quickly I showered and dressed, just putting on a t-shirt and shorts, but without underwear though and then, all clean and lovely, I headed towards John’s cabin where I knocked on his door.

It soon opened to reveal John clad in just a towel around his middle and with his hand held up by way of apology.

“Sorry Chris, must have dropped off – won’t be long though,” he said, “Come in and grab a seat for a few moments.”

With that he cast aside his towel and began searching around – he too was still to unpack properly, it seemed.

“Need some deodorant,” he said, “Know I’ve got it here somewhere…”

With that he got down on his knees and began rummaging through his bags, his bare arse pointing straight at me. It wasn’t a sight that really stirred me – until I remembered my pig from earlier on and how eagerly I’d fucked him! My penis immediately lurched upwards and I let out a small groan.

“What’s up?” said John, looking over his shoulder, “Oh – you like my arse, do you?”

“Ummmm, yeah, I mean no, urrrrrrmmm!” I spluttered, “Don’t know if I’m into arses really.”

“Oh, what a pity!” John said brightly, stretching his buttocks apart, “You can ride me any time!”

My cock jumped hard and I found myself wondering why I should be so uncertain of myself. Here I was in a resort on Gay Day and I couldn’t let myself go!

‘Silly boy!’ I concluded of myself.

“Well?” said John waggling his arse, “Fancy a ride? A quickie before we go?”

Seven inches of me was all for it but another part was telling me to save myself and that part won out.

“Later John,” I said, making excuses, “It’s not that I don’t want to; it’s just that we’ve a big night ahead – if I’ve got enough energy when we get back, I’ll think about it. Ok?”

“Ohhhhh,” moaned John, “Oh well, if you say so!”

He stood up; his spray can in his hand, his nine and a half inch cock now solidly erect before me – and I found myself wondering for a moment where he was going to put the can!

“At least give me a quick suck,” he said as he moved closer, “You don’t have to make me cum…not yet anyway!”

I guessed I could do that well enough and as John moved closer I opened my mouth and just let him slide inside until his end touched the back of my throat. I clamped my lips round his shaft and pushed him back out a bit until I was comfy, then settled down to suck him while still having enough cock available for my fist to work on.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned John, “You’re pretty good at that for a beginner!”

Already I’d decided that I loved the feeling of sliding my tongue around the rim of his knob; into the (not so little) hole at the tip and up and down his shaft. I loved the taste of his penis; a slightly salty taste that thrilled me to the core; the sudden slipperiness of his precum as it oozed in waves from his cock; the feeling of his knob pushing against the roof of my mouth or stretching my cheeks.

I was getting well into this before John patted me on the shoulders.

“Better slow down,” he said as he pushed me away, “You’ll have me cumming if you’re not careful.”

But I dearly wanted to bring him off now – I was almost desperate for another mouthful of his delicious essence and I moaned as he pulled away from me.

“Later,” he said, “We’ve got all night if we need it!”

“Mmmmm,” I agreed reluctantly, licking my lips, “Guess so…”

It was my turn to be frustrated!

Soon John was dressed and respectable and we set out for the longish walk to the center although since we chattered all the way, we soon seemed to get there, to join the many others who were arriving.

Neither of us had been in the ‘center’ before apart from when we picked up our keys and now we stood there, open-mouthed as we took in the sight from the reception lounge. The center was on two levels; the reception unit and the main building, which was lower down the contours of the valley and which we now overlooked from a broad viewing point within the building.

The whole place seemed to be a replica of the village but with some obvious alterations. For example, instead of a village green, there was a large pool, already loaded with perhaps a dozen or more naked people, presumably all men. And it was obvious even from a distance that some of them at least, were indulging in sexual activities of one kind or another. What had been a vital part of the sideshow activity outside was now out in the open inside…and then we spotted another obvious difference. No-one anywhere was wearing anything at all!

Soon we understood, as in order to get in there we had to be counted in and to do so we had several things to do. Firstly our cards were taken from us and our tally of cockles was stamped onto our forearms and secondly we were asked to deposit all our clothes in their safe-keeping.

It didn’t take long to get divested and John and I, bare to our skins, looked at each other and smiled broadly as we walked over to the bar before heading into the village. We were going to have fun with a capital ‘F’!

Before long we’d been updated on the set-up. Our hard-won cockles would be used to buy the rights to participate in some games – and those bereft of, or short of cockles could still join in, but they’d be in the more subservient or supporting roles, it seemed.

After a couple of loosening-up drinks John and I meandered off, bypassing the pool in which something resembling a gay orgy was now taking place. There were unions of all kinds, from daisy chains to underwater 69s right through to just plain kissing. I felt my cock responding to the scene and John obviously felt the same; his hands were covering his groin and he was no doubt massaging his cock.

“What do you fancy? What about the pool?” he asked as our eyes scanned one sideshow after another, “Feeling energetic?”

I shook my head slowly; I wasn’t quite certain yet of my intents although my cock, like John’s was quickly becoming erect.

“Ok then – how many times do you reckon you’ll be able to cum tonight?” asked John, jerking me out of my reverie.

“Ummmm, twice; perhaps three times,” I said and John nodded.

“Yeah, that’s my target too,” he said, “So perhaps we’d better get fucked first, then do the fucking later!”

“Oh what!” I exclaimed; the import and horror of his words sinking in; did he just expect me to let someone fuck me! I almost felt like running away…but for some reason I just went along with him as he started to head down the path.

A little while later and John pulled me into another of those small quiet alcoves, all complete with a padded bench seat and we sat down side by side.

“Chris,” he asked gently, “You’ve never been fucked, have you?”

I shook my head; I’d had nothing more exciting up my arse than a carrot, some many years ago…but somewhere inside me there was a thrill taking place – a throbbing feeling that seemed to be pushing me into daring to risk it!

“Does it hurt if someone fucks you?” I asked innocently but John shook his head.

“Depends on how it’s done,” he said, “If I just stuck my cock straight up you you’d scream…but on the other hand if I use some lube and take it easy and if you help too, I think you’ll really enjoy it.”

I looked at him with a hard stare, feeling a bit put out as he seemed to have presumed that I’d want being fucked!

“How would you know?” I said, feeling my anus twitching and squirming, “How would you know how my arse would feel?”

“Cos I’ve been there, haven’t I? I was like you once; then I let it happen and I’ve never looked back!”

And as John spoke he stood up and then he was there before me, naked like me, his penis already well and truly hard. In his hand was a small tube – it just had to be a tube of lubricant, didn’t it?

“Come on Chris, its quiet in here; no-one will see; you can have a bit of privacy for your first time. Try me for size – I’ll be really gentle.”

His hands started to work at my penis as if to encourage me and, feeling like putty in his hands I stood and allowed him to turn me around, his hands sliding over my quivering buttocks.

“That’s better Chris,” said John, his hand now coming round to grasp my suddenly rigid erection, “Looks as if you’re getting into it now! Come on – you’ve got to try it sometime!”

He turned me round and our two cocks slid against each other, the sticky wetness of his penis telling me that he was already leaking. John pulled us nearer together and suddenly our faces were close and our lips met – and we kissed!

Another first for me – a genuine smooch with another man – and it was just as nice as with a woman really. John’s lips were soft and pliable; his tongue was sweet and curious as it explored my teeth and then discovered my own tongue and together we made out; our mouths now united, while below, our two cocks throbbed against each other’s abdomen.

I heard myself breathing in a shuddering way; my body stirred up wildly by our actions and John knew it was time to progress.

I felt his hand pull my hips closer and then his hand was at my arse and sliding between my cheeks, his finger slithering over my arsehole. I shuddered once more with the delicious nastiness of his actions but I wasn’t pulling away, in fact I was actually pushing my cock at John’s abdomen as he probed around my hole, my hips jerking spasmodically as he touched me.

John’s hands moved away, soon to return and this time one hand fell straight into my cleft, several gelled fingers sliding right over my arsehole.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” I moaned, partially because it was scary and partially because it was so nice, “Ooooooh, don’t…don’t!”

John ignored my feeble protests and I felt his finger probing at my flesh; his fingertip inserting itself into my body amid my further weak protests; then he pushed his finger deeper into me. So weak indeed were my protests that I now felt my arsehole opening to allow his entry; a sign that John was quick to note.

“Ahhhh, you’re getting there,” he said, “I’ll try two fingers now!”

A bit more pressure and suddenly I felt his fingers pushing well up inside me – it was weird yet wonderful and my arsehole was fluttering with unknown yet exciting feelings.

For a minute or so there was silence as John continued to probe into my body, his fingers stretching and accustoming my hole to being penetrated, before he slowly slid them out. For a moment I actually missed the feeling of fullness he’d provided but that was soon to be rectified.

John now gently turned me and pushed me to the ground; my willing body sinking to a kneeling position, my head lowering onto my arms, my arse raising in the air.

“That’s it Chris, stay there,” said John and I felt him moving rhythmically behind me, “Hang on – just getting him good and hard for you!”

Quivering with suppressed feelings of anxiety, I awaited John’s penis; now actually wanting to feel him in me, even if I didn’t know how it was going to feel.

“Hang on while I put some more lube on you as well,” said John and then I felt his fingers playing at my hole again and then what just had to be his cock sliding between my cheeks.

“Ok – I’m coming in now.”

I put my hand behind me and was able to feel his lengthy erection; it was so incredibly stiff and felt wickedly exciting and I just knew there was simply no way that I’d be able to accommodate that wonderful rod inside me…but I wanted him to try…

“Yes John, please, put him in!” I said softly, “Let me feel you.”

There was a moment when I still wasn’t entirely sure whether or not to go through with this and then John’s firm hand came to rest on my hip and I felt the tip of his cock nuzzling into position.

‘Here we go!’ I thought, ‘All or nothing!’

There came a feeling of pressure as he tried to penetrate me; then a smooth, sliding, stretching sensation as his tip breached my outer defenses.

I sucked in a painful breath and John rubbed my bottom in a soothing way.

“Relax – let it happen!” he said as the pressure continued, “Push outwards – help me…”

I still wasn’t all that sure I wanted to but I did indeed find myself trying as if to expel him and John patted me again.

“That’s it – be easier now!” he said, “Better for us both.”

There was silence and more pressure from John’s penis; then the impression of layer after layer of muscle relaxing and spreading; the penetration of each layer accompanied by a sharp but brief pain – then suddenly John’s cock was sliding deeply inside me!

“Ahhhhhhgggghhh!” I groaned, feeling suddenly very full and very stretched, “Fuck’s sake – careful – don’t push!”

John held his penis still and I could feel it throbbing inside me while my arsehole seemed to be grasping and squeezing him at the same time.

“I’m about half way in,” said John quietly, “Well done – see, wasn’t too bad, was it?”

And it wasn’t really – there’d been some strain and a little pain as he’d broken through my sphincter but now he was inside me there was almost a feeling of power – I had him under my control, it seemed!

“It’s not painful now John,” I said, experimenting by using my muscles to caress his cock, “I feel stretched but it’s exciting – it’s actually feeling quite good now!”

“Wow – that’s super,” said John, his penis now starting to slide slowly in and out, “What would you like me to do now?”

“Just keep on doing that for a bit – let me get used to the feeling,” I said, now beginning to enjoy the pressure and the fullness; loving the way his knob seemed to be working it’s way right up into my bowels.

John set up a steady thrusting, his hands now holding my hips to pull himself tighter into me and it was sending thrills right through my body as he fucked me. My cock was dribbling precum everywhere as it jerked in time with his thrusts; I felt I’d soon be able to cum if he kept this up for much longer.

“I think we’d better stop John,” I said, “You’re getting me so worked up I’ll cum if I’m not careful.”

“And me,” said John, his movements ceasing, “I’m getting close too!”

“Ooooh – are you? Do you want to cum inside me?” I asked excitedly, wriggling my arse around and feeling John’s cock rubbing against my anal passage, “Would you like to?”

I’d never wanted a man inside me and certainly never envisaged a man firing cum inside me but right now it was what I desired more than anything else. My whole body was quivering with excitement and anticipation.

“I’d love to,” moaned John, “But the night’s young and I’d like to save it for later…oh fuck, I’ve gotta take him out!”

I felt John backing away; his lengthy penis sliding from me and I reached round behind myself and gripped John’s hip. I pulled him hard towards me, feeling his cock sink once more into me.

“Don’t leave me John,” I said desperately, “Fill me up please – I want to know what it feels like…please!”

“I want to save it,” moaned John but I squeezed my sphincter muscles tightly around his shaft while gyrating and quivering my arse too.

“Let me have it!” I groaned thrusting my buttocks back at John’s reluctant cock, “Cum inside me – want to feel it! Please!”

Suddenly John gave in and his actions changed.

“Ok – you can have it, but I’m going to do it my way!” he growled and suddenly his penis was powering hard into my body, his balls slapping against the back of my thighs; his hands slapping my hips with each thrust.

I cried out in pain; not agony but an exquisite pain that hurt yet thrilled me.

His penis was rough up inside me; way up in my bowels it was forcing my innards out of place as he thrust hard and deep into my body.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” he grunted, as his penis penetrated deep into me, “Fuckin’ fill you – gonna fill you, gonna fill you!”

“Yes John – do it!” I cried, my anus working overtime to stimulate him, “Pump it up me – I want to feel you!”

“Ahh, ahh, ahh!” cried John, “Its cumming, its cumming!”

“Please, please, do it!” I cried as I opened my arse as wide as I could to John’s cock, “I want you to cum!”

Some more grunts; some more thrusts; some more heavy breathing and John seized up…

“I’m there – you’ve done it – I’m gonna cum!” he cried, “Here it cummmmms!”

Wordlessly, although accompanied by some very heavy breathing, I felt John’s cum filling me; warmly spreading inside me and sending a glow throughout my entire body. I felt his cock throbbing and jerking as each red hot eruption of liquid plasma took place; John’s hips jerking each time his cock did.

I felt my body itself respond by clamping down on his penis; my sphincter tightening as if to stop him from leaving me and to ensure the retention of his spunk as well.

And then we both breathed out lengthily; our bodies suddenly relaxing as John’s strong orgasm unwound.

“Oh fuck, that was good! You’ve got a lovely tight hole!”

“And you’ve got a lovely big cock too!” I responded.

I hadn’t cum because I’d been too preoccupied with what was happening inside my arse but I was content; more than content; I was ecstatic!

Here was me; until recently a straight guy, now with my arsehole completely filled with cock and cum…and I was over the moon!

“Fuckin’ hell,” I moaned, “That was good John; fuckin’ lovely!”

“You didn’t play fair!” said John, “I wanted to save that load…”

“Not complaining about my arse, are you?” I asked jovially; then I had a thought.

“How am I going to clean up?” I asked and John pointed.

There in a recess were paper towels and tubes of lubricant and a bin in the corner – this place was all set up for sex!

We gently parted; me with a towel at the ready as John’s cock pulled free and soon I was using a second and then a third towel to mop up his generous load.

And soon afterwards John and I were seated once more side by side as we finished off our cleaning up; but now however, John’s penis was relaxed and limp, as was my own at last.

“Enjoyed that?” asked John and I nodded enthusiastically.

“Did you know that you took all of me?” asked John and I looked at him in shock!

“What, all nine inches – fuckin’ incredible!” I said, “Bit of pain at first but then – wow – don’t know how I didn’t cum too!”

“A nice taster for what the rest of the night holds, by all impressions,” said John, “Ok – you ready to join the fun?”

“Bloody right!” I exclaimed as we stood up; my arse feeling not a little tender, “Come on then!”

One of the first events we discovered was the rodeo once again, but this time John pushed me forward.

“Your turn this time,” he said, “While you’re good and stretched!”

Almost before I could react he’d thrust me into the arena where I was soon held firmly by one of the men, and I now realized the commonsense of the ‘no clothes’ ruling – what a waste of time clothes would be!

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      I keep reading that scene over and over wishing I was the one riding that saddle horn on the bucking bronco- only for more than 10 minutes at a time!!!

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