Gay Fun At Bachelor Party

I felt the head of his cock press against my hole as his friends laughed and cheered him on.


My best friend Sam is such a nice guy. He’s the type that everyone liked at school. We had always been best friends, and as we grew up that didn’t change, even though he became the cool sporty guy who ran track and played football, and I became the nerd who studied too much.

We went off to university and remained friends throughout. I came out and had my first boyfriend. He dated hundreds of very pretty girls. He went into a fraternity and I continued to study hard. I really didn’t like his frat brothers, but Sam always included me and didn’t let them give me too much shit.

I can’t stress with enough, Sam is incredibly attractive. A gorgeous body, fairly tall, always with sexy stubble and a strong jaw line. I wasn’t surprised when he started dating a model, and I was happy for him when they announced their engagement.

“You have to be my best man, yes?” he asked me. I agreed. Of course I would.

“But I have a huge favor to ask,” he added sheepishly. “Can my brother organise the bachelor party? He’ll be annoyed not to be my best man, and this will soften the blow. Anyway, all he wants to do is throw the party, he doesn’t care about the other stuff. And I can rely on you for that. It’s more important.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “Your brother Tom doesn’t like me. He’s a bone head.” This was true. He was still at university and was a big time party frat boy. The type I hated. I was always annoyed when Sam involved him in things.

“Please man?” Sam asked genuinely, smiled, and put a hand on my shoulder. “You’re my best friend. Say yes. For me?” How could I resist? I sighed.

“Fine. But can I skip the party? Tom is going to invite all the frat guys and it’ll be in a strip club.”

Sam laughed. “It won’t be that bad. And I need you there to look after me! Please come.” Again, I reluctantly agreed. “And anyway,” Sam added. “It’ll be all my hot friends from the frat, the ones you are always drooling over!”

“I don’t!” I said, even though we both knew it was true.

Tom really couldn’t have organized a worse weekend for me. Three cabins with 15 guys, 5 to a cabin. 14 frat-type boys and me. I was in a cabin with Sam and Tom, plus a guy that Sam worked with called Bill, and a lifelong family friend called Steve.

Bill was super hot. He had dark hair, short beard and amazing arms with tattoo sleeves. He and Sam did construction work, and the manual labor showed. Steve was more of a typical frat guy look, baseball cap always on and turned backwards, nice body. He was dumb but nice to look at, at least.

After we dropped our things at the cabins we headed out for the nearest strip club. I found myself separated from Sam in the cars and instantly regretted going. Tom, Steve and Bill were in my car and I ended up sat next to them most of the night. They gave me tons of shit because I’m gay, and first thing at the strip club they bought me lap dances all night to “turn me straight”. They thought it was hilarious but it got old very quickly.

The night wore on and everyone got progressively more drunk. Sam wanted to stay out a bit, but I had enough and wanted to get to bed. I ordered a taxi but was disappointed when Tom said he’d come back too.

The ride back was silent. Tom was really drunk and I hoped he’d just pass out when we got back. But when we got in he opened the whiskey and started complaining about the girls at the club not getting him off.

“They’re not just they’re for your pleasure,” I said and Tom smirked.

“It’s a strip club. That’s exactly why they’re there. You wouldn’t understand anyway,” Tom slurred. “You’re like a girl.” I shook my head and went to bed.

Not long after, Tom knocked at the door. He was clearly really drunk and started gaving me shit for not supporting my brother.

“What are you talking about? Go to bed, you’re drunk.” I told him.

“No man. He wanted you there to look after him.” Tom slurred.

“Well why didn’t you stay? This weekend was your horrible idea anyway.” I was tired of his shit now. “Please fuck off and go to bed.” That was a mistake.

“What did you say?” Tom demanded, getting me in headlock. Apologize!” I refused and we started to struggle, but Tom was far too strong for me. He pinned me to the bed face down and I felt my hands being tied.

“Get off!” I shouted. “Sam will be really pissed with you!”

“Let him,” Tom said. “You’re being a prick and I don’t like you trying to hit me.” As much as I fought I couldn’t pull away. I felt him bounding my feet and I panicked.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked. Tom didn’t answer, but pushed me onto my side then pulled my hands down to my feet. He fucking hog-tied me! Stupid frat boy humor again.

Tom thought this was hilarious and said I could stay like that to learn a lesson. I had been in just underpants and a t-shirt when he came in to my room, but the shirt had been pulled off in the struggle. I felt cold metal against my thigh then, and a snip. He was cutting my underpants off me! I struggled again and told him to stop but Tom just laughed and left me alone.

I thought I’d have to settle in for a long night sleep and I started to doze. I was awaked by drunken sniggering. Tom was back, now with Steve and Bill, to have a laugh at me. They circled me on the bed. All very drunk and rowdy.

“We should whore him out,” Steve laughed. For half a second I thought he genuinely might be serious. They climbed on the bed around me, Bill to my left, Steve in his cap to my right and Tom standing behind me. Steve pushed me up so I was now face down and ass up.

“How much do you think we’d get for this?” he laughed. I felt Bill grab my ass and pull my cheeks apart.

“Hey! Stop that!” I shouted, my voice muffled by the bed. Tom grabbed at my hole too.

“Let’s not sell him boys. I got needs anyway!” He shouted, and I felt the head of his cock press against my hole as his friends laughed and cheered him on.

“What the fuck?!” I shouted, muffled into the bed. I struggled and tried to wiggle away. Bill grabbed my shoulders to steady me and Tom continued to poke his dick at my hole. Steve thought it was hilarious. He disappeared for a moment and then came back with a bottle of lotion.

“You need lube!” he laughed, squirting some on my hole. I felt Tom’s hard dick sliding on it. I turned my head so I could talk.

“What are you, a faggot?” I said to him, hoping that would shock him into leaving the room. But he just laughed.

“I ain’t no faggot,” he said drunkenly. “You’re the one who takes it up the ass!” And he poked at my hole as if to prove a point. It was pretty well lubed up now though, and the head of his cock popped inside. I grunted.

“Holy shit,” Tom said surprised. Bill and Steve were shocked too. But also found it funny.

“How’s it feel?” Steve asked.

“He’s tight.” Tom answered. “Fuck it’s good, actually.” I felt his hands on my hips and a few inches of hard cock sink inside my ass. Tom moaned. So did I, in spite of myself.

“Go on,” Steve said. He fucking wants it. I think that was the encouragement Tom needed because he sank balls deep into my ass, then started to pull out and fuck me. I groaned again. It did feel fucking good.

Tom picked up speed then and started to pound my hole. I was really enjoying his fat, straight-boy cock now. I moaned as he pushed deep and Tom laughed, “Yeah faggot, you like that then. I fucking knew you would.”

“Hey you,” I heard then, and looked up up to see a hard cock being presented to my face. It was Bill, cock out of his jeans, hard and begging to be sucked. “Fucking open up!” he demanded. I did as I was told and he slid inside my mouth. I thought Bill was so hot, I loved sucking his beautiful cock, and I worked on it good and proper for him. I could tell he appreciated my skills, and Bill and Tom spit roasted me for a good five minutes while Steve watched. He eventually swapped with Tom, shoving his hard cock deep in my hole and getting into a steady rhythm of fucking me. His dick was thinner, but longer. By now I was thoroughly enjoying being gang banged and had even asked them to give me some of the poppers I’d left on my bedside table. They gave me some, and loved that it made me a bigger slut for their cocks and allowed them to fuck me deeper and harder.

Just then I was alarmed to hear Tom drunkenly say, “Hey Sam, you gotta try this fucking mouth. I swear, better than that blonde last week!” I looked up to see my very drunk best friend leaning against the door of my room.

“What the hell is going on?” Sam demanded, looking at me getting spit roasted by his straight friends. “Are you ok?” he directed to me.

“He’s fine,” Tom answered for me. “He’s gay, Sam. He fucking loves this! We’re horny, he wants his holes used. Win-win.” I ran through my head. I wouldn’t have chosen this at first, at least not in this way, but now that I had drunk sexy straight guys using me, and I was poppered up, I really was loving it as much as Tom said.

“Get your dick wet, Sam.” Bill said. That I wasn’t so sure about. We were so close, Sam and I, like brothers. It would change everything between us. Not to mention be really weird. Sam was obviously thinking the same thing.

“He’s my best friend, like a brother.” Sam was drunk, but still had his wits about him.

“What the fuck am I to you?” Tom asked. “You’re being a pussy Sam.” He tossed a whisky bottle at him and told him to take a good drink. Sam did as his brother told him.

Sam sat down and drank some more, while his friends continued to use me. They kept giving him shit about being afraid to do anything and said he should just fucking use my faggot mouth, “who cares, it’s just a hole,” was their convincing argument. Sam ignored them, but stayed, I think to look after me. After a few more minutes I looked over at him and could see he was looking at porn on his phone, I couldn’t see what, but I could hear a girl moaning. I watched Sam pull his cock out of his jeans and start stroke it.

I’d seen Sam’s dick in locker rooms and at urinals before, but I’d never seen him rock hard. I felt guilty for being turned on watching my best friend like that, and for wanting a taste. At that moment Sam looks over at me, Bill’s cock in my mouth, and he smiles and winks at me. Warmth spread through my body and I felt my cock leak, but that also made the guilt at perving over my best friend even stronger.

By now Sam had emptied half the bottle of whiskey. He stood up swaying, cock still hanging out, and very drunkenly slurred that he needed his bed.

Tom wouldn’t let him leave, and drags him over to us. Bill pulls out of my mouth and he and Tom push Sam in front of me. Steve was pounding my hole and he smacked my ass. “Yeah you want that cock don’t you faggot?!” I couldn’t answer before I had Bill holding the poppers under my nose and making me inhale to the count of ten while he told Sam – also high on poppers from a hit right before me – to stoke his still hard cock, which was hanging in my face. Bill reached the number 10 he pulled the popper bottle away and my head spun, filled with horniness as Bill used one hand to push my head down hard towards Sam’s cock and the other to push Sam towards me. I could smell the muskiness of Sam’s cock and sweat from his balls, which turned me on even more. It just sort of happened then: my mouth opened, Sam’s cock slid inside and my lips closed around his shaft. Sam sighed loudly and pushed deeper, groaning as he reached my throat. I relaxed my muscles and deep throated my best friend, as his friends cheered him on. Sam loved the attention from both his friends and my mouth, and he grabbed my head then, fucking my face as Steve pounded my ass. I was loving making my best friend feel so good.

By now Sam was incredibly turned on, and when Steve pulled out and said he should try my hole, Sam pulled out of my mouth, and without hesitation walked behind me.

“Yeah Sam! It’s tight, you’ll love it. Take that ass.” Sam’s friends egged him on, and as Bill pushed his dick back into my mouth, I felt Sam’s hard dick sliding in my crack and gently probing my hole. I wanted my best friend inside me now, and I groaned hungrily on Bill’s dick and arched my back for Sam.

That was the cue he needed. I felt Sam’s hand on my back and his cock enter my hole, sliding in gently, tenderly almost. Sam let out a groan of pleasure as his cock sunk deeper into me. I groaned too despite the cock in my throat and enjoyed my friend’s dick filling me up. Sam started to fuck me then, tenderly, I thought, making love to my ass rather than just fuck my hole. I loved every second of it, and from his moans so did he. It felt like a special connection between us. Sam continued to pick up the pace until he was steadily fucking me good and deep. He was a master at fucking me. He would slow down, speed up, thrust it and then gently slide it in and out. It was honestly the best fuck I’d ever had.

It wasn’t long before Bill was getting close, and shooting a big load in my mouth, which I swallowed for him. Steve and Tom fed me theirs next, letting Sam continue to ride my ass. I swallowed all three loads and one by one they left the room. Now I was alone with Sam.

I could hear his breath growing shallow, his speed increasing. I moaned loudly and begged my best friend to fuck me. Sam obliged, pounding my hole until he let out a large groan, and started to shoot his load deep inside me. It was more than I hoped for. Sam leaned forward onto my back, wrapping his arms around me as his cock pulsed inside me, I could feel it, pumping out rope after rope of his cum. My insides felt hot as my best friend bred me, and I found myself groaning and wanting it to never stop. As Sam finished, he gently pulled out and sat next to me to ask if I was ok.

“Yes. Are you?” I asked him.

“I think so. That was fucking incredible,” he smiled at me.

“I thought so too,” I smiled back, as Sam stated to untie me. “This room is a fucking mess,” I said, looking at the wet sheets, empty bottles, cigarette ends and clothes everywhere.

“Yeah,” said Sam. “You can crash in my room if you want.” I smiled and followed him to his room.

As I snuggled under the covers of the double bed, my best friend next to me, I could only think how glad I was that I decided to go to the bachelor party after all.

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