Gay Hookup Stories Pt 3

He took my hard cock in his mouth in one motion, wrapping my entire shaft in the tight heat that shot straight to my balls. I moaned out, before realizing I was probably being too loud, and did my best to hold it back.

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For my Snoopy Love! <3

Everyone always warned me that college would fly by, but I didn’t realize just how quickly the time passed when I was doing things entirely on my own terms. Working at the consulate was actually an amazing job, and I loved every minute of it. I was the youngest person in the office, and everyone took me under their wing. I found myself being spoiled rotten with home cooked meals and being sent home with various baked goods on a weekly basis. It was a good thing I was working out harder than I ever had in my life to stay in shape.

I always thought I was fit while swimming for all those years, but four weeks on the crew team and my muscles were toned in a way I never imagined was possible for me. It sometimes startled me when I saw my own reflection, which I thought was hilarious. The guys on the team were great, too, and were proving to be great friends. Everyone worked together on the water, but they were also a great team once we were back on campus. They shared notes and textbooks, had study sessions together, and had each other’s backs in everything they did. I actually felt like I belonged with them in a way I had never fit in with anyone before. I never really felt welcome even in my own home, and high school was not exactly the best place on earth either. If I hadn’t met Jay, I probably would have had a very different experience. He had been a great roommate and an awesome friend, but now he had his own thing going, and I was grateful that I had found this other group to replace him. I saw Jason every now and then, but it wasn’t ever as often as I would have liked. He was loving his new fraternity life though, and that made me happy for him. He deserved to have things work out for him. Matt had been by a couple times, and Jason had visited him a dew times, so they were still doing well. The election was only a month away, and the pressure was building for Matt, so he was always on his best behavior out of fear of being exploited in a way that would affect his father’s campaign. Luckily, around here, his father was popular among college students, and people tended to want to be Matt’s friend rather than catch him in scandalous acts. Either way, when he came to visit, Matt was the picture perfect son and behaved in a meticulous manner. It was a stark contrast to the Matt who used to sneak around Woodbridge Academy with Jason, or the guy who used to smuggle beer into the dorms on a weekly basis.

It happened to be a cool, but sunny, afternoon in the beginning of October, and I was hanging out on the lawn with a girl from my English class, Lindsey, when I spotted Andrew across the quad. It always amazed me how good he looked, even from afar. My heart always sped up in my chest whenever I saw him, and even though I knew it was stupid, I couldn’t help but feel all warm inside whenever he was near. There was something about Andrew that I connected with on a deeper level than just the mind blowing sex, and it kind of freaked me out. I had thought I was in love with Adam, but I never felt the way with him that I do with Andrew. It was scary, to be honest. Even sneaking around with him was worth it, as long as it meant I got to be near him. We had finally upgraded to texting to meet up, and every time he sent me a text asking me to join him somewhere, I got this warm feeling inside, and it freaked me out. I didn’t know him well enough to really feel invested in the relationship, but there was something more than casual hook ups here, at least for me.

I watched Andrew walk all the way across the quad, stopping to say hi to a couple people as he passed by, always smiling, always kind. I couldn’t calm the jealous feeling that crept through me when I saw him stop to talk to one of the older guys from the dorm, and after a moment, sit down to talk more. The one bad thing about the dorms here are that classes are mixed on each floor, and you live in the same building for all four years. That meant that there were guys three years ahead of me also vying for Andrew’s attention, since he was without a doubt the hottest guy in the whole building

Andrew and his friend were sitting awfully close, and I glared at them as I watched Andrew throw his head back and laugh at whatever the guy had said. I had seen this guy around a lot, but I had never actually met him. I just know he was also a senior, and quite obviously into Andrew, if his body language proved anything.

“Hello?” Lindsey interrupted my thoughts as she snapped her fingers in front of my face. “Are you even listening?” She asked me. I glanced over at her, wincing when I saw the bemused expression on her face. “You need to stop staring at him all the time. Someone is going to catch on.”

“Staring at who?” I played dumb, glancing back across the courtyard, annoyed to see Andrew and sexy senior walking into the dorm together.

“Your RA.” She rolled her eyes. “You’re so obviously into him.”

“I am not.” I argued, but even I heard the weakness in my tone. I hadn’t admitted to anyone that I was hooking up with Andrew, since this was obviously supposed to be a major secret.

Lindsey gave me a knowing glance. “You clearly have a thing for him. And who can blame you? He’s hot!”

“He is.” I agreed, shifting my gaze back to Andrew and his friend, who were just about at the entrance to the dorm. I watched sullenly as they went inside together.

“You should tell him that.” She pushed. “You obviously want to do him. You should go for it.” I didn’t bother to confirm or deny it. Lindsey was freakishly intuitive, and I knew she would see right through me. She had been a great friend since we met, fun and playful, with a collection of hobbies that made her stand out from our peers. She was an individual, and I loved having her around. When I looked back at her, she was staring at me, her eyes assessing my every move. I did my best to school my features, but I know that when I think of Andrew, I probably look like a sappy lovesick fool. Her eyes widened, and she gasped and clapped her hands. “Oh my god! You already have!” She exclaimed loudly.

I couldn’t answer, knowing I was sworn to secrecy. He didn’t want me to tell anyone, and I didn’t want to risk him dumping me because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. “I have no idea what you’re talking about anymore, Linds.” I told her. “Come on, let’s go back inside.” I gathered my stuff and stood, waiting for her to follow me.

“Oh my god, you really are.” She laughed, but stood as well, dusting herself off. “You hooked up with him! You’re so lucky.” I didn’t answer again, turning my back and hiding my flaming red face. I hated being called out on things, and I hated lying. “He’s so beautiful. What was it like? Was it amazing? What did you do?”

It was obvious Lindsey was never going to back down, so I spun around to keep her quiet. “Okay, fine. We have, but you need to keep quiet about it.” I told her, hoping my voice was firm enough to get the point across. “He doesn’t want anyone to know so he doesn’t get in trouble for hooking up with someone who lives on his floor.” I told her before starting to walk towards the door Andrew and his friend had passed through a moment earlier.

“What an asshole!” She exclaimed. “You should not have to be kept a secret.”

“I know.” I agreed. “But it’s not like we are hiding in the closet. He just doesn’t want to get in trouble.”

“He’s a wimp then.” She told me. “He should be proud he has you. You’re awesome.”

“Thanks, Linds.” I gave her a smile. “It’ll be okay, I have a good feeling that we will make it through and laugh about it later. Eventually, he will want to let people know. Stuff like this can’t last forever.” I told her as we started our ascent up the stairs. “I mean, look at how things worked out for Jason. It will come to an end, but I may just have to wait a while for him to be ready to see how people take it. I think people would have a bigger issue with the fact that I’m a freshman than the fact I live on his hall. But people date younger or older all the time. It’ll be fine, and Andrew will eventually realize that.”

“True.” She agreed. “Maybe he’ll do something big and romantic like Matt did!”

I barked out a laugh, remembering the shock throughout the school when Matt stopped his graduation speak to out himself and his love for Jason in front of hundreds of people. We had told Lindsey the story, and she loved it. She was a sucker for romantic, happy endings. Her optimistic attitude and hopefulness were two of her greatest traits. “”I don’t think he’s that kind of guy. Matt and Jason were a little different than we are. Matt was worried about politics. Andrew doesn’t want to lose his job or get in trouble as a senior. He just doesn’t want people to know yet, so you seriously can’t tell anyone, okay?”

“Okay, okay.” She held her hands up in defense. “I won’t tell anyone. I just hope he smartens up soon.”

“Me too.” I grinned. We had reached the second floor, where she lived. “I’ll see you later?”

“I have a study group tonight but let’s do breakfast before class tomorrow.” We said our goodbyes and hurried down the hall while I took the rest of the stairs two at a time to the third floor. No one seemed to be around, so I went straight to my room and plopped on my bed before taking out my laptop and attempting to do some work. It lasted all of ten minutes before my phone beeped. If nothing else, I had made a lot of friends at college.

I had expected one of the guys from the crew team to be the one texting me, so I was surprised when I saw it was actually Matt who had sent me a message. Matt and I rarely communicate unless Jason is with us, so I was actually kind of shocked. He was just checking to see if I wanted to grab a burger with him and a couple guys he knew, so I figured there was no harm in saying yes. I kind of wondered if he wanted me to help him pick out a gift for Jay or something. It was just so out of character for him. I agreed to meet him at the bar they were meeting at, and changed into something a little nicer than I had been wearing. The bar we were going to wasn’t dressy by any means, but I did not want to be dressed like a slob in front of people when out with the son of a presidential candidate, in case there were any photographers trying to catch him doing something scandalous. They would be waiting forever, but that’s a different story.

Matt was alone at a four top when I got there, so I greeted him and sat down beside him. He let me know that Jay was at a fraternity meeting, and he was bored so he figured he’d hit me up. I have to admit, this was the first time this had ever happened.

“So who’s meeting us?” I asked him as I pondered what kind of burger I wanted. This place was known for their large selection, so I could never decide.

“Family friend and some guy he’s dating.” Matt shrugged. “I’ve known him forever. Our fathers have known each other forever and are golf buddies. Well, they were until the whole president thing. Now my dad is too busy to do anything.”

“Oh, that’s cool.” I said. “I didn’t realize you had your own friends here.”

“Yeah, I spent a lot of the summer with him. His family has a house next to ours.” He took a sip of his water. “He hung with me and Jay a few times.”

My jaw nearly hit the table. He had to be talking about Andrew. Didn’t Andrew say that he had a house next door to Matt? I swear we had had that conversation. He had brought it up when we were talking about Jay a few weeks ago. I felt like the walls were closing around me. Andrew was dating someone? He had told me he didn’t want me seeing anyone else, so why is he running around? He had never hinted at dating anyone else, and we had been sneaking around for weeks. I felt sick to my stomach. I had wasted time on yet another guy who didn’t actually want anything to do with me.

I sat there, listening to Matt talk about the election and what was new with him and Jay, contemplating different ways I could get out of this before Andrew got there with his date. I was silently kicking myself, regretting the fact that I had thought anything would get serious with him. I mean, how dumb was I? How many times do I have to go through the same thing before I realized not to waste time on dumbasses who don’t deserve my attention?

“Josh? You okay?” Matt asked me, snapping me back into the present. He was staring at me with concern, and I instantly felt bad for any negative feelings I had ever had towards him. Maybe I once had feelings about Jason, and Matt had won him over, but Matt was a genuinely nice guy. He could have pushed me right out of Jason’s life, and instead he welcomed me with open arms, and even invited me to hang out with him today. He was actually a good person, which made me feel even worse. “You look kind of…green.”

“I’m okay.” I told him, putting the menu back on the table. “Just a little under the weather. I should probably go.”

“Yeah, totally.” He agreed. “That’s fine. I just thought we could hang out a little outside of Jay. I don’t really know anything about you, other than what Jason has told me. Maybe we can reschedule?” The look in his eyes was so sincere, I couldn’t handle disappointing him. I could absolutely understand why Jason had fallen for him. He was pretty much perfect in every way.

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3 thoughts on “Gay Hookup Stories Pt 3

  1. Ron924 says:

    Man. Someone said when someone tells you who they are, believe then. The privileged idol spoiled entitled are boring as hell. Andrew is an egocentric self serving ass hole and will be all his life. And the perfect freshman is too immature to see the reality. I hope this is the end of this tedious tale. What can possibly happen? Next self serving year, Andy the magnificent big dick trust fund baby, will insist they must keep their perfect sex fantasy life in the closet, because after all he will be a graduate and can’t be seen with a college sophomore. No more.

  2. J-A. Rene Raoul says:

    OK, if they don’t freaking make it public very soon I can’t read anymore. I do not understand under any circumstances being in the closet, therefore I’m getting bored.

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