Gay Initiation By Dad And Uncle Pt 4

Uncle Abe grabbed my waist and fucked me harder and faster as my cock throbbed and rubbed against dad’s furry body. Seconds later, I growled and shot my load on dad’s stomach.

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I woke up the next day to the touch of rugged hands gently massaging my feet. I looked up and saw dad wearing a beaming smile on his burly handsome face.

“Dad! You made it!”

He lay next to me and softly kissed my lips.

“Morning, son.”

I contemplated his bushy beard and gently stroked it.

“Do you hate it?” he asked, “I was too busy to get it trimmed.”

“No, I love it.”

“I heard you had a rough night,” he pried.

“Who told you?”

“Your uncle.”

“Where is uncle Abe?” I asked.

“He went to the market with Todd. He’ll be back in an hour. Speaking of Todd, show me how bad it is.”

I uncovered my naked body and showed him my flogged ass.

“HOLY SHIT! What have they done to my baby?”

“It hurts, daddy.”

“Do you want daddy to kiss the pain away?”

“Yes, please.”

I saw yearning in his eyes as he delicately kissed my ass cheeks.

“Is this better, baby?”

“Much better, daddy.”

He gently spanked my ass and said, “Good. Now get up, lazy boy, it’s already noon! Grab a shower and come help me make spaghetti before your uncle gets back.”


He left the room and I sighed in frustration. I took a shower and stepped naked into the kitchen.

“You’re still naked!” he stated the obvious.

“Apparently, the rule here is to cook wearing aprons and nothing else.”

I lied; but I was desperate to get him naked. I put on the red apron and gave him the black one.

“If that’s the rule then I guess I should follow it,” he wickedly said.

I watched him take off his clothes and I was starting to get hard. He put on his apron and asked me to boil the pasta while he prepared the sauce. Few minutes later, I drained the water and stood there watching him cook.

More precisely, I was watching his enticing manly beard, his thick hairy arms, his majestic furry chest, his impeccable bare feet, and his firm naked ass. The man is the epitome of masculinity and I can now lust over him without having to hide it.

My arousal level was quickly reaching its peak. I crawled under his apron and quickly took his soft cock in mouth. His body flinched and I quickly gripped his sturdy thighs and sucked him.

“Son..aahh..we need to finish…,” he moaned as his dick erected in my mouth.

He took off his apron and gazed into my eyes with desire. I gripped his firm ass and slowly took in more inches of his monstrous cock until all nine were in my mouth.

“’re an exceptional cocksucker, baby.”

I sucked him for few minutes as he pinched his nipples. He then stood to my feet and kissed me wildly as his hands squeezed my ass.

“Oh my fucking god..your ass is absolute perfection, son.”

“Do whatever you want with it, daddy.”

I kissed his neck all the way down to his hairy chest. I licked his right nipple and gently bit.

“Aahh,” he moaned.

I bit hard and he grunted.

“Harder, son.”

I bit harder and he forcefully slammed the kitchen counter with his fist and let out a ROAR of pain and pleasure.

He kissed me again and wickedly said, “Let me return Tuesday night’s favor, son.”

He lifted me onto the kitchen island and took off my apron. He placed it behind me and I lay my back on top of it. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he moved in closer.

He licked my balls and took them both in his mouth. His tongue swirled all over them while his hand rubbed my cock head. My piss-slit oozed precum on his fingers and he licked them.

“So delectable,” he softly said.

He teased the head with his tongue and more precum leaked. He slurped it and his mouth pushed down until I felt his lips on my lower abdomen. I sultrily moaned.

His finger reached for my asshole and massaged it as he deepthroated me.

“Oh god..aahh..I’m close, daddy,” I moaned as my hands clutched the apron.

He licked his finger and pushed it deep inside my hole while his mouth sucked me faster.

“Daddy..daddy..I’m cumming..AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH..oh god..oh god.”

He continued to suck me until he swallowed the last drop. He took out my dick and kissed it and then kissed my smooth thighs.

He smiled and said, “We need to finish the pasta.”

“No, I want you to cum first. Fuck me, daddy. Please.”

He kissed me and carried me into the bedroom; he gently lay me on the bed face down.

He buried his face in the soles of my feet and moaned. He licked my toes and then kissed my legs all the way up to my ass.

“I’ve been craving you all week, son.”

He spread my ass cheeks and devoured my ass with his mighty tongue for several minutes. He then lay on top of me and his hard cock rubbed against my ass. I was hard again.

He nibbled on my earlobes and whispered, “Stay where you are.”

He grabbed lube from the dresser and lubricated his cock and my asshole.

He lay next to me and softly said, “Turn to the other side, son.”

He kissed my neck and put his hand under my thigh and raised my leg. He pushed in few inches and slowly fucked me sideways.

“Holy fuck,” he moaned, “I almost forgot how incredible your tight hole is.”

“Aahh..fuck me, daddy..aahh..I’ve missed you inside me.”

“You like it when daddy fucks you?”


“Say it, son. Say it louder.”


He turned me on my back and spread my legs.

“No more gentle fucking. Daddy’s gonna rape your ass,” he aggressively said.

He pushed his nine inches in my asshole and fucked me missionary as his furry body lay on top of mine.


The solid bed rocked back and forth as he violently fucked me. I was screaming in pleasure. He grunted uncontrollably.

The clapping of our bodies as his big cock pounded my ass echoed around the room. He was thrillingly destroying my asshole for solid ten minutes like a fucking machine.

Our bodies were sweating and my dick was throbbing.


“Let’s cum together, son. Kiss me. Kiss me, baby.”

He fucked me vigorously as our lips locked. We both ROARED and our cum erupted at the same time. I shot my load on his body and felt the tremors of his body as his thick warm cum stuffed my asshole.

He kept on slowly thrusting and kissing me until his cock softened and popped out. He lay next to me and I snuggled against his hard rock body.

“You fuckin’ blow my mind, son.”

“Not as much as you do, daddy. You’re like a superhero.”

He chuckled, wrapped his arm around me and said, “Are you fine with all of this? Me and your uncle? I know we didn’t get the chance to talk about it.”

“You have nothing to worry about, dad. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I feel like I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

He kissed me and said, “I love you, Josh”

“I love you more, dad.”

“Let’s take a shower and finish the damn pasta. I promised your uncle lunch will be ready by the time he’s back.”


We finished preparing the spaghetti and dad put his clothes back on and I wore boxers and a t-shirt. I lay opposite him on the couch and watched TV as I massaged his feet and he massaged mine. Ten minutes later, uncle Abe entered the cabin carrying grocery bags. I grinned.

“Good morning, uncle Abe.”

He scowled and said, “Why aren’t you naked?”

It took me a couple of seconds to remember that I was ordered to be naked all weekend.

“SHIT! I’m sorry, sir, I completely forgot.”

“You forgot?”

I didn’t reply. He put the grocery bags in the kitchen, stormed into the bedroom and came out carrying my collar and the leash.

“Over here,” he commanded.

I walked over to him.

“Take off your clothes.”

“Yes, sir.”

He buckled the collar around my neck and commanded me to get down on my hands and knees. He tugged my leash and made me crawl behind him until we reached the steel cage.

“No, please, sir, don’t lock me up, I’m sorry.”

“GET INSIDE,” he yelled.

Dad was silent. He was setting the table for lunch, ignoring what was going on.

As I crawled inside, uncle Abe pushed my ass with his shoe and locked the cage.

“Stay on your hand and knees like a fucking dog,” he commanded.

Lucky for my knees, the base board was padded.

Dad and uncle Abe chitchatted while they had their lunch.

“I’m hungry, sir. Can I please join you?” I respectfully interrupted.

“You’re hungry?” uncle Abe nonchalantly asked.

“Yes, sir.”

He prepared a plate for me and opened the cage. He put the plate inside and locked it again.

“I need utensils,” I said.

“You need nothing. Have you ever seen a dog use utensils?”

I was getting irritated. I looked at dad and said, “Dad? Please?”

“I’m your dad at home, son. But here, he’s your master and his word is final. That’s the code and I told you before to never disobey your master.”

I grabbed the pasta with my hand and uncle Abe quickly ordered me to drop it.

“If you eat with your hand one more time, I will not only whip your ass, I WILL WHIP YOUR WHOLE BODY. GOT IT, BOY? Eat with your mouth like a fucking dog.”

I felt humiliated as I bowed down and ate my spaghetti like an animal. But, if you know me by now, you know that humiliation is a big fucking turn on.

After lunch, uncle Abe briefly let me out to wash my hands and face, and locked me back inside the cage. He and dad then sat on the couch drinking beer.

Dad: “Oh, there’s something I need to talk to you about later.”

Uncle Abe: “I also have something to discuss with you.”

Dad: “OK. How’s Todd by the way?”

Uncle Abe: “Good. He misses you. I asked him to pass by in the evening for drinks.”

Dad: “Cool. I haven’t seen the bastard in a long time.”

Uncle Abe: “You know he has the hots for you, right?”

Dad: “Todd?! No way!”

Uncle Abe: “Trust me, he does. He fantasizes about you fucking him.”

Dad: “He’s vers?”

Uncle Abe: “Mostly top, but occasionally, he likes it up the ass.”

Dad: “Interesting. I’d definitely fuck him.”

Uncle Abe: “Really?”

Dad: “Sure. He’s a handsome man and a good friend. I’d do him.”

All this talk was getting me more and more excited. I was picturing dad fucking Todd and I rubbed my hard dick.

“Don’t even think about it,” uncle Abe commanded.

I quickly stopped.

Dad: “Have you fucked him?”

Uncle Abe: “Yeah, once. He turns into a big slut and can take a good pounding when he bottoms.”

Dad: “Wow!”

I wasn’t the only one horny. I could see their cocks stiffening.

Uncle Abe put his hand on dad’s thigh and gazed into his eyes. Dad quickly moved closer and kissed him intensely. Their husky moans were driving me insane.

They took off their clothes and stroked each other’s cocks as they kissed naked. Dad then licked uncle Abe’s right nipple while his hand gently squeezed his balls.

“Bite it. Bite my nipple, big brother.”

Uncle Abe closed his eyes and grunted as dad’s teeth tugged his nipple.

Dad’s mouth then reached for his brother’s dick and sucked him. Uncle Abe moaned and pinched his nipples. He stared at me lasciviously the whole time.

Shortly, they switched and uncle Abe leaned and took dad’s dick in his mouth while dad rubbed his back.

My heart was beating fast and my dick was throbbing. I was going crazy locked up in my cage. I wanted to join them so badly. This punishment was far worse than anything Todd and Uncle Abe did to me last night.

He sucked dad for few minutes and then got in a 69 position on top of him.

Did licked uncle Abe’s asshole and fucked it with his tongue while uncle Abe sucked him deeper and stroked his shaft.

I was mesmerized watching my two hairy beasts pleasure each other. I was also furious I wasn’t part of their fun.

Uncle Abe pushed his wet finger inside dad’s asshole and fingered him. Dad loudly moaned and thrusted his hips fucking his little brother’s mouth.

Shortly, dad GROWLED like a grizzly and shot his load. Uncle Abe swallowed every drop and sucked him clean as dad continued to eat his ass.

“Sit on the couch, little brother,” dad said.

Dad knelt on the floor between uncle Abe’s legs and took his dick in his mouth.

Uncle Abe looked at me and commanded me to rub my asshole with my finger. He grunted as I teased my hole and as dad deepthroated him.

“Now fuck your ass with your finger, boy.”

My finger penetrated my ass and I loudly moaned. Uncle Abe was staring at me with lust as dad sucked him faster.

“I’m cumming, Jack..I’m cumming..AAAAAAAHHHHHHH..aahh..holy shit.”

Dad sucked him till his dick limped in his mouth. They gazed intensely at each other and savagely kissed.

I couldn’t hold it much longer. I grunted and without touching my dick, I jizzed all over the cage’s leather base.

Uncle Abe then opened the cage and took off my collar. They walked to the bathroom and ordered me to crawl behind them.

They got into the shower while I remained in the middle of the bathroom on my hands and knees.

Uncle Abe knelt down in front of dad and opened his mouth. Dad held his soft cock and showered his little brother with his powerful golden piss. They switched and uncle Abe pissed in dad’s mouth and on his body.

I watched and wanted to cry. I am the designated urinal. It should have been me drinking their piss.

Dad stood to his feet and Uncle Abe ordered me to crawl into the shower.

“Are you gonna disobey me again, boy?”

“No, sir. After that harsh punishment, I’m never doing it again.”

“Good. You can clean our dicks now.”

I took both their cocks in my mouth at the same time and sucked them clean. I was in a trance. I took them out and rubbed my face all over their wet dicks.

Uncle Abe stood me to my feet and we alternated kissing each other.

We showered together and lay naked in bed. Shortly, they both closed their eyes and took a nap.


I went outside to explore the farm. I walked for a few minutes until I reached the river stream. I tested the water with my toe and it was freezing cold.

I saw Todd approaching with a smile on his face.

“That cold water will heal your ass,” he said.

He was sweating like a pig. I smiled back and said, “It looks like you could also use a dip.”

“Yea, I wish I could, but I still have shitload of work to do on the farm.”

“I heard you’re coming over later.”

“Yep, to see your dad. It’s been a while.”

“He’s looking forward to seeing you.”

“Turn around,” he said.

He squatted and gazed at my ass.

“The bruises don’t look so bad. They should heal in few days,” he said.

He gently kissed my ass and stood to his feet. I turned around and my dick was semi erect. He laughed; I bashfully smiled.

“Well, I gotta get back to my farm and I’ll see you tonight,” he said as his hand stroked my cock once.

“Sure,” I smiled.

He walked away and I dipped my body in the river for almost an hour. I then lay in the sun for 10 more minutes until I was dry.


I walked back into the bedroom and Uncle Abe was awake.

“Where did you go?” he asked.

I snuggled against his body and said, “Took a dip in the river.”

“How was it?”

“Cold but very refreshing.”

I then said, “I bumped into Todd.”


“We chatted for few minutes and then he left to work on his farm.”

“He’s infatuated with you. He didn’t shut up talking about you this morning.”

“Are you jealous of him, uncle Abe?”

“Do you want me to be jealous?”

“I kinda do. Is that bad?”

“No. Are you jealous over me?”

“I am. I don’t even wanna picture you with another guy like me.”

He smiled and said, “I don’t wanna be with another guy. I already have you.”

“I love you, uncle Abe.”

“I love you, too, habibi.”

We snuggled quietly for few minutes and then I said, “I wanna see dad fuck Todd.”

“You do?”

“Yea, it would be hot watching dad fuck another macho man.”

“I’m sure it would be,” he replied.

I smiled and kissed his chest.

“I love this place, uncle Abe. It’s very relaxing. You and dad should buy this cabin from Todd.”

He processed for few seconds and said, “That’s not a bad idea.”

“What’s not a bad idea?” dad said as he opened his eyes and yawned.

“Josh is suggesting you and I buy this cabin from Todd.”

“I’ve actually talked to him about it before and he’s willing to sell. If you’re serious about it, we’ll negotiate the price with him today.”

“Sure, let’s do it,” uncle Abe confirmed.

Dad then looked at me and smiled.

“Come here, son.”

I lay in the middle and turned facing dad. He kissed me as his hands caressed my body. Uncle Abe pressed his hairy body against my back and kissed my neck. I was hard in a heartbeat.

I turned to uncle Abe and kissed him. I felt his hard cock against mine.

“Suck me, boy,” he softly commanded.

I knelt between his legs and took his dick in my mouth and we both moaned.

Dad knelt behind me and spread my ass cheeks. He grunted as he fucked my ass with his tongue while I deepthroated uncle Abe.

“I haven’t fucked you today,” uncle Abe whispered.

“Please do,” I whispered back.

He lubricated his cock while dad’s wet tongue lubricated my ass.

“Ride my cock, boy, reverse cowboy. I wanna see your ass getting fucked,” uncle Abe commanded.

Dad lay next to his brother as I sat on uncle Abe’s cock and raised my body slightly. I grabbed his dick and gently pushed it inside me. I moaned as I moved my body up and down, fucking myself with his colossus cock.

“Fuck yeah,” he moaned, “Look at that smooth bubbly ass riding my cock, Jack.”

I looked back and saw dad stroking his cock and pinching his nipple as he watched his son’s ass getting fucked by his brother.

He then kissed uncle Abe as I incessantly moaned.

“Ride your dad’s cock, boy,” uncle Abe commanded.

I moved over to dad and lowered myself onto his dick until it was all inside me. He gently thrusted and fucked me for few minutes.

He then stopped and said, “Come over here, son.”

I lay between them and they both kissed my body all the way down to my dick.

I watched their tongues bump into each other as they both licked my dickhead at the same time. I never stopped moaning.

Uncle Abe wrapped his lips around the head and sucked it while dad sucked my balls.

“I’m cumming,” I loudly moaned.

Uncle Able sucked faster and I ROARED…

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH..AAAHHH..oh my god..oh god..aahh.”

When I squirted my last stream, Uncle Abe grabbed dad’s head and moved his mouth closer to his. Dad opened his mouth and uncle Abe spat my cum inside dad’s mouth and their tongues wrestled for it.

If this is not a close-nit loving filthy family, then I don’t know what the fuck is.

They lay next to me and kissed me. They were still hard and I wanted their cum inside me.

I lay in front of dad’s cock and spread my legs. I gazed at uncle Abe and said, “Please eat my ass, sir”

He lay behind me and kissed my ass cheeks. He spread them and licked my hole as I moaned and sucked dad’s cock.

“Did you like it when we both licked your dick at the same time, son?”

“I was over the moon. But I want more, daddy.”

“We’d be happy to do it again, baby.”

“No, I want both of you to fuck me at the same time.”

He was stunned and his eyes wide opened.

“What?! You want us to double penetrate you?!”


Uncle Abe overheard and said, “I don’t think this is a good idea. We’re both thick and it will hurt. It won’t be fun for you.”

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  1. Rob says:

    Very Intense. I thank you and yes I’d really like to hear more. More of Josh’s coming adventures. Come on they now have a country place with all the opportunity to explore!

    • Rob says:

      It was a GREAT read! Thank You. I too want to read more. To hear Jake continue to grow and bloom. We are that much attached to the young guy, who you have treated humanly and been rewarded with his accomplishments. Please Continue!

  2. Chunky Boy says:

    Oh Fuck … why does it have to end. I hope it returns with NEW EXPERIENCES , adding to that SPECIAL FRATERNITY CLUB we all yearn for – with no inhibitions & wirh kovs.

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