Gay Interracial Lovers Behind Closed Doors

It’s my secret. It’s my hidden desire. My love. I don’t share it with anyone. I don’t expect anyone to understand, I don’t understand myself. I don’t know why I do it, well, yes, I do. I’m a jerk, an asshole, a bastard, and a closet case of sorts. If my friends knew, they would look differently at me. I would feel differently in front of them, so I get my fix, in secret, on the down low.

I guess you would call me your typical fit blond hair, blue eyed twunk. I’m too muscled to be a twinkie, too skinny to be a hunk. I work out four to five times a week, but that’s just to keep my five foot eight frame in top shape. My pride and joy are my cakes, my bubble, my muscle buns of steel. It’s hard and firm, and guys love it. Especially black guys, but I’m not into black guys… publicly.

I only date white guys, maybe a Latin guy if he’s hot enough. I have a criteria. White or Latin, fit under 30, professional, at least seven inches. That’s what I look for in a date. It’s what’s expected of me. What I really want is a sexy black man. The right man, I’ll bend over for without hesitation or drop to my knees for. Like the man I visit tonight. The one I visit almost every weekend.

He takes me in his arms and holds me close as he slides in me. I love the contrast of my skin against his. The way he kisses me, it’s soft and gentle yet so hard and controlling. He gives me what I need, what I yearn for, yet I am only with him in secret. When he sees me in the bars, he gives me a crooked smile, knowing later that night I’ll be in his bed.

An outsider would think I was using him, ashamed of him, that I just thought of him as a piece of meat. Thing is, he’s in the same boat that I am. I’m his white boy shame. His boys and family would never let him live it down if he they knew. He hides me just as much as I hide him, if not more. We both date, flirt and fuck others that society thinks we should, but in the safety of our bedrooms, we are together.

This is another of our encounters. Friday night, and he’s waiting for me. His apartment is unlocked for me. Doesn’t really matter, I have a key, just like he has a key to mine. I strip at the front door, he likes me naked as soon as I come in. I like to please him. What he wants, he gets from me. We may fuck others, but only we can satisfy each other.

I’m naked in his dark apartment. He’s in the bedroom, naked in the bed, no doubt hard at the thought of me crawling into his bed and wrapping my lips around his mighty python. My mouth waters at the thought of tasting him. I make my way to the bedroom. He’s there propped up on the bed, his legs spread welcoming me, holding my treat for me like I’m a dog. His dog.

I crawl up on the bed between his legs and lick. I drag my tongue slowly up from the bottom of his balls up his thickly veined meat to the bulbous tip. He moans his pleasure. I lick up and down, up and down. He takes a fist full of my hair, aims his cock at me and pulls me onto him, impaling my throat with his thick delicious meat. I almost choke as the first seven of his ten inch monster enters me, but I’ve learned to take it all.

I milk him with my mouth, slowly taking all ten inches down. When I get to the base, he holds my head there, savoring the feeling of my throat muscles massaging him. He lets go and I work my way up then back down, twisting my head, working my tongue, filling my belly with his ball juice. “Yeah, baby, nurse that dick.” He moans as I continue to pleasure him. “Show me who your real man is.” I do.

He fills my mouth as he grows harder and thicker. It gets harder and harder to take him down to the base, but I do. “Come up here, baby.” I love how he calls me baby. I obey. His body is just like his cock, big and thick. He’s built like a linebacker and I am his personal tight end. He wraps his arms around me. He kisses me rubbing my lips raw with his stubble.

I straddle his waist as his tongue dances with mine. He rolls me over onto my back. I keep my legs wrapped around him. I won’t let him go until he tells me so. I feel his love spear smearing its juices over my hole. He pins my hands beside my head as he kisses and nibbles on my neck. “Oh, God.” I cry as he moves down to my nipples.

“Please, no.” I beg as he flicks his tongue over my tiny pert nipples. I struggle against him, but he holds me firm as he moves over my body. “Ugh, God, ooohhh!” I scream as he licks my side. His stubble scratches oh so good along my skin. He moves to my carefully groomed crotch. I gasp with the anticipation of what he’s going to do.

He lets go of my hands as he positions my legs on his shoulders. My lip trembles when I feel him gently tastes my inner thigh. Then the swirl of his tongue just under my balls. Then he dives into the cleft of my thighs with savage intent that sends me bucking up against him. “Please… Ugh” I scream unable to control my body as he manipulates it oh so well.

Finally, he allows me a moment to recover. He turns to my balls and tastes them, one by one, doing figure eights with his tongue over them. I pant as I enjoy the mellow feeling as he moves up to my own drooling cock and flicks the tip with his tongue gathering the cock spit on his tongue before he swallows my seven inches without hesitation.

I gasp as he snakes his tongue around my shaft while he moves up and down me. He knows my limits, my triggers, and more importantly he knows what I want.

He releases my cock and throws my legs up to reveal his prize. “Who owns this?” He asks before gently licking the outer ring. His stubble rubs against me and I have no choice but to scream, “You do!” With that he flips me over like a rag doll and starts his all you can eat buffet.

He pulls apart my cheeks as his tongue circle and flicks against my skin. I arch my back as his stubble sends tendrils of pleasure through me. He darts his tongue in me. He’s fucking me with his thick tongue with gentle bites of my muscled butt thrown in for good measure. I pound the mattress as he devours my hole. He’s preparing me how he likes it, sloppy wet.

Without warning, he’s tongue is gone and I’m flipped back on my back, my legs resting on his shoulders. I’m always amazed at how quickly he does this. He lines up and slowly enters me. With him I the only lube is his saliva and precum. He’s always gentle at first, though he doesn’t need to be. He fills me up, going deeper than anyone else ever has, giving me pleasure that no other man can.

Slowly he works his way into me, deeper and deeper, till finally the familiar feeling of his balls against my ass. “Damn, boy.” He leans down and kisses me, folding me in two. He grinds against me, moving his hips just so that only a couple of inches comes out before slowly going back in. I hold his head in my hands as I try to suck him into me, from both ends.

His rhythmic thrusts bring me sending me closer and closer to the edge. I can feel his cock pulse with excitement in me. “Oh, man,” He grunts as he long dicks me, “only you can make me feel this good.” I moan as he slowly pulls out to just the tip and then slams back into me. I love the feel of his cock buried in me.

“I need you in me.” I beg like his little bitch. “Give it to me. Please.” That sets him off. Without pulling out I’m on my stomach and he’s covering my body. Our hands intertwine as he nibbles on the back of my neck. He pounds into me mercilessly. I push back against him, meeting every thrust. I turn my head so we can kiss. His pounding increases. I feel as though I’m being hammered through the mattress.

He roars back, pulling me back against him as explosion after explosion goes off inside me. I feel him swell in me. He’s shooting his load deep into me, breeding me. I can feel my insides being filled with his pent up lust. He continues to thrust in me until the last drop is out and then we collapse together onto the bed, with him still inside me.

“Your turn.” He reluctantly pulls out and slides off me. I roll over, laying my head on his chest, his massive arm holding me close. “Do it for me, baby.” He encourages as I start to bring myself to completion. I can feel him start to leak out of me and the filth of it all sets me off. Volley after volley shoots across my chest.

As soon as I’ve calmed down, he turns my head to his and kisses me lightly. “If our boys only knew.” I turn into him. I can hear his heart beat as I rest my hand on his chest. “You feel so good.” His hand is on my hip and I feel so safe and secure with him. “You up for a round two?”

I look up at him with longing in my eyes. “I want you so bad.” He smiles. “I want you to use me whenever you want, till you run dry.” He kisses me on the forehead. It’s his way of stopping this conversation. “I want you to make me moan so loud the people three streets over complain.”

He stokes my face. “Gladly.”


I’ve got an itch that needs scratching. A desire, a lust. It’s been slowly burning in me all week and now it’s a blazing fire in me. It’s filled my mind and thoughts all week, distracting me from my work. It’s my addiction, it’s my drug. A few people understand. Some publicly, some privately like me. You see my friends and family wouldn’t understand. Their down with my man on man play, but not my lust. White boy booty.

We both hide out mutual arrangement. I’m sure his friends wouldn’t understand why a preppy blond blue eyed boy with an ass for days would let someone like plow his ass. I’m a six foot three black man with a few choice tattoos. I got a linebacker body and its all muscle. The answer is, he craves it as much as me.

My friends think I have a hot date tonight with my black big booty bottom. If they only knew I had this ongoing thing with my big booty white boy bottom. Once or twice is okay, they call that reparations, anything more is just not heard of. They just don’t know how precious my white boy/s booty is. It’s something to be savored and appreciated.

I’ve been texting him dirty things all week. Telling him how I can’t wait to get in that ass again. How I want to feel him bobbing up and down on my joy stick, feel his swollen lips on mine after he’s sucked down my load. I know this gets him hot and bothered. He’s sent me pictures of his cum stained underwear after a day of thinking about me.

He loves to please me, no matter how naughty. I have him send me pictures. Naked pictures of his hole, how excited I make him. Occasionally when we can’t get together, I take pictures for me, sometimes a video of him fucking himself with a dildo for me to tide me over till our next rendezvous. He’s a good little boy like that. My fantasy is his desire.

At first, that was why I kept tapping it. My own personal white boy to have when I wanted it, how I wanted it and, more importantly, as often as I liked. He grew on me. I watch him in the bars, flirting and having fun with his friends. I make sure he’s safe, and that he has this hard dick ready and waiting for him. Afterwards, I’ll hold him in my arms, let him know he’s safe while he dozes off.

Tonight I head over to his place. He’ll be in the dark, face down ass up just the way I want. I unlock his apartment door with the key he gave me and enter the dimly lit apartment. It’s modest like him. I make my way to the bedroom. It’s just bright enough for me to see his glorious butt. He works so hard on it in the gym just for me. He’ll never admit it, but I know it’s true. It’s grown more luscious since our first encounter almost a year ago.

He stirs as I start to undress. I notice the blind fold. He wears that when he wants the feelings intense. I drop my pants and underwear to the floor. I’m already achingly hard for him. My full ten inches is ready to feel him. I have no choice but to obey it. I step forward and smack his ass playfully. I smile as he jumps, but I marvel at the slight giggle in his muscled butt.

I spread apart his cleavage and look down at his tight little button. It tempts me, calls to me to loosen it up. I dive down with a warning growl. My tongue digs into him. He gasps as my stubble rubs against his sensitive skin. I’m a starving man feasting. I’m ravenous for his hole. I greedily dart around, teasing and pleasing him while I satisfy my urge.

I hear him whimper with the pleasure. I know his body, how sensitive it is, especially with me. I pull away and give his left cheek a quick nip, almost making him howl from the pleasurable pain. I wipe the spit and booty juice from my mouth. I slowly trail my tongue up his back. He’s clutching the bedsheets, tearing them from their well tucked corners.

My body now covers his, and I put my hands on top of his so he can take them. I make small slow circles on the back of his neck and he bucks against me, trying to push his ass into my crotch. My little bitch is in heat. I keep him pinned as he grinds against me. He knows it’s futile being that I’m so much taller than he, but I enjoy the attempt none the less.

I tease him a bit more before I flip him and take his mouth with mine. I’d be shocked by his animalistic ferocity if I hadn’t experienced it before. He’s savoring the taste of himself on my tongue as he wraps his legs around my waist. His hands are still pinned with mine, and though he tries, to wrap them around my neck, I keep them there. I am in charge.

I move down, nuzzling his neck, making him buck wildly before moving down to his nipples. He’s panting, begging, pleading with me. I smile to myself knowing that soon he’ll be just hot enough for me. I move down, leaving a slippery trail down his smooth taunt body with my tongue. I lick all around his jutting excitement, sending him thrashing about.

I take his balls in my warm mouth. I caress them with my tongue. I feel him clawing at the bed. I give him a few more moments of the unbearable ecstasy. It’s time to calm him down. I never understood why, but the one thing that gives me my most pleasure is the one thing that calms him down. I stoke his cock with my tongue, moving up to the tip.

I lap my tongue in the copious amounts of precum that has leaked into a small puddle on his belly before slowly engulfing his cock down to its base. I feel his hands on my face, stroking gently as he slowly calms down. I know what he wants, what he needs, what he is craving. He’s not ready quite yet. I want him boiling over with lust and he’s only just simmering now.

I let go his cock with a thud against his belly. He tenses, knowing what comes next. I trail my fingers slowly up his sides as he gasps from the sensitive touch. I slowly, methodically stroke him as he mewls softly. I smile with satisfaction as I watch his lower lip quiver. He’s ready. Without warning I move up to his mouth, kissing him.

Our kiss is full passion and desire. I allow his hands to roam my body as he tries to pull me further into him. Even with the blindfold, he knows my body too well. The desire in him strong, as he tries to roll me over onto my back. He’s strong, but he yields to my strength. I’m enjoying the feel of his body pressed under mine, the desperate touch of his hands as he tries to pull himself into me.

Finally, I relent and roll us over. This is his queue as he begins to worship my body. His warm mouth encircles my left nipple and nurses like a hungry baby. He nuzzles my hard belly, tracing each muscle with his tongue as he cups my heavy balls. He slivers down between my legs and inhales my scent before rubbing his face in my crotch, covering himself in my smell.

I feel the rough lick of his tongue as his velvet mouth engulfs one ball then the other. He churns them like butter in his mouth, stoking the flames in me before he moves up so that his ass is by my side, His mouth begins to suckle from me. I paw his pert ass absent mindedly as I pet his head. He is slowly and methodically swallowing me down.

I wet my finger and slowly press against his hole. I slip in easily. I finger him. I can feel his excitement on my cock as he takes more of me into his throat. I groan with approval as he gently massages me with his throat muscles. He’s grinding himself on my fingers as he humps the bed with excitement.

I know he’s ready, I can feel it on my fingers, feel it on my cock. I want to enjoy what he’s doing for just a while longer, though. He moans around my dick and the vibration triggers my urge. I pull him gently from his pride and joy with a wet pop. I’m not rough with him, though I know he likes it. I place him tenderly on his back in the middle of the bed.

I remove his blindfold and look into those beautiful eyes. I want to see his eyes as I fuck him. They are filled with thirst. Not a thirst for sex, but a thirst for me. I am the only one who can put out the blazing fire in him and we both know it. I give him a quick peck on the lips before putting his legs on my shoulders.

I maneuver my way into him slowly. His velvet tunnel tugs at me, but I slowly glide in savoring the sensation and look on his face as I fill him. Inch by inch, I push into his willing opening. Once I’m buried to the hilt, I lean down and give him a deep sloppy kiss before I raise up and slowly grind into my boy. His hands are feeling my body.

He’s begging me to unleash my fury and pound him into the apartment below. I just continue my slow grind as I turn my head and kiss his leg. I plant my hands on either side of him as I start long dicking him. I can see the tortured satisfaction in his eyes. He wants more, he needs me to scratch that itch that is just out of reach and I am just toying with him.

The urge is too great in me now. He sees it and gives me a wicked smile. Before he can say anything, I have him flipped around and on all fours. He braces himself as I slam into him. The sound of flesh hitting flesh fills the room as he starts pushing back against my thrusts. He’s milking me with all his might. As many times as I’ve fucked him, he’s still as tight as the first time.

His arms and legs shake with exhaustion from the onslaught and they finally give. I’m now on top of him. He moans while I drill into him. He turns his head and we kiss. I move my arms under him and squeeze him close. I quicken my pace as the moment draws closer, our bodies covered in a sheen of sweat. I can’t take it anymore and with a triumphant roar into his mouth. I erupt into my boy.

I pant as I slowly plop out of him. I’m exhausted as I roll over off of him. He curls up next to me. He begins stroking himself slowly while my finger slips into his cum drenched hole. I kiss him, encouraging his own controlled explosion. His pace quickens. His own urge surges forth causing him to spasm uncontrollably. Shot after shot coats his delicious stomach. I smile as he recovers.

He pulls himself close to me and strokes my chest absentmindedly. He looks at me with those doe eyes. I know what he is thinking. I’m thinking the same thing, but we both know we can’t. I kiss him on his forehead and he snuggles closer to me. We wallow in our own filth, basking in the glory. He looks up with those pleading eyes. “Shower with me.” He says softly. I scoop him up in my arms to do just that.


It’s Saturday night. I’m out with my boys in the bar. I’m sipping my drink trying not to stare at him as I watch him with his friends, laughing and having a good time. My friends are talking at me, but I don’t hear a word they say. I’m focused on him, though I’m trying not to be. I can still taste him on my lips from the night before, feel him on my cock.

I’m trying not to notice him. But I still see him from the corner of my eye. He’s with his friends. I’m with mine. I can’t help stealing glances at him as my friends chatter incessantly about something I could give a damn about. I feel so empty inside without him in me. I feel so strange without him touching me, holding me, when he’s so close.

My blood is boiling inside. That mother fucking preppy bitch keeps touching him. I want to bust through the crowd and yank his hands off my boy. It’s my cock he’ll be sucking and riding tonight. It’s my cum that will be coating him inside and out. It’s my arms he’ll fall asleep in tonight, when he’s exhausted from the sexual pleasure that only I can give.

I’m so uncomfortable. This gym bunny label whore keeps grabbing my ass. At first I just played it off, but now he’s getting handsie, and my supposed friends are only encouraging it. I keep swatting his hands away, but he thinks I’m only being coy or playing hard to get. The man I want to be with is across the room. I’m pleading with him with my eyes to just scoop me up and take me back to his place where we’ll end up sweaty and naked together.

My boys are talking to me about some big booty ho they want to hook me up with. I could give a rat’s ass. What I want is across the room and I’m hungry for it. I’m nursing my drink, trying to keep from doing something that we both want. Something that will change our dynamic, but we’ll never regret. He’s obviously not into that punk pawing at him like some cat toy. Why aren’t his friend’s stopping it?

“Stop.” I finally say with a bit of venom in my voice as I move away, tired of battling the octopus. My friends just smile and bring me back to the group where he “apologizes”. He orders me a fresh drink and then things are quiet for a bit. I nurse the drink as we all talk some more. Then he grabs my ass and tries to kiss me. Rage flows through me. Everything is automatic. I slap his face away and then shower him with the drink.

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