Gay Locker Room Fantasy Come True

The locker room was always the most difficult part of practice—yet it always excited me. And watching Nico was always especially difficult. Oftentimes I couldn’t even bear to watch him undress for fear that I would pop a boner right in the middle of the room. He was my age, eighteen, tall and lean and chiseled, with his Italian skin nice and tanned from the time spent playing in the sun. He had the type of wavy, dirty blonde hair that you just wanted to touch, yank, and run your fingers through. And his face was almost the definition of perfection, with a strong jaw set with pink, pouty lips and a soft cleft chin, along with brown eyes topped by arching eyebrows. And don’t even get me started with what was below his waist: a good eight inches of meat in the front, and a round, muscular, protruding bubble butt in the back.

Like me, Nico usually said little in the lockers after baseball. I often sensed that he was looking over in my direction, although that was probably just wishful thinking on my part. Nico wasn’t into guys, I knew. He went out with the prettiest girls, maybe even got laid a few times. My desire for him was limited strictly to fantasy, and that was that.

One day after practice, the coach asked me to clean out the locker room. We had been getting complaints from the janitor, and the coach wanted to make certain that we did our share to keep the area neat. I had avoided the duty for awhile, but this time I accepted without complaint.

“Nico,” the coach said. “You’re gonna help out Matt, too. Wait till everyone leaves and make sure the door is locked behind you.”

My heart skipped a beat. Alone with Nico. Already my chest was pounding. Will he talk at all? Should I just act cool, or should I be goofy? My imagination was running wild.

Once everyone was out, Nico and I set to picking up the trash and spraying down the lockers.

“This sucks man,” Nico complained as he sprayed cleaner onto the blue metal of the locker doors.

“Yeah I know dude,” I replied. Below my shorts, my dick was struggling to upright itself. For the next few minutes, we cleaned in silence. Fuck, why doesn’t he talk?

“Hey, this is random, but you’ve gotten so much bigger since the beginning of the season. Your biceps are, like, bigger than mine now.”

“Thanks,” I managed. I could feel my face reddening. “You’re still in wicked good shape though, I dunno if I could catch up to you.”

“Nah man, you could be just as good as me if you wanted.” He set down the rag and bottle of clearner. “Can I feel your bicep?”

“Sure,” I squeaked, pulling back my shirt sleeve as I flexed by arm. Nico came over and gripped the muscle. As he did, I popped a boner.

“Shit man, that’s hard,” Nico said. Glancing down, he noticed the bulge in my pants. “Damn, look what else on you is hard.” Without warning, he reached and grabbed my dick. My entire lower body shuddered. I instinctively pulled back.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I gasped.

“Come on dude, I’ve noticed how you look at me,” Nico replied, moving his face closer to mine. His shorts had tented. “I know you like me.”

“I wanna fuck you so bad,” I blurted out. My voice was shaking. Shit, what have I done?

For a moment, Nico grinned devilishly. Then, grasping my face with both hands, he kissed me hard on the lips. Whether we made out for sixty seconds or sixty minutes, I don’t know. We just kissed and kissed, our tongues intertwining. I slipped a hand into Nico’s pants and began stroking his big cock. His hands worked their away toward my backside and found my ass. After what seemed like an eternity, we broke off, both of us breathing heavily.

“Let’s get out of these clothes,” I said without hesitation.

“Fuck yeah,” Nico replied, panting. He ripped off his shirt in one fluid motion, then yanked down his pants and boxers to expose his huge cut dick and hot bubble ass. In a few moments we were both butt naked. We made out some more, and somehow both of us ended up sprawled out on a wrestling mat on the floor. Nico was astride me, kissing my neck. Slowly, he made his way down my tight body, kissing my abs and nipples. Before long, he was down near my dick, which was hard as a rock and throbbing.

“Go on man,” I urged softly. “Suck it.”

And sucked he did. As he placed his pouty lips over my cock head, I threw back my head in ecstasy. Nico sucked hard, expertly working his tongue as he pleasured me with loud slurps. At one point, he even managed to deep throat all of my eight inches. He gagged slightly, but it felt so good that I nearly vomited in pure pleasure. I yanked on his curly, dirty blonde hair as he gently took my balls into his mouth. Before long I was close to exploding right into his throat, but I didn’t want it to end this soon.

I pulled Nico off my cock and kissed his plump lips, which were glistening with pre-cum. “I’ll suck on you now if you want,” I told him.

“Yeah,” Nico breathed, getting up into a kneeling position. I positioned myself right in front of his thick Italian sausage and began teasing the cock head with my tongue. I licked up and down his shaft like it was a Popsicle, savoring the taste of his sweaty meat in my mouth. When I went down on his dick all the way, Nico let out a soft moan. I relaxed my throat muscles and took his cock to the hilt, my nose brushing against his soft pubes. At that, Nico let out a sharp cry of pleasure.

It only took a few minutes to bring Nico to the brink, so we stopped for yet another make out session. As we kissed I reached around and began squeezing his bubbly arse. God, how I wanted to fuck that perfect butt of his. Giddy with desire, I gently moved a wet middle finger toward his hole. Nico moved away slightly, so I took the hint and backed off.

“I don’t know about this man,” Nico said hesitantly. “We don’t have anything to lube up with.”

“Yeah we do,” I answered back. “Get on your hands and knees and I’ll show you.”

Nico obeyed, getting down on the mat and sticking his beautiful ass in the air. Parting his muscular cheeks, I dove in and buried my face into his ass crack. I ate out his pink hole like there was no tomorrow, jamming my tongue into every crevice. Nico squirmed around, moaning even louder than when I blew his dick. Once his ass was lubed up with my spit, I again started poking around with my finger. This time Nico didn’t resist.

“God that feels nice,” he moaned. “Keep doing that.”

With his encouragement, I slipped a wet finger past his sphincter muscle and into his butthole. God what a tight ass. Soon I was using two fingers, then three. Nico was clearly enjoying the experience, groaning loudly.

“This feels so fucking good,” Nico panted.

“I know how to make it feel better,” I said as I slapped my hard cock against his tanned ass.

“I want your cock in my ass,” Nico said. “I want you to fuck me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. Reaching for my wallet, I grabbed out a condom and pulled it over my dick. I knew that I would need to be lubed up nicely, so I rubbed generous amounts of my own saliva up and down my shaft. I moved into position behind Nico, who was still on his hands and knees. For a minute I teased his ass with my cock and rubbed it along the length of his crack.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” I whispered into his ear as I pushed my cock head against his pink pleasure hole. At last his ass muscles relaxed and my cock head entered Nico’s hole with a soft pop. Nico whimpered in pain and pleasure as his perfect bubble butt engulfed my dick. At first I moved in and out slowly so that I could get him nice and loose. It was a struggle not to cum then and there.

“FUCK ME MATT!” Nico yelled out suddenly. “FUCK ME HARD!”

I grabbed Nico’s ass and pumped into him harder and faster, his muscular bubble butt rippling with each thrust. Both of us were yelling out in pleasure as the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. It was pure ecstasy. Nico was especially vocal as I slammed him.

“FUCK ME MATTY, OH FUCK ME, FUCK MY ASS,” Nico cried out as I gave him my cock.

Eventually we switched positions so that he could ride me cowboy style. He took my dick like a champ, bouncing up and down while I got a nice view of his sweet abs. We fucked in around half a dozen positions before Nico ended up on his back. I held one of his legs up in the air with my left hand as I jerked him off with my right.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, aww FUCK!”

Nico’s cock opened up onto his chest, coating his abs and pecs with semen. As he came, his ass muscles contracted around my cock. The feeling of his cock pulsating in my hand while his asshole tightened around my cock was beyond pleasure. With that, I lost it. I quickly yanked my cock out of his butt and tore off the condom. Without even asking permission, I busted all over his face. Ribbon after ribbon of cum shot from my dick in the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. Nico was clearly in shock, but he didn’t attempt to move away as my semen soaked his pouty pink lips and ran down his cleft chin. I was screaming in pleasure as my nuts emptied all over his hot face. When at last I finished, Nico took my still hard dick into his mouth and squeezed out every last drop of my man juice. Smiling, he licked the cum from his plump lips and swallowed the creamy treat. I seized hold of him and kissed him deeply.

“That was fucking amazing,” I said, flopping back onto the mat.

“We’re doing that again,” Nico answered with enthusiasm. “And next time I’m gonna get a piece of you.” He slapped my ass.

“Fuck yeah, anything you want man,” I breathed, kissing him lightly on the ear. “So long as it’s just as fucking intense.” I rolled back on top of him, and our lips met once more.

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3 thoughts on “Gay Locker Room Fantasy Come True

  1. TomofNorway says:

    DAMN! What a hot story with hot men and in a hot setting!
    I have always been a gym regular, 5,6 or 7 times a week, bodybuilding routine. One of the gyms I used on a regular basis had a membership for the most part HOT bodybuilders and athletes in a vast array of ages, but for the most part “knock-out” bodies, masculine guys who were a blast to hang out with. The gym contained a steam room and a very large, rectangular hot tub – in which a lot of mutual cock holding and leg entwining and ass-fingering went on underneath the bubbling water! It was both relaxing and arousing reclining in the hot tub watching the well built, muscular guys drop the towels on the surrounding wooden platform, and watching their cocks completely boned many times when climbing out after some under-water “activity”, or at least self-masturbation. Nothing like the aroma, sights and atmosphere – plus “scenery” of a mens locker room!
    This story is similar to a number of similar experiences I was fortunate enough to experience, and one in particular comes to mind after reading this story.
    Normally I couldn’t arrive at this particular gym until roughly 10:00 P.M. weekdays. Also, I really had a particularly pronounced “crush” on one of the Assistant Managers who worked the desk and closed at night on many of the week nights. He would work out during the days and weekends and was in tremendous shape. He was an extremely hot, handsome Black man, towering over my 6’3″, so he had to have been in the 6’8″ – 6’10” range, a powerful basketball-type body, and by the bulge in his long sweats, he was literally hung like a horse! He was a very friendly, extremely nice guy – easy to talk with and a joy to be around. Man, did I ever “lust” after him! I assumed he was straight, and I believe he thought the same of me.
    One particular snowy, winter night, I had worked late and the snowstorm had affected the subway service, delaying some of the trains – plus i was a bit of a walk from the subway to the gym. However I was religious about my workouts, and even though I knew the gym would be closing at midnight, I was determined to get at least a bit of a workout in – as brief as it may have been.
    It was approaching 11:00 P.M. when I arrived, on that snowy winter night, and because of the hour and the weather, the last few members training were finishing up their workouts with the iron plates clanging as they were placed back on their respective racks. When I arrived and while I was brushing snow off of my jacket, Ron – the hot Black Assistant Manager I referred to before yelled over to me “no problem Tom, take your time and I’ll just lock the door at midnight and stay as long as you like so you can get a decent workout in”.
    I didn’t want to keep Ron there too late, so I sort of hurried through a few sets of heavy squats, leg curls and leg presses and returned to my locker to get dressed when Ron came up and told me to take my time, the gym was empty and doors locked — and knowing that we were the only ones in the musky, testosterone-aired, sweaty gym, and Ron being an object of many a j/o session for me, and having stripped down to just an old ragged, stained jockstrap – standing next to Ron wearing long sweats with that incredible huge bulge, I couldn’t hold back a rapidly engorging substantial – sized thick uncut flesh tube that hung between my legs! Furthermore, I saw the normally “huge” bulge underneath Ron’s sweats begin to shift and inflate to enormous proportions. By now it was obvious we both we tremendously horny for the other, alone in the locker room of an empty, locked gym.
    Ron suggested if I wasn’t in a particular rush, to join him in the “relaxing” hot tub. FUCK! This was my “wet dream” come true! Ron went to grab a couple towels, and when he returned I was seated on the wide wooden bench in that tattered old jockstrap, which was so worn that some of my hefty nut sac was hanging out, and my thick uncut cock was ready to push out of the pouch, with some profuse pre-cum leakage…. which didn’t go unnoticed by Ron. But at this point there was nothing to hide and nobody else there, so we each bravely stripped and I was in awe at the size of Ron’s enormous cock. Thick, long, uncut beautiful anaconda black snake!!
    We headed up to the wooden platform surrounding the rectangular hot tub, raging, huge boners and all, and sat next to each other under the bubbling hot water. We were silent at first, and then we each pushed our legs tightly pressing, making it clear we wanted to have hot sex with each other. Ron lifted his left leg over my right leg, each of us reaching to explore, grope and fondle the others massive fuck tube and huge nut sac. We began pinching each others nipples and cupping our respective heads to begin one of the hottest kissing sessions I ever had! There was passion, lust, tenderness, romance and our cocks were twitching and leaking.
    Finally we left the hot tub and returned to the wide wooden bench in front of the lockers where we laid down our towels one after the other, and the bench was wide enough to lay flat on, and we started wild writhing and grinding our bodies and cocks together, taking turns being on the bottom and top. I king-sized bed would have been so welcomed, but we made the best of what was available. It was obvious we each wanted to devour the other, so intense it ached! We sucked, rubbed, grinded, rolled and the rimming was absolutely out of this world. Our tongues and spit filled each others ass holes, cascading pre-cum drooling onto our respective bushes … his on mine, and mine on his.
    Finally we both realized the time had flown by and it was getting real late, and Ron had to open the gym at 6:00 A.M., so unfortunately we had to finish up. Ron wanted me to fuck his black muscular bubble butt, so as he lay on his back, I moved between his long legs, staring at his enormous thick cock arching toward me slick with our combined pre-cum, and arising from a thick black furry bush. I could have shot a load just looking at that sight! But I lifted Ron’s long legs over my shoulders, spit a wad in my hand and rubbed it onto and fingered it into his already spit-soaked contracting hole! Ron spit into his huge left hand and smeared it onto my twitching thick cock, and as my foreskin rolled back from the head of my cock – and when my cock began pushing at Ron’s hot hole, he pushed and opened his hole while I began to enter his ass, and his ass muscles seemed to grab my cock, swallowing, milking, and grabbing it into his chasm. The sensation was ecstatic! Slowly at first he wanted more, and in no time at all we were bucking, banging, slapping our large wet sacs and the pulling, squeezing and sucking action of Ron’s powerful butt had me shouting, moaning, groaning, slamming, trembling as what seemed like quarts of cum rocketed out of my piss slit deep into Ron’s gut! Before I pulled my still inflated and drooling cock from Ron’s butt, he wanted me to grab that old, tattered, sweat-dampened and stained jockstrap of mine and wrap it around his huge wet cock and jerk him off — but just before he unloaded his spooge ( and what an enormous load it was), he wanted to shoot it into the pouch of my jockstrap! FUCK!!!! We were spent but oh so satisfied! I have to admit, and as “piggy” as it seems, when I got dressed, I pulled on my cum-soaked jockstrap, and my cock, balls and thick bush were swimming in Ron’s cum! And when I got home, I scooped up a couple fingers-full of Ron’s cum remaining in the soaked jockstrap pouch, and I fingered it into my ass! A night I’ll never forget, and I STILL have that jockstrap tucked in my underwear drawer!

  2. Ken Davis says:

    Hot story til…Condom in my wallet part. Really? 2 hot studs, nude in the locker room getting it on…oh wait, I have a condom! Lol I think Matt should had spit and insert his raw dick into Nico! Just saying.

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