Gay Love Is Complicated Pt 10

Leroy pouted but let go of Dave so he could undress and get in as well. But before he laid down, he texted Aaron and Jeff. ‘Fuck you, you interrupted something, and now I’m now going to get any.’

‘Use your hand.’ Was the response he got back from Jeff.

‘I’m sure you will get some before me.’ Was the response from Aaron.

Leroy chuckled, and Dave asked what was going on, so he showed his phone to him, then Dave laughed. “You know, maybe I should be more like Bridget.”

Leroy decided not to respond and turned over, Dave spooned him and started humping his ass. Leroy just smiled as they both drifted off to sleep.


Dave had his head lying on Leroy’s chest one morning later that week, again Leroy was just pleasing Dave, and he wouldn’t let Dave reciprocate. So Dave decided he was going to try that morning before Leroy could stop him. Dave lightly got up and crawled under the covers and started to lick and suck Leroy’s cock. At first, he wasn’t getting anything out of Leroy, he was amazed he wasn’t getting Leroy hard. Then it finally happened, Leroy was rising to the occasion. Dave knew he was still asleep because he hadn’t grabbed hold of his head or tried to push him off yet.

After a bit, he knew Leroy was starting to stir because he moaned and then moved his hands down to Dave’s head and grasped his hair. “Oh, God, Dave.” Dave smiled, thinking he was going to let him finish what he was doing, but when Leroy woke up completely, he started pushing Dave off of him. “Dave, please, I don’t want to cum like this, let me get you up and help you.”

Dave pulled off of him for a minute, “No, it’s all about you this morning, Honey.”

“No, please, Dave, let me help you, please.” He was really trying to pull Dave off of him now, which was making Dave mad.

“Damn it, Leroy.” He got up and left the room.

Leroy got up and followed him. “What’s wrong, Hon?”

“Leroy, why won’t you let me please you? You haven’t allowed me to please you since you have returned.”

“You have pleased me, just letting me make love to you, is more than enough Hon.”

“Leroy, shit, that isn’t what I want, I want to be able to suck you or touch you, to just get you off without me getting off. You haven’t let me since you have come back, Honey, stop feeling guilty, please.”

“Dave, I don’t deserve it yet.” He sat down on the couch next to Dave.


“Dave, I just don’t deserve it yet, please just let me please you for a while?”

“No, Leroy. I love you, I wasn’t going to bring this up in counseling, but I think we are going to have to discuss this. You have to stop feeling guilty about leaving me.”

“Have you fully forgiven me? Do you completely trust me again?”

“Honestly, Leroy?” Dave asked and Leroy nodded. “No, I want to Babe, but there is just still a little part of me that is afraid that when times get tough again that you will run.”

Leroy looked defeated, “And that is why I don’t deserve to be please, Dave. I hurt you, more than I thought I had. But I will not leave you again, I will promise you this. If I even think about it again, I will talk with you and with Dr. Watts, I think I will be seeing him for a while.”

“Leroy, thank you, that does help a lot. I still think it would be a good idea to bring this up to the doctor. I don’t want you giving in to me, and really you still think you don’t deserve me reciprocating.”

“I understand, I really wish we could work this out ourselves, but I know you are correct.”

They sat there just holding one another for a long time, but never went back to bed to try to make love that morning. Later Leroy’s father called to see if he and Dave would like to come over for dinner with some of the siblings, they agreed and were told to be there around six that evening.

When they showed up, they saw that Aaron’s and Allison’s cars were in the driveway, along with Chris and Jewels, who still lived there. They walked up to the door and Jewels opened it and ran out to them. “Hey, Sis, what’s going on?”

“I just wanted to catch you, I should have told you earlier. I chickened out.”

Leroy laughed, “I don’t blame you Jewels, I chickened out every time I wanted to tell her too. Then look at how she found out. Hell, I thought about telling her when I was sixteen, but she didn’t find out until I was thirty.”

“I know, and I wanted to so bad, but she was talking about you at the dinner table on Christmas, it wasn’t all bad, but it wasn’t all good either. She wants to try to forgive you for being gay.”

“Forgive me?” Leroy just stared at Jewels for a minute. “Was that her exact words?”

“I know it sounds bad, Leroy, but she doesn’t understand,” Leroy repeated his question. “Yes, Leroy, but please don’t take it that way, she really doesn’t understand.”

Leroy just stood there and shook his head. “She wants to possibly forgive me for being gay, she thinks it’s my fault that I’m gay?”

“Leroy, don’t get mad, please.” Jewels said.

“Jewels, just give me a second with Leroy, go back into the house.” Dave turned Leroy to face him. “Leroy, please calm down.”

“Oh, I’m calm, Dave.”

Jewels went back inside and went straight to her father and whispered to him what she said, and Lee just looked at his daughter. “Jewels, why did you tell him that?”

“It slipped out, I didn’t realize until I said it, what it meant.”

Lee got up from his chair, Aaron and Allison both looked at him as he went to the door. “Do you need me, dad?”

“Maybe.” Aaron got up and went to the door, they stepped out.

Leroy’s back was to the house, but Dave could see Lee and Aaron walking towards them. “Dave, you can stay, I will leave.” Leroy started to walk away, and Dave jostled to get in front of him again.

“No, Leroy, you know Sue doesn’t realize what she is saying, please stay. It’s going to take time for her to realize you didn’t choose to be gay.”

Lee put his hand on Leroy’s shoulder. It was then that Leroy realized that Aaron and he were standing there. “Son, please for me, come inside.”

“Dad, she’s not going to ever completely understand I’m never going to change. I didn’t choose to be gay that I was born this way.”

“No, I don’t think she will ever understand, Leroy. I love you, I hope that helps some.”

Leroy very rarely hears his father tell anyone that he loves them, and then Lee pulled him in for a hug. “I love you too,” Leroy whispered in his ear as Lee held him in the embrace.

“Come on, let’s go inside, it’s colder than hell out here.” While still holding Leroy in the hug, Lee spoke into his ear. “I do love you, please come in for me, stay calm, and when you need to leave, I will let you, okay.” Leroy nodded his head.

Dave held his hand out to Leroy, and he took it, and they all walked into the house. Sue had been in the kitchen, working on getting the food ready for dinner, so she didn’t know anything was happening outside. When they entered through the door, Leroy looked around, Aaron and Allison’s families were there, the kids ran up to Leroy for a hug, then they ran back to where they were playing. Allison was carrying Tiff when she came to hug Dave and Leroy.

“Leroy, what commotion were you causing now?”

“I don’t think you want to know Sis.” Allison looked at Aaron, and he just shook his head for her not to press.

Dave and Leroy sat down on the loveseat while everyone else took their seats, it was just normal. Everything just settled down, and everyone was talking and shooting the shit. When Sue came in and sat down with Lee, Leroy did tense up a little, but Dave started to rub his back, he loosened back up and started talking again with everyone.

“Allison, Bridget, and Jewels, will you help me get the food on the table, please.” The girls said yes, and they went to get up. “All you men, can get to the table and find your seats.” When everyone was filing past Sue into the dining room, she stopped Leroy. “Leroy, in my house, could you not hold David’s hand.”

Sue walked into the kitchen, and Leroy turned, walked to the door, grabbed his coat, and left. No one noticed at first, they thought he went to the bathroom. When everything was set out on the table, and the kids were served their food, Lee turned to Dave. “Where’s Leroy?”

“I assumed he went to the bathroom.” Dave got up and went to the bathroom and no Leroy then he looked where his coat would have been, and it was gone. “He left, I need to find him.”

“No David, you don’t, you can have a nice meal without Leroy.”

Lee looked at Sue. “What did you say to our son?”


“Sue, you held him back when we all first walked in, what did you say to him?”

“I told him, I would appreciate that he didn’t hold David’s hand while he was in my house.”

“Damn it Sue.” Lee went to get up.

“Sir, I will go find him. He couldn’t have gotten far.” Dave went to get up.

“No Dave, it was my fault, I asked you two here. I thought Sue was going to be nice but apparently not.”

“I was nice, I just don’t want to see that in MY HOUSE.”

“DO YOU WANT A RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR SON OR NOT?” Lee raised his voice. Even Aaron could never remember his father ever raising his voice, he was always a patient and relaxed man.

“Yes, I do, but I don’t want to see that, Lee.”

“They aren’t having sex in front of you, they were holding hands. Allison and Jason hold hands, so do Aaron and Bridget.”

“That is different.”

“NO, IT, ISN’T.” Lee got up and left the room, grabbed his coat, and went to search for Leroy.

Dave went to get up to leave. He didn’t want to be there anymore, Allison grabbed his arm. “Please stay Dave.”

“No, Allison, Sue’ not ready.” He got up and headed for the living room to grab his coat, he walked back into the dining room. “Thank you for inviting us.” Dave left, he just sat in his car for a few minutes, he decided to go and see his mother. So he pulled across to his parents’ driveway. If Leroy did come back, he would know he wasn’t in the house.

As always his mother was welcoming, and when she saw the look on Dave’s face, she immediately asked what was wrong. “World war three at the Standish household.” He laughed.

“What did Sue do now?” Dave proceeded to tell his Mother what had happened and then just sat back and relaxed on the couch. “Where’s Leroy?”

“Lee went to find him, I didn’t want to look for him too. His father was adamant that I was to stay and enjoy the meal. But I couldn’t once I knew why he left, and I don’t blame him.”

“Honey, it’s going to be an uphill battle with Sue, nothing is going to be easy with her.”

“But she approached Leroy, it wasn’t the other way around. I figured because she took the first step, she wanted to accept us.”

“I know Babe, and I have talked to her quite a bit about this. I love you.”

Dave sat with his Mom for a while longer, and when Leroy didn’t show up, he decided to head home. He noticed Lee’s car wasn’t in the driveway, so he was hoping Lee had found Leroy. When Dave pulled onto the street, Dave knew Lee found him, because Lee’s car was sitting out front. He walked in, and both of them were just sitting on the chairs in the living room, they weren’t talking, but they both looked up at Dave. Dave didn’t say anything, he just bent down and kissed Leroy on the lips and sat down on the couch. Leroy got up from his chair, sat next to him, took his hand in his, and they just continued to sit there in silence.


Dave was sitting in the counseling office waiting for Leroy to finish with his session, they had talked about Leroy, denying himself the pleasure to try to fix his relationship with Dave. Dr. Watts dove into it for a while with them, and of course, it stemmed from Leroy feeling guilty. So they talked it through and not these words but told Dave basically, if Leroy continues to do this, Dave should start withholding sex from him. At least that is what Dave concluded from the session. Dave decided he would call the Doctor during his shift and confirm if this is what he meant.

Dave knows that Leroy was going to bring up during his session his recent activity with Sue and what went on during both meetings. He hates that Sue is this way, but until Sue is ready to change herself, she will always make it Leroy’s fault.

Leroy and Dr. Watts came out into the waiting area. “I will see you both next week, I believe today went well in both sessions, please continue to talk to one another because you never want to close it off or you two will be in the same boat as before. As always, it was a pleasure.”

Both Dave and Leroy said their goodbyes and they would see him next week and went out to their car. When they were walking, they turned on their phones. Leroy had a few missed calls, so he called his voicemail.

‘Hey Leroy, call me when you get this mom and dad would like to come over to your place tonight. Mom asked me to call. I love you, Big Brother.’ He pressed seven to delete the message from Jewels.

‘Son, call me back.’ Leroy pressed seven to delete that message.

‘Leroy….’ Was all Sue said into the phone and then hung up. Leroy deleted that too.

“Boy, aren’t you just Mr. Popular.”

“You are home tonight, right?”

“Yeah, why what’s up?”

“Apparently, Sue wants to try talking again, that was Jewels, dad and Sue calling.”

“Sue called, what did she say?”

“Nothing other than my name and then hung up.”

“Oh, so what time tonight?”

“Don’t know I was going to call dad.”

While Dave drove them home, Leroy called his Father and found out that they would like to come by after seven, and Sue said she would be on her best behavior. Leroy asked if they wanted dinner, but he said no that they would have eaten before they came.

“Can we make love?” Leroy asked.

Dave looked over at him and smiled. “Are you a little stressed, Babe?”

He grinned back. “Can I lie and say I am?”


“No, just want to make you and me feel good for a bit before she comes over, and would you like to go have dinner?”

“That sounds wonderful,” Dave said as they pulled into the driveway.

Leroy got out of the car and walked around to meet Dave at the porch when they went in they only had eyes for one another. Leroy was walking backward down the hallway as Dave, and he was kissing and removing clothing. When they turned the corner to go into the bedroom they had already removed everything above the waist. Leroy pushed Dave down on the bed and took his shoes and socks off, then he unbuckled, unbuttoned, unzipped his pants and pulled them down with Dave’s help.

Leroy quickly kicked his shoes, socks, and jeans off. “Leroy, you are going to let me please you, right?”

“Yeah, but I want your cock in my mouth, so can we sixty-nine it?” Dave smiled and nodded.

It had been a long time since they had sixty-nine it. Dave was happy that Leroy was possibly going to let him please him. When they got into position, Leroy started sucking on Dave, but Dave decided to take another approach. Dave leaned over and grabbed the lube out of the bedside drawer and poured some on his fingers so he could finger Leroy’s ass while he licked and sucked on his balls and cock.

At first, he wasn’t getting much out of Leroy, oh Leroy was hard, but he wasn’t getting any humping actions or moans, then after finger fucking him with three fingers and sucking on his cock, Leroy moaned, and Dave’s cock fell out of his mouth. Dave knew he had him now.

Dave got up on his knees, pushed Leroy over to his back while still sucking him and finger fucking him, he didn’t lose contact at all. He slowly twisted around, so he was between Leroy’s legs. He opened the snap cap on the tube of lube and poured some lube single-handed into his palm and greased up his cock then he removed his hand from Leroy’s ass and lifted up from his cock. Dave lifted Leroy’s legs and plowed into him. “Ohhhhhhhh, Dave.”

Dave smiled and started pumping in and out of him, he was getting beautiful moans and groans out of Leroy. Leroy was clawing at Dave’s hips and back as he was getting fucked. Dave reached down and took Leroy’s cock in his hand and started stroking it, he was rubbing it up and down as fast as he was fucking him.

“Dave… Dave… Shit… Dave, I’m going to … Oh, shit.” He started jerking as his cum started erupting from his cock, his ass clamped down on Dave’s cock which pushed Dave over the edge. Dave slammed once more into Leroy, and he let go of Leroy’s cock and shot his load into Leroy. When Dave’s spasms subsided, he collapsed on top of Leroy and Leroy put his arms around Dave and kissed him. “I love you, Dave.” Dave was panting too hard to respond; he just kissed him again and laid his head on his shoulder.

Leroy never minded when Dave would lay entirely on top of him, he could always breathe just fine. So when Dave fell asleep while still lying on him, Leroy just smiled and closed his eyes as well.

Dave woke a few hours later when he looked at the time, he couldn’t believe that he slept that long. He had shifted in his sleep, he was now half draped over Leroy. He started lightly rubbing Leroy’s chest, he like the feel of Leroy’s hair under his hand, his hand would get caught up in a mass of dried cum and hair quite a bit. Dave knew they needed to get up and take a shower soon.

Leroy turned his head and kissed the top of Dave’s head. “I love you, Honey, thank you.”

“It feels good to be pleased, too, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it does.”

“Come on, we need to get up and shower, you promised me dinner before your folks come over.” Dave smiled at him as he leaned up for a kiss, then rolled over to the edge of the bed to get up. Leroy reached out and grabbed him around the waist and pulled him back. “Leroy, you know I get cranky if I don’t get fed.” He smiled.

“I love you, Dave. You are my world. I’m never going to run from you again. I promise you this. I may run away from my mother, but I will never walk out on you again.”

“Honey, I didn’t blame you for walking out the other night. Your mom was out of line there, you should have heard your father.”

“Yeah, Aaron said that he raised his voice to her that night, before looking for me.”

“How far away were you when he found you?”

“Almost home, he came up to me about two miles from here, then we just sat and talked for a while. Then pretty much sat in silence, and then you showed up.” He kissed Dave and then pushed him back to the edge and sat up on his side and got out of the bed. “Let’s get cleaned up and go to dinner.


“Sorry, Dad, Sue, we were out at dinner, we didn’t think it would take so long,” Leroy said as he got out of the car and walked up to the house, where his parents were standing waiting when they got the call that they were just around the corner.

“We asked to be here at seven…” Sue started to say more, but Lee cut her off.

“It’s okay son. It was good Dave and you went out, we weren’t completely on time anyways.” Sue looked at Lee; she was upset. Lee told just them they weren’t there on time, either.

They all went into the house, and Leroy went to put a pot of coffee on and came back to the living room. “Apparently, Leroy, I was rude to you the other day. I’m sorry if I was.”

“Sue, you asked me not to hold my husbands’ hand because you don’t like it.”

“Your husband?” Sue asked in shock.

“Dave is basically my husband. When we can get married, we will. We already had a commitment ceremony eight years ago this January.”

“I just don’t understand how you can like other men, Leroy. I didn’t raise you to be this way, and you are so masculine.”

“It’s not other men, it’s one man, and it will only ever be one man, Dave. Have you ever noticed me dating?”

“No, but you were busy with football and your studies.”

“There was a reason I was busy with those, I was always in love with Dave.”

“Please don’t say that.”

“That I’m in love with Dave, it’s the truth, and it always has been the truth. I fell in love with him when we were little kids.”

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