Gay Love Is Complicated Pt 3

Dave continued giving Leroy’s balls a tongue bath and then moved up to what he most desired. While cradling his balls in one hand, he gently pulls Leroy’s now hard cock away from his stomach and licks the head.

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Chapter 3 – Christmas and Siblings Try to Get Leroy & Mom to Reconcile

Dave woke up early on Christmas Day, he and Leroy had turned in the middle of the night. They had gone to bed with Leroy spooning Dave, but Dave woke with his head on Leroy’s chest. He loves the feel of Leroy’s chest hair under him and loves that Leroy doesn’t believe in waxing or shaving. Leroy will trim his bush, but other than cutting, he always says he was born with this hair that he will die with it.

Dave himself is almost nearly hairless, he had the treasure trail down the stomach to his pubic region along with a trimmed bush. Of course a little ass fuzz but other than the hair under the arms, he doesn’t have much other.

Dave could tell Leroy was knocked out and there was no movement out of him. Leroy was still breathing deeply, but Dave was going to change that. Dave smiled, gently rolled away from Leroy and crawled under the covers. Dave loves when he can wake Leroy up this way. He would do it every morning if Dave could but to wake before Leroy all the time would get tiring. Dave knows Leroy would make it into a game to see who could get up before the other and the next thing, they would be getting up an hour after going to bed every night.

Dave chuckled at the thought but returned his attention to the object which made him crawl under the covers in the first place. He didn’t want to pick Leroy’s cock up too quickly, or it would cause Leroy to stir sooner, so he started licking it lightly. Leroy’s cock was soft and just lying there, Leroy had his legs spread ever so slightly, and his nut sack was hanging down between his legs. Dave carefully raised them up so he could lick and suck them into his mouth, as soon as he took one of Leroy’s balls in, he could see Leroy’s cock rising to the occasion and heard a moan escaping Leroy’s lips.

Dave continued giving Leroy’s balls a tongue bath and then moved up to what he most desired. While cradling his balls in one hand, he gently pulls Leroy’s now hard cock away from his stomach and licks the head. Dave loved the taste of Leroy precum, hell Dave loves Leroy period. Dave sunk down on Leroy cock, he took as much in as possible before he would gag, he always had to work up to deep throating. He knew Leroy was awake now because Leroy’s hands came to rest on his head, but Leroy never pushed, he would let Dave do what he wanted.

“MMMMM, you know, I love when you do this.”

“Ah, hah.” Dave agreed around Leroy’s cock, it made it vibrate, which caused another moan to escape Leroy.

“Can I have yours?”

“Nope.” Dave pulled off and looked up at Leroy from under the blankets. “It’s all about you this morning.” Then he dove back down on his cock, he took it all in this time, no gagging. Dave knew what he was about to do would drive Leroy nuts, he started swallowing, which always massaged the head of his cock and felt so good to Leroy. When he did this, Leroy grabbed for hair, he had fists full of Dave’s hair in his hands.

“You’re going to make me blow.” As he pulled on his hair to pull Dave off.

Leroy’s cock popped out of Dave’s mouth with a popping sound, and Dave pulled the covers down so he could see Leroy. “Yeah, it was what I’d planned.” He grinned up at him, pulled Leroy’s hands from his hair, and began his assault. He swallowed again and caressed his balls in one hand and drove Leroy to the edge and then over it. Leroy grunted and became rigid as he spasm, volley after volley of cum shot from his cock into Dave’s eager mouth, he swallowed most of it saving a little to share with Leroy when he came up for his kiss.

Leroy loved the taste of himself in Dave’s mouth. They kissed until all the seed Dave had to share was gone. Leroy smiled and held Dave close to him. “Come on you, let’s get up for the day. Remember, I have to work in a few hours, so make me a wonderful Christmas breakfast, that should make up for waking you, so nicely.” Dave chuckled and jumped up quickly before Leroy could grab him and hold him down. Dave went to the bathroom and started the shower when Leroy walked by the bathroom naked to the kitchen he winked at Dave.


Christmas day was nothing special, Dave had to work his regular afternoon shift, so Leroy stayed home and cleaned up everything. He spent most of the evening cleaning up all the Christmas decorations in the other rooms.

It was nearing seven when Leroy decided to take the tree down since he knew he wouldn’t have much time later to do it. There was a knock on the door, which he was amazed he didn’t notice them step up on the porch since he was standing in the window working on the tree. He smiled and opened the door.

Sadie wrapped her arms around him and screamed Merry Christmas. Aaron and Bridget came in after Sadie, Bridget was carrying Tyler. “Merry Christmas, Leroy.” Aaron hugged Leroy. “I know Allison, Jeff and Pat are on their way. I just don’t know if Chris and Jewels were able to slip out.”

“I don’t want you guys getting in trouble for coming and seeing me. I’m a tough guy, you know.” He smiled.

“Yeah tough as a bear, but there is a soft side in there somewhere, or Dave wouldn’t love you,” Bridget responded. Everyone laughed. “Why are you taking the tree down today?”

“Well, Dave and I already celebrated last night, and I’ll be busy at the base for a while, so why not take it down.”

“Because it’s still Christmas, put those ornaments back on the tree and plug it in. Please.” Bridget commanded.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Leroy smiled and put the ornaments he was holding back on the tree and did what he was told, he plugged it back in, Leroy was glad he just started working on the tree, it was almost untouched. He turned to Aaron smiling, “Are you sure Bridget wasn’t a Drill Sergeant? Oh, but they wouldn’t say please.” Bridget hit Leroy on the arm, and they all laughed.

While they were sitting in the living room talking, all the other siblings showed up with their significant others. Chris and Jewels said they told their Mother they had to run over to a friend’s house, and Jewels wanted Chris to drive her because she hates driving in the snow.

“How are Dad and Mom doing?” Leroy asked.

“Dad is Dad, you know he won’t cross Mom. He told me to tell you Merry Christmas, he loves you, and he will call you later. Mom, I know she is going to cave soon, she looked weepy last night after Sadie ran out to hug you. I also don’t think it helped that Sadie had yelled at her.” Jewels responded.

“Sadie, why did you yell at Grandma?” Leroy asked.

“Because she won’t let you come home. I love you, Uncle Leroy.” She came and hugged and kissed him on the cheek.

“I love you too.” Then Mikey couldn’t be left out, so he ran over, hugged, kissed, and told Leroy he loved him too. Everyone smiled.

Leroy looked over at Aaron and Bridget. “You are going to have a real spitfire on your hands when she gets older.”

“We already have a spitfire, she is going to be a hurricane when she is older,” Bridget responded, while everyone chuckled.

“Where’s Dave?” Jeff asked.

“Working, he may stop through on his lunch break.”

They all sat talking for a while, and Jewels’s phone started to ring. “Everyone, be quiet, it’s Mom.” She picked it up, and everyone shut up. Allison and Bridget had to grab Sadie and Mikey to cover their mouths, they were glad Tyler was sleeping. Leroy leaned over to her and whispered to go to his room to talk to her.

“Hi Mom, yeah I’m still over here at Lucy’s, Chris and I will be leaving soon. No Mom, I’m not lying to you. Why do you say that? No Mom, really I’m at Lucy’s. Okay, Mom, we’ll be heading home in a bit. Bye.”

“God, she is so worried we are all lying to her,” Chris responded.

“You are all lying to her.” Leroy hated to point out the obvious.

Dave pulled up out front and smiled. He was happy everyone came to spend some time with Leroy, he walked in, and everyone greeted him. Leroy told him his dinner was waiting for him in the fridge, and all Leroy had to do was just warm it up. Leroy did, as Dave sat down with everyone in the living room. They talked for just a little while before Aaron got a call. “Oh God, that was Dad, we all need to get out of here now. Mom just took off in the car, and Dad thinks she is on her way here, to see if Chris and Jewels were lying to her.”

Everyone said their goodbyes quickly, grabbed their kids, things, and left. Aaron got halfway down the block before he realized he forgot to give Dave and Leroy the present everyone had for them. He drove back up and ran in, gave it to Leroy, hugging him again and apologizing before leaving.

Dave looked over at Leroy, “Are you okay?”


“You’re lying.”

“Yeah. I miss my family, but I don’t need them getting Mom upset.” Leroy had tears coming down his face, and he refused to look at Dave.

“Please look at me,” Dave asked Leroy. “Hon, I’m sorry, I wish I could turn back time, and we weren’t in the same bed that morning.”

“It would’ve happened anyways, Dave. I knew she would’ve been the same way if we had just come out to her. It was why I kept delaying it. Honey, I love you, and I never want to sleep in separate beds again. We did it to keep Chris from knowing in the beginning, and I hated not being able to hold you. I will be okay, it’s just hard right now, because of the holidays, and you know how close my family used to be.”

“I know babe.” Dave felt horrible inside, he knew how close-knit Leroy’s family was, and how much them being caught by Sue has caused. “I’m sorry to do this but my time is up, I’ve got to get going. I dropped Terry off at his house before coming here.” Dave got up and kissed Leroy, went into the kitchen to drop off his plate, and left. As he was driving down the street, Sue passed him, she didn’t stop. She just drove past Leroy’s to the next corner and turned.

Dave picked up his cell and called Aaron, to inform him his Mother did drive by. Aaron asked how Leroy was holding up. Dave reported Leroy wasn’t doing the best, primarily because of the holidays. Aaron again apologized that they couldn’t come over as much, and then they ended the call.

When Dave came home after midnight, every bit of Christmas was put away. He stopped off in the kitchen for a glass of water before heading to the bedroom. Leroy had the nightstand light on but was asleep. Dave undressed and got in on his side of the bed and snuggled up to Leroy which woke him.

“Hi.” Leroy smiled as he had his eyes barely open.

“You must be tired if you couldn’t stay awake till I came home. Let’s turn the light out and go to bed, Babe.”

“Okay,” Leroy responded and turned the light out. Leroy turned over to face Dave and Dave put his arms around him, and Leroy fell back to sleep.

The next morning Leroy was still being held by Dave, Leroy smiled and reached down and started stroking Dave’s cock. Dave released Leroy and rolled over to his back, he wasn’t really awake. So Leroy got on his knees and started sucking Dave’s cock. Dave woke up moaning and smiled because Leroy was getting him closer and closer to coming. “Oh God, Leroy, that feels great.” Leroy continued to suck and play with his balls, and then it became too much for Dave, and he thrusted up into Leroy’s mouth and started coming. Leroy swallowed every drop. “Would you like me to help you out?”

“I would like to fuck you, Dave, but later,” Leroy responded as he laid his head on Dave’s chest, closed his eyes, gently caressed his chest and fell back to sleep, Dave just smiled and fell back to sleep himself.

Later that morning, they heard the doorbell ringing. Both Dave and Leroy opened their eyes and were wondering who it was. “I will get up,” Dave said as he swung his legs over the side of the bed. He grabbed up his sweats and a t-shirt and walked out of the room. Leroy just laid there and started to doze again. Dave came back into the room a few minutes later to wake Leroy. “Hey, Hon, wake up.”


“Your father’s here.” Leroy jumped up, grabbed some clothes, and walked out to the living room.

“Dad, what’s up?”

“I just wanted to see how you were doing. I’m sorry your mother is still being stubborn, I figured she would’ve given in by now.”

“I’m doing okay, thanks for giving everyone the warning yesterday. Mom ended up driving ten minutes after everyone left.”

“No problem. Aaron said he almost forgot to leave the present for you yesterday? Did you like it?”

“Honestly, Dad, I haven’t opened it yet.”

“Why? It was from all of us.”

“I just didn’t feel like it. I’ll get it now and open it.” Leroy got up and left the room and came back with the box in hand. He started to unwrap it and opened the box, inside was a wedding ring pattern quilt and on top of it was a picture of all of them and printed across the bottom was Leroy we all love you. Leroy was trying hard to hold his emotions in check.

“Your brothers and sisters wanted to know if you and Dave were free on Saturday night.”

“Yeah, we are, why?” As he looked over at Dave to confirm, Dave nodded his head.

“Your Mom and I are going to watch the grandkids, and they wanted to all come here if you don’t mind. Of course, your Mother doesn’t know where they are going.”

“What do they have planned?”

“Nothing, they just want to learn more about your relationship. Your brothers and sisters thought it would be better without the kids here.” Lee informed his son.

“Okay, I guess.” Leroy looked a little wary.

Lee stayed for a while talking with Dave and Leroy then he took his leave. He hugged both of them before he left, telling Leroy he loved him.

Dave picked up the quilt, “This is handmade.”

“Yes, it is, my grandmother gave this to Allison when she turned sixteen.” Leroy smiled and turned and hugged Dave, he was trying hard to hold the waterworks back but was failing miserably.


The few days it took to get to the weekend felt like ages to Leroy, he was actually happy, he hadn’t been in a while. He didn’t care what his siblings were going to ask, he was just glad they were coming over. He even called Aaron to see if he needed anything for them. Aaron had told him no, they were bringing everything they needed for the night.

All the siblings showed up at six and walked in carrying everything to have a Christmas dinner. All the wives or sisters set up things in the kitchen so they could eat to their heart’s desire. Then they all sat down in the family room. Leroy, with the help of his brothers, pulled some furniture from the living room so everyone would have a comfortable seat to sit in. He and Dave were sitting on the loveseat holding hands.

“Okay, Dad said, you all wanted to know some information, what is it?”

“Well, first, we wanted to know when you two fell in love?” Aaron was the spokesperson of the group.

“For me, I’ve always loved Dave. I don’t remember not loving him. But because we were always told it was wrong, I didn’t act on my feelings. I thought Dave was straight because he kept dating girls. I just refused to date and dropped myself into my studies and football.”

“And what do you mean, by always,” Allison asked.

“Honestly, Allison, I don’t remember a time, from the day I met Dave, that I didn’t love him. I know we were little kids, but he always had my heart.” Leroy responded.

Dave’s heart jumped, but not to let Leroy’s family see it, he chuckled. “I was a little slower, I loved Leroy but because I was going against society’s norms I was trying to resist, and I dated a lot of girls, and I mean a lot. I joined football so I could be with Leroy, and I didn’t know he felt the same way until his sixteenth birthday.”

“So, what happened that day, how did you tell him?” Allison asked.

Dave looked over to Leroy and smiled, then looked at Allison. “I was done trying to resist my feelings for Leroy. I asked if I could stay over. After everyone went to bed, we were sitting in the basement playing video games. I told him I was probably going to kill our friendship, but I had to do this, and I leaned over and kissed him. I was expecting Leroy to hit me, but he grabbed me and started kissing back.” Dave chuckled and looked over at Leroy. ” I’ll stop there.”

“No, we want to know everything,” Allison said.

“We made love that night or at least what we did was making love to us.” Leroy filled in. “I’m not going to give you details, I’ve never asked what you guys do with your girl or boyfriends, wives or husbands.”

“Okay, okay.” Aaron smiled. “So you two have officially been together since the age of sixteen?”

“Yes, until I joined the Marines at eighteen.”

“What happened?” Again it was Aaron who asked.

“I told Dave, I couldn’t do it anymore, and it was wrong. I told him I needed to leave for a while, to find myself, and this is why I joined the Marines. It wasn’t to toughen me up, I was already a hard ass.”

“Yeah, we know Leroy, a bear. As I told you a few days ago.” Bridget laughed.

“I thought maybe if I were in the military it would knock some sense in me. I would become straight. All it did was make me want Dave more. When I finished basic training, I found out he was getting married. As you know, I refused to come home for his wedding. Then after my year of training, I came home. We ran into one another, he asked if I would go somewhere and talk. We ended up at a motel, professing our love again to one another, but he was still married and had to find a way out of it.”

Dave then spoke up. “The night Leroy and I had together, changed me. I was happier, and when I came home, Cindy knew something was up. She asked what was going on. I told her my best friend was back in town for a few days, Cindy asked who and I told her. She sat there dumbfounded for a few minutes and then told me, I was in love with him. I didn’t deny it. She told me I would say his name sometimes when we were making love and a lot when I was asleep.”

“So how much longer were you and Cindy together, and how could you marry her after just getting out of the relationship with Leroy?” Jeff asked.

“Not long, she moved out that weekend. But Leroy was only home for another week before he was due back at his base. We spent as much time as possible together, then he left. How I could find someone just after Leroy left me was easy and hard at the same time. I was devastated when Leroy left me. I went to the clubs every night, it’s where I met Cindy, we just started talking, and one thing led to another, and I asked her to marry me. I did it more because I wanted to hurt Leroy, but I was just hurting myself and Cindy even more.”

“And then we were back in the same boat of when I originally left,” Leroy added.

“So, what did you two do?” Jewels asked.

“Because I was living in the barracks, saving all my money. When Dave and I had some time off at the same time, I paid for his plane ticket down to see me. We would stay a few towns away from the base. We tried to do this at least once a month. Then I finally asked my Sergeant how I can get stationed at a certain base. He told me after living two years where they stationed me and doing one to two years of deployment, then I could request where I would like to be stationed. It wasn’t a guarantee, but I can request it and possibly get the base I wanted. I was already in two years so I asked when I could be deployed so I could put in my request. As you know, I was deployed for almost two years to Iraq and Afghanistan, when I came back, I requested this base, and they allowed it.”

“You bought this house right after you were assigned here,” Jeff responded.

“Yeah, it wasn’t like I could take Dave on base and make love to him there. So I bought a house. I didn’t want to be caught, it was a ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ military, I knew everyone in my unit was straight, and I didn’t want to get beat. Even now, gay’s in the military is still a bad thing, but they are accepted a little bit more. Than Dave moves in, it just looked like two buddies living together.”

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