Gay Love Is Complicated Pt 4

Leroy now had both of his hands full of Dave’s hair, and he was pumping lightly into Dave’s mouth with his cock, Leroy was moaning softly.

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Chapter 4 – Mom Has an Accident

A few months trickled by, Leroy started to come out of his depression, Dave didn’t know what to do other than be there for Leroy when he wanted to talk. He was worried about Leroy, the days when Leroy wasn’t on base he just sat around the house. Dave would come in for his lunch and still find him just vegging around like he had lost time and forgot.

Leroy woke up one late morning and said fuck it, he doesn’t need his Mother to make it in this world. It bothered him for the longest for what he had told her during their last meeting, but he can’t dwell on it any longer. He has his father, brothers and sisters love, and most of all, Dave’s.

He was waiting for Dave to come home from work, he just made it home himself and waited for Dave in the living room. When Dave walked through the front door, he smiled, seeing Leroy sitting there. Dave was used to finding Leroy already in the bed or in front of the boob tube. “Hey, Sweetie, how are you tonight?” Dave asked.

“I’m doing quite well. Hon, I was wondering if you’d like to sit with me for a bit.” Dave looked at Leroy and was wondering what was up but went over and sat next to him. Leroy put his arm around Dave and pulled him into a kiss. “Babe, I’m sorry I’ve been down for the last few months, I shouldn’t have let my mother get to me as bad as it did. I love you, can you forgive me for my behavior?”

“Leroy, of course, but there is nothing to forgive.”

“Oh, there is, we haven’t really made love since then, and I’ve yelled and screamed, I know I’ve brought you to tears more than once over these few months. I’ve been a wholly hell to live with. Babe, I love you, and I’m so sorry for letting myself dip into depression.”

“So, are you coming out of it, then?”

“Yes, Babe, I decided it was foolish to blame myself for my mothers reactions. We’ve done nothing wrong but love one another. I’m sorry it has taken me this long to realize this.”

“I love you, Leroy.”

“Ditto, Dave.” Leroy smiled and leaned over to kiss Dave. “I love you, Dave, more than you’ll ever know.”

Leroy pulled Dave up, and they walked down the hall together towards the bathroom. Leroy pulled Dave into the bathroom and started undressing him, as he was doing this he reached into the shower and turned it on so it would begin to warm up. When Leroy finished undressing Dave, Leroy kissed along his collarbone and down his chest, Leroy had to stop himself before kneeling in front of Dave and started sucking him, Leroy wanted to do this in the shower. So he quickly undressed and opened the shower door and guided Dave though.

Leroy picked up the soap and immediately started to lather Dave up and wash him, as he was washing him he was kissing Dave passionately on the lips, neck, chest, and down his stomach. Leroy got down on his knees and started licking and sucking on Dave, as he was doing this he was putting a very soapy finger inside of Dave, soon it became two and then three. Dave’s moans were getting louder and louder, Leroy decided he better stop sucking him, or he was going to go off before he was able to enter him.

So after removing his fingers from Dave’s ass and removing Dave’s cock from his mouth, Dave gasped audibly, he didn’t want it to end yet, he was so close. Leroy stood and turned Dave around and pushed him up against the wall as he was entering him, “Oh Fuck, Leroy. Oh Shit, Fuck Me, Babe.” Leroy smiled and started fucking him. “Harder, Babe, Please.” Leroy put one hand on his hip and the other on his shoulder and power fucked him, before he knew it Dave was shouting his name and cumming all over the shower wall and Leroy was shooting his load deep inside his lover.

Leroy held Dave to him for a while before he let his cock slip out of Dave’s ass, he was kissing lightly over the back of his shoulders. Dave had his eyes closed. He didn’t want the feeling to end, but then Leroy slipped out, and he slowly turned him around so he could kiss Leroy. After a bit, they parted and started to wash so they could get out of the shower. Once out, Dave grabbed a towel and dried Leroy first then he grabbed one for himself and dried off. Once they were dry Leroy pulled Dave to the bedroom, and Dave cuddled up to him with his head on Leroy’s chest, and they fell peacefully to sleep.


Aaron, Bridget, Allison, and Jason walked into Dave and Leroy’s house unannounced, they were about to call out when they heard Leroy. “Oh God Dave, Yeah, Oh Shit, Yeah.” They also heard grunting. Allison turned red and hid her face in Jason’s neck.

“Let’s leave, shit, I knew we should’ve called,” Aaron whispered. Then they heard the end of Leroy’s and Dave’s lovemaking when they listened to both of them come with grunts and foul language.

Before they could turn to leave, they heard Leroy scream from the bedroom. “Who in the hell came into my house.”

Sheepishly Allison responded. “It’s Aaron, Bridget, Jason, and me.” All they heard from Leroy was laughing.

“Have a seat, we’ll be out in a few.”

“We could come back. When it’s less embarrassing.” Allison responded.

Leroy chuckled. “Just wait in the family room, it’s going to be embarrassing later if we don’t confront it now.”

Dave looked at Leroy, “You heard someone come in, and you let me continue?” Dave whispered to Leroy.

“Hey, I don’t get you to fuck me very often, so whoever wants to walk into this house unannounced then it’s their fault.” Leroy was smiling at Dave. At that moment, Dave’s cock popped out of his ass and made him chuckle even more. “Let’s get cleaned up.” He and Dave walked into the bathroom with some clean clothes. Leroy jumped into the shower first and showered as quickly as possible, then as he got out, Dave got in. Leroy dressed and headed to the family room. “Hey, why do we deserve this visit?” Leroy looked at the four of them sitting there and smiled, Allison and Bridget both turned red.

“Leroy, if you heard us come in, why didn’t you stop what you two were doing?” Aaron asked.

“Hey, I don’t get fucked often, as I told Dave, I wasn’t going to stop it.”

“Dave was fucking you?” Allison asked. “I thought he was mostly the bottom?”

“God Allison don’t ask questions, it’s bad enough we know what they were doing,” Aaron responded.

“To answer your question, yes he is usually the bottom as we have discussed this before, but everyone once in a blue moon he will be the aggressive one, and I like when he is. So I wasn’t going to stop him, he was fucking me something awesome.” Dave walked into the room as Leroy was saying this.

“Shit, Lee, would you please stop saying things? Really I wish you would’ve told me they walked in.” Dave was a little red himself.

“I told you, I wasn’t going to stop you. Just live with it, my family will have to learn to not walk into other people’s houses.” Leroy chuckled again. “Anyways, why are you here?”

“We wanted to know if you would like to go to dinner with us.” Aaron chuckled. “Looks like you two have your date backward, sex first then dinner.”

“What do you think, Dave, would you like some dinner?”

“Yeah, sounds good.”

They went out to a nice restaurant and had a wonderful time, the six of them came back to Leroy’s for a bit, they all sat around drinking a beer or two, both women didn’t drink, they grabbed water from the fridge. Allison informed them they were all going to be uncles and an aunt again. She hadn’t even told anyone else other than of course Jason. Leroy got up and hugged his sister and congratulated her and Jason. Dave, Aaron, and Bridget got up as well and hugged them.


A week went by, and Dave had to work one night, and Leroy had it off, he had a couple of buddies stop by, and they were drinking a lot and watching a baseball game. Once it was through his buddies left, and he staggered off to the bedroom to sleep.

Dave came home, it was after two in the morning, he should have been back just after midnight, but he was dealing with a major car accident. He walked straight to the bedroom. “Leroy, wake up, please.” Leroy’s phone was on silent, so he didn’t know he was being called every few minutes for the past four hours. “Leroy, please.” Leroy started to stir; he was still a little hammered from drinking with his buddies.

“What’s up? What time is it?”

“It’s after two, Leroy, there has been an accident.” Leroy sat bolt upright in bed. “Leroy, your mother, has been in a bad car accident, she’s in surgery now. Everyone has been calling you.” Leroy looked for his phone and didn’t know where it was. He still hasn’t said anything, he stumbled out of bed towards the family room, and he found it on the floor in the kitchen. “Leroy, talk to me.” Leroy looked and saw he missed about a hundred phone calls.

“Where is she?” As he ran back to the bedroom, to put his jeans and a t-shirt on.

“Come on, I’ll take you, she’s at St. Francis.” Leroy grabbed his wallet, shoes, and followed Dave. Leroy didn’t speak. He just listened. “She was coming home from a friend’s house, and a drunk driver hit her head on, she didn’t even have time to swerve. They had to cut her out of the car. The drunk driver died at the scene.” Leroy had his head in his hands, even though he wasn’t talking to his mother, he didn’t want her to die. “All I know is what I saw at the scene and when I was at the hospital, Leroy. She has lots of broken bones and a head injury. She’s in surgery now, they are trying to set the bones, some will have to be done with plates and screws. For her head, it’s a wait and see game. I’m sorry, Hon.” Dave was driving as fast as he could to the hospital, Leroy never even noticed he was sitting in Dave’s patrol car.

When Dave and Leroy walked into the ER, everyone was standing there, a few were sitting, but mostly everyone was pacing the floor. When they looked over at Leroy they seemed to calm down a bit, this to them proved Leroy still loved their mother. “Any news?” Leroy looked at Aaron, Aaron just shook his head.

“Dave tends to get the most information, they aren’t talking much with us. After we couldn’t get a hold of you, he said he would go and get you. Leroy, Mom, didn’t look good when they’d taken her to surgery.” Allison cried.

Leroy looked over at Jewels. She was crying, he sat next to her and put his arms around her. “Where’s Dad?”

“We don’t know, we haven’t been able to get ahold of him either. He’s been so mad at Mom since the day in the restaurant, he’s been staying at Aunt Maggie’s. I’ve tried calling, but there’s no one answering the phone there either.

“I’ll go and see if he’s there,” Leroy stated. He got up and then looked at Dave. “I don’t have a car here, do I?”

“Here take mine, I’m sorry, I… I… I don’t know why I didn’t go over to Aunt Maggie’s to look for Dad.” Jeff replied. “We just figured he would answer his phone, like you, we were expecting you to answer.”

“Ringer off, and I was drunk.” Was all Leroy said as he grabbed the keys from Jeff and headed out to the parking lot.

“Are you going to be okay to drive? When was your last drink, love?” Dave asked.

“Fine to drive, it was about eleven. I’ll be fine, I love you.” Leroy got into Jeff’s car and pulled out of the lot heading towards Aunt Maggie’s.

Dave walked back into the hospital and told Aaron he will be back in a bit, he had to return his cruiser. Before Dave left, he did ask the nurse for an update on Sue, which there was none, but she stated she would keep the family informed. Dave let Aaron know before heading off to the station.

Leroy made it over to Aunt Maggie’s and found his father’s car in the driveway, he rang the doorbell and waited. He had to ring it a few more times before his uncle came to the door. “Leroy, what are you doing here at this hour?”

“Uncle Dan, I need to talk to my dad, something has happened.” Dan let him in and told him which bedroom Lee was staying in, and Leroy went up to it. Leroy knocked on the door and then opened it. “Dad, are you awake?”

Lee stirred and woke, “Leroy? Leroy, what’s wrong?”

“Dad just get dressed and come with me, please.” Lee sat up in bed and threw his legs over the side and grabbed for his pants.

“What’s going on?”

“Mom, got in a serious car accident tonight. Apparently, no one could get a hold of either one of us.” Lee stood up and dressed quickly. “Dad, it’s not looking good, but I don’t know everything. She was hit by a drunk driver, she’s in surgery. That’s all I really know, I walked into the hospital and then came to get you.”

Leroy took his father to the hospital to wait with everyone else. Finally, the doctor came out and said they have her in the ICU, with instructions that only two family members at a time could see her. So Lee and Allison went in, Allison asked if Leroy wanted to go first, but he just shook his head.

Sue was laying there, she was barely awake, in a lot of pain, and almost in a full body cast. She started to cry when she saw Lee, he bent his head to kiss her cheek. Allison held her hand as they talked a bit. Allison said she will leave so someone else could come in. Every time when someone came out, they would ask if Leroy would like to go in and he would tell them no. Finally, when Jewels who was the last to come out and left Lee in there alone, Leroy got up and walked into the ICU, he didn’t go into the room, Leroy just looked in from afar. Lee looked up from talking to Sue and saw Leroy looking in and motioned for him to come in, but Leroy shook his head and walked out. When he came back out to the waiting area, Leroy told them he was going home, that he had to get ready for work, it was already almost eleven. Dave followed him out.

“Did you see her?” Dave asked.

“See, yes, I didn’t go into the room. Don’t need Sue getting all pissed off that I’m here worrying about her. Let’s just go home so we can get an hour of rest and head to work.” Dave took him home, and when they were in the house, Leroy turned and fell to his knees and cried. Dave, got down and held him.

“I’m sorry, Hon, I’m so sorry.” Dave was kissing his neck as he was holding him tight. After a while, Leroy came back to his senses and got up and went to take a shower. He really did have to go to work, and so did Dave. Dave waited until he was out to jump in himself; then they both laid down for a few hours before heading to work.

Leroy went to work and then on his way home he stopped off at the hospital, he went to the ICU waiting room and found his father and Allison there, the siblings were taking shifts staying at the hospital. He just sat down with them, not saying anything. Allison grabbed Leroy’s hand and held it. “I told her you were here, that you had to leave to go to work. She didn’t say anything. Leroy, please go in and see her.”

“I can’t, I’ll be here, but I can’t go in, she doesn’t want me, remember.”

“Leroy, she didn’t say, she didn’t want you here.”

“And she didn’t say she did. I’ll stay out here, it’s fine. When is the next visiting hour?”

“It’s coming up in a bit. If you change your mind, I don’t mind staying out here.”

Leroy just shook his head, and they sat there just talking, and when the time to go in came, Lee and Allison got up. Leroy leaned his head back against the wall and fell asleep. When the hour was up, they came back out to a sleeping Leroy, Dave and Patrick were sitting next to him. They were talking low when Lee and Allison walked in. “How long has he been asleep?” Allison asked.

“Don’t know, I found him this way when I walked in,” Dave responded. “I should probably wake him up and get him home. Did he go in?”

“No, he refused. Has he said anything?”

“When we got home, he broke down, but he didn’t say anything.”

“But he still cares for her.”

“Allison, he never stopped, it’s killing him she doesn’t want him around, hell it killed him to say what he said to her in the fit of anger,” Dave responded.

“Leroy never opens up to us, so we can never tell when he is hurting.”

“Allison it took me a long time to figure out when he would blow up, I knew something was bothering him, but now I know the signs. I knew that day in the restaurant he was going to blow, I was trying to get him out the door before he started yelling at Sue. When I got him home, and he wouldn’t move or talk, it killed me. He was hurting so bad. That night, I held him for the longest time before he stopped crying.”

“Stop talking about me like that. No one needs to know when I’m weak.” Leroy woke up.

“Yes we do, it’s nice to know my brother does cry, that he does have feelings. It doesn’t show you’re weak, it’s quite the opposite.” Allison responded.

“Nope, it shows I’m weak,” Leroy said as he stood up. “I need to go to bed, call if you need anything, and if you all want to use my house as a napping zone or food source, since I’m the closest, please do. You know where the key is, or I will just leave it unlocked.”

“Leroy, please go in and see your mother, I don’t think she will strike out against you,” Lee asked him.

“Dad, I can’t, I’m here, and this is all I can be. You know she’s not ready to forgive me, and she will stay quiet only because she doesn’t want strangers to know I’m gay. I need to get home and get some sleep before my shift, I’ll try to stop by before I head to the base today.” Allison gave him a hug and then Dave before they walked out of the waiting room.

“Your Dad is right, she won’t lash out at you.”

“I know, but she doesn’t want me here either. Anyways, where are you parked?”

Leroy walked Dave to his car because it was closer than his, he kissed and hugged him before he drove away. When he walked to his truck, he dropped into his seat and felt exhausted. Once he was home, he found Dave in the shower and decided to join him.

Leroy stripped as he was coming down the hallway to the bathroom. He walked in and asked Dave if he would like some company, Dave smiled and held the shower door open for him. Once Leroy was in the shower, he pushed Dave up against the wall and started kissing him. Dave was holding Leroy to him, he had his hands on his shaved head and neck, and then they would roam down his back and back up again.

Leroy was doing the same, but he had a handful of Dave’s hair in one hand as the other hand roamed. Dave slid down to his knees and kissed all around Leroy’s pelvic region, before taking Leroy’s cock and balls in his hands and kissed, licked and then started to suck his cock. Leroy now had both of his hands full of Dave’s hair, and he was pumping lightly into Dave’s mouth with his cock, Leroy was moaning softly.

Dave was more in control right now then Leroy, Leroy did pump in and out of Dave’s mouth, but Dave was running the show. He was licking and sucking, and then he would move down to Leroy’s balls, lick and suck on those. Dave reached for the soap and lathered up Leroy’s ass and started sticking a finger inside, as he started sucking his cock again he was rubbing two fingers against Leroy’s prostate, which caused Leroy to moan even louder and buck his hips. It was bringing Leroy closer to an orgasm.

Dave stood up, he didn’t top much, but he turned Leroy around to face the wall and pushed up inside of Leroy. “Oh, God, Dave.” Dave started with small thrusts, then pulled almost all the way out and shoved it back in. Leroy was moaning. “Dave, shit.” Dave kissed the back of Leroy’s neck, he reached around, grabbed Leroy’s cock and started jerking him off as fast as he was thrusting into Leroy’s ass.

When it became too much for Leroy to handle, he erupted, which caused him to tighten his ass around Dave and caused Dave to come. Dave pushed Leroy against the wall, and they stayed like that for a bit before Dave softened, and he pulled out of Leroy. Leroy turned around, hugged and kissed Dave, and they finished their shower and went to bed naked, Dave spooned Leroy.

Dave woke before Leroy late that morning, he was dragging his fingers lightly over Leroy’s hip, which made him start to stir. Leroy could feel Dave’s cock up against his ass, he likes it when Dave takes control, but he will never tell him because Dave likes it more when Leroy is in control. Leroy smiled and turned over to face Dave. “I love you, Dave.”

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