Dave Sucked His Cock When He Fell Asleep

My name is Dave and I am 25 years old and unmarried. I have had several girlfriends some of which I have had enjoyable sex. I broke up with my last girlfriend, Sue, about six months ago when I moved into my own apartment in the city 50 miles away from her home. I guess the distance was too far for both of us.

It was a nice apartment, with two bedrooms, kitchen with a table, and a nice size living room for watching TV. I wanted an extra bedroom for friends and family to visit me. The rent was quite expensive, but I thought I could swing it. I was wrong, and after six months I was looking for a roommate to share the cost and so I put an add in the paper.

Because I have not had any sex for some time, I would occasionally rent a triple X rated movie, and jack off while watching it. This was satisfying for a while, but then it became the same old thing. This time I rented two video’s, one was with two girls and a guy, and the other was a gay flick with three guys. I had never watched a gay video before and looked forward to seeing it. I enjoyed watching the first one with the guy and two girls while sitting in only my white jockey shorts. It was pretty good, and I enjoyed a nice warm cum while I stroked my cock.

The next night I followed the same script, stripping to my jockey shorts and put on the gay flick. This was very different, and as soon as I saw two naked guys tongue kissing while stroking each others cock’s, my cock started to throb and twitch in my underpants. I watched as they laid down in bed, and the one guy start to lick and suck on the cock of the other guy. I could not believe how hot that made me feel. They went to a 69 position and began sucking cock madly. The close up of their lips sliding up and down on the cock’s made me almost cum. Then a third guy came into the scene and after putting KY lube on his cock and the top guy’s ass, started to slide his cock in and out of his ass. This one guy was having his cock sucked and was sucking a nice cock, while having another cock pumping his ass. WOW this was a hot scene and I shot my cum fast. It made me so hot I kept jerking my cock and in a short time shot another hot load all over my stomach. I slept soundly that night.

A few days later, I received a call from a guy that was very interested in sharing the apartment and the cost. He came over to look at my apartment and agreed to move in. His name was Tim and he was 21 years old. He seemed to be a clean and friendly guy and was close to my size. He did not have much to bring with him, other than his clothing, lap top computer and some personnel items. He moved in with me the following day.

The first night he arrived we had a very strong thunder and lightning rain storm that shook the windows. I did not sleep that good because of the storm. I asked Tim while we were having breakfast if he was disturbed by the fierce storm. He told me that because he has insomnia, his Doctor prescribed a very powerful sleeping pill that he takes before bedtime every night. He said the pill makes him a very sound sleeper and he never even heard the thunder. He said that once he falls asleep, he normally does not wake up until around 7:00 in the morning. After eating, we both went in different directions to work.

A few nights later, we sat around chatting and watching TV getting to know each other better. We both seemed to like the same things and got along well. We discussed our sex lives and he told me his last girlfriend gave him great blow jobs which she seemed to enjoy giving and he loved them. I told him a little about the different positions I used to fuck my last girlfriend including anal sex which she loved. I told him how she enjoyed sitting on my face while I licked and sucked her pussy until she came all over my mouth. He seemed to get hot just listening to this.

Around 10 PM he took a shower and said he was going to bed. He had on silk or nylon boxer shorts which plainly shower the outline of his cock as he walked by. It was pretty warm outside and I did not have air conditioning, so Tim went to bed in his just boxer shorts. I thought about the gay video and the possibility of me sucking Tim’s cock, and felt a swelling of my own dick. I said goodnight, took my shower and went to bed in my jockey shorts only.

As I laid in bed thinking about the gay video and seeing Tim’s cock through his boxer shorts, my cock became rock hard. I wondered what it would be like to stroke Tim’s cock and feel my lips slide around it, to feel his cock slide in and out of my mouth past my tongue, to feel his cum flowing in my mouth. I thought I would cum just thinking about it. I pulled out my cock and stroked it slowly, it felt really good, but I stopped before cumming. I put my cock back inside my shorts.

It was now about midnight and Tim should be sound asleep. He said after taking his pill, he does not wake up until 7 AM no matter what happens. Maybe I could peek into his bedroom to see if he is sleeping. I got up and quietly walked to his room, the door was opened slightly. It was warm outside, and the windows were open, a gentle breeze blew in through the screens. Between the city lights and the moonlight, it was light enough to see Tim lying on his back with the sheet covering him to his waist. His bare chest was clearly in view. He seemed to be sleeping. I opened the door and walked closer to the bed. I saw that he had a very smooth chest with no hair, very similar to my chest. I called out his name in a fairly loud voice and he did not respond or move. I moved next to the bed, touched Tim’s arm and shook him a little. Still no reaction. I lifted up the sheet and pulled it down past his ankles.

There he was lying before me in just his silky boxer shorts. I could see the outline of his cock. I sat down on the side of the bed and placed my hand on his outer thigh and moved it slowly up across the silky shorts and stopped on his cock. No sign of Tim moving. Now I could feel the outline of his cock through his shorts and it was nice. I started to rub it gently and I could feel it growing and as I continued to move my hand his cock started to get hard. I grew bolder. I opened the one button on his shorts and that allowed me to open his fly very wide. His cock was right there. My heart was pounding and my pulse racing as I looked at that hard cock just inches from my hand. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I had to touch it. I reached into his shorts and placed my hand around the hard cock and slowly pulled it out. I opened up the fly a little wider and was able to expose his balls.

What a beautiful sight. Tim’s cock was about 7 inches long, not too thin or too thick with a nice deep pink head. How hard and smooth his cock felt in my hand. I could not believe I was feeling another man’s cock and trembled from excitement. I started to stroke him gently and was rewarded with seeing his pre cum start to leak out onto the head of his cock. I rolled my finger around the tip of his cock head and it became slick with the pre cum. I put my finger to my mouth and tasted it. I loved it and I wanted more. I stroked his cock slowly with one hand and cupped his balls with my other hand.

I thought I heard a slight moan from Tim’s lips but he still didn’t move. I removed one hand from his balls and lowered my head close to his cock. I could smell how fresh and clean his body was after his shower. I moved my lips to the tip of his cock and licked all around it. I could taste his pre cum juice and it made me very hot. The more I licked, the more juice flowed out. It was running down the side of his shaft. I stuck out my tongue and started to lick up his cock until I had all of his clear juice in my mouth. I wanted his cock in my mouth badly. I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and felt my lips pass over the head of Tim”s cock, I felt his cock slide over my tongue and was overcome with passion. I thought I was going to cum in my underwear. Tim started to moan as my lips moved up and down his hard cock. I couldn’t believe how much pleasure I felt sucking another man’s cock, and to know that I was making him feel good. It was a wonderful feeling.

My cock was throbbing and very wet, I could feel my juice wetting my shorts. I wanted to pull out my cock and jerk off right there, but I turned my attention back to Tim’s warm cock which was still in my mouth. I moved my head up over his cock head and then back down again. Now I could hear Tim moaning in pleasure. Each time I went back down his shaft I took more into my mouth. I wanted his whole cock to be inside my mouth and finally it was. My mouth was completely full of his cock and I could feel my lips touching his pubic hair. I felt the head of his cock pushing all the way to the back of my throat. I tried very hard not to gag and I didn’t.

I wanted to just stay there, not to move, and just enjoy the feeling I was having with a man’s cock in my mouth. I started moving my head up and down his hard shaft, sucking all the way up and all the way down. His pre-cum was flowing and my lips were coated with it. I was making slurping sounds each time I sucked on his cock. It was a wonderfully hot and sexy feeling and my cock was on fire. I wanted to feel Tim’s cum shooting in my mouth and it was not long after thinking that when I felt his cock start to throb and I got my wish. Tim was moaning a little louder now…, Aaahhh, Mmmmm…I felt the first spurt of his hot cum and he shot load after load into my waiting and anxious mouth, and I greedily swallowed it as fast as I could. It tasted delicious and I could not get enough of it. I just kept sucking his cock and moving my head up and down his shaft until I could feel it getting soft. I milked out every drop of his cum and licked it totally clean. I now know that I love cock and want to suck more cock soon. I carefully put Tim’s cock back into his shorts and buttoned them up. I pulled the sheet back to his waist and quietly left his room.

As soon as I got back to my bed, I took off my wet shorts and my stiff cock sprang up. I could still taste Tim’s cum in my mouth and I stroked my cock with one hand, and squeezed my balls gently with the other hand, until I shot a huge amount of cum all over my chest and stomach. I was totally drained and fell sound asleep as I thought of sucking Tim’s cock tomorrow night and every night.

While we were having breakfast the next morning, Tim told me about having this fantastic dream of getting a great blow job that drained him dry. He said it seemed to be so real he thought he had cum in bed. But he said there was no sign of any cum on him or the sheets. I told him I wish I could have a dream like that.

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8 thoughts on “Dave Sucked His Cock When He Fell Asleep

  1. TomofNorway says:

    Very hot scenario! Lucky Tim was under the influence of a sleep aide! This reminds me of a time not all that long ago when I was in the local hospital here for knee surgery, the result of old sports injuries I had repeated too many times and finally decided to take care of it surgically. The night following surgery I was placed in a semi-private room, with a man who had been visited by a grown son am daughter, most likely in their low 20’s. They were very good looking, as was their father on the other side of the curtain that separated us. When visiting hours were almost over, a nurse pulled back the curtain and it was the first time I had seen my neighbor in person. He was a masculine, handsome man with salt-and-pepper black/gray hair and a mustache. He was a hot looking man. He had a low, sexy voice to match his looks! With the knee immobilized I was pretty stationary in bed, but my neighbor roamed around the room freely, When the curtain separated we all introduced each other and had some good “small-talk”. When my neighbor’s son and daughter left, he and I had very friendly conversation.
    The dinner trays had been removed, and with nothing of interest on the one TV high on the wall in the left corner of the room, lights were out, no nurses around, and with the dividing curtain still pulled back, my neighbor began pretty much whispering or speaking softly. We talked about where we were from, careers, etc. As I mentioned my neighbor was a handsome, striking ;looking man. He had a dark mustache, just slight touches of grey, extremely tanned, and sported a crew cut. He also was a very hairy man (just like me), and he had thick patches of chest hair protruding from his hospital gown. Having met his son and daughter and listened to him in conversation all day, I just assumed the man was straight.
    I’ve always been a “gym rat” of sorts, sticking pretty much to a bodybuilding routine to keep my 6’3″ ‘Viking’ frame looking it’s furry muscular best, and when I moved here to South Florida from the Southern California desert in Palm Springs, I was asked to be the first “Poster Boy” for what was to become the annual “WOOF FEST”, and I performed in a couple porn movies for “On Top Wrestling Productions”, then several more for Pantheon Productions (“Older4Me”), and I had done a few photo shoots. So my image had been seen widely in many places. It was at this dark, quiet time in the hospital my neighbor in the next bed confided by blatantly and emphatically whispering “YOU’RE HOT TOM!” – for which I genuinely thanked him, as surprised as I was – and further to my utter surprise he whispered as loudly as he could without being overhead by nurses in the next room or down the hall …. “I have a big picture of you in my locker!” …. and as he spoke he was leaning on his right side, head raised in my direction, and even though it was dark, I could see him groping himself as he was whispering to me – obviously horny and the need for release getting more urgent.
    I was horny as well, since my hot hospital room neighbor had admitted his feelings for me, and through the darkness I could see a rapid movement by my neighbor and a wet, “slapping” noise, obviously masturbating in the bed next to me. I wanted to join him in the worst way, but my better judgement made me realize a nurse or nurses – could intrude at any moment, so I kept my eyes closed feigning sleep, but I had pulled my covering sheet all the way down to my ankles and opened wide my hospital gown, partially because it was very warm (as hospital room temperatures historically are), but in a flash of “exhibitionism”, I really wanted my horny, jerking neighbor to see my thick, uncut cock protruding out of a thick forest of dark blond pubic hair. Knowing my neighbor was jerking and staring, my thick cock twitched and ‘poured’ pre-cum, glistening in the dark!
    I sensed movement in the dark, and with my eyes just squinting ever so slightly open, my neighbor was stealthily moving from his hospital bed over toward mine, with his left fist constantly pumping his cock! I was a little concerned that nurses my enter at any time, yet I was sexually aroused, while still feigning sleep. I pretended to stir in my sleep and spread my legs further apart, right leg bent as if to push my crotch forward as fully exposed as possible. Then I felt the VERY warm, big hands of my neighbor brush lightly over the fur of my extremely large sac, and long fingers fondle and lift my thick penis. The neighbor knelt down on the left side of my hospital bed and I clearly heard him sniffing my package! (This was one of my biggest sexual turn-ons: “man-aroma” – or the intoxicating aroma of a mans cock flesh, crotch sweat, ass funk, and it drives me wild! he stronger the better!!). He held my cock and sniffed and let out an audible “Oooooh!”, to which my cock involuntarily twitched and jumped, drooling more pre-cum he used to lightly slick the walls of my penis. He was stroking continually, and as I pretended to continue sleeping – even with a raging, thick and drooling uncut cock, as I lay there with legs spread open, throbbing dick. the man started convulsing, gasping as quietly as he could, and desperately trying to hold back screams! I could feel successive ropes of warm sperm shooting on me – the first rope shot up and laded on my right nipple and the body fur surrounding it, the second to the space between my pectorals, the third and fourth very copious spurts landed directly on my hard cock shaft and ,matting my thick pubic hair with warm pearly dollops of cum from my hospital neighbor.
    Just at that time., the large room door at the far end began to open, and with it came large streaks of light and the night nurse. I heard her ask my hospital roommate what he was doing out of bed, and he told her he had used the bathroom at the far end of the room. When the nurse had come into the room, I discretely pulled up the cover sheet loosely so as to not reveal any remnant of what had actually just taken place.
    A little while later when all was dark and quiet, I pulled down the cover sheet, and still sporting pools of cum my neighbor had manufactured and directly delivered “on” me, I could smell the strong cum aroma, which was even more of a turn-on, and I ran my finger through the first rope of my neighbor’s cum, and equally circled some on my left nipple and the surrounding fur, I fingered the large dollop between my pecs, and ran it up and down the fur in my ass crack, taking another dab and fingered inside my hairy, wet hole …. then all the remainder which had soaked my cock and pubic hair, I lathered all over my shaft, a glob fingered inside and around my foreskin, and continued to masturbate with my neighbor’s cum, and the orgasm was the strongest I had in years!!!!

  2. tom says:

    I took care of a handicapped friend of mine for about 9 years until his death. He was much younger than me. He asked me to read the bible to him so he could fall asleep. He slept naked……he covered up n i lay on the bed reading n we both fell asleep. During the night i woke up feeling a hand on my cock……he was stroking my cock n i had gotten hard………not sure if he waz actually asleep or not. I had really never played much with a guys cock. It felt good with him jacking me…….i reached over n took his cock in my hand….it was hard so i jacked it……..he got me so horny i shit my cum everywhere n i loved him jackin my cock off. After that night we realized what was happening and started sleeping in the same bed…..playing all the time

  3. Billy says:

    Awesome! I love playing with my girlfriend’s pussy as she’s asleep and sometimes jack off on her as well- she’s cool with it and it’s hot!

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