Gay Slave Get’s Spit Roasted Pt 7

Joe has a butt plug in his ass. Shane carefully removes it then proceeds to lick Joe’s puckered ass. I feel a pain in my groin and I realize my cock is trying to break free of my chastity device.

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College is slow today, I’m finding it difficult to concentrate. I keep looking at my phone thinking I may have missed Sir’s text message. It’s been nearly a week since I last saw him and I so need sex right now.

The lunch time bell rings and we all pile into the corridor. I head to the toilets to relieve my self but as I enter I bump into Shane and Joe. How the fuck do they manage to do that? I flinch and close my eyes and wait for them to hit me but they don’t. I open my eyes to see them looking at me nervously.

“Ready?” Joe says to Shane.

“Yeah I guess so,” Shane replies looking as though he’s being made to do something that he really doesn’t want to do, “Let’s get it over and done with.”

Both boys get on their hands and knees and begin to worship me.

“Oh master, we are sorry for all the wrong we did you, please forgive us,” they say together. “We are your humble servants and will do as you wish.”

I’m stunned,

“W-w-w-what are you doing?” I ask nervously.

The boys look at each other with a puzzled look on their faces then Joe looks up at me.

“We were told to do this, didn’t you know about it?” He asks.

“Know about what?” I ask

“Show him,” Shane says.

They both stand up.

“Look,” Joe says and promptly drops his trousers and pants. I panic a little thinking he is about to force his cock on me again when I see it. There wrapped around his cock is a chastity device, I’m stunned. Shane follows suite and likewise there on his cock is another chastity device. I’m standing there with my mouth wide open in disbelief then the penny drops.

“Oh my god! You! I-I-I,” I struggle to say it, “I fucked you!”

I start laughing, in fact I’m laughing so hard that tears are coming to my eyes.

“This sucks,” I hear Shane say as they pull their trousers back up.

I lose it.

“You think this sucks?” I yell, “What about all the time you picked on me? When you beat me up? Ripped my clothes and stole my books? You made my life a fucking misery! Don’t you think that sucked for me? This is no more than you deserve! YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!”

I’m shaking. I’m expecting them to get up now and beat shit out of me but I’m on a roll.

“Well I’m glad this has happened to you and I’m glad I got to fuck you. Now you know how it feels to be humiliated. I hope you hated every minute of it.”

My heart is racing and I’m just waiting for them to strike.

“Actually I kinda liked it,” Shane said looking at the floor.


“Yeah, me too,” Joe adds.

I look at them, I think my mouth must be wide open.

“Look,” Joe continues, “we really are sorry, and we want to make it up to you.”

“I don’t believe you,” I say, “You’re only saying that so you can get those things off.”

“No really, we want to be friends,” Shane adds.

I look at him not sure what is going on. I know that Sir will have made them say this by hanging blackmail over their heads.

“What has sir told you?” I ask.

“He’s told us to do anything you ask us to do,” Joe replies.

“Ok prove it,” I say.

“What do you want us to do?” Shane asks.

“I want you to rim Joe,” I command.

They look at each other and nod. Joe turns round and drops his trousers and shorts. Shane is soon on his knees and as Joe bends over I see a butt plug in his ass. I snigger as Shane carefully removes it then proceeds to lick Joe’s puckered ass. I feel a pain in my groin and I realize my cock is trying to break free of my chastity device.

“Ow,” I hear Joe complain as he reaches under to adjust his device.

“Ok that’s enough,” I say not wanting to endure any more pain.

Shane stops and re-inserts the butt plug, then Joe pulls up his trousers.

I still have a lot of hate for these two for what they have done to me in the past but I think I’m going to have a lot of fun getting payback. I think I must be smiling.

“What’s so funny?” Joe asks.

“Oh nothing, I’m just going to really enjoy making you my bitch boys,” I reply.

“Does that mean you’re going to fuck us again?” Shane asks.

“Yeah I guess so,” I reply.

Shane lets out a small whimper and grabs his crotch.

“My god, you really want it don’t you?” I realize. They both nod.

Just then my phone vibrates, I dig in my pocket and pull it out. Almost straight away Joe’s and Shane’s phone’s chirp as they receive a text message. It’s from Sir.

“Be at the van outside college gates at five thirty, call your mother and tell her you’re staying over again.”

“At last!” Joe says.

I look at him, “Sir want’s to see you too?” I ask.

“Yeah, we got to be at the van at five thirty,” he replies.

“Well looks like you might just get it tonight then,” I say as I walk out of the toilets.

I’m not sure what to expect tonight but I’m sure Sir has something planned very special for them.


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