Gay Student Seduces Male Teacher

The youngest of three boys, I guess you would have expected me to get used to the sight of the male nude. But my parents were real prudes, and went on about nudity being dirty. They never really differentiated between male and female nudity, so I never did either. I realized that I was bi as soon as I was old enough to learn about sex at all.

There weren’t many bi guys at college, which is why I spent time surfing for mates online. I found plenty too. All sorts of different guys, with all sorts of ideas. I mean, I had a girlfriend or two as well – I didn’t want people to know I was that way. College is tough enough, but my parents had sent me to an Evangelical school!

Anyway, I was going through the archives of one of my favorite sites, Buck Hunter, when I found something a couple of years old that made me sit up with a bolt. A young face with a stiff cock in his mouth looked very familiar! Clicking on the link, I went to the index page and gasped. It was unmistakably one of my college tutors!

Mr Wild, one of the youngest teachers, was there on the screen before me! The video was outstanding! Like all the Buck hunter videos, it showed one of the team cruising normal (i.e. Straight) bars for pick-ups, offering cash if necessary for poor straight guys to bend a little. Mr Wild took little persuasion to head ‘back to their place’ to hang out by the pool, appearing in a tight pair of bikini pants lent to him by one of his seducers. In no time, he was getting oiled up by Brad and Andy, clearly a little drunk. It wasn’t long before they all ‘decided’ to go nude, revealing a trio of half-hard and very handsome cocks.

From the sideways glances Mr Wild (or ‘Charlie’) was giving the other men, it was obvious he was attracted to them, and Brad started the bidding low. Just fifty dollars later, Charlie had Brad’s hard cock in his mouth. He was a bit inexperienced, and choked on Brad’s load, covering his face, but Brad wasn’t complaining. Andy went next, whilst Brad started teasing Charlie’s cock.

After Mr Wild swallowed Andy’s jizz, they lay him down, stroking his body all over, but hardly touching his cock, which stood up a proud six or seven inches. Brad eventually started teasing the base of Mr Wild’s prick as Andy went for the kill, getting Mr Wild to beg for oral sex. Andy got Mr Wild to agree to be fucked, even to beg for it, before producing a contract. Supposedly it was an agreement to sex, so he couldn’t accuse them of anything later, but I’m sure there was a rider about film release in there.

Once the contract was signed, Mr Wild’s cock disappeared into Brad’s talented mouth. The next few minutes of the film showed Mr Wild writhing as his cock was expertly sucked by Brad. Andy disappeared briefly, returning with a massive hard-on, gleaming with lube.

As Andy stroked his thick shaft, Mr Wild cried out, bucking at the hips as his come poured into Brad’s warm throat. The two of them moved as one for several seconds, until Brad sat back and wiped his mouth. Mr Wild lay gasping for breath, legs wide apart, and his almost-hard cock visibly pulsing on his belly.

Brad moved aside, and lifted Mr Wild’s lower body, whilst Andy shoved a cushioned wedge under him. This left Mr Wild with his body bent up at the waist, his arse exposed completely. Andy knelt between his legs, whilst Brad lifted his legs up. The camera moved round to show Andy’s thick shaft pushing into Mr Wild’s virgin arse as he cried aloud.

This was one of the sexiest videos ever! Admittedly, knowing it was my teacher made it sexier, but watching Andy expertly fuck the arse of a slim but handsome man was incredibly erotic. Mr Wild must have been tight, as Andy was clearly getting excited after just a few minutes. He pulled out, and flipped Mr Wild over onto all fours before thrusting back in again, buggering him vigorously.

As Mr Wild howled, his erect cock spurting onto the floor beneath him, my own cock began to jerk and I came into my fist as I wanked in front of the computer.

I cleaned myself up as the video kept playing; Mr Wild taking Brad’s cock in his ass, then spit-roasted between the two men. Mr Wild showering, and sucking off Andy in the shower. Then they made him wank in front of them, catching his come in his hand and making him drink it. They kept the drink flowing, so he was clearly pretty lubed as they reached a finale, dressing him up in a tiny cheerleader’s outfit and a wig. He blew them both once more before they waved him off, clearly forgetting the way he was dressed, tottering down the street in a tiny skirt, panties and a boob tube.

I saved the video to my hard drive, and set the computer to burn a copy. Then I set it to play again, and took my cock in my hand…

I knew that the Buck Hunter films were genuine now, having wondered whether they were actually actors. But this one was kind of special. It showed me that Mr Wild (nicknamed ‘Mr Mild’ at school) was not just bisexual, but something of a submissive. The more I watched it, the more I could see him getting into it. He was clearly resistant at first, but the offer of cash (and not very much cash) had been enough to overcome his inhibitions, and presumably stop worrying about his motivations. By the time he was turned on, he had really been begging to be fucked, and had clearly enjoyed being humiliated and used. He also looked pretty good as a girl.

My own thoughts were following the plot of the film. With the threat of exposure, my newly-qualified teacher would have little choice but to do what I wanted. And I wanted him…

I waited until I had thought out what I wanted. I borrowed a digital camera and camcorder from a friend in the photography club. I also did some shopping on line. Mr Wild was going to be mine completely.

It was coming up to a four-day weekend, and most everyone was making plans. But I’m sure no-one else’s were like mine. When the girls in class asked, Mr Wild said he was planning just to relax at home. I told my own parents I’d be hanging out at the lake camping with friends.

I wasn’t due to see Mr Wild on Thursday, so I made my move on Wednesday after class. I made an excuse to stay back, and then slipped a DVD into the computer. I closed the blinds, taking the time to lock the door as I did. Then I put it on.

Poor Mr Wild. I actually felt a little sorry for him at first. He went pale at the Buck Hunter logo, and his jaw hit the floor when he saw himself.

We didn’t watch the whole thing – this DVD was all about the edited highlights, and only lasted five minutes. At the end, he was trembling and ashen-faced. He begged me not to show anyone.

“I wasn’t planning to,” I said. “I think it’s a great video. But I figure a lot of the guys around here wouldn’t find it as hot as I do. Some might even think it was a bit weird. I can’t imagine what the principal might think – you know what he says about homos. Asshole.”

“No, that’s right. Just between us.” Said Mr Wild gratefully. “Thank you Matt”

“Oh that’s okay,” I said. “You can thank me later. I really wanted to share this with you – the way you were so wild and sexy back then. Maybe see if you could ever be that way again some time.”

“I, uh… I don’t know Matt. I don’t even remember that much of what happened, I was so drunk” he said warily.

“Really. Well, we should watch the whole thing”, I said brightly, holding up a second DVD. “I’ll come round to your place after school tomorrow. It’ll be great!”

“Matt – I could get fired for that” he said in a low tone. “It’s like, corrupting a minor. You’re only just eighteen.”

“You let me worry about that, Mr Wild. In fact, just relax about it and let me make the decisions. I’ll be there at six.”

I tossed him the DVD, and walked off. He called after me plaintively, but I ignored him. He had to learn there was no room for debate. He was mine.

Mr Wild called in sick the next day. I can’t say I was all that surprised. I’d be worried sick in his place. Luckily I had already done my research, and knew where he lived.

I had a great day, laughing to myself when I palmed people off with some lie about the weekend. Everyone thought I’d be visiting relatives, and in fact I’d be having the wildest weekend of all, fucking one of the cutest men I’d met in years. I could hardly wait, and ended up knocking on his door at just after four.

When Mr Wild opened the door, he wasn’t looking his best. He had long dirty-blonde hair, usually pulled back in a shoulder-length ponytail but now askew in a big jumble. His trimmed goatee had a piece of fluff in it, and his shirt was untucked.

“Matt! How did you..?” he started.

“I just didn’t want to wait, Mr Wild. I mean, I’ve been looking forward to tonight for weeks!”

“Matt, you can’t expect me to… To DO anything like this again, can you?”

“Oh yes!” I said abruptly and definitely. “Pretty much everything like that actually.”

His eyes widened. “I can’t, Matt.” he whined.

I stepped inside and pulled the door closed. “You can. And you will.”

He shook visibly, his mouth opening but no sound coming out. God, this was easy. He was a born submissive. I put my hands on his shoulders, gently pressing down. He sank to his knees in front of me, barely into his house.

“You know what to do,” I said firmly. One last time, he tried shaking his head.

“Please, Matt?” he begged.

“Take it out, and kiss it.” I ordered him.

His head hung, but after a moment, his hands were unzipping my fly, and I felt air on my already half-hard cock as he pulled it out. Uncut, I had five inches soft, and as he began to kiss my shaft it expanded, rapidly reaching its full eight and a half inches. I didn’t need to give him any more instructions, and he stretched his lips around my thick shaft – almost seven inches around – and began to suck.

His technique was simple, but he made up for this in enthusiasm as his head bobbed back and forth on my heavy cock. I was close in minutes, and was sure he could tell.

“I’m going to come in a minute,” I said in a slightly strained voice. “And I want you to swallow it all.”

He didn’t respond in any way, so I pressed him.

“Look at me! Now, blink slowly if you understand me.”

He obeyed, slowly closing his deep blue eyes.

“Now, you’re going to swallow my load, understood?”


“Oh yeah! Yeah that’s it.” I got more excited seeing him so subservient, and my orgasm came on fast.

“Aaaaaah!” I cried, orgasming excitedly into his mouth. His cheeks bulged as I pumped his mouth full of my spunk, and he took a gulp, swallowing deeply. I watched as my orgasm faded, more come pumping into his waiting mouth.

He didn’t miss a drop.

After recovering, I took him upstairs to the bathroom where I told him to shower, shave his legs, and then shave off his goatee. I talked over his protests, ignoring them as I gave him a couple of razors, and shaving gel.

“You’ve got twenty minutes,” I said. Then I went to unload the bags from my car.

Twenty minutes later, he was clean-shaven and showered, dressed in a light shirt and chinos.

“Right, we’re off out.” I announced. “Bring your wallet”.

“Where are we going?” he asked as he locked the house. I held my hand out for the keys.

“I made an appointment at the Springs day Spa for you.” I told him. “Come on, I’m driving.”

I took him down to the day spa, briefly explaining that I had booked a course of treatments for him. He would get a slight haircut and salon conditioning, a ‘back, sack and crack’ waxing, a facial, an enema, and a whole-body seaweed wrap. I’d pick him up in two hours.

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