A Little Bit of Gay Tease and Denial

Gay Tease and Denial

Spread eagle is my definitely my favorite bondage position. I love it. Tying at the feet is not always necessary, but the hands, absolutely. Even though a pair of cuffs in the middle do have their place, I’m a firm believer in hands at the corners. Some sort of strapping under the bed, whatever… we just want his arms out. Face up, of course.

You will need:

— a bed

— some kind of restraint system

— your favorite lubricant (lots)

— a cock ring (a must)

— a feather or some silk

— a prostate toy

— and minty gum can be nice.

No need for a blindfold… believe me, his eyes are your friend. You might also keep a glass of water–gotta keep those spit and sweat glands pumping. Ice water if you’re a bitch. And a word on gagging… it’s up to you! But if you’re gonna gag a rubber gag ball is the best. Let’s get started!

Get your man on your bed (if there’s a clock in the room, hide it). Get him on his back and give him a kiss. A pillow under his head is good. And he’s naked, right? Completely naked? You don’t have to be, but don’t wear a suit. Adjust the wrist restraints so you can fit one finger between the material and his skin. You want barely any wiggle room in his arms. And his legs, that’s up to you. Being bound on the bed and all accessible is going to make him squirm whether his legs are forced straight or not. I say leave em.

Tease and denial is the name of the game here. Or “edging” if you like. And edging it is. We’ll be taking him riiiight to the edge of an orgasm, more than a few times. You know you’re doing well if you lose count. I hope your blowjob skills are up to date, ’cause tongue is king here. Not to say it’s your only asset (it’s not)… but subjecting him to excruciating asshole torture can come a bit later. In case it’s not clear already, this guide is written from a man’s perspective, so if you’re not one some parts of it may not be applicable.

So! Your slave is bound and the fun can begin. What’s first? Well, “what’s first” is the part that I don’t really know about. I hope the setting is nice, the light not too bright…the room not too cold. I like to get on top for a moment after the second wrist restraint is on, give him a hickey, then slither down to his knees. Scratch his stomach and sides on the way down. Yeah, pull and pinch his balls. Keep your wrists up for this… and produce your bottle of oil. Hope you taste tested it first.

Mmmm, oil. Whatever it is you use, it’ll warm up in your hand and be a little more liquidy. We don’t need it yet, though. By now it’s time to take something off. I keep my jock on a little longer but it’s suffocating my throbbing erection. So get slippery… it’s easy to start with your arms, and then your chest and beyond. Show him how slippery. It’ll make little suction noises when you dump it on your hands and on to his body. Cover everything in front of you, down to his knees, up to his nipples, only enough on his cock to get it shiny. Don’t be afraid to get your underwear wet. When you’re both coated, get right on top of him again. You can probably feel gravity pulling you towards his feet. The good thing about having his legs unrestrained is you can position your chest nicely between his thighs on the down stroke, then sliiide back up to his face and do it again. Maybe lick his eyeballs.

Sit on his stomach now, on your knees again (a regular position, you’ll find), him facing your ass. Pour or squirt some lube into your palm and hold it for, oh, ten seconds. Then cup your hand with it up under his balls, and drag the liquid up to his belly button. Ooh, all slippery, all of a sudden. Grasp his cock below the head and slide your hand back down again, and massage his balls some more (it’s amazing if they’re shaven). Put your thumb and forefinger in an ok position around the base of his cock, above the balls, and squeeze. Draw your hand up a little and see that cock head bulge… every nerve ending standing at attention. You can release him now because it’s time for the cock ring. I prefer the simple rubber O ring that leaves his balls free, and recommend it. Slide it on, right to the base. Maybe give him a minute to cool down first if you have to.

Now it’s time for part one of I don’t know how many: the slow, grueling handjob. It’s going to be very tasty indeed. I have a big smile on my face, perched on his knees, looking into his eyes and licking my teeth. What a view he has: my face, neck, bare shoulders, and his big, helpless cock wrapped in my slick fingers. A nice little exclamation point. With the cock ring on properly, his cock is… hard. Don’t forget it. The cock ring is a must-have for 90% of the time. The cock ring’s doing some work for you in keeping his penis bigger, harder, more sensitive and for longer. It also prolongs cumming, which is nice. Would you like to prolong cumming?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I’d say for now stay at his knees. Have one hand by his stomach and the other around his dick. Tickle, rub, caress and massage the head. Your fingertips have a little texture and it’s good for this. Make a fist above the head and sliiiide the cock through your liberally lubricated hand, and then the next above it. Keep one hand working his balls while the other is up and down the shaft, getting just high enough to touch the head. But this isn’t really a handjob guide… it’s up to you to know how to get him real worked up in your hands, just shy of cumming. And I mean real shy. Don’t take any chances if he’s looking ready bust a nut ’cause game’s over if he does, unless you’re into a little POT.

After the third or fourth almost-orgasm, just stop. Release his cock (I didn’t say take the ring off) and take a break. Lie down next to him, ask him how he’s doing. Probably a mess already. If he’s been talking a lot and annoying you feel free to gag him. Ball gags are best. You can also shut him up with some tongue and a little gravity-biased spit swapping. Reach down and stroke his cock. I say gag him. If he doesn’t he’s never getting out. Ha ha, look at those eyes.

Get back on top of him, looking away. Sit on his chest… or his neck. Don’t worry, he can breathe. Get out your oil. He’s likely to groan at the click of the bottle closing. That’s right, slow grueling handjob part two. Slap some lube on his cock and get busy again. It should take less than five minutes to get him to orgasm, so go for four and a half. Give it a couple minute cool down period each time, literally if there’s a pot of water for hot hands…

Take off his gag for a minute. Don’t worry, you’ll get it back on. Lie on top of his body and tell him you’re going to suck his cock. See the slightly pained expression. Tell him you’re going to eat him alive. I like to tell him to kiss me if he wants to cum, and have him suck my lips off. Save your saliva, put the gag back and reverse yourself. Apply some fresh grease and get into the 69 position. Jack him off and fuck his face good and hard. This takes skill because you have to stop you and him for coming. 

Ooh, the blowjob, about the most vindictive instrument of torture at your disposal. Pleasure-torture, of course, but torturous none the less. Have your hands intertwined around his balls and the base of his cock, and point the thing at your lips. Tell him it’s just inches away. He can feel your hands and your breath while he gets face fucked.. Told you a blindfold wasn’t necessary. That said, presentation isn’t as important now either.

Press his cock against his stomach and give his balls a lick. In fact, give his balls the whole hog all over again. Lap away like a dog on peanut butter. Tongue, tongue, tongue. Not the best from this angle though, so back to the shaft. Do a sloppy harmonica kiss up its length and back down the other side. Do it again… then let the tip of your tongue wander along the base of the head, all around… you’ll probably have been introduced to precum by now. Precum is the bomb. In fact, precum is a reward, and you want more of it. And god knows his dick wants more of your saliva. Yes, saliva, the wonderful renewable fluid of many useful and interesting applications. Put it on his dick. Lots of it. Big, long, flat licks are good for applying the stuff. So is outright drooling. It’s also recyclable… anyway, coat it.

Purse your lips in the  “prune” shape and plant them on the head. Lower your own head, slowly, keeping them pressed, sliding your lips over the head so he breaks through your kiss. I like to call this move “crowing” the dick. Mmm, cocksucking. In this context of extremely erotic tease and denial, this is where the head of his cock gets a good workout. Get both hands around the shaft and your mouth on the head for the full engulfing effect, or take him to your tonsils while he’s gasping. He should be gasping. He’s definitely feeling the restraints, for he really wants his hands on your ass. Or your head, or something, anything. Helpless as a little duckling. So employ to whatever effect you choose your lips, tongue, teeth, the cavity at the back of your mouth…the roof of your mouth, cheeks, did I say lips? Teeth are special. The mouth’s real power, there to tease and delight, nibble and horrify, perhaps making a gentle introduction as his cock glides past your cool, wet lips for the umpteenth time. His cock, still, sealed inside the tight, wet and very hot prison of your mouth, with your tongue the interrogator and no escape in sight. I’m sure it’s ecstasy, and ecstasy should last. For a real treat, squirt some (edible) lube in your mouth, let it sit for a moment, and suck him in. Loudly. Unseal your lips to allow some of the goo to dribble out. They call cumswapping snowballing because of the accumulation… keep slurping. No need for lip gloss with this kind of action.

Instead of popping him out of your mouth when he’s about to cum again, if you think he can handle it just keep him there, suspended in your mouth (oxygen free). In the 69 position your mouth and throat are positioned excellently for sucking cock. Deepthroat him if you can. You want him to really feel and experience the depth and unrelenting cocksucking power of your body. Give him a real tour of the orgasm factory, so to speak. With the cock ring, one merely needs a hand and the lightest touch at the base of his cock in order to point it about. You are his king tonight, so continue to make the most of it. Give him the most lascivious tongue lashing of his life. Snake it up, down and around the shaft, his belly button, his thighs, and all over the head. Pointed tongue, flat tongue, slurpy dripping loving tongue… he can feel your every taste-bud. Stop intermittently of course. One thing you’ll have to get used to is the sound of breathless disappointment.

I’ve described so far you being flat on his stomach, like a half of 69. If you are, after a good bit of luxury cocksucking, flip around, get your ass in the air, and…continue it. If you thought there was some spit content before, well. Give him a real working over all over again. Noticed you haven’t used any artificial lubricant in a while? Yeah. Look into his eyes, stick your tongue out all the way, and give him a big snail trail from under his balls to the tip of his cock. You probably know how to swish your tongue around with your mouth closed to stimulate more production. Have him watch you do this. Then, leave his cock flat on his stomach, lean over and, slowly, let a big fat string drip down past your lips and all over his cock and balls. Drool it. You’ll probably have to break it off at your chin, afterwards. Rub it in (to his dick, I mean), run your tongue up to the head again, hold it vertical, and do your best to make him squeal. What, you don’t want your dick sucked?

You should be at least an hour in. That cock’s been wet for a while. It’s had quite a bit of tongue. If you’re good at blowjobs, he’ll have done some work. And having been licked all over, he ain’t nothing but cock now. Reapply some oil and remind him. He’s probably moaning, panting, and unsure. Give his balls a scratch. The gag in his mouth will have been suppressing his complaints nicely, to say nothing of the feeling of helplessness it contributes. If this is his first time he’ll have never wanted to cum so badly in his life. Slow, drawn out, deliberate and agonizing tease and denial is a kind of extreme erotic frustration that in the process of inducing is, well, quite delicious. You can give your mouth a break now. Sit back at his knees, facing him, and produce your feather and/or strip of silk. If you manage both, all the better! Wiggle the point of the feather under and around his balls, maliciously target the head, and run it up to his neck. Aw, it’s just a little feather. Drape your piece of fabric on his dick and trace it over and around, or hold it at length and have it dance around his balls.

Set them aside. Did you bring some condoms? I hope so. Oil him up again and slip one on. Dribble a little oil on top, and put another one on! And one or two more, depending on their thickness (you probably don’t need to lube up the last one). Hoo boy. You’re going to fuck him like this. He’ll feel the heat but not your ass. So with a glint in your eye, climb on. Take him right to the hilt…I don’t want to know the noises he’s making. Grind away, but keep the strokes to a minimum. Is it unbearable? Of course not. So let’s turn the torture up to 11. After you’ve had enough of this, take the condoms off, all at once, release his cock, and have your asshole sit at the base of his shaft. Tell him this is gonna suck. Put your hands down on the bed beside him, and sliiiiide your asscrack up the length of the shaft just past the head. Slide back down. Groaning, muffled moaning and heavy breathing are all to be expected.

Be agonizing. Warm ass crack sliding on a cock in this state is a deadly, twisted move. You can be a little bit sadistic. Make his cock shine. I needn’t point out it’s the more sensitive underside of his cock you’re working with. So go extra slowly and ignore the whimpering. After a few minutes of this, get off, stand his cock up and plunge the whole thing deep into your ass. Not too fast though.  Lick some of the sweat off your victim’s face. Then lean back, keeping his dick confined the whole time. Then crawl up and bury his face in your ass, and purr while he struggles, his cock twitching, getting nothing but air.

What now? You want some cum soon? That can be obliged, if he isn’t ready for another slow, grueling handjob or getting sucked again. But he probably is… and how he gets off is, of course, up to you. Should he orgasm deep in your ass? I say no. Having him cum all over somewhere visible is more rewarding. You could take the gag off now too, but he might bite you. Get your tongue at the ready, and prepare for an XL spoonful of hot, sticky cum.

You know how to get him there… when he’s finally ready. I recommend the sloppy cum in mouth finish. Work him. This should be at least the 15th time he approaches a volcanic cum pop. So either get a hand on there and tongue him to the first squirt, or jerk him with Oily Hand. A hand around his balls either way. Right when he starts ejaculating, pop that bulging cock head in your mouth and get on the receiving end. Smile while it oozes past your lips and down to his balls, like so much spit before it. Cum play is where it’s at. I’d say make sure to get all the cum out, for a giggle during cleanup.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Gay Tease and Denial

  1. piperjohn2 says:

    Oh man this is awesome I would love to be treated like this and I would love to treat a great looking guy this wan and suck his balls dry and give his some of his cum back. Guess I have a sexual sadistic nature in me. I always want my wife tie me done on the bed, tease me then take me to climax several time then feed my cum back to me as a finally.

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