Gay Teen Wolf Finds Family Pt 1

Bound to a table with rope means an attempt at escape would be useless. I am useless. At first they asked simple questions. I was punished for every wrong answer.


Feeling out of sorts not sure where my mind is tonight but it is not in a peaceful place. Why would it be I’m currently being tortured?

Bound to a table with rope means an attempt at escape would be useless. I am useless. At first they asked simple questions: my name, birthday who my parents are? Then the questions got harder and I was punished for every wrong answer.

Currently I’m a junior in high school no siblings have never met my father and barely see the woman I call mom. She’s a whore. It’s not like men pay her or anything, at least I don’t think they do. But she’s never home and when she is it’s with some guy she just met. None of her relationships last longer than a used condom.

I hate my life. Having never met my dad I could at least pretend that he was this great, loving, caring parent. I believed that with all my heart until ten minutes ago.

The kidnappers called him told him point blank, “We have your son. We will hurt him if you don’t comply’ that was of course after they had stubbed out a few cigarettes into my side to get me to cry for effect.

They had the call on speaker so I heard his response it was strong and unwavering. “You say you have my son this must be some sort of sick joke.”

“I assure you Mr. Master’s this is no joke.” Glancing over at me he nodded to one of his henchmen who grabbed my hand breaking one of my fingers.

I screamed shaking and sobbing, but they continued with the call as if that was normal.

“I do believe Daniel disagrees with the joke theory as well.”

“Hmm interesting, but I don’t have a son named Daniel.” And then before any more demands could be made the man who was supposed to be my father or at the very least human said “Do your worst, I’m sure I’ll sleep peacefully tonight.” Then hung up.

I screamed at the top of my lungs realizing at that moment that he had just signed my death warrant.

They tortured me for information that I didn’t have and couldn’t possibly know. A broken beer bottle was drug across my cheek ensuring an unpleasant scar if I survived, which was a pretty big ‘if’.

Eventually they grew bored or tired, but the damage had been done I was already too dazed and traumatized to comprehend anything let alone pain. The grand finale to their abuse was a gang rape. That’s when my mind shut down leaving me in this broken body with no way to process all that had been done.

Paramedics found me naked on the side of the road curled in the fetal position unable to talk. Although death had yet to take me I prayed it would come soon.


“Caine is that you?”

“Yes who is this?”

“It’s Sheila. Can’t believe you’ve forgotten me.”

Gripping his phone tighter he took a deep calming breath. “What do you want,” he asked with a growl?

“Your son needs you.”

“Like hell you know as well as I that he is not mine. I’ve never claimed him before and I never will. Have a nice day Sheila.”

He was about to hang up when she shouted, “Damn it Caine wait!”

“What? I haven’t seen or talked to you in eighteen years and I was pretty happy about it why the hell would you call me now?”

“I need money.”

“Oh for the love of…” shaking his head in aggravation he tried to calm himself. She had this uncanny ability to piss him off with very little effort it didn’t matter that they had been together a lifetime ago or that he was older and wiser the minute he heard her name it was as if time had stood still. Old hurts, wounds resurfaced and reopened. Damn her. “What do you need the money for?”

“Aw you do care.”

Rolling his eyes he snorted, “Not hardly.”

“I remember a time when you did.”

“Sheila I’m hanging up.”

“YOUR son Daniel is in the hospital I can’t pay for it. They’re nickel and diming me to death and since you haven’t ever paid an ounce of child support I don’t think it’s too much to ask.”

“Maybe I do,” he offered in a raspy voice.

“God you’re so full of hate. You haven’t even bothered to ask me why our child’s in the hospital.”

“If he’s anything like you it’s no doubt a venereal disease.”

“That’s disgusting Caine seriously this is what you think of our son.”

“He is not ‘ours’. I’ve never met him and I have no need to. However, I will take the information on what hospital he’s currently in.”

“His birth certificate says otherwise and so would a team of attorneys.”

“Do not push me Sheila we both know that the likelihood of his being mine is slim. I can easily get a blood test to end this blackmail right now.”

“So sensitive. Alright I won’t push, but I would appreciate your help. He’s at St. Josephs under the name Daniel Masters.”

“I’ll look into this, don’t call me again Sheila. Good bye.”

Releasing a frustrated sigh he ran a hand through his hair. He had gone years without thinking of her and then suddenly out of the blue here she was to fuck him over one more time. No. He wouldn’t allow her near him or his family, not again. Releasing a calming breath he stared down at his phone once more.


“Yeah Caine, what’s up?”

“Just got a call from Sheila wanting money.”

Gage coughed choking on the beverage he had unwittingly sipped, making Caine laugh.

Once he was able to breathe again he growled, “What the hell?”

“I don’t know, some BS about a long lost son Daniel being at St. Josephs. Something seems off though, so how about you and I check it out? Say six-ish tonight.”

Releasing a sigh on the other end his brother nodded. “Yeah sure.”

A low baritone slipped into my consciousness, I could hear voices talking about me, fear that those men had returned, made me curl up tighter, whimpering.

He stood at the bedside in a charcoal suit made a sound of pain as he studied me. Swallowing the lump in his throat he tried to catch my eye. “D-Daniel?”

I was afraid so very afraid of what he would do to me covering my head with my arms I began to cry.

The nurse asked him a question but all he could do is shrug.

It wasn’t until I heard her coming down the hall that I truly wished for death.

She walked over to my bedside grabbing my arm, “Daniel stop this at once,” she yelled shaking me hard. “You need to tell these people who you are this place is too damn expensive for you to be staying here.”

Yelping I jerked back away from her. Yes part of me knew this was my mom, but that part wasn’t in charge at the moment. I began crying harder.

The nurse must have given her a death glare or something because she released me a minute later and left the room muttering something about worthless children.

The man in the suit sighed I heard him and then something inside me remembered I knew who he was. Uncle Gage, my horrible, hateful father’s younger brother. When I was little he would come over and take me places a few times I got to go with him and spend the night. He was nice to me. I drifted off into a chemical induced sleep with that little bit of hope that someone cared about me.

I woke later not really certain how many hours or days had passed, but Uncle Gage was at my bedside talking to a man. Two teenage boys were in the room as well.

“How the hell was I supposed to know they had Sheila’s boy? They said they had my son, I told them they didn’t period end of story.”

“He was fucking tortured Caine because you are his father.”

A teenager gasped causing Caine to turn in his direction. “Sorry son,” Running a hand through his hair he glared at Gage, “you two may want to go downstairs to the gift shop or something.”

Shaking his head, the teen mirrored his father’s movements frowning as he sighed, “Naw, I think I wanna hear this. So this kid is what? My little brother, or something?”

Gage shook his head, “He’s older. Nineteen.”

The boy looked nonplused. “He’s small for his age huh?”

Gage gave a tight smile, “Yeah, I guess.”

Caine glared not wanting to drag his sons into this situation. A part of him probably realized too late that he should not have brought them here, but didn’t want to take the chance that someone really was after his children.

Then the boy did something that surprised everyone in the room, he walked up to my bedside, leaned on the rail and whispered, “Hey big brother, I’m Draven. Your baby brother is over there,” he pointed to another teenager in the far corner not much younger than the one talking to me, “his name is Dillon.”

Caine walked up to him saying, “Son you don’t know his mother, but she’s…” he paused before continuing with his comment, “He’s not mine.”

Draven stood up-right quickly, looking his father square in the eye as he whispered angrily, “He just got fucked up by some bad-asses all because they thought he was your son. They didn’t kidnap me or Dillon they got him instead, and look what they did.”

Caine closed his eyes trying like hell not to picture one of his sons in the same condition.

“Dad he took the abuse that they would have gladly given to me. I don’t give a damn about blood. What he endured that makes him my brother!”

Holding Draven’s chin my father’s face was filled with so much love. “You make me so proud.”

Nodding he smiled then turned to look at my useless body once more.

Apparently this boy was offering what I’d always wanted a family complete with two brothers, but it was too late, I was too broken to appreciate them.

Draven and Dillon visited often, usually doing their homework while in the room, since I obviously wasn’t talking. It’s not that I didn’t want to talk to them it’s just my mind wasn’t ready yet, it was still scarred.

After their sixth visit, Draven gently reached out touching my hair in an affectionate way. “See ya around big brother.”

I didn’t flinch, which for me was a small miracle it also made my brother happy if his smile was any indication.

I could hear him in the hallway a few minutes later. “He let me touch him Dad.”

“That’s great son,” and although his words might be considered hopeful his tone wasn’t. He sounded sad and resolute.

“Why don’t you come in and say hi,” he asked somewhat bemused?

“He doesn’t need me nor would he want me after all he’s been through,” I heard him say gruffly.

“Jesus dad he’s the fucking poster child for needing you.” While I couldn’t see it, I’m certain there was a fair amount of glaring between the two.

“Watch your mouth,” there was no real heat behind his words.

“According to Uncle Gage his mom is no prize.” Draven rolled his eyes, “Surely you weren’t that desperate?”

Something inside me wanted to giggle. I often wondered why those men put up with her.

He said something that no kid wants to know about his mother and then entered the room quietly.

“D-Daniel.” He sounded more nervous than me and this man was a whole hell of a lot more intimidating than I could ever be. He was at least 6’4 with dark brown hair he had one of those trendy beards that is cut close to the face. He looked cold very business-like. It scared me and I started to shake a little remembering his voice over the phone when the kidnappers had me, ‘Do your worst I’m sure I’ll sleep peacefully tonight.’

Tears fell at the thought then something snapped in me and I began screaming and thrashing.

Horrified at my response to him, he backed away calling for the nurses to come give me something, which helped me slip into forgiving darkness.

When I woke up again the room was empty. I feel…no, I don’t want to feel not anymore and some internal switch gets flipped. I am once again safe and secure in the fetal position.

Time means nothing to me. I have no real way of measuring it and eventually I slip even further away.

Familiar voices fill the room one is screaming at me telling me horrible things and then I feel the slap across my cheek.

I hear a low growl then cursing, someone else tells her she is banned from my room, some part inside me cheers while the other part cry’s. The crying one must be in control because soon I feel gentle fingers against my face. “Don’t cry Daniel you’re safe now I swear I’ll keep you safe from now on.”

I feel a kiss on my forehead then I slip away again to the voice of my uncle murmuring dreams I had long ago given up on.

More voices these much clearer.

“When he is discharged he’s coming to live with me. I won’t allow her to treat him that way.”

“But she’s his mother you have no legal rights you’re not his father.”

“No but you are!”

The other man sighs, “No I’m not.”

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  1. Jake says:

    So well written, it’s really grabbed me, I haven’t read Parts 2 & 3 . . . gonna spend tomorrow night naked reading – I’m Nudist (4th generation) . . . . . .

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