Gay Teen Wolf Finds Family Pt 3

We still hadn’t moved to touch one another yet but the tension in the air was getting thicker by the minute, so was his cock. I stared at it hungrily.

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His hand lowered to my stomach lightly brushing it with his fingers. “It’s flat and firm, not overtly muscled yet still strong. Look at your arms and thighs, sure you’re thin but there is muscle and definition.”

Then he looked at me with an expression devoid of all humor, “These,” he lightly touched each scar as he spoke, “represent your strength and will to live. They are a powerful reminder of what you endured and what you are capable of.” Turning me to face him he let his finger trace the scars on my cheek. “You can’t hide these but they don’t diminish who you are or what you’re capable of.”

Tears filled my eyes.

“Trust me Daniel when I say there is nothing objectionable about your body. It is beautiful.”

Smiling up at him I try to wipe away the tears that had escaped. “Thanks Draven. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Pulling me into a hug he kissed the top of my head.

“Um Draven, we’re ugh, both…um…”

“Naked,” he offered with a smile. “Yeah I picked right up on that.”

Shaking my head I backed away from him a bit.

With a roll of his eyes he mumbled, “Come on let’s get you dressed before your cheeks get any redder.”

I laugh heading back to our room.

I had slipped on some shorts but left my shirt off to appease Draven, he grinned when he saw me come down stairs.

“See it’s not so bad.”

I was still a little self-conscious, but Draven distracted me with a bear hug.

“What was that for,” I ask with a silly grin?

“Can’t I hug you just because,” his eyes were bright with amusement?

“You’re naked though just seems like…”

Draven started tickling me. “And you my very prim and proper big brother are not wearing a shirt.”

“Ha ha, st-st-stop, d-drav,” after a very girly squeal I fell back on to the sofa. I was sitting there trying to catch my breath when he just straddled my lap. Grinning down at me, he just sat there his naked butt on my legs.

My dad and uncle came into the house took one look at us and laughed, “What have you two been doing?”

My face was scarlet.

“Well let’s see today we went for a swim walked a bit, had lunch, followed by a shower, some mirror therapy, and a tickle fight, what about you guys?”

“We ran, hunted, ate then came back to kick back with a beer or two,” My father was still grinning. “Why are you sitting on Daniel’s lap?”

“Because he’s my big brother and I love him,” the innocent look he offered was worthy of a seasoned actor.”

Dillon gave an evil grin, “He’s my big brother too!” he shouted while managing to wiggle in between us throwing his arms around my neck and kissing my cheek.

“You two are crazy,” I laughed.

It took about a week and a half before I realized that I was starting to crush on Draven.

No, I can’t possibly. No. Besides he’s a wolf.

So is Gray my subconscious taunted.

No, he’s my brother there’s no way.

Not really, they took you into their family out of pity.

My subconscious can be a real bitch at times. Kind of like mom, hm wonder if my subconscious is mom? Nah, too creepy.

“What am I going to do,” I muttered to myself?

“About what?” Draven was leaning against my door frame his head tilted.

My mouth opened then closed then opened again. “Um, nothing.”

He laughed, “You really suck at lying you know that right”?

“Yeah, I know.”

“If you don’t want to talk about it then just say that.” Arms crossed he waited.

“I don’t want to talk about it Draven.”

“See that wasn’t so hard now was it.”

Shaking my head I offered a sheepish grin. “Thanks Drave.”

“You’re welcome. Want to go for a drive?”


When I stopped thinking about my own issues I realized that Draven seems a little off.

We’d been driving for a while in silence when I looked over at him. “Why so quiet?”

He glanced at me nervously, “Just thinking.”


He actually seemed hesitant which of course got my interest. “Come on tell big brother all about it.”

“I broke up with Alyssa today,” he said quietly.

Looking at the sadness in his face made me wonder why he would break up?

“Did something happen,” I gently probed not wanting to push if it were something he didn’t want to talk about?

Looking away he mumbled, “I don’t feel the same about her as I used to. You know when I said that stuff about wanting a mate, well I, I don’t know guess I want to be ready. Besides she was complaining about us never going out anymore.”

Taking a deep breath I released it slowly. “I’m sorry. If I could, I would kidnap and tie your mate to the bed.”

A single eyebrow shot up in surprise. “Bondage? Really. Well maybe if she likes it.” His posture relaxed somewhat.

“What’s not to like, you are her mate?”

His eyes flashed from green to gold in response.

“Hey Daniel.”

Looking up I smiled, “Hi Gray.”

“Do you um have those notes from McAlister’s class?”

“Slept thru it didn’t you.”

“He’s so dull how could I not?”

Opening my notebook I passed them to him. “Now I want you to go straight home, be a good boy and copy them…no excuses about how your dog ate my homework got it?”

Laughing he quickly stuffed them into his notebook. “Yeah, yeah. For a little guy you sure are bossy.”

“Don’t make me call the pound,” I murmured with a chessire cat grin.

Leaning forward he growled.

Patting his shoulder I giggled. “Kidding, kidding.”

The first Saturday in April turned out to be more eventful than any I’d had in the past. Well eventful might not be the right word ‘awkward’ is more like it.

“Hey big brother, want to go to the mall with me?” I shrugged not having anything else to do.

“You have to drive, I still have another year before I can get my license.”

Looking up at Dillon I frown realizing that I hadn’t gotten mine either. “I’m sorry bro but you and I are in the same boat. Where’s Drave, I bet he’ll take you?”

“He’s sulking in his room.”

Biting my lip I looked up at Dillon with concern. “Is he ok? What happened?”

“He’s been a grouch for a while now, don’t really know what his problem is. Are you and he fighting or something?”

I shrugged biting my lip. “No, but we haven’t done much of anything together lately.”

Tilting his head he frowned and sighed, “Same here.

“Don’t worry Dillon I’m sure he’s just having an off week. You two are close, always have been always will be. Just give it some time.” I patted his arm in an awkwardly affectionate way. It seemed the only person I was not awkward with was Draven. But there was just something about him. I felt it that first day in the hospital. Guess it doesn’t matter why but it does make me wonder.

Dillon’s face brightened a little. He idolized Draven, yeah they picked on each other, but that was in fun. I’d never seen a family as close as this one they were special and perfect nothing would ever convince me otherwise.

“This sucks.”

“Yeah. It does.”

“You should talk to him, I bet he’d listen to you.” Dillon squeezed my shoulder affectionately.

“Maybe he doesn’t need me to talk to him.”

Dillon frowned running a hand through his hair. It fell back into place so easily. I blinked then frowned at the silly thought. My new family was overwhelmingly handsome. I think I would have felt more at ease if they were a little less perfect. Being the odd man out was awkward, although they never treated me that way it still chaffed.

Frowning at the insecurities that overwhelmed me at times, I sighed, attempting to push them back before answering. “I guess I could see what’s eating him.”

“Probably fleas,” he offered with a smirk.

We laughed while raiding the kitchen for snacks. Draven could wait, my stomach couldn’t.

Eventually heading up stairs I slowly opened his door. Not wanting to wake him if he was taking a nap or something.

His back was to me, but I wasn’t interested in his back at the moment, I had just caught what was on his computer screen, saw it, heard it, and got hard from it. His pants were down around his ankles and he was…

“Oh. My. God.”

Draven swung around to look at me his face bright red. I quickly closed the door and ran to my room, face completely flushed.

My door flew open a few seconds later slamming against the wall, followed by Draven’s muscular half-dressed body that was all the warning I needed that this wouldn’t end well.

“Don’t ever come into my room again without permission, understood.” He hadn’t yelled or even stated this request, he growled it in the scariest voice I’d ever heard.

Color drained from my face, I didn’t need a psychic to know he was beyond pissed. In that instant I was desperately afraid of him.


I jerked nervously at his curse, which seemed to make him angrier.

“Damn it Daniel!”

I heard footsteps before seeing Dillon show up behind him. “What the hell are you doing?”

“NOTHING,” he screamed! “Not a fucking thing.” Draven pushed his way past our brother. A few minutes later I heard his truck peel out of the drive.

Days went by without one word between us. Dad decided we needed a trip to the cabin in hopes of resolving our issues. The tension in the house was palpable and getting to everyone.

It’s peaceful I’m alone at the pond. Sitting at the edge my feet dangling in the water while listening to the birds and other noises that aren’t a part of city life. I really do love it out here.

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9 thoughts on “Gay Teen Wolf Finds Family Pt 3

  1. Carl says:

    BRAVO, I say BRAVO!! I don’t know the author is but My hats off. Excellent. I imagine that since there was that Incident at the cabin with Jake, , with The Sheriff & since there Safe haven is now known. There is that issue with a certain Human wanting Payment, that there will / may be more issues in the offing. Pack meeting to ascertain the outcome / punishment for breaking Pack laws for killing a Non Shifter. Draven and Danny have mated / bonded so to speak. Now let the love unfold. It will be interesting to see and hear Dannys wolf. How it looks, progresses, how he Emerges as a being. Remember that not all wolves are imbued with strength of body there are those that are cunning, lithe and sinewy. Yes Please Continue with MORE!

  2. Dave says:

    Wait. That’s it? What happened? Who did this to them? How will they defeat the rival pack? Who killed his mom? Can Grey have a threeway with them? Sweet story. Please finish it. And come on they have to fuck

  3. Tim says:

    PLEASE, don’t end this here. There is so much to go. I want to hear how Danny feels when his scars all disappear. How his body will be bigger and stronger. Keep this going!

  4. Ludwig says:

    Wow that was an awesome story. I cried so much. It’s a great gift you have, writing. You take us places we can only fantasize about but your words give it life. Thank you.

  5. Steve says:

    Yes robbie i hope so also need a, part 4 i love to hear what Gray thinks and need to put a stop to those other guys that have a grudge against them i hope gray group not involved need a part 4

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