Girlfriend Uses Her Boyfriend for Gay Erotica Shoot

Girlfriend Uses Her Boyfriend for Gay Erotica Shoot

When Samuel got the text from his girlfriend Angelica he could tell that she was freaked out. She was at a downtown loft that she had rented out for the day for a photo-set assignment. She’d been hired on by a magazine she often did smaller pieces for, on this time for something a bit more grand.

Angelica Quaid was just coming up in the adult erotica magazine and photography world. What had started as an art school double major and a lazy weekend Instagram hobby had quickly exploded into an actual career path, and a passionate one at that. Her photos had appeared on a number of high profile websites and erotic art mags, and while she had shot for almost every theme imaginable, she was becoming particularly popular in the world of ‘Artistic Homoerotica.’

Her work had been featured in popular private galleries and her benefactors ran the gamut from young Brooklyn hipsters to older North Shore of Long Island private collectors.

Unfortunately, only five minutes before the day’s two-hour shoot was scheduled to begin, her dark, red-headed Irish dream-boy of a model had dropped out. Something to do with a bad case of forehead pimple-itus and probably, more honestly, a hangover the size of the Grey Goose bottle service he’d found himself swimming in the night before. Really though, if you couldn’t trust a young male model in a city with a great nightlife, who the hell could you trust?

This left her with Javier Alicante, one of the hardest models in the industry to land for a photo shoot of this nature, and no second model with which to complete her biggest and most important assignment yet—something the magazine’s creative director had titled, ‘The Art of Male Seduction.’

The editor had even told her that if she knocked this shoot out of the park, they might consider it for the cover. She was officially freaking out now.

She texted her boyfriend most of these details, making sure to leave out the parts that in any way made the shoot sound too overly sexual. She knew he’d freak out if he knew everything that she had planned for this particular assignment.

She was desperate. She needed a sub or she risked losing a highly sought after gig with a very desirable pay rate to boot. Not to mention the fact that this could be a very big stepping stone for her in the industry. She begged her boyfriend in every way that a girlfriend knows how to beg.

“Please babe, you’re the only other super sexy guy I know that lives close by that could step in last moment. I know this sounds ridiculously crazy, but you would be absolutely saving me, and all you’ll have to do is let me pose you with my other model so I can get this photo shoot done.” She was so helpless and honest in her plea, as her text messages came pouring in in rapid succession—her creative brain pivoting on the fly. It also didn’t hurt that she was continuously stroking his ego in her requests.

“Ughhhhhhhhhh.” Was all Samuel could manage to text back. He loved his girlfriend immensely, but her work had always seemed like a total lark to him. She was certainly talented, but how could he ever hope to judge the artistic elements of masculine sexuality when it pertained to desires he had no interest in? He was straighter than the Prime Meridian on a flattened Kyrie Irving map and the idea of being a model in a gay erotica photo shoot was an absolute non-starter. But…he also knew that no matter how much he didn’t want to do this, he was going to. He owed his girlfriend big time. This girl had saved him in a thousand ways over their two years together and that extended to crazy car troubles and broken leg recovery nursing after snowboarding disasters and even some stuff with his family where she had been a Lighthouse of Alexandria in his ocean. He owed her. No matter how crazy her request, he absolutely owed her.

“I know babe, I’m so sorry, there’s no one else I can ask on such short notice. I promise I won’t show your face in the photos, I just need a warm, attractive male body that I can use to get this shoot done. Help me Obi Wan, you’re my only hope.” He chuckled at the last sentence. Honestly, how could he have possibly said no to a line like that? He stared at his text message screen and gave a deep sigh as he knew what had to be done.

“Okaaaayyy. I’ll do it. I’ll be in your photo shoot. What do you need me to do?”

“Yeeeey! Thank you, thank you, thank you, baby! XOXOXOXO!” She also sent him a GIF of the Foo Fighters “There Goes My Hero” lyric and he laughed at that. Her GIF game had always been straight fire. She told him to shower and shave and to throw on some jeans and a particular grey Henley that she liked on him and then texted him the address. She also told him to wear his tightest, sexiest pair of boxer briefs. And when she said that, Samuel knew which ones she was referring to. He had this particular pair in a light grey trim that hugged his package impressively and highlighted his strong calf muscles and his sexy ass. And she would compliment his booty all the time when he wore them.

Thirty minutes later Samuel was on his way over to his girlfriend’s chosen photo shoot location.

The loft was on the eighth floor of a modern downtown apartment complex with windows that looked out onto a historic old square of the city’s earliest cultural inklings.

When he got there, he saw that all of the blinds had been drawn with the light of the room’s many inlaid fixtures and Angelica’s own adjustable flood lamps set up around the open concept space set up as needed.

She pulled him in and gave him a very big hug and kissed him rapidly three or four times.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, stop you’re gonna give me a complex,” he joked with her. She leaned back after tasting his lips.

“Do I smell Bourbon, Mr. Craft?” She asked him with a devious grin and a perceptive eyebrow. Girlfriends had a knack for this sort of thing.

“I MAY have had a shot or three from my emergency flask down in the parking garage before I headed up here,” Sam admitted a little sheepishly as she gave him a bemused grin.

“Aw babe, you’re too cute. You have NOTHING to worry about. I run a very professional photo shoot, and if anything makes you uncomfortable I just want you to communicate that to me, okay?” She looked lovingly into his eyes as she placed her arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the lips.

“Okay, babe.” Samuel said, as she took his hand and led him into the room.

“Come on, I want you to meet Javi,” that’s what she called him. She’d worked with Javier plenty of times in the past. The 6’4 statue of a man was just coming out of the bathroom as she led her boyfriend into the loft. If Samuel didn’t know any better, he would’ve thought that he was doing a photo shoot with Gerard Piqué—the highly lauded centre-back for the Spanish National football team. He even had the perfectly trimmed facial hair and the icy blue eyes.

Samuel was fairly confident in his own looks and stature. He was 5’11 and worked out four times a week. He could hold Angelica up in the shower while he fucked her without a tremble in the knees and he started his morning with pushups and Wheaties like any man who is dating a sexual powerhouse like Angelica.

But Javi did this shit for a living. His body was toned and tanned and even for a straight guy, completely eye-fuckable. Samuel remembered the first convo he’d had with Angelica after seeing Javi in one of her photo shoots.

“Don’t worry babe, he is decidedly gay. He won’t be attempting to do anything to me with that big, delicious, Spanish dick of his.” This was immediately followed by a pillow to her face and a punishing pussy-fucking as she giggled all through the spontaneous ravaging. She loved to tease him about her work even though they both trusted each other completely.

Javi extended a hand to Sam and greeted him as if he was an old friend. There was an immediate warmth to him that put Sam at ease. He felt like he probably could’ve gotten a beer with the guy if they weren’t about to be engaged in a naked photo shoot together with all sorts of suggestive overtones. His grip on his hand was strong.

Angelica had the boys follow her over to the couch and bean bag setup. The loft included a modern kitchen which opened up to a dining room which opened up to a shared bedroom/living room area. There was a king-sized bed flanked by a flat screen and TV. On the other side of the coffee table from the couch there was a small footstool that doubled as a chair and also one of those large Lovesacs which was basically just a giant, super-comfy beanbag which could hold more than one person if needed. It was Pottery Barn chic with an inner city millenial’s funkier vibe intersected.

Angelica sat across from her favorite model and her boyfriend and smiled at them both appreciatively. She took a deep breath and then began in on her concept for the shoot.

“So, first of all, obviously, Sam, thank you so much for doing this. And secondly, Javi, thanks for your patience during the delay.”

“Of course, Angie,” he assured her with the slightest hint of a Spanish accent. Sam realized that even Javi’s voice dripped with a subtle baritone sexuality. It was no wonder he was in such high demand. Samuel may have been straight, but he wasn’t oblivious to an attractive human being. Javi was clearly a fucking spectacle.

“Okay boys, so here’s the deal. The theme of this photo shoot is ‘Seduction.'” You could tell by looking into her eyes that she was excited to get started. She loved what she got to do for work.

Angelica considered herself a very sexual being, and she very much enjoyed the opportunity to tell such sensual stories with her camera, even as she secretly got off on the raw sexuality of her work.

Samuel knew this about his girlfriend. They had talked a lot about their sexual interests and he knew that his girlfriend was a very kinky woman.

He also couldn’t help but absolutely love and admire her passionate dedication to her expanding skillset and professional portfolio. He was always turned on by how successful she was becoming. It was sexy to date a boss bitch. It also didn’t hurt that Angelica was the sexiest girl that Samuel had ever dated. She had a serious Jessica Biel vibe—short wavy brunette hair and tanned skin—and she had those lips—plump, juicy, perfectly soft. Her eyebrows were long and her skin always looked so soft and squeezable.

But there was a duplicity in her personality. Angelica’s arms were covered in tattoos that climbed up her body—black and gray images and symbols that played with the light of her own body. Hot air balloons and butterflies and two six shooters blasting a buckshot of music notes that flew like blackbirds wrapped all the way up to her shoulders. The tattoos created seductive silhouettes that peaked out of her sleeves and neckline and made you want to undress her further. If you saw her in public with her achingly good body and a loose fitting button-up shirt, you’d want to know where the tattoos went and where they ended and what her skin tasted like. She was the ripest fruit in a devious little garden and it was impossible not to be completely devastated by her draw.

During her photo shoots she liked to wear a comfy pair of Yoga pants and a simple tank top. She’d wear an old black button-up shirt whose cotton had been softened over a thousand loads in the dryer. She’d rolled up the sleeves and left the front unbuttoned as her cleavage was visible below the thin tank top. She wore Nike cross-trainers on her feet. If it weren’t for the brown-strapped camera hanging around her side you might think she was on her way to a spin class. She wasn’t trying to emulate some turtlenecked Annie Liebowitz and she felt like half the industry was really just full of poser photogs whose entire aesthetic was based on some sort of personal social brand that had nothing to do with the art itself. She wanted to be able to stretch and move wherever her camera lens took her. So yoga pants it was. She was effortlessly sexy and the ease with which she knew herself made you want to please her. That’s how Samuel always felt—like he just wanted to make her the happiest girl in the world.

“Basically, you’re both playing a character in this photo shoot, okay boys? Javi is a dominant guy. He’s a top. And he’s horny.” Angelica said, very to the point.

Samuel gulped a little as his girlfriend described the scenario. He was a little worried about how much he might be expected to do for the sake of her artistic vision. He’d seen a lot of his girlfriend’s work and some shoots could feature some very

“And Samuel is a shyer character. He’s playing hard to get. He’s inexperienced. He’s our bottom. I think that because Sam is straight, that’s the character I want him to play, a straight guy being seduced by his gay friend.” Samuel knew what the terms ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ meant, though he certainly wasn’t happy with the role he’d been assigned. “”Sorry babe, you’re taking over for Nolan today, and he was going to play the guy being seduced…that’s just what I need from you in these photos.” She said it simply and reassuringly. There was no ulterior motive here. The facts were simple and they were already running behind.

Samuel shrugged it off like it was nothing. At this point he was just trying not to embarrass his girlfriend in front of Javier who seemed to be listening to her instructions in a very studious manner. Samuel still felt nervous. This was definitely the weirdest thing he’d ever agreed to do for anyone.

“Okay, so, I want to start off with you two together on the couch. I’m gonna have you guys hanging out enjoying a beer in your boxer briefs. The idea is, you’re both good friends, you’re comfortable being around each other in your boxers, and you’ve been drinking for a while as you’ve enjoyed watching the game together…but that maybe the AC is broken too so the room is a little warm.” Samuel couldn’t help but smile at his girlfriend’s narrative. Obviously this is a situation he would never find himself in so he had to at least smile at her for the uniquely new situation he was going to pretend to be in.

She hopped up very quickly to head over to the fridge and told the boys they could strip down to their boxers.

When she came back she was holding a couple of lagers and she passed them to the boys who were in the process of taking pants, shirts, shoes and socks off and placing them off up against the wall.

Javi clinked his beer with Samuel and then took a swig and Samuel was at least happy that he was going to be getting to drink some beer while did this photo shoot. He was still very nervous though the three shots had helped fuzz his mind over a little bit as the alcohol was just beginning to flow through his blood stream, and now he also had a beer as courageous backup.

“Okay Javi, why don’t you sit on the one side of the couch, and Sam, I want you to lay down on the other side with your head up on the side cushion but with your feet draped over Javi’s lap.” Angelica was clinical in the directions she gave them. Javi immediately took his seat and another swig of beer and Samuel followed his girlfriend’s directions as he placed both feet up over Javi’s lap while he stretched out on the length of the comfy couch. The material felt nice and the apartment was kept a little warm so they’d feel comfortable as they got more naked.

Angelica began to snap pictures as she adjusted her lights and lenses. She’d lean over them at interesting angles and occasionally change the position of their arms or feet or even the beers for that matter.

Sam started to relax due to how work-like and professional everything felt. He admired watching his astute girlfriend scrunch her face into shapes as she thought about how she wanted them next. He was the artist’s muse watching the artist muse.

She encouraged the boys to simply talk while she worked and enjoy their beers. Good God, models sure did have it easy, Sam thought to himself. Relax on a couch in your boxers drinking a beer while talking to another guy about sports and local restaurants.

She grabbed Javi’s hand now and placed it on Sam’s shin—the first inkling of a move being made in her narration. Samuel didn’t know why, but his heartbeat quickened a tad as the statue of a man at the end of the couch touched his bare skin in his hands. It was strange to be touched by another man, especially when your own girlfriend was positioning that touch to give off the impression that there were some shenanigans going on.

When she had Javier where she wanted him, she stepped back and took some pictures of him in profile from his neck down, showing his muscular and his hand firmly wrapped around the ankle that sat on top of his thigh. Then she moved to show from either side of the couch to take perspective shots.

“Babe, I want you to look at Javi’s hand on your leg but, just out of the corner of your eye, and Javi, I want you to look straight ahead like it’s no big deal and you’re just watching the TV.” The boys followed her instructions and Angelica’s camera snapped a hundred more shots as she complimented them on their subtle faces. She was getting exactly what she wanted in more ways than even she knew at the time.

Next she had Sam roll over onto his stomach while Javier stayed where he was. “Javi, go ahead and move your hand to the back of Sam’s calf, and sort of move it up and down and massage his leg there.” Javier followed her instruction with Sam laying on his stomach now and so far, Sam thought this gig was the greatest gig ever. I mean, sure, he was almost naked with another guy, but he was getting to drink good beer and get a calf massage and there were definitely some worse ways to be spending an afternoon while getting paid. Angelica moved Sam’s hand so that his hand with his beer was lightly hanging off the couch in a relaxed way. She moved his face so that part of it was pressed into the couch cushion.

“Okay Sam, show me some faces while he massages your calf that make it look like you’re really enjoying this massage that your getting from your friend.” Sam understood her narrative and he played well enough along. It might’ve been weird to try to make a semi-sexual face while a guy was touching his body, but, Javi was, if he was being honest, really giving his calf a great massage. Sam had gone on a long run earlier that morning and it did feel amazing to have a very strong, male hand massaging his sore leg muscles. He didn’t have to stretch his acting muscles much to give Angelica the faces she wanted. He was totally loving Javier’s strong hands kneading away the taut muscles of his thighs.

“Really good baby, that’s just what I’m looking for! Just go and ahead and keep doing that,” she said, and he did. It was nice just being able to enjoy this pleasure and call it work.

Without her having to ask, Javier started to do things that he knew Angelica loved in her photo sets. He set his beer down and begun using both of his hands to massage Sam’s stiff, muscular legs. Javier knew that Angelica’s boyfriend was straight, but he’d also met plenty of straight boys in his time who had found themselves strangely curious when they encountered his good looks and magnetic, masculine presence. Boys were like flies to honey when it came to pleasure—sometimes you just had to get them past some of their preconceived notions of themselves.

He probably would’ve been bored if he’d been shooting with Nolan—he’d done plenty of photo shoots with him and he’d also fucked him before back at his apartment after they’d gotten drinks one day after a shoot. While being undeniably attractive, he was hardly the type of guy that Javi looked for in his bedroom bottoms—he was too easy. But here now, with Angelica’s boy, he found himself somewhat excited at the idea that he could play a secret little game of tease as the shoot went along. He knew how lurid and improvisational Angelica’s photo shoots could get when the models were on the same wavelength as her and so he slowly pushed the buttons he knew how to push. Samuel was attractive. And work suddenly seemed like it could lead to some sneaky, naughty fun that day.

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    HOT, AMAZING, EROTIC STORY! This one had me swollen and sore and spent! Excellent plot! Love to see a movie showing everything! Sam’s ass, Javi’s rod, Javi’s cum dripping from Sam’s bubble butt, Sam sucking Javi, Sam rimming and eating Javi’s ass, Angi snowballing Javi’s cum into Sam’s mouth and cum-covered face, Javi’s cock, Javi’s ass, Sam’s cock …. FUCK!!!!!!

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