Girlfriend Uses Her Boyfriend for Gay Erotica Shoot

Girlfriend Uses Her Boyfriend for Gay Erotica Shoot

“That’s great guys, very good stuff,” she said as she repositioned one of her lights and continued moving around them like a panther prowling on low-hanging limbs. Her camera snapped up images of her models like a snare drum encircling the action.

“Okay, Javi, I want you to sit up on the back of Sam’s thighs now and start giving his back a massage. Feel free to let your hands roam over his body as you do it. Sam, go ahead and scoot down so that you’re completely laying down on the couch.”

They followed her instructions again as she positioned the beers on the coffee table as hints of a story continuing to unfold. The gay guy was giving the straight guy a massage now.

Javier sat just below Sam’s tight, white Diesel boxer briefs-clad booty. Javi’s own forest green Cavlin’s held his package very tightly and wrapped around his squat-blessed thigh muscles like the plastic wrapping on a 90’s CD case.

“Okay Sam, so now the idea is that, you’ve told Javi that the massage feels good because your muscles are very tight due to the crazy workload you’ve had lately,” Sam smiled at just how detailed Angelica’s narrative seemed to be. “And you tell Javi this and he offers to give you a rubdown to loosen you up. And you’re straight, but of course you say yes to an amazing massage.”

“Okay, yeah, gotcha.” Sam said and Javi confirmed that he was on board as well.

Angelica repositioned her lights once more and continued to work. She flipped open her phone and put on her Anderon Paak Pandora station and the vibe of the room became instantly more relaxed. Sam was still a little freaked out, but he was definitely buzzed and he didn’t mind at all getting paid actual American money to lay there doing nothing while getting a firm massage by a guy with very strong hands. The weirdness of the fact that they were both in their boxer briefs slowly faded away with his disappearing knots in his muscles.

After a five-minute span of some poses where she’d have them freeze in place or where she’d move Javier’s hands to different areas of Sam’s back, she headed over to her bag and pulled out a bottle of body lotion. She handed the lotion to Javi and he squirted the cream onto Sam’s back. Sam felt a chill run down his spine when the cool moisturizer hit his body.

Now Javi’s hands were pushing him into the couch cushions firmly as they slowly ran all the way up his back and then all the way down. Sam moaned a little when Javi’s hand gripped his neck and firmly massaged into his hairline and up into his scalp. His fingers dragged along his sensitive head through his hair and he purred a little at this.

“Super sexy boys, keep giving me everything you’re giving me.” She encouraged them. Sam noticed that Javi was leaning into him a little with his body any time his hands would slide up his back to firmly knead his shoulder muscles. This was hardly a shitty Massage Envy gift card session. Maybe he’d have to request a male masseuse from now on when he went to get massages—he had always said ‘female’ when given an option and he had no idea why. Javier was getting way deeper than any woman ever had on his muscles.

Angelica could tell that Sam was feeling amazing from the massage. She even smiled a little into her camera as she saw a familiar look come across his face—a look she definitely recognized, but not from having his back massaged. She got a picture of this delicious expression, even though she knew her boyfriend had no intention of making that exact face. Javier was working—Sam was mostly just reacting, and that was fine, she was getting the amazing content that she needed and also very much enjoying seeing her cock-sure man in such an unexpected position of submission. There was an unspoken foreplay that started to enter their airspace like humidity at a Florida theme park.

“Okay Javi, I want you to massage Sam’s legs now.” She said, and the Spanish looker scooted himself down Sam’s body and poured more of the body lotion onto his toned legs.

As Javier continued the massage Sam felt like he could fall asleep. He reached over and took a giant swig of the beer and made a dreamily happy face at his girlfriend. This shit was fucking easy. He’d have to ask to be involved in more of her shoots, he thought loftily.

When Javi’s hands firmly squeezed his upper thigh muscles right below his butt cheeks, Sam’s eyes rolled back into his head a little bit. He really was sore at the moment and Javier clearly wasn’t just pretending to massage him. He’d have to buy this guy a drink after the shoot was done for the day. What a fucking champ.

“Okay Javi, I want you to massage Sam’s ass over his briefs now. Sam, I’m gonna have you look back a little nervously as he starts to do this, okay?” Sam nodded at his girlfriend, not realizing that this was where things would go next, but then, of course he knew…this was the nature of her shoots. He knew things would get more daring the longer they went. He honestly still didn’t know how much he’d be able to handle or where he’d feel like pulling the ripcord.

But then he literally heard himself moan out loud when Javier’s hands firmly grabbed his butt cheeks and coaxed them into a marvelous body shudder of holy-fuck-that’s-good. That was the thing about getting a professional massage, they never really massaged your butt. They’d place the blanket high up on each thigh like you were laying there drunk at some college toga party, but their hands only ever kissed those desperate gluteal muscles which often held all sorts of pent-up stress. But here, Javi gave a commanding knead to Sam’s unaware booty wants.

“Mmmmmmghhhh,” Sam moaned and Angelica wrinkled her nose and clicked away as she watched her boyfriend’s natural reactions to receiving an amazing ass massage from Javi’s sizable hands.

“Yes baby! That’s great! You guys are killing this, just keep this going for me, I’m getting such good shots.” Sam noticed how Javi would massage him hard and pull his butt cheeks apart occasionally through the boxers which felt weird, but also strangely awesome. He also noticed that even in the middle of this ecstasy Javier would also give little pauses in between his maneuvers so that she could get very focused shots. Sam tried to focus on timing his own freeze frames to align with his professional counterpart. He was learning A LOT on the fly.

“Okay, Javi, I want you to pull one side of Sam’s boxer’s down and pose like you’re going to slap his ass.” Sam’s eyes got wide as he looked over at his girlfriend. She met his gaze over her flash as if to say ‘are you okay’? And she was so earnest and happy with his work that of course he communicated back that he was absolutely fine and that he was absolutely not freaking out at all even though he was totally beside himself with nerves at the moment.

His round left butt cheek came into view as Javier pulled the one side of his briefs off. Javier couldn’t help but admire how hot Sam’s ass was. This boy definitely didn’t skip leg day. Even as he was posing his hand for the playful slap, he felt his cock getting harder in his boxer-briefs.

“Okay Javi, spank him, Sam, he’s gonna spank you kinda hard, is that okay? I wanna get your reaction as you feel the force of the spanking and I want your ass to jiggled as he does it.” And Sam said yes. He felt his cock pulse a little upon finding out he was about to get spanked.

Javi spanked Sam’s ass with a large palm and Sam felt his body seize a little. It was a powerful slap. It stung. But also, he didn’t completely hate it.

Angelica continued to snap pictures as Javi slapped Sam’s ass a couple of more times.

Then she walked over to the couch and pulled the other side of her boyfriend’s boxers down so that they were sitting just below his ass cheeks now.

“Sam, can you arch your ass up a little bit for me, babe? I wanna show off how good your booty looks in these shots while you get spanked.” And Sam did as she asked. It felt crazy to have his ass exposed while a very attractive gay model sat on the backs of his thighs, but then, what had he really expected would happen at a gay erotica photo shoot? He searched his mind as he tried to remember the types of eventualities in his girlfriend’s past photo shoots. What else would he be expected to do? How far was too far for him? How much could he actually give her?

Another hard spanking caused him to close his eyes and open his mouth a little in submissive pleasure.

These questions disappeared a little as he felt Javi’s hands massaging his bare ass now. The lotion dribbled out on his booty felt amazing against the almost invisible blondish-brown hair of his crack. Angelica was glad that her boyfriend didn’t have a ton of visible hair down there. Typically, she’d expect her models to have a certain level of man-scaping when they showed up to work, but Sam was already fairly well kept thanks to her very vocal requests of his male physique and cleanliness in their relationship. She liked his chest hair and an appropriate amount of armpit hair, but she definitely helped him do away with any crazy butt and back hair…and made sure that her own cutely coifed landing strip never had to deal with his 747 flying directly out of a deciduous jungle. In this way, Sam was fairly well prepared to play the ‘straight guy but still sexy’ in her progressively photo-graphic opposite of Sapphic fantasy world building.

Sam meanwhile was mostly focused on the relaxing material of the soft cotton couch as his long-neglected ass muscles opened and released their tension under Javi’s expert care. His naked cock was pressed down into the couch as his ass was massaged under Javi’s hands and it was a very sexy moment for him.

“Okay, so clearly our massage has become very suggestive at this point. Our straight boy is being incredibly open to these first chess moves of his seduction…Javi, you’re getting turned on from Sam’s very round, very sexy ass in your hands,” Sam felt his body twitch as his girlfriend described his butt so casually as she spoke. “I want to see the outline of a hard-on in your boxer-briefs for these next photos, can you do that for me?” She asked Javi, and of course she knew her top model would deliver.

Javi was already half hard from this delicious situation he found himself in. It wasn’t going to be difficult to give Angelica what she needed.

“Yeah Angie, no problem at all, gimme just as second.” She watched as he brought his hand into his tight briefs to grab his already visible snake as he jacked himself a little in his boxers. Sam realized that Javi was making himself hard on top of him and that thought made his heart timpani a tad in his chest. He’d never even been close to another guy’s hard-on before.

Angelica felt herself get a little wet like she always did when she got to the sexier parts of her photo shoots. She was a very kinky girl and while she would never admit this to her male models, she absolutely loved getting to sit ringside for the shows they put on for her focused camera.

Javier had no difficulty bringing his half mast full—all he had to do was stare down at Sam’s naked buns and imagine what it might be like to slide himself inside of this sexy straight boy during this photo shoot, which he began to ponder more and more as it went along. When Javi was fully hard, he pulled his cock so that it was pressing down the outside leg of his briefs. It stuck out like a Jon Hamm outline in an online clickbait Cosmo exposé. Angelica licked her lips behind the camera like she did every time she got to admire Javi’s Mjolnir of a cock—she wondered if she would even be worthy enough to wield it. Good fucking God of Boners, she thought to herself.

She got in tight to capture the perfect outline of his impressive protuberance through his thinly tight briefs. She took pictures of his bulge as she got in closer and even leaned on the small of Sam’s back. She even rested her camera on the downward slope of her boyfriend’s plump buns in order to keep his sexy rump in the foreground of Javi’s approaching colonizer. What a fucking image that was—The Wood of Dunsinane approaching the keep.

Sam was breathing very shallow through all of this. He was nervous, even more nervous than before. He wondered where she would take them next.

“Mmmm, so sexy Javi, okay, I want you to move your crotch right above Sam’s ass cheeks, like as close as you can get without touching.” And she started to take more pictures as his Mediterranean skin arched over her boyfriend’s ass like a sailing ship barreling towards the not-Straight-for-long of Gibraltar.

After she’d gotten some more close-up shots and also had Sam look over his shoulder a little suggestively like she might do if she was horny for a teasing cock, she had a new idea.

“Okay, so there’s clearly some sexual tension in our story now…what started as a simple leg massage on a hot day has sort of turned into a very quiet massage and now Sam’s naked ass is being fondled by this hunky guy friend of his who he knows is gay,” Sam had to notice the parallels in her world building, but then again, what’s that saying? ‘Write what you know.’

“So I’m thinking now that Javi does something goofy to break the tension and then you guys start wrestling with each other,” she knelt across from them on the floor with her camera slung down by her side.

“Oh, okay, I’ve got it. Does one of you have an empty beer yet?” She asked. She noticed that Sam’s was more empty than Javi’s and so she handed it to him. “Here babe, go ahead and finish this so we can use it as a prop.” Sam downed the second half of his beer and he was happy to get more of the tasty lager into his very dry throat.

Then she grabbed the bottle back and handed it to Javi. “Okay, Javi, I want you to pretend to finish this beer and then I want you to drag the bottle head down on Sam’s back and wedge it between his ass cheeks.” Sam’s eyes raised up at his girlfriend but she instantly assuaged him again.

“Don’t worry babe, I’m just gonna pose him so that it looks like he’s fucking around with you and pressing the bottle into your bum, and that’s gonna make you laugh and shove him off of you and then I’m gonna have you guys wrestle onto the bed playfully,” she said it as if there was absolutely nothing to it. And Sam was totally fine with the idea. He was allowed to maintain his resolve while the story remained sexy.

Javi went through the motions of pretending to finish the beer and then he brought the bottle down and pressed the glass tip to the very top of Sam’s back, dragging the neck down until he ended by dragging it through his crack. Sam felt his cock pulse a little in his boxers from the touch of the bottleneck when it rubbed against his asshole. He had no idea why that happened.

Angelica was stretching like a cat around them as she got a ton of pictures of the bottle being pressed down through his crack. She told Javi to spread her boyfriend’s ass cheeks a little and to shove the bottle right up against his hole and Sam could see her devilish smile from just below her camera as she directed them. He wanted to protest, to quit now, to go to the bathroom…to escape…but why? Nothing had felt bad so far. Everything had been for the good of the cause, and everything had felt comfortable and natural, if a little revolutionary.

He gasped a little when Javi actually pressed the round opening of the empty beer bottle right up against the ring of his anus and kept it there. Javi had spread his cheeks wide enough that the glass touched a very sensitive spot that Samuel didn’t even know existed in him. His mouth hung open a little in the way that it did when Angelica licked the underside of his balls. She knew that face all too well and she was so turned on knowing that this was hardly acting on his part. He was just reacting to the moment.

“Mmmm, amazing, you’re both so sexy, this is really fucking great material I’m getting. Okay, the idea is that Javi surprises you when he pushes against your asshole a little with the bottle so you turn around and tackle him to the floor, okay Sam?” She said now, and the game was on.

When Sam felt the bottle start to press against his very tight and very off-limits hole, he threw his arm back against Javi’s impressive upper body and flipped him off of him. Angelica pranced around them like a ribbon dancer taking action shots of their scrum.

The boys wrestled and laughed the entire time, like they were both back in high school at a sleepover together. Angelica encouraged them over to the bed and they toppled onto it from the side as they both became surprisingly competitive as they rolled around against each other. Sam was amazed at just how strong Javi was and he tried to use his lower body to get positioning on the taller man, but each time Javi would eventually find a way to pin Sam to the sheets.

At one such point, Javi had his arms wrapped around Sam’s chest and arms from behind as he spread the boys legs to keep them pinned as well. That’s when Sam noticed that Javi’s still-hard cock was pressed directly against his boxers which he’d barely pulled all the way up as they struggled over onto the mattress. His crack was still visible as his butt peeked out of the top of his shorts like the Coppertone Girl, which apparently made Javi the roughhousing dog in this scenario. He couldn’t believe how large the Spaniard’s pipe felt in the canal of his bubble butt as he was thankful that he’d pulled his boxers back on before starting this wrestle.

He wrenched out of Javi’s grasp again and they came back together on their knees now trading off neck holds as they tried to dominate each other. Angelica was experiencing literal photography arousal as her two models Greco-Romaned across the soft white bedspread and gave her a hundred different sensual angles of their male muscles put into attack and defense mode.

At one point, Javi was once again able to swing his leg over behind sam as he trapped his arms over their heads and wedged himself close up behind him.

“Stop right there…this is the shot,” Angelica said. She was at the foot of the bed with both hands on her camera. Sam was sitting up on his knees with his boxer’s scrunched up his legs a little from both sides. His arms were stretched up high as Javi’s powerful biceps came through his armpits to trap his hands above his head. Sam could feel Javi’s breathing on his neck as he enjoyed the way it felt to actually be controlled for once. There was something sort of amazing about not being the most primary force in a bed—a letting go that he’d never experienced.

“Fuck, this is really sexy angle. Javi get up really close to him and press into him from behind, put your face up against his neck. Sam, I want you to keep your eyes closed and arch your head a little as you enjoy his warm breath on your ear and and neck.” Sam would’ve done this even if she hadn’t told him to do so…this was exactly what he was currently feeling.

When Javier was firmly pressed up against him from behind, he could feel his large penis once again pressing into his ass through his underwear. The crazier part was that all of this physical stimulation had actually started to make his own cock a little harder than it usually hung. Angelica thought she noticed some expansive growth in her boyfriend’s white briefs. She took a ton of photos of the boys in this very compromising position.

“Fuck this is sexy guys, you’re doing amazing.” Javi held Sam very firmly and Sam liked being held like this. Goosebumps spanned over his skin when he felt Javi’s stubble and hot breath touch the spot behind his ear. He shuddered a little at the sheer amount of male-on-male contact he was experiencing.

“Okay, so babe, I need you to work with me here. The idea is that he’s seducing you so I need you to try to make yourself hard, do you think you can do that for me?” She asked as she brought her camera down to look sweetly at her amazing boyfriend.

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    I agree it would be so hot to get fucked by a hot young stud as my wife watched and and kept telling to fuck me harder or faster.

  2. TomofNorway says:

    HOT, AMAZING, EROTIC STORY! This one had me swollen and sore and spent! Excellent plot! Love to see a movie showing everything! Sam’s ass, Javi’s rod, Javi’s cum dripping from Sam’s bubble butt, Sam sucking Javi, Sam rimming and eating Javi’s ass, Angi snowballing Javi’s cum into Sam’s mouth and cum-covered face, Javi’s cock, Javi’s ass, Sam’s cock …. FUCK!!!!!!

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