Girlfriend Uses Her Boyfriend for Gay Erotica Shoot

Girlfriend Uses Her Boyfriend for Gay Erotica Shoot

“Do you like it?” She asked, as she ran a hand through her boyfriend’s hair.

“Mmmm, yes.” He said, and Angelica felt her pussy absolutely begging to be touched at hearing her boyfriend confess to this.

She kissed him again and found his tongue for a second. “You look so fucking sexy right now.” She said, and she stood back up and looked at Javier.

“Okay, Javi, he’s fine. Would you do me a favor and show my boyfriend how much fun it is to have a cock pushed all the way into him?” Sam reached down for her camera and bit her lips and Javier smiled wide at her.

She gasped a little as Sam’s loud moan announced that Javier was pushing his large cock all the way into Sam’s tightness.

Once he’d bottomed out, he wasted no time in beginning to actually fuck him. Angelica flipped back and forth from pictures to video mode because why the fuck not?

Half of this would be for the photo shoot. Half of it would be for them to watch while they had sex later that night. She was so turned on by the sight of her boyfriend being fucked by his first cock as he tried his best to smile for the camera on this first log chute ride.

She stood at the corner of the bed and rubbed her crotch against it as she got off on the soundtrack of her boyfriend’s slutty moans. He was in absolute ecstasy as her top model throttled his anal cavity with his ginormous girth.

“Mmmmm, FUCK BOYS!” Angelica moaned as she enjoyed every thrusting fuck of Javi’s cock into the her boyfriend’s messy, lubed hole. His body slapped against Sam’s cheeks with the sexy, sloppy sounds of an afternoon quickie.

“”UGHHFFF, Mmmm, fuckkkk fuggg, Ughhh, fuckkmmeeee!” Sam moaned as his face was pressed into the bed as he kept his ass arched and available for his first anal sex with man.

Sam couldn’t believe how fucking incredible it felt to have Javi’s Pinta pressed into his Niña, even as his very own Santa Maria watched them while taking frame-by-frame photos of his first gay sexual experience. He could see Angelica rubbing her pussy against the bedspread and he knew she was getting off on their sex and that only made him want to do better for her. He wanted to be the converted cock slut in her storyboard that he was quickly becoming in his own.

“”FUCCK MMEEE!” He moaned back towards Javi as Angelica noticed her boyfriend starting to push his ass back to meet his tops lunging sex. She moaned out loud as she realized he was doing this.

“Fuckkkkk, Javi, fuck my boyfriend harder! He wants it!” She demanded, and he began to drill Sam in a way that made Angelica crave a pounding of her own. Javier was such a statue of a man, and here he was giving her very straight boyfriend an education from his carved, marble brilliance.

Sam was becoming completely incoherent in his noises. He wanted it. He wanted Javi’s cock. He was acting sluttier the longer he was fucked. Angelica was blown away at the turn of events.

“Sam do you want Javi to cum in your ass, baby?” She asked him sweetly and seductively and of course that’s what he wanted. He wanted the whole fucking experience at this point. He wanted to feel another cock expand inside of him and he wanted that hot, sticky splooge to absolutely fill him up like a profiterole bursting at the seems with cream. He was so fucking horny and he wanted everything all of a sudden. He wanted all of the e-tickets.

“YUSSSSS, I want his cum in my assss!” he moaned back to her. He sounded so fucking slutty for this moment and Angelica couldn’t believe how God damned sexy the entire thing was. She couldn’t believe her own man had a cock inside of him or that he was so desperate for more.

“You heard him Javi, cum inside my slutty boyfriend’s ass. Make him a total slut for your cock.”

Javier picked up his pace again and it was clear he’d be exploding soon enough. He grabbed Sam’s hips roughly and Angelica got in close so she could get pictures of the cock as it began to splooge. Javier knew what her camera needed.

“”I’m gonna fill this slut with my cum!” He moaned, and Angelica watched as he pulled his cock out just as the first huge jizz of his cum splattered against Sam’s gaping entrance.

Then he slowly shoved the spitting squirt gun back into Sam’s thankful buns as he filled him with glob after glob of the sexiest man spunk that Angelica had ever seen. It looked like Javi hadn’t cum in forever.

His thick, viscous vanilla pudding filled up Sam’s loosed bowels as some of it was pulled out to run down his crack with Javier’s exiting length. The dominant top dragged his cock’s helmet over the escaping cum and then used it to push his cock back into Sam’s butt. Angelica felt her own orgasm coming on through her sweats as she watched this lewd scene as she rubbed herself. The combination of her manly man’s ass being taken for the first time and his own, desperately slutty noises all the way through his first breeding made her feel like she’d floated off into some sexual etherealism.

“Fuck Angie, your boyfriend has a really sexy fucking ass!” He said as he gave Sam’s throbbing backside a playful slap. Sam beamed inside from the compliment from this absolute lion.

“Mmmm, fuck, you boys are amazing.” Angelica said. “So…Javi…this is much further than my photo-shoots usually go as you know…so what would happen next in this storyline? Where does it go after the straight guy has been totally seduced and fucked by his first cock?””

Javier smiled over at Angelica as she gave the naughtiest little grin under her camera as she stared through the viewfinder.

“”Well, I’d probably make this little cock slut clean up my cock with his mouth,” Javier said it and Sam’s heart beat faster again.

“Mmmm, show me what you’d do.” She said and Javier immediately took over.

He flipped Sam over onto his back and crawled up to sit on his chest. He held his reforming cock and dragged it against Sam’s cheek. Sam wanted to protest but it was very clear that he was not the one in charge here. Javier was in charge now, and he liked that he was in charge. There was nothing he had to worry about. There was nothing he had to control. He just had to submit.

Javier slapped his plastic can of tennis balls up against Sam’s cheek and Sam moaned a little. His eyes were closed and when he moaned again his mouth opened more. Angelica was hypnotized through her lens as she captured the moment that Javier’s cock rubbed against the side of her boyfriend’s opened lips. She was even more shocked when Sam was the one to turn his head more. Javier made sure to close the rest of the distance. He pushed his penis into the waiting mouth and gave Sam his first few inches.

Sam began to popsicle that dick like he’d been the last kid to get to the ice cream truck window on the hottest day in August.

“”Good job slut, suck that cock like you love it. Show your girlfriend how much you love my cock. Show her how slutty you wanna be for me.” Javi’s words were so fucking sexy. He reached behind himself and ran a finger along Sam’s raging boner as the boy continued his first oral explorations of another man’s hard-on.

Sam couldn’t believe how much fun this was. There was so something shockingly kinky about it and he absolutely fucking loved it. He had received so many blowjobs during his life and now here he was, sucking on a beautiful cock—licking off the juices of his dirty seduction—the dried cum and booty juices that had been at the very planetary core of the slutty moans he’d been making all through his recent deflowering. He began to bob his head up and down to suck on the cock that Javi helped to aim down into his mouth. The incredibly submissive position and the beautiful symmetry of Javi’s toned body on top of his chest with his cock disappearing and reappearing over and over again made for an absolutely amazing photo of triangular domination.

Angelica felt her pussy throbbing again as she watched Sam suck on his first cock. It was another amazing moment in the formation of a new religion.

Javier moaned and enjoyed the urgent determination of this newfound slut. He had turned actual straight guys before so he had some experience for how fun their first slutty ambitions could be. Sam wasn’t a brilliant cocksucker, but first-timers were always obsessed at being as good as they could be, and Javier loved the sheer energy of Sam’s tongue all over his shaft and head and balls. His tongue was like a cocaine-high banana slug worshipping Javier’s python in some strange ceremony of deliverance.

“Angelica, I’m gonna take a shower with your boyfriend,” Javi said suddenly and Angelica was simply a disciple at this point. The photo-shoot had blasted past the X-rated door now and she was working as much as she was playing. Some of these pictures she could never actually use in the magazine, but that didn’t matter anymore.

Javier took his hard cock out of Sam’s desperate mouth with a plop as the bottom slut gasped with exhaustion.

Javier hopped off the bed and told Sam to join him. They walked into the bathroom of the loft and Javier immediately turned on the hot water. The shower wasn’t huge but it did have a good square size, a bench, and a rain-shower feature where the water came from above rather than the wall. Angelica had shot some of her models in this room. It was a sexy shape and offered a linear design that she liked for some poses.

Sam looked back at his girlfriend as Javier took his hand and led him into the shower. She kissed the air at her boyfriend and smiled in a naughty way as she continued to show him how much she was loving this. He raised his eyebrows at her, as if to say, what the hell am I doing? He had no idea how on earth he was enjoying this as much as he was.

The boys stood below the water together and Javi pulled the slightly shorter Sam in for a very rough kiss. This was the type of hot make-out session that you had when you were 19. It was the type of make-out session that you had when the parents were away for the weekend. It was hard and passionate and there was lots of tongue and lots of biting and lots of very firm grabbing of bodies.

Sam felt completely overtaken by this hunk of a man. He was so fucking sexy.

Javi grabbed both of Sam’s ass cheeks and their boners rubbed up against each other as they made out with the hot water sizzling down their faces through the entire thing.

Angelica got amazing photos during this moment. She was jealous. She wanted to squeeze her tongue in between their kissing, but at the same time, she very much enjoyed remaining the voyeur through her boyfriend’s sexual exploration.

Sam dropped down to his knees again suddenly. No one had made him do this. He just needed Javier’s cock in his mouth again and he wanted him to know that.

He turned to look at Angelica and she bit her lip at his slutty need as he pushed Javi’s cock halfway into his mouth. Sam sucked Javier slowly and in long, deep-throating maneuvers. Sam tried to get as much of the cock as he could into his mouth but he topped out at about five inches.

He was hornier than he’d been in a very long time. He pulled Javier’s legs down and told the bigger man to sit on the floor of the shower. Once he had him seated he sat up on Javi’s lap and positioned his ass over his cock. Javi helped Sam wrap his legs around his waist as his cock slowly pushed back into this loosened asshole.

Sam moaned up into the falling rain as he got the cock all the way back inside of him. For a second he just sat there and enjoyed the way it felt. Javi kissed him again and they made out gently in the water.

Finally Sam began to grind his ass down, rotating his hips like Angelica liked to do whenever she rode cowgirl. He’s stealing some of my best moves, Angelica thought to herself as she continued clicking pictures.

She could just see the scrapbook headers now: ‘Boyfriend’s First Anal’, ‘Boyfriend’s First Blowjob’, ‘Boyfriend’s First Cowgirl on the Floor of a Shower’, etc, etc. She smiled and her pussy gleamed.

Sam rode Javier with a surprising energy and his gyrations soon became bouncy cheerleader like bounces. He was moaning out loud each time his ass landed back down on Javier’s crotch, the larger man making sure to arch his dick up into the depths of Sam’s bowels each time he landed. Sam held onto Javi’s muscular back and his mouth stayed open in a slutty smile as he continued to buck on his bronco.

At some point Javier decided he wanted more control and in an impressively unexpected move, he stood up slowly as he told Sam to lock his legs around his waist. Angelica was incredibly impressed and she moaned a bit under her breath as Javier picked up Sam in the air and began to fuck him from a standing position. Sam couldn’t believe he was lifted so easily. His buns were being violated in midair now and he was moaning loudly.

‘Boyfriend’s First Seesaw’, she mused to herself again as she captured the monster cock entering and exiting her boyfriend as they continued to be drenched in the spray of the water.

Javier pushed Sam up against the wall now and began to fuck him there, his hard thrusts banging loudly against the wall as Sam’s moans echoed through the room.

“Good job slut, you take that cock so good don’t you.” Javier said to him and Sam loved being called a slut by this man.

“Mmmm, you like that cock, baby?” Angelica asked her boyfriend as he was rammed over and over again into the wall of the shower. Javier wasn’t going easy on him

“Yeah babyyyy,” he moaned and Javier wasn’t holding anything back now. This was a cock training. This was a sluttification of the highest degree. This was Angelica watching her sexy boyfriend becoming a valued member of the LGBTQ community.

“Time for this slut to swallow his prize,” Javier said and he put Sam down suddenly. Sam knew exactly what was expected of him.

He dropped to his knees even as his gaping ass already missed the fullness of the gay model’s manhood. Javier immediately grabbed a handful of his hair and kept his face in place. He jacked his sausage directly against Sam’s chin and it didn’t take very long as he was already close to cumming before leaving Sam’s tight buns.

The orgasm exploded out in a rope over Sam’s chin and nose and eyes. He was quickly pushed down onto the cock and made to drink the next few salvos. He didn’t mind this at all. He wanted it. He needed it. He sucked the cock like it was a broken straw, needing every bit of sperm that he could get in his belly.

Javier marveled at Sam as he willingly slurped up his first cumshot with a splattered face full of the tops warm jizz.

Sam didn’t mind the taste. It was salty and creamy, but it wasn’t bad. He was just impressed at how much there was. It almost turned him on more knowing that he could be the reason that another man was cumming—knowing that his own ass was sexy enough to make another man cum like this. He loved knowing that. He already wanted more cock in his butt and his mouth. He felt like hornier than he could ever remember being.

He sucked and sucked and sucked and then he sucked some more. Angelica set her camera down and crawled over to take her boyfriend’s own throbbing penis into her mouth.

He exploded in less than five seconds. She moaned as her boyfriend’s cum filled her mouth like too much lava from a dormant volcano. She couldn’t even swallow all of it as some of the cum ran down her chin.

Sam meanwhile never took the cock out of his mouth. He kept Javier’s throbbing tool down his throat all through his own orgasm, using it to turn himself on more. He wanted to cum with a cock in his mouth. He wanted that knowledge. He wanted the implications to be as firm as they could. He was being fucked by a guy. He was cumming with another man’s cummy cock deep down his throat. He was being fully submissive for this monster dick and doing his very best to be the most voracious little slut that he could be.

His own orgasm was viscous in Angelica’s mouth and he could tell how horny she was from the ravenous nature of her consumption of his seed. She was drinking down his gay arousal. She was getting drunk off of his orgasm which was entirely derived by his own newfound need for cock.

It was the most bat-shit insane thing to ever happen to either of them.

For Javier, this was a typical Friday night. The whole thing had been sexy, certainly, but it never ceased to amaze him how many straight guys there were out there just waiting for the right guy to come along and dominate the fuck out of them.

The whole world was in giant need of having their arrogant mouths quieted by a godly cock. Everyone could learn a thing or two if they’d just shut the fuck up and swallow some cum.

After Sam had finally finished milking Javier’s cock, he pulled it out and began rubbing it over his face. Angelica was still bobbing her mouth up and down on her boyfriend’s tool. He was still hard, even after cumming as much as he had.

Her outfit was becoming slightly drenched from the spray of the water she had pushed her self into to get to him, but it didn’t matter. Everything was wet on her body now.

She finally brought her head back up to as she looked to see Sam rubbing Javier’s dick all over his face.

She stepped up and grabbed a towel to dry herself as she took her camera back into the room and set it on the table.

She swung back around and looked at her models.

“You guys okay?” Javier and Sam both looked over to her and smiled. They were clearly okay.

“I’m gonna swing down the block and grab us some iced coffees from Starbucks, you guys both want one?” She asked.

“Sounds good, yes please,” Sam said, and Javier accepted the offer as well.

As soon as she had collected her things she walked back over to the shower where Javier was turning the water off. Sam was still on his knees rubbing the half-hard snake over his face.

She leaned down to kiss her man as she smelled the musky cum residue all over him. He smiled up at her.

“Okay guys, I’ll be back in like 15…”she paused suddenly as she looked over at her man, still clearly taken by his new toy. “Ya know what, make that 30 minutes.” She winked at Sam and Javi didn’t miss that.

As soon as she was out the door Sam and Javi were out of the shower drying off.

“So,” Javi said as had admired Sam’s booty while they dried.

“So,” Sam replied with some mischief in his eyes.

Javi leaned in and kissed Sam again. He leaned down to bite his ear and speak to him, “Wanna crawl into bed and have a really nice, thirty minute fuck?”

“Yessss,” Sam said, and he yelped a little when Javi spanked his ass.

They went back into the room after they were dry and Sam took Javier again.

This time it was different. It was slow and marvelous and neither one of them was putting on a show for anyone.

Sam took his cock and enjoyed it just for himself now. He wrapped his legs around Javier and the boys kissed softly while they made love. Sam knew he was going to be sore tomorrow, but he didn’t care.

All he wanted was for Javier to use his ass. All he wanted for Javier to completely pound his ass.

The feelings welled up inside of him as he moaned into Javier’s mouth.

It was sexual magic and Sam was completely taken by it all.

A couple blocks away, Angelica daydreamed as a cute little barista with a blonde ponytail handed over her drink carrier full of three cold brews.

“So, how’s your day going today?” The girl asked with a bowl of sunshine in her smile.

Angelica just looked at her with a peaceful sort of pride, “My boyfriend is being fucked in the ass by a male model as we speak.”

The blonde gasped and almost didn’t know whether to take her seriously. “Oh my gosh! Well, damn…I’m so sorry, sweetie,” she had clearly misunderstood the tone of Angelica’s voice as she tried to show some kind of sympathy for the crazy declaration.

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  1. John Randall says:

    I agree it would be so hot to get fucked by a hot young stud as my wife watched and and kept telling to fuck me harder or faster.

  2. TomofNorway says:

    HOT, AMAZING, EROTIC STORY! This one had me swollen and sore and spent! Excellent plot! Love to see a movie showing everything! Sam’s ass, Javi’s rod, Javi’s cum dripping from Sam’s bubble butt, Sam sucking Javi, Sam rimming and eating Javi’s ass, Angi snowballing Javi’s cum into Sam’s mouth and cum-covered face, Javi’s cock, Javi’s ass, Sam’s cock …. FUCK!!!!!!

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