Girlfriend’s Bro Puts On a Private Show Pt 3

I have sucked his cock more than once. Yes, I he has kissed me and he loves to push his tongue inside my mouth. At times, he loves to share my cum during our kisses after he has taken my load.

Part 2


I knocked on the door to my girlfriend Tina’s house; though I know she is not home. I am actually here to see her brother, Tim. He and I have grown very close the last few weeks and his sister continues to encourage me to see him. She knows he will suck my cock and knows sometimes I will even fuck him.

Tina and I have an open relationship and we tell each other about our sexual experiences. We met during one of our classes in the community college and have been going at it ever since the first time we fucked. More than once, after I sucked off her brother, we have invited others to join us and we all enjoy each others’ company. She is crazy hot and very creative. She is openly bisexual. Tim and I have witnessed it first hand and reaped the rewards of us engaging in homosexual activity for their enjoyment. The girls get so turned on watching us; it is amazing! I have watched sister and brother suck, fuck, and share my cum. It is crazy hot.

Admittedly, I have sucked his cock more than once. Yes, I he has kissed me and he loves to push his tongue inside my mouth. At times, he loves to share my cum during our kisses after he has taken my load.

I am not thrilled with all of the aspects with regard to my relationship with Tim. However, I keep coming to see him on Wednesdays. Tina has cheerleader practice and Tim is home alone in the afternoon. His ass is incredible and he has learned how to use his charms and his body for our mutual pleasure.

I am pushing my comfort zones to be with a male but the rewards have been very worth it!

So, here I am knocking on the door and Tim lets me inside his house. I see his is more excited than usual. However, he does not kiss me, which is rather odd for him. I let it ride but I am curious.

Tim leads me to the kitchen, as usual, but is beaming when he shows me we have company.

I see his male guest and wonder what is happening. The guy seems to have the same lean build as Tim and he seems to be about the same age. I wonder if they are school friends, on the same swim team, or perhaps they met by chance.

“See, I told you he would be here for a blowjob.” Tim playfully tells his friend.

The friend held his comment but shifted nervously, looking from me to Tim.

“Oh?” I ask, with raised eyebrows.

“Joe is my friend from the swim team and did not believe me. I am sure he does now, though.” He stated confidently, with a wide smile.

Again, Joe said nothing but seemed nervous, looking to both of us.

I did not say anything and enjoyed watching Joe being so thrown off by Tim’s bold comment.

“Why don’t you two wait in my bedroom while I change into something more comfortable?” Tim added with a wink as he sauntered off to the bathroom, wiggling his tight and shapely bottom just a bit. My eyes were glued to the vision and I did steal a glance to gauge Joe’s reaction. His eyes were also transfixed on the wiggling butt.

It took me only a moment to realize Tim liked Joe and wanted my help. Of course, I quickly took the hint and led Joe into Tim’s bedroom.

I began taking off my sneakers and socks and look to Joe. “What up?”

He was speechless but his eyes moved from me to the television screen.

“Yeah. Tim likes to have the tv on and this is one of his favorite scenes.” I say as we watch a buxom brunette giving head to a well built guy.

I begin to take off my pants but I pause, looking at Joe. “What is the matter?”

He is watching me undress, “What do you mean?” He asks nervously.

“Tim’s policy is no clothes in his room.” I state as a matter of fact.

Joe does not move. “I can’t. I am not going to get naked.” He stammers.

“Look. The only way you will see me get a blowjob is for him to see you naked.” I state calmly while I continue undressing.

“You really did come here to get a blow job?” Joe seems to be finally realizing this will happen.

“Hell, yeah!” I say excitedly. “His lips and tongue are fucking amazing and he loves to swallow.”

Joe’s eyes light up. “He swallows? None of my girlfriends ever did.”

“Well, you are in for a treat.” I tell him while removing my shirt.

“Why? I am not getting a blowjob.” He says, kind of anxiously.

“Why not?” I look at him perplexed. “You are here, aren’t you? And you will be naked when he comes in, won’t you?”

“You really think he will suck my cock, too?” He asks in a semi trembling voice. “I did not think of that possibility.”

“It is a real possibility.” I tell him firmly. “Now, strip. You don’t want to be dressed when he returns.”

He slowly begins to remove his sneakers and his clothes. I can tell he is nervous but he is stripping. Tim just might get lucky today, I think to myself.

I watch the television, idly stroking my cock and turn my eyes to ensure Joe is stripping off all his clothes. Cool, I think. Tim is one step closer to getting laid.

“I can’t believe I am naked in a guy’s room.” Joe says nervously, as his underwear hits the floor.

“Hey. It is okay. We are all cool here.” I turn to him, still stroking my hard cock at a slow pace.

His eyes become fixed on me stroking myself. “What are you doing?”

“Huh?” I ask, feigning ignorance.

“You are jerking your dick.” He responds, incredulous to my action.

“Not a big deal. The chick is hot.” I reply calmly.

Joe turns his head to the screen. He sees a huge titted blonde getting fucked from behind.

“Yeah. You are right, I guess.” He responds slowly.

“You ever jerk off in front of a guy before?” I ask.

“Fuck no!” He replies defensively.

“Well, give it a try.” I say while watching his dick grow.

“No. I can’t.” He was very quick to say no.

“I am doing it and the chick is hot as fuck.” I reply calmly. “Go ahead. I am not going to tell anyone.”

He tentatively takes hold of his growing cock and strokes it a bit. Joe sees me watching him and he quickly pulled his hand away from himself.

“Why did you stop? It is okay.” I reasoned with him.

“I have never done that before. Not in front of my past girlfriends and certainly not in front of a guy.” He says in an almost panicked voice.

“Well, you stroked it at least a couple times while I was watching you. Therefore, I guess you can now say that you jerked your dick in front of a guy.” I chuckled a bit to help ease his anxiety.

“That does not count.” He was quick to add.

“Ok. How many times do you have to stroke your cock in front of a guy for it to count?” I laughed, lightly.

“Oh. What the fuck! I don’t know.” He laughs.

“Well, I guess you have never had a guy stroke your cock before.” I chided him.

He laughed again, “No.”

I reached over and stroked his hardening cock four times and released.

“I just stroked you four times. Does that count as to having you been stroked by a guy?” I smiled at him.

He laughed again, very nervously. “I can’t believe you did that to me.”

“It is not a big deal.” I reasoned with him. “Try it with me. You only need to stroke it twice.”

“What? I am not doing that!” He laughed but he kept his eyes on my bobbing dick.

“How about just holding it? This way you will always know that you held a cock at least once.” I suggested.

“Once?” He asked, while eying up my hard seven inch cock.

“That is all-once.” I calmly suggested.

Joe reached out with shaky fingers and wrapped them around my aroused dick.

“How is that?” He asked.

“Your hand feels real good.” I sighed. “Do you like it?”

Joe did not release his grip as he responded. “I don’t know.”

Instinctively, his hand slowly massaged up and down along my length.

As if on some imagined signal, Joe quickly pulled his hand away and looked at me with a confused look on his face.

“Are you okay?” I asked him while placing my hand on his hip.

“Yeah but I never did that before.” He stammered.

“But it felt all right?” I asked him cautiously.

“Yeah but I don’t know.” He replied slowly.

I slid my hand to his hard cock and stroked it slowly, gliding my fingers up and down his shaft.

“How does that feel?” I ask.

“Good.” He replied.

Joe never took his eyes off my hand moving slowly up and down his shaft. I looked down at his shaft and I am thinking he is about five inches and maybe not hard all the way. I might be able to do it.

“Can I try something else I think you will like?” I asked quietly.

“Like what?” Joe replied nervously. Though I think he knew and was eager for it.

Wordlessly, I leaned down and took his cock between my lips. I sucked on his cock head for a moment then slid my mouth down his pole. I slowly engulfed his dick all the way to his balls.

“Oh fuck!” He exclaimed but did not move an inch.

I pulled my head up slightly and slid my mouth down his shaft to his balls, licking his cock head and piss slit.

He oohed and trembled but did not pull away.

If you told me three months ago I would have a cock in my mouth so my male fuck buddy could get laid I would have told you that you are out of your mind. Yet, here I am, leaning down and bobbing my head up and down on a very hard cock.

I lingered on him for a bit. Joe was getting more and more excited and I was starting to get into it. I have sucked Tim’s cock a few times. However, I rationalized the only reason I did that was to get laid by his girlfriend or other female guests his sister Tina has brought along to party.

Eventually, I slid my lips up to his cockhead, jerked his shaft, and smeared some of his precum across my lips before standing.

“How was it?” I asked Joe. Though, I knew he loved it.

“That was amazing!” Joe gushed. “Oh my god. Fucking unreal!”

“Cool. I am glad you liked it.” I replied calmly. “Are you ready to try it? Maybe just give it a lick or two.”

“No, I can’t, Ray.” He stammered but looked down at my still hard cock, bobbing left to right and up and down.

I said to Joe, “So, you are here in a man’s room and naked to see him give another guy a blowjob. You are not curious?”

He did not reply but kept looking at my bobbing cock.

“No one is judging anyone and we are all here to try something new.” I calmly reasoned with him.

“I don’t know, Ray.” He wavered.

I knew I had him but I had to be patient. I again glided my hand from his waist to his hard cock and slowly stroked him.

“I was like you, Joe. I was just curious to see him suck his own cock. Surprisingly, it was exciting and I came in his mouth the first time I witnessed him doing it.” I excitedly told him.

He stammered for a reply but no words were said.

I tell him, “You are here to watch a guy give a blowjob, so you are at least curious. Now is your chance to try it for only a second. I am not telling anyone and I am sure you won’t. “

Trying to avoid the topic but his cock was betraying his words-it was hard as a rock! I continued to caress it and lightly played with his balls. He did not stop me and continued to move his eyes from my hand stroking him to my own hard cock bouncing lightly.

“Tim sucked his own cock?” Joe replied. “Wow.”

“That is nothing!” I tell him, while gliding my fingers up and down his shaft. “One time, he even had both our cocks in his mouth at the same time. It was fucking incredible!”

“Fucking really?” He sighed, as he felt my fingers play with his hard shaft and piss slit.

“Why do you think I am here almost every Wednesday?” I tell him while sliding my hand up and down his dick, from the cock head to his balls and back up to his cock head.

“Tim is incredibly imaginative. You are so fucking lucky he asked you to be here.” I excitedly told him.

Joe did not move my hand away but asked, “And you have sucked Tim’s dick?”

“Hell, yeah!” I enthusiastically replied. “It is not as bad as you might think and you may like it.”

“I don’t’ think so, Ray.” He replied, chuckling.

“Joe, I did not mind sucking your cock. It was kind of cool and definitely fun. I liked making you feel good.” I said, while continuing to stroke him.

“Really? You liked it?” He asked while continuously watching me jerk his very hard dick.

“I would not have done it if I thought differently. I felt in control of your emotions while I had you in my mouth. It was interesting and then it was exciting.” I continued the slow and cautious tone in my voice.

“No shit.” He exclaimed in a loud whisper.

“Hell, yes! I could have had you blow your big load in my mouth but I wanted to save that honor for Tim.” I continued to talk smoothly.

I did tell a small lie but I have taken a load or two in my mouth. Of course, Tim’s sister or one of her cheerleader friends sucked the cum from my tongue and lips. However, that is another story.

“Are you serious?” Joe’s cock was dripping precum and it could not get any harder. It was like steel within my fingers.

“I am very serious, Joe. He loves to swallow my cum and then kiss me. I have gotten used to it. Though, he knows I like it better when is wearing the red lipstick.” I nudged him in the ribs in jest.

“Lipstick?” Joe is beginning to sweat and blush.

“Oh, yes. Why do you think Tim is taking so long? I hope he is wearing the red or yellow lingerie I bought him.” I said wistfully.

“You bought Tim lingerie and he wears it for you? That is fucking wild.” Joe says with excitement in his voice.

“I told you he is adventurous. You will have a wild time with him. Trust me.” I smiled at him.

“I am not gay.” He protested.

“Neither is he and neither am I, Joe. We are just having fun and expanding our horizons.” I replied easily. “I know you liked it when I had my lips around your dick, though.”

He blushed but remained silent.

“What about your lips around my cock?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, Ray.” He laughed nervously but did look down to see me stroking my cock.

“It is okay to be nervous but it is not a big deal and might even be fun and pleasurable for you.” I added.

He did not move or say anything and kept his hands at his sides.

I tried another tactic. “I know. It is crazy, right? I love women and it was his sister that got me into it! She wanted to watch me suck her brother off and fuck his ass. I eventually did but that is another story.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Joe asked.

“Nope! All true.” I responded, while stroking my cock. “Since then we have wild parties. You would not believe how many women I fucked after they watch me do a few licks on a cock head.”

“No fucking way!” Joe answered excitedly. “Women get off watching a guy suck dick?”

“Of course.” I replied.” Don’t you get excited watching two women go at it?”

“I never saw that live,” Joe admitted.

“I am telling you that Tim has a way to get as much action as he wants.” I reassured him. “All you have to do is take a chance.”

“I don’t know, Ray.” Joe seemed to be wavering.

“Hmm. So, you are telling me you never looked at Tim’s ass?” I inquired.

He blushed and turned his head aside in embarrassment.

I laughed a bit. “So, you have thought about it!”

“No, no.” He was quick to reply.

“You are not the first guy to think that way. His ass is undeniably hot.” I let him know. “If you met his twin sister, you would have a hard time to determine which ass is better.”

Joe chuckled and once again looked at my hard cock bobbing up and down.

“I am just saying if you broaden your horizons you will have unimaginable fun!” I added, “Did you like me sucking you?”

“Yeah.” He admitted.

I went for it. “Well, how about you put my cock in your mouth? It isn’t that bad and you might like the control you have over me. Remember how well I pleased you?”

He kept his eyes focused on my cock. I let go of my shaft and let it bob teasingly.

“Just give it a try.” I urged. “I know he will be even more eager to please you. He gets like that-you please him and he repays the pleasure ten-fold.

He nods his head in agreement and tentatively leans down.

“You are first timer, Joe. You don’t want to lose your balance. You should kneel.” I reasoned with him.

He smiled nervously before slipping to his knees and be face to face with my hard cock.

“Just go for it. You are not committing yourself to me or anything like that.” I said, trying to hide my anxiousness.

His head moved forward and closed his lips around my cock head.

“Oh fuck. Feels sooo good.” I sighed out loud.

He pulled his lips off my cock. “I don’t know, Ray.”

“Try again. Hold my thighs for balance. You did feel real good.” I resisted the urge to hold his shoulders.

Joe held onto my thighs and took my cock head and part of my shaft between his lips. I felt his tongue caress my length as his lips swallowed more of my cock.

I sighed contentedly.

He slid back until his lips were at my cock head and then leaned forward again.

I was so lost in the pleasure Joe is giving me, I barely heard Tim enter his bedroom.

“Wow.” Tim said softly.

We both turned our heads towards the doorway and I felt my very hard cock unfortunately slipping out of Joe’s soft mouth and thick tongue.

Tim is wearing a light blue satin chemise with white bra and mesh panty set easily viewable. He is wearing light blue knee high stockings and white high heel shoes.

Joe is motioning to stand.

“Don’t stand up, Joe. I love to see a naked man on his knees with a hard cock, waiting for me.” Tim says in a sultry voice as he approaches us.

Joe looks down and notices his cock is hard-very hard. He looks up at us, blushing but quiet.

Tim walked to us and pressed his panty clad ass next to Joe’s face.

“You smell and look so sexy! I can’t believe it.” Joe exclaimed in surprise.

“Do it, Joe.” Tim tells him. “Caress, squeeze, grab and spank my ass! I know you have been looking at it for days now.”

Tim whispers in my ear, thank you, as he feels the first slap across his ass cheeks.

Kissing me as he feels the next swat, Tim asks me quietly, “Is that precum?”

I smile and nod.

“I owe you big time.” He whispers in my ear and nibbles a bit for emphasis.

Tim looks down at our friend with new found confidence. “Now, kiss it to make me feel better. I love a man’s lips and tongue on my butt.”

I look down and notice Joe’s hands are caressing his stocking clad legs. His lips are so close to Tim’s panty clad ass cheeks.

“Do it, dude!” I encourage him. “He is so fucking smooth, soft, tight, and very clean. You gotta try it.”

Joe parts the panties and presses his lips between Tim’s ass cheeks. I can see him tentatively lick and then spread Tim’s ass cheeks apart to be deeper inside him.

While he is pleasing Tim’s backside, I am caressing Tim’s hardness hidden in the panties.

Tim kisses me, plunging his tongue between my lips. I have grown used to Tim kissing me. Sometimes, I actually like it. He has sucked my cock, jerked me off, let me fuck him, and so much more!

“Oh fuck! This is so fucking hot!” Tim screams out in pleasure.

Pulling away from us, he orders, “You, Joe, on the bed. Now!”

Joe is quick to get on his feet and sit on the bed.

Tim wastes no time devouring his cock and pushes Joe’s back on the bed as Tim begins his oral assault on his nice dick.

“Fuck, yes!” Joe exclaims as he feels Tim swallow him down to his balls.

Joe is on his back on the bed with his knees off the foot of the bed. His toes are touching the carpeted floor and his left arm is dangling off the bed.

Tim was giving Joe the full cock-slurping and deep-throating action he loves to give when he is extremely horny. Tim must have been extra excited because he was wiggling his ass at me that clearly indicated a lewd invitation for me to get busy.

I wasted little time grabbing the condoms and lube from his top dresser drawer.

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3 thoughts on “Girlfriend’s Bro Puts On a Private Show Pt 3

  1. Steve says:

    It was hot but not in to the women clothes love hot males sex poor ray dogs know if he straight gay but at least he bi and young all 3 of them hope it continue

  2. Alex says:

    Kind of sad for Ray. Tim has a new fuck buddy and from now on will be the third wheel. I was hopeful that Ray would come over to the gay side and prefer, but I hate that the author is steering Tim to brass, hi-heels, lipstick. Sorry, not interested in cross dressers. This story is all over the place. I hope the author starts making sense of it.

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