Good Friends On Hunting Trip

I moved forward until it touched his lips. He opened his mouth and took it in, as far as he could. When it hit the back of his throat, he gagged a bit, but kept sucking for about 5 seconds.


I was on a hunting trip with four of my buddies. Two of them I had been out with previously at this beautiful site in the Colorado mountains, and two others that I worked with I had invited to come along, as I knew they liked to hunt. I myself did not hunt, but love the wilderness and the camping experience.

As bad luck, or good, would have it my two regular hunting partners got called away on a family need for the evening, promising to return the next day.

Camp was set, I had a cushy bed in a pop up since the space was open, and my two work friends had a sizable tent, nothing spectacular but roomy enough for six.

We ate dinner, which I cooked up, and served. We all ate a great meal and I offered to take their plates and put them in the trash bag we had set up. As I took their plates, one of them, Ben, said “nice meal.”

I said “thanks,” and he replied, “you’re the camp bitch!” and chuckled.

I told him to fuck off and we all laughed. Even so, there was a glance between them that I noticed, and they noticed that I noticed.

Soon it was dark and a fire was roaring, as we all sat around it. Those two sat next to each other, and I sat across, and we had some fun in conversation and passed around a fifth of Wild Turkey 101.

After some time, we were all feeling the gobbler, and things got quiet as we stared into the fire, reflecting on whatever.

There was a definite period of silence, then my camp mate Ben, who earlier had labelled me the camp bitch, asked why I kept looking at gay websites at work? I knew I was caught. My job as a salesman was boring and I did my share of surfing to seek out a boner session when I could. Keep in mind that this was the late 90s, so I was a bit naïve about what could be tracked, and even if it was. Apparently, it was.

“What are you talking about?” I stammered with a voice that was less than believable.

“We know all about you and fagnet,” said my other co-worker, Chris.

“Not cool,” I said, “how is that any of your business?”

“It’s not,” Ben said, “but you know I’m a network admin, and I see what I see.”

The silence was deafening as we all stared into the fire, it crackled and sparks flew up into the cool night air.

After a minute or so, I asked, “so what, you’re going to out me and humiliate me?”

There was obvious concern on my face in the light of the fire, and I tried to make eye contact to let each of them know that I would kick their ass if it came to that.

Quietly, Chris offered up, “we were just curious.”

After a few seconds of contemplation, I asked, “curious about me, or curious about it?

They both sat there for a moment, not looking at each other, but there was a connection that all three of us could feel around the firelight. Some kind of barrier had been cracked. I remained silent and apprehensive. I was not sure where in hell this was going.

“Both,” Chris suddenly said. Ben looked at him and then looked at me, and shook his head in affirmation.

I waited a moment, gave a glance around at the dark space that enveloped us outside of the light of the fire, and then asked, “so you want to know what it is like to have a guy touch you?”

“No way man, that’s not it!” Ben said, too quickly to be believable.

Chris followed after a moment with, “I’m interested in both. What’s it like?”

Even though the firelight was low, I could see a lust in Chris’s eyes. I knew he was hardening up, ever so slightly. He shifted in his camp chair, as Ben stared into the fire, refusing to look at either of us. This conversation was going into interesting places.

I let the tension build, and I knew that both young men were here out in the wilderness, with no one around for miles, and they were without women and horny. Ben adjusted as he shifted over.

“So, what are you guys looking for,” I asked over the campfire coals, “someone to blow you?”

They immediately looked at each other, fell silent, and I waited. After a little bit of time, Chris chimed up and said, “I guess so.” In a quiet voice.

The fire crackled, and I had them both, by the balls, so to speak. I waited, and then after a bit of time I said, “I think you want something, but I don’t trust either of you.”

They looked at each other in confusion, as if a plan had been foiled. Then Ben said, “What do you mean by trust? You can trust us.”

Again, I waited. I stopped looking at either of them, continued looking at the fire, and got my courage up. Then I said, “if you want to satisfy some curiosity, and obviously you both know I am into it, then each of you has to put me in your mouth for at least ten seconds, or I am going to go to bed, and if you say anything about this I will simply tell everyone you did it anyway.”

“You wish,” Ben said.

“No, you wish,” I replied.

We sat their thinking about what had just transpired. The fire had started to die down, but the obvious erections had not.

“You either want this, or you don’t,” I said, and then stood up and walked towards them both. Their eyes widened in surprise and anticipation. I slowly unbuttoned my pants, and said, “you each suck me for 10 seconds each, and I will suck you both until you cum.”

“No way,” Ben said without much conviction. I walked closer, unzipping my pants and moving towards Chris whom I was quite certain wanted a taste. I said, “just ten seconds, that way I know you won’t tell. If you don’t suck me, then you will tell everyone that I am a faggot, and go to bed with hard-ons”

“I’m not ready for that. I’m not gay,” Ben said with a side of hesitation, and a hint of remorse for revealing his want of release.

“OK” I replied, and, and turned back towards my camp chair.

I was just about to sit down when Chris said, “wait, I won’t tell, and neither will Ben. I want to try it.” ¬¬

I looked at Ben and he shied away, looking at the embers again.

“If we’re all not in,” I exclaimed, looking at Ben with my hardon clearly visible through my unzipped pants, “then the deal is off. And if any of you mentions it to anyone, regardless of what happened here, I will say you did it.”

Ben’s eyes got wider and I could see the doubt and sexual frustration pass his face in the dim light. He knew he wanted it, and I wanted it, and Chris wanted it.

I walked back toward both of them. Chris had a look of lust that I can’t explain with words. I exposed my fully erect seven-inch cock to him. He reached up and put his hand around it, and examined it like it was the first time he had ever touched another man, which was probably the truth. Slowly he leaned forward, and he took the head into his mouth, and then eased down on it, moving to the base, and then back and forth from tip to root. He was genuinely enjoying it.

After ten seconds, I said, “now Ben’s turn.”

Ben looked up at me and made a suggestion, “how about you suck off Chris first, and then we’ll move forward, and I’ll make up my mind then?”

“No,” I exclaimed, “you will tell on us both.”

Chris looked over at his friend, and said, “he’s right, you know? Just do it, it wasn’t so bad.”

Chris took his hand off my cock, and I moved over an positioned my rigid member right in front of Ben’s mouth. I moved forward until it touched his lips. He opened his mouth and took it in, as far as he could. When it hit the back of his throat, he gagged a bit, but kept sucking for about 5 seconds.

“There you go,” Ben said, releasing my cock from his mouth, “ten seconds.”

“Not quite,” I whispered, “but close enough.”

Then I pointed my erect member back at Chris, and he was ready. Ben watched as he readily sucked it again, this time holding my balls gently as he enjoyed his first experience blowing another man. He worked it like a pro, back and forth like the most willing whore on the block. His eyes were closed, and Ben seemed to be taken aback and absolutely fixated all at the same time at the scene before him. He licked his lips involuntarily as Chris willingly did his best to please me.

I pulled out of Chris’s mouth after about 20 seconds. Honestly, I was getting close to cumming. He looked up at me with disappointment. Then I said without hesitation, “I want you to both cum in my mouth, Ben first.”

Ben snapped out of his trance of watching his buddy suck me off. He looked up at me and for a second, I thought he was going to chicken out even after all that had already transpired. I got down on my knees in front of Ben and asked him to stand up and take his pants down. He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans, and I took hold of each side and helped him take his pants and underwear down to his ankles. While this was happening, Chris also unzipped and let his nicely helmeted member come free.

I went down on Ben with slow and cool precision, savoring the moment and lapping up the taste of his nice, seven inch hard and veined cock. I cannot tell you how awesome it was to be up and downing on a fantastic erect penis, outside of a campfire, in the wilderness, with another one waiting. I had always fantasized about sucking Ben off, and now it was coming true.

While I was sucking and giving Ben the best head that I could provide, I kept looking up at Chris, who now had his own cock out and was watching us with intensity, slowly stroking himself up and down. We were all outed, and he knew what was coming.

Ben was so worked up that in less than two minutes his breathing become labored, and with whimper he came in buckets, and I took three swallows from the head to take it all in, then went down as far as I could, and compressed his hardon gently as I milked it up to the tip, making sure I got out the remaining seed. He squirmed a bit, as a sensitive cock does, but then allowed me to release the entire thing, licking my lips as I looked up at him lustily.

“All good?” I asked. He leaned back in his chair and said, “that was awesome, thanks.” Then he looked over at Chris who was still watching intently and slowly stroking his cock. I could tell he wasn’t far from finishing, so I moved his hand away, positioned myself in front of him, and put just the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it while lightly sucking. I ran my fingers across his hanging balls and slowly tickled them, matching the pace of my massage on his head. Within seconds he started squirming a bit, and then exclaimed, “oh my God, I’m going to cum!”

I took that cue and put his entire six-and-a-half-inch cock to the back of my throat, and sucked in earnest. He literally painted my throat with his ejaculation, and I gagged and then eagerly swallowed as his hips bucked uncontrollably beneath my firmly planted mouth.

Ben looked on, with what I took as a face of disbelief at what had just happened to him, and what had just happened to Chris. Just as I had done with Ben, I milked the remaining seed slowly and gently from Chris’s still rock-hard cock.

I got up and walked back to my chair. I felt humiliated, and rejuvenated all at the same time. I was in a sexual trance.

After a couple of minutes, both men kind of stretched their arms, and exclaimed their intent to go to bed in their tent.

“This is our secret?” I asked as they both got up from their chairs.

“yeah, our secret,” and “sure thing,” was the answer.

Before they left, I said, “go to bed naked, and call me in, because I want to lick both of your balls,”

They looked at each other in spent disbelief. But then kind of shrugged their shoulders. They knew they for this night at least, they had a camp bitch.


After a bit of time, the fire had burned itself nearly out, with just a little residual heat from the remaining weak glow. I could hear shuffling in the tent a few feet away. The voices were whispering back and forth in what seemed like indecision, and also telling each other to act. I could make out, “you say it,” and then a “no you.”

Finally, I heard a quiet voice call out from the closed tent, “You still out there, Tim?”

“Yep,” I replied, my voice cutting through the night silence.

“Come in,” was the answer.

While I was waiting, I had untied my shoes, knowing I didn’t want some clunky hikers kicking around while I was servicing these two. I approached the tent opening, and slowly unzipped it, almost a metaphor for what I had already done, and was getting ready to do.

I dropped my shoes at the entrance and climbed in. My eyes were adjusted to the dark and I could make out their forms, each laying on top of their sleeping bag, and each naked from the waist down. I couldn’t blame them for keeping their shirts on, it was a crisp mountain night. Both were propped up on their elbows, straight legged, and both had renewed erections. I went to Ben first again, as I knew he was the most apprehensive.

“Spread your legs,” I whispered.

He opened up for me, and I climbed between. Chris stopped me before I got entirely into position.

“Take your pants off too,” he said.

I rose on my knees and undid my belt and unzipped, pulling my pants and underwear off in one motion, then rolled onto my back between them and took my pants off the rest of the way. My erection sprung free, the head glistening with precum, and throbbing so bad it hurt as I had been hard for a long time now. I threw my pants towards the door, then positioned myself in front of Ben’s still open legs.

Slowly I moved forward, and gently kissed his inner thigh. He squirmed a bit and said, “that tickles.” That didn’t dissuade me, as I moved to the other leg and kissed and licked my way up slowly between each thigh. Ben shivered in anticipation as I neared my mark. I breathed hot air onto his nut sack, and then began to lick and gently suckle each ball, savoring the slightly musky scent and enjoying the feeling of both the physical act, and knowing I was giving Ben what men only wish their woman would do.

As this was happening, Chris was slowly stroking with one hand and tickling his own sack with the other. After a bit of time, I moved up and put Ben’s raging hard cock in my mouth again. He let out an audible moan and shuddered once again. There was an obvious taste of precum on his head, and I enjoyed the flavor. I slowly started to engulf him up and down, while my other hand gently tickled his balls. He moaned again and spread his legs a little wider, inviting me in, and showing his enjoyment. Chris moved from laying on his back, and moved over and wiggled his head underneath my torso, as I was on all fours, and found my hard member and began to suckle the head. God that felt good, and I was so horned up by this time that I wasn’t going to last. I came up off of Ben’s cock and pulled Chris off of mine.

“You’re going to make me cum,” I said, and he went back towards my hard-on and said, “OK.” That was a bit of a surprise, but an indicator that Chris wanted to experience giving a blow job to completion. I put my hand on his shoulder and held him off, saying, “you’ll get your chance. Come up here.”

Chris moved next to me and positioned himself in front of Ben’s hard cock. Ben, who had lain flat to enjoy my pleasuring, got back up on his elbows and I could make out his eyes, wide with doubt but also anticipation.

I sucked Ben’s cock to the hilt, then took my mouth off and used my hand to point it towards Chris. I moved over a bit and Chris moved in, with Ben watching intently.

Chris placed his mouth over the tip and began an up and down motion from top to bottom. I could tell it was hitting the back of his throat and entering it, because he struggled a bit when that happened, but he also seemed very dedicated to make it as pleasurable for Ben as he could. While he was working Ben’s cock, I went back to his balls, and licked all over them with Chris’s head bobbing above me. Ben moaned and whispered, “oh my God that feels so good.”

Chris and I both moaned in response, dedicated to our craft. Ben was getting close, and I could tell because even in the cold night air his balls were fully out and enjoying the attention, as his cock was as hard as it could ever be, with Chris milking it for all it was worth.

Ben didn’t say anything, but began with a whimper that turned into grunts of ecstasy as the hip bucking orgasm started, and he erupted into Chris’s mouth. Chris swallowed it all, not leaking a drop, and kept going and then Ben starting squirming in the near pain feeling a lot of men experience by being sucked too long.

I tapped Chris on the shoulder and he came off. I put my own mouth over Ben’s now softening cock and did nothing more. I just wanted to provide a warm and comfortable place for him to come down from. I could taste Chris’s saliva and Ben’s cum while I did this. His throbbing thrust from cumming subsided, and eventually he used his hands to pull me off. He almost immediately stood up, and without saying anything or getting dressed, he left through the entrance of the tent.

Chris looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. His hard on was clearly in need. I shrugged my shoulders too and moved over to lay on my back to Chris’s sleeping bag on his side of the tent. He took that as a cue to crawl between my legs, but that was not the cue I was trying to give.

“69 me,” I said, and maneuvered him around so he was on top and as he took me in his mouth, I took hold of his cock with my hand and said, “fuck my mouth like a pussy.”

Outside I could hear Ben taking a piss. In the meantime, Chris slid his cock into my mouth while at the same time taking mine into his. He did as I asked, and while it hurt my throat a bit, he gave his full weight and his pelvis thumped against my face as his cock head stabbed at the back of my throat. While the pain was uncomfortable, I knew if I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, I would be upset about it later. To make sure I was doing it right, I lightly raked my fingers across his ass cheeks and then across the front of his thighs. He pumped away at my mouth, and I could tell the thrusting motion was extra pleasurable as he sucked me in earnest, looking for the second bi-sexual load of his life.

Meanwhile, Ben re-entered the tent, and just laid down on his sleeping bag, on his side, and watched us go at it. Of the three of us, he was by far the most surprised and shocked that all of this was happening. Yet, even after cumming twice, he looked more relaxed, and still seemed interested in our mutual satisfaction session.

Chris was getting close, and I rubbed my hand gently across his pucker between his cheeks. I was so close it was ridiculous. I knew I couldn’t hold back anymore, so as Chris was thrusting into my mouth, I moved my hand up to his shoulder and tapped, and he tapped on my hip in recognition. We were going to both do what I had fantasized for a long time, and that was to mutually cum in each other’s mouth at the same time.

I moaned and thrusted my hips upward, and Chris moaned and fucked my face with vigor. All of a sudden, his cum sprayed out into my throat, and I gagged and swallowed and gagged and swallowed, all the while I also ejaculated into his mouth, with the pleasure of doing what I loved, combined with having an orgasm washing through my whole being.

Ben, from the side of the tent, just said, “wow!”

And wow was right. We both kept suckling on each other’s cocks, removing the remaining seed as gently and best as we could. After about 30 seconds, I deliberately moved my head forward and pulled Chris’s legs and ass forward. Slowly I began to tongue his ass, giving Ben a show. Chris took that as an invitation and I rocked my hips back, and mutually we ate each other out in 69 position. For several minutes we tongued each other in that sensitive area and listened as Ben moaned beside us, and as I looked over, he once again had a hard on, and was gently tugging on it.

I tapped on Chris’s shoulder and kind of pushed a bit to get him to let up off me. He looked back, then looked at Ben, and got the idea. He moved off of me and sat on his knees, and then waved Ben over. Initially, there was a look of doubt on Ben’s face, as If there were lines that he would not cross. I looked him square in the eye, and said, “If you want, I will just lick you and you don’t have to do anything.”

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3 thoughts on “Good Friends On Hunting Trip

  1. Steve says:

    I never been on a camping trip like that but yes it was a good idea the Tim made them suck him a bit frist I do believe every guy want to try it at least once minecwas way back in high school we all try it I miss those times

  2. Tom+Ferrenberg says:

    Great fuckin story. He was smart to make them take his cock before proceeding to give them pleasure. I was told by a couple male friends that even though they were straight……they believed every man wants to know how it feels to have a cock in his mouth sucking on it n making it hard. Just like they believe all guys want to fuck a guy in the ass. Don’t know if my friends are right but……it does happen

  3. Bill says:

    Neat story – I admire Tim’s nerve to call out Ben and Chris. That took guts and could have gone badly. His judgement of the two was correct – this time!

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