Good Son Helps Lonely Father Pt 2

As I played with his balls, I leaned up and took his cock head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. My left hand left his balls and began stroking his shaft while I was tonguing his head.

Part 1


Lying in my parents’ bed with my eyes closed the morning after my father and I had shared a romantic evening together, I think I must have had a smile on my face. What I was feeling must be what they refer to as afterglow. Though I never imagined in a million years that it would happen, I had kissed my father – repeatedly – and even managed to seduce him into spending a passionate evening with me in the bed he shared with my mother. Even though I was still feeling incredibly happy because of how receptive he was to my advances, I couldn’t help buy worry too. Dad was drunk last night when we shared our special evening together. I was worried that, in the light of day and through sober eyes, he would have huge regrets about what had happened. Hell, even I had regrets. Or, at least, I felt kind of guilty. Although I had baited Dad into having sex with me by stripping myself naked and adamantly reminding him how my mother was neglecting his sexual and emotional needs, I loved my mother. I loved her very much. When I was growing up, she was there for me more than Dad had been. If she ever found out what Dad and I had done…and what I was hoping we’d be doing for the rest of the week, she’d be more than heartbroken. The last thing I want to do is hurt her. Still… I loved and desired my father in a way that even I didn’t realize. I wasn’t going to let guilt stop me from exploring things further with him.

As I continued to wake up, I realized that my father’s arm was no longer wrapped around me. Last night, we had fallen asleep with him spooning me and his right arm draped over my side. I opened my eyes, turned over in bed and saw him asleep on his back next to me. The bed sheets came up to his waist, leaving his torso and his hairy chest exposed. Damn, he looked so sexy. I reached up and stroked the side of his face, thinking of how much things had changed in just 24 hours. This time yesterday, being with my father this way had just been a fantasy…a fantasy that I was convinced would never come true. Now, here I was naked in bed with him, hoping to spend the entire week satisfying his needs. My hand continued to travel down his body, running through the salt & pepper hair on his chest, feeling his muscular pecs and traveling over his nipples. I leaned over and took one of them in my mouth, licking and sucking on it. That immediately elicited a moan from my father. I looked at his face, but his eyes were still closed. Apparently, he was still asleep. I decided I’d give him something hot to wake up to. I turned my attention away from his face and noticed a bulge in the sheets. Though he was still asleep, there was one part of his body that wasn’t. I pushed the sheets down further and out popped his hard dick, standing proud. My mouth started watering immediately. Reaching down and gripping his dick at its base, I made my way to the end of the bed, where my mouth could have easier access.

I stroked it several times and looked up towards the head of the bed.

Dad’s eyes were still closed. I decided not to take that as an insult of my abilities to pleasure a man. I reached down and palmed his balls, which already seemed full even after he had cum twice the night before. As I played with his balls, I leaned up and took his cock head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. My left hand left his balls and began stroking his shaft while I was tonguing his head. Going further, I licked up and down the shaft of his cock and back up to flick my tongue along the underside of his cock head…then back down again all the way to his balls. Dad was moaning again. Now, he was finally starting to wake up. And when he turned his head to look down the length of his body, his gaze met my eyes, looking into his as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock.

“Mmmm…Son.” As I flicked my tongue on the underside of his cock head, he took in a quick breath of air. “What a way to wake up…”

I took my mouth off of his dick and climbed back up to the head of the bed.

“Good morning, stud,” I said as I leaned in to him and kissed him on the mouth.

He wrapped his hands around me and pulled my body to his, his hands roaming up and down my back, occasionally massaging my ass, as he kissed me passionately. So much for my worries that he might regret what happened last night! The next thing I knew, he had rolled both of us over. I was now on my back and his body was on top of mine as his tongue dove into my mouth. Now, I was no slouch… Though I didn’t work out regularly, I had a bit of muscle on my body. Feeling Dad’s body on top of mine was a huge rush. In my fantasies, the position we were in when we were in bed together was always one of my favorite things to think about. Even though I’d been the one initiating our encounter last night, there was something about the idea of Dad being the dominant one that turned me on very much. As we were kissing and I was gripping his ass with my hands, our hard cocks were rubbing against each other between us. Either he was leaking, I was leaking, or maybe it was both of us. Whatever was going on, things were getting slippery down there and that made everything even hotter. Dad moved down and started kissing my neck.

“Ohhhhh Dad,” I moaned. However, the next sound I heard was definitely unexpected. Someone’s stomach growled. Talk about a mood-breaker! I immediately started laughing. Dad even started chuckling and raised up on his knees, his sexy chest towering above me as I began to erupt in a fit of full-on laughter.

Dad looked a little embarrassed as he rubbed his stomach. “Sorry, Son. I think my stomach wants in on the action too.” He patted his tummy lightly. “Now I just have to decide whether to listen to, this…” he rubbed his tummy with one hand to indicate what he meant and then gripped his cock and balls with the other than, “…or THIS!”

I had stopped laughing and reached out to stroke his dick. “I can tell you which one I’d like you to listen to. But maybe we’d better get up and have some breakfast. After all, it IS the most important meal of the day.” Dad reached down and pulled me up into a kneeling position facing him.

“We’ll definitely continue this later, okay?”

“Absolutely, Dad,” I leaned up and kissed him. I rubbed his chest with my right hand as we parted and climbed out of bed. “I’ll head downstairs and start whipping something up while you brush your teeth,” I said as I pulled on my underwear.

“Thanks, Harry.” As I was leaving the room, he called out after me. “Hey, leave those dishes from last night. We can tackle those later on today.”

Downstairs, as I was scrambling eggs in the skillet, I couldn’t help but smile. Dad and I had had a bonding experience few fathers and sons have and I had shown him that he was still a desirable, sexy man. And most important of all, he seemed to want to continue what we had started. I had poured the eggs out onto two plates, put them out on the kitchen table and poured both of us glasses of orange juice and Dad still hadn’t come downstairs yet. As I was contemplating why it was taking him so long to brush his teeth, he appeared. He walked into the kitchen, unexpectedly wearing a t-shirt and shorts. This new outfit of his didn’t seem conducive to us spending a romantic, sexy day together.

“I hope eggs are okay for breakfast.”

“They’re fine, Son. Why don’t you go up and brush your teeth? Then we’ll eat.”

“Sounds good!” I walked up to him and put my arm around his waist and hugged myself to him. I titled my head up, expecting him to lean down and kiss me. Instead, he gave me a slight smile and his body language gave off a distinct “stop touching me now” vibe. I walked up the hallway to the stairs and looked back into the kitchen, perturbed at Dad’s abrupt change of behavior.

A few minutes later, I was back downstairs, walking back into the kitchen. Dad was seated at the table, reading the paper. He glanced up when I re-entered the room. When he saw that I was still in just my underwear, he cleared his throat.

“Son, I think you should put some clothes on.”

I put a spoonful of eggs in my mouth. After swallowing, I said, “I’m comfortable as I am. Besides, it’s less to remove if we want to get frisky a little later.” I smiled at him and rubbed my foot against one of his legs under the table. He moved his leg away from my foot, folded up his paper and looked at me.

“Harry, I think we need to talk.”

With those words, all of my earlier concerns came rushing back all at once. A knot started forming in my stomach and I’m sure all of the color was quickly draining from my face.

When I didn’t reply, he continued talking. “Son, what happened between us last night and this morning… It shouldn’t have happened. We were both drunk. I was feeling lonely and undesired. Having your mom go out of town unexpectedly really had me down in the dumps. I took advantage of you last night and I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Dad, you didn’t take advantage of me,” I interrupted. He held his hand up.

“Please let me finish, Son. Last night, you shared that you’re gay, something very deeply personal about yourself. Knowing that you trusted me enough to tell me that made me feel very close to you. I let my lack of feeling love and affection cause me to take advantage of that trust. I’m so ashamed that I did that to you!”

I was utterly flabbergasted. Just 30 minutes ago, my father and I were rolling around in bed, kissing passionately and unable to keep our hands off of each other. Now, here he was, telling me that none of it should’ve happened and claiming that he had taken advantage of me even though I clearly was the one who had initiated our sex last night. What in the hell was going on here? Had I unwittingly stepped into the Twilight Zone?

“Dad, let me repeat. You did NOT take advantage of me. You’re right. I felt very close to you last night. Being able to open up to you about being gay means the world to me. You have to know that. But there’s something that I don’t think you understand. What we did last night and this morning… I’ve wanted to be that close to you for more years that I can remember.”

Dad’s eyes seemed to widen with surprise. I guess he must’ve forgotten that I said the same thing to him last night. “What are you talking about, Harry?”

“Dad, I realized I was gay when puberty hit and I reached that age that straight guys start to notice girls. Instead of noticing girls, I was noticing guys. There was one man I began to notice more than any other: you. Back then, I was too afraid to let you know, because I was certain you’d hate me. But last night, when I saw you here alone and found out how rejected and unloved you felt, all of those old feelings and attractions came back to me. Dad, I wanted what we did last night to happen just as much as you did. Actually, I can say with certainty that I wanted it more than you did. I’m not sorry it happened and if you were honest with yourself, you’d probably realize that you’re not sorry it happened either.”

Looking at my dad’s face, I could tell he wasn’t exactly sure how to take my speech. He had obviously convinced himself upstairs that he had taken advantage of me. To hear me contradicting that mistaken belief was a shock to his system. “Son, is what you’re saying true?”

“One hundred percent, Dad. Last night and this morning were the best things that have happened to me in a long time. Being with you and waking up next to you this morning felt incredibly good.” That unavoidable smile crept onto my face again. Dad even smiled a little when he saw it on my face. However, his face quickly turned serious again.

“Son, you’re an attractive, handsome 31-year old man. You can have any man that you want. You shouldn’t want to have and shouldn’t have these feelings about me. What we did was wrong on many levels. My God…! If your mother finds out what we did, she’ll be devastated. That I would do this to her… I’m lower than scum!”

I had to resist the urge to go over and put my arms around him. Considering the mood that he was in right now, he’d probably repel my touch. For now, I had to convince him that he was barking up the wrong tree. “Dad, the only man I want right now is you. And as for Mom, I know what you mean. I love her very much and I don’t want to see her hurt for the world. But this isn’t about her. This is about you and me and what we both want. Yes. Last night you were lonely and feeling sorry for yourself. But you wanted me. I felt it in the way you touched me and kissed me. You wanted me 30 minutes ago when we were in bed together.” I stood up from the table and walked around to stand next to him, my hard cock tenting out my underwear, his eyes glued to my crotch. “You want me right now.”

He shook his head, as if to try and break out of some trance he thought he might be in. “No, Son. Don’t you realize all the hurt we’ve already caused? All the hurt we’ll keep on causing if we continue this? I can’t do it.”

I put my hand on his shoulder. “Yes you can. I’m what you need right now. I’m what you want. Stop lying to yourself.” I put my hands on both sides of his face, leaned down and kissed him. After I pulled my face away, Dad just looked at me, seemingly dazed. “I’m going to go grab a shower. While I’m gone, think about everything I just said.”

With that, I pushed my underwear down, freeing my hard cock. He watched me as I bent over to pick my underwear up, making sure to take an extra-long time, to give him a view of my ass.

“Son, you have to stop doing this to me. You’re making this very difficult for me.”

I looked into his eyes and smiled at him seductively without saying a word.

Then, I walked down the hallway to the stairs, slowly, shaking my ass from side to side sensually, before rounding the corner and walking up the stairs. Though my exit from the kitchen had come off as the strut of a man with all the confidence in the world, I was feeling anything but. I could see in his eyes that my father wanted to continue exploring our newfound intimacy. But it seemed that his desire was fighting a war with his sense of loyalty and honor. That sense of loyalty and honor was what I loved the most about my dad. However, this time, I actually wish he was a little less honorable. How many times do you hear someone say THAT?

After I got the water running for my shower and adjusted the temperature, I got in and started rinsing myself off. I had decided that I’d better give Dad some space. I realized that he was in a very emotionally fragile state right now. I knew how much I wanted him and I knew that he wanted me. But he had to realize that for himself. If I kept pushing him, I was worried that I might run the risk of pushing him out of my life. In fact, I resolved that after I finished my shower, I’d go out for the day and run some errands. It was at the point that I was wetting my hair, preparing to shampoo it that I heard what sounded like the shower door opening. I stepped from underneath the shower head and wiped the water from my eyes to find Dad standing in the shower with me…fully-clothed, no less. I recognized the look in his eyes. It was the same look he had right before we shared our first kiss last night.

“Dad? What’s…?”

He interrupted me by putting a finger to my lips. And then he spoke, his t-shirt and shorts starting to get wet.

“Son… God forgive me, but you’re right. I do need you. And I want you.”

With that, we immediately met, putting our arms around each other in an embrace and our mouths seeking each other out. I closed my eyes. This whole moment seemed so surreal. Who actually does this in a shower in real life?! This normally only happens in movies or on TV. In fact, when I opened my eyes, I half expected to find myself alone and underneath the shower head, coming out of some sort of daydream. However, luckily this wasn’t the case. When I opened my eyes and pulled back from our kiss, I was looking at my father’s face smiling back at me…drenched clothes and all.

“You’re a little overdressed for the occasion, aren’t you stud?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you help me remedy that, Baby?” he said to me in a husky voice. As I reached down to unbutton and unzip his shorts, he pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it over the shower door. Soon, his shorts and his underwear followed. There we stood in front of each other, raging hard cocks swinging against each other, his arms around my waist, cupping my ass and my hands roaming over his chest. We began kissing passionately again, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. Finally, Dad broke our kiss and leaned past me to turn the water off. “Come with me,” was all he said as he opened the shower door and took my hand.

I was about to reach for a towel when he continued guiding me out of the bathroom and down the hall to the room he shared with my mom. Our wet bodies soon found their way to the bed and, just like this morning, he was on top of me, kissing me. I was hotter than I’d ever been. Dad wanted me and he wanted me so badly that he couldn’t wait for us to dry off! Things got even hotter as he began kissing my neck and shoulders, working his way down my chest with his mouth and tongue, treating my nipples to a sensual tongue bath.

“Ohhhh Dad,” I moaned out. After giving each of my nipples a thorough bath, he continued working his way down my torso to my crotch. He had given me a hand job last night and proceeded to do the same now. I was in pure heaven! After our tense encounter this morning in the kitchen, I was convinced that my relationship with him might be irrevocably strained. Now, it seemed we had broken through that wall. I just know I had a goofy grin on my face. Okay, maybe not a GOOFY grin. After all, I was in bed with one of the hottest men I’d ever known. Goofy was hardly the word to describe anything that I might be feeling. After a few minutes of stroking me, Dad tentatively began to lean down towards my cock.

“Dad… You don’t have to do that. I know that you haven’t done this before. Just the fact that you’re touching me is more than enough.” Honestly, I wanted him to suck my cock very badly, but I didn’t want him to feel any pressure.

“It’s okay. I want this, Baby. I want to make you feel the way you made me feel last night.” He continued moving his face toward my cock. He stuck his tongue out and began licking up and down the shaft tentatively. When his tongue first touched my dick, I thought I might cum right then. He stopped licking me and looked up at my face. “Am I doing this right?”

“Trust me, stud. Keep on doing what you’re doing!” He smiled at me and went back to licking my cock, swirling his tongue around my cock head, just as I had done to him last night and this morning. For someone who claimed never to have even thought about having sex with a man before, Dad sure seemed to know what he was doing. I guess what they say is true. Men just know how to make another man feel good better than a woman can. Even a man with no experience with gay sex. After only a few minutes of Dad pleasuring my cock with his mouth, I was already on the edge of cumming. I didn’t want to finish just yet, so I touched his shoulder to get his attention and then guided him back up the bed next to me.

“So, I was doing okay? I hope that’s not why you asked me to stop!”

I chuckled. “Are you kidding, Dad? You were pretty damn good for a first-timer. You had me about ready to cum. I want it to last a little while longer, so I thought I might bring you up here for some smooching!” As I leaned in toward his face, he pulled back from me.

“Smooching? I can’t believe anyone in my family just used that word. I can’t even look at you right now!” He folded his arms across his chest and turned his face away from me in mock indignation.

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    this adult dad & son love-story keeps getting sexxxier & better. i bet gym buddy jim is also a fuckbuddy with sexxxy dad. a 3some will soon cumm to pass. lol. 👍😉🐷😈🏳️‍🌈🌈

  2. Justjackinit says:

    When yunger in Boy Scouts I was fortunate enough to be trained bi my scoutmaster and his wife cause I was child they couldn’t have. But when we visited the old Y where everyone swam nude including dads and grandpa’s and also when he took me to my first abs with gh’s at my yunger age I was very fortunate to serve all those dads and grandpa’s that wanted to be very close intimate with their “son”

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