Good Son Helps Lonely Father Pt 3

I began licking and slurping on his full balls, finally working my way up his cock shaft and licking around his cock head. He started cumming, moaning softly and deeply as his cum spewed forth into my mouth.

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Pulling into the parking lot of the gym, sitting in the passenger’s seat of my father’s car, I couldn’t help but wish that the two of us were back home. Not only did I still want to be in my parents’ bed, snuggled-up against Dad’s naked body, but I also had a lot on my mind. The epiphany that I might be falling in love with my own father was definitely giving my brain a mental workout. I felt like I needed time to sort out what was really going on. I wasn’t about to pass up the chance to spend time with Dad outside the bedroom, though. And it would be good to see Jim, too. Not only were my father and Jim close friends at work, but my parents used to socialize with Jim and his late wife, Audrey, quite a bit. I remember spending many an evening accompanying Mom and Dad to their house for dinner or some other function. Or, Jim and Audrey would come to our house. They had never had any kids of their own. I used to think that they thought of me as a surrogate child, given how close they were with my parents. Whatever they may have thought of me, I enjoyed spending time at their house. Because of how cool and fun they were, I always thought they would’ve made great parents and wondered why they never had any children.

During one of my all too infrequent calls home a few years back, Mom told me that Audrey, who had not been well for some time, had been diagnosed with lymphoma, and given only a few months to live. Shortly thereafter, Jim retired from the accounting firm so he could spend time with her and take care of her. It’s been nearly two years since she died and I hadn’t heard any mention of what Jim was doing with himself.

As Dad parked the car, I turned to him and asked, “Dad, what’s Jim been up to lately? I haven’t heard you mention him since I moved back home.”

“He’s been doing some part-time consulting to keep himself busy. Other than that, I think he splits his time between the golf course, the tennis court, and the gym. He’s always telling me that he doesn’t know how he ever found time to work!”

I had to laugh at that. “But otherwise, he’s okay? It must have been rough for him after Audrey passed.”

“I know he misses her, but I think he’s made peace with the fact that she’s in a better place. Besides, I don’t know that he has much time to grieve anymore. He’s always going around with new friends that he makes…playing a few sets of tennis with this guy and hitting the links with that guy or two. You know… At work, Jim always used to keep to himself. Now, it seems like he’s always making new friends.”

Hmmm… Jim always hanging out with a new guy? For some reason, my “spidey senses” started tingling. Could Jim be gay and Dad was just too naive to see it?

“Why don’t we go inside? It looks like Jim’s already here. I see his car.” We walked into the gym and, while Dad checked in at the front desk and made arrangements for me to have a guest pass for the day, I scanned the gym floor. Yes, there was definitely a lot of nice eye candy to check out. Oh, and the workout equipment looked okay too.

It was then that I noticed Jim walking toward me. In the face, he hadn’t changed a bit. He was still every bit as good-looking as a remembered him. His hair was an auburn brown color. But from the neck down, Jim was a radically different man then the guy I knew growing up. He always used to be slim and I don’t remember him being particularly muscular. The man I saw walking toward me was built like he’d been working out for years. He wasn’t overly muscled, like some of the guys you see when you go to a gym. But he definitely looked good. I found myself wondering what he looked like out of those clothes and hoping I’d get to find out later on in the locker room. Jim’s voice snapped me out of my cruising mode.

“Harry! It’s so good to see you, man! I’m really glad you decided to tag along with your dad!”

“Hi Jim! It’s great to see you too!” I reached out to give him a handshake, but was greeted instead by his two arms wrapping around me. Instead of doing the typical man thing and holding my lower body out from his so that they wouldn’t touch, I left my crotch exactly where it was. Surprisingly enough, Jim didn’t do the typical man thing either. Yes, my spidey senses were definitely tingling. “How have you been doing?”

“I’ve been good. Been keeping myself pretty busy in retirement.”

“I see that. You’re in great shape!” I reached out and felt his upper arm and shoulder, feeling the tight muscles. It was at that point that my dad joined the two of us.

“Tim, good to see you!” Jim and Dad shook hands.

“Likewise, buddy!” Dad clasped his hand onto Jim’s shoulder and I saw a brief expression cross Jim’s face that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. But I was determined to find out what Jim’s story was before the afternoon was over. “So fellas, where should we start?

“Dad, Jim… If you don’t mind, I think I’m just going to fly solo.”

Jim seemed a little too pleased by that, or maybe it was just my imagination. “Are you sure, Harry?”

“Yeah. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked out. I think I want to just stick with some low impact exercises. Besides, it’s going to be hard for all three of us to work out near each other. The place is kind of busy.”

“Okay, Son. We’ll plan to stay for about an hour.”

“Sure thing, Dad. Just let me know when you’re ready to leave.”

“Will do!”

As we parted ways, I could hear Dad and Jim already starting to catch up on what had happened in their lives since they last saw each other. Somehow, I figured the conversation probably wouldn’t include phrases like “Ever since my wife died two years ago, I’ve been hooking up with random guys” or “For the past day and a half, Harry and I have been having sex almost non-stop.”

I decided I would start working with the free weights and picked up a set up dumbbells that I thought would be the right size for someone who hadn’t worked out in a while. I found a free bench nestled between two studly-looking men. I turned to the guy on my right – a well-toned man who looked to be around my own age – and said “Hello.” It was only then that I realized he had mp3 headphones in and probably didn’t even notice me. He glanced in my direction, grunted a quick “Hey” and then went back to doing his wrist curls. So much for being friendly at the gym…

Beyond the guy who had just given me the brush-off, I saw Dad and Jim at the other end of the gym. Dad was doing bent-over rows, using a barbell. Jim was standing behind him. To the untrained eye, it looked as if Jim was simply spotting Dad. But I followed where Jim’s eyes were looking and he was unmistakably ogling my father’s ass. Then, I noticed that Jim quickly licked his lips. That cinched it! I decided that not only was Jim gay – or at least into having sex with guys – but he was hot for my dad! Now, I could hardly blame him. Speaking as someone who had been hot for my dad for at least 15 years, I well understood Jim’s attraction to my stud of a father. But I also felt a little pang of jealousy at the idea that someone else had the hots for him. There are those feelings again! Damn! I was almost certain I was falling for my dad. My jealousy over Jim’s attraction to him was just another little confirmation of that. I needed to talk to Dad about this. I just didn’t know when.

I needed to stop thinking about Jim, Dad, and what my feelings about this whole situation might be. It was definitely time to start actually working out. How was I ever going to concentrate on working out with all of these hot guys walking around? My eye caught a particularly sexy guy who looked to be in his 40s doing bench presses. My eyes were glued to his muscular arms as he brought the bar up and down, as well as the nicely formed bulge in his workout shorts. After he finished his set, he started walking around the bench to cool down between sets and he looked my way. I looked away quickly, nervous that he’d realize I had been staring at him. I saw the wedding band on his finger. This was my father’s gym. I didn’t want word to spread that Tim Morris’ son was in here, checking out guys. Oh sure. It’s expected that guys check each other out in a gym. But discretion is the key. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be in bed with that married bench presser. “He can bench press me ANY time,” I thought. God, that sounds like a line from a bad porn movie! It was then that a voice broke in and interrupted my thoughts.

“You know… If you need some help, I’d be willing to work with you for a little while.” I turned at the sound of the voice. It was the guy to my left. Not the rude guy with the mp3 headphones on, but the guy on the other side of me.

“Pardon me?” I’d heard what he’d said as clear as day. But I wasn’t sure why he decided that I needed any help whatsoever. I suppose there was a little bit of that macho ‘I’m a man. I don’t need any help working out’ attitude creeping in.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to imply that you need help. But you’ve been sitting there for five minutes without working out. I haven’t seen you around here before. I thought maybe you were a new member. Plus, I notice you’ve been looking around the gym ever since you sat down. You shouldn’t have to watch the form other guys use.”

“Oh, I like watching other guys’ form…er, I mean…” I know there’s no such thing as someone actually dying of embarrassment. But I felt like it was about to happen to me. “I mean… I’m not a new member. I’m just here as a guest with my dad. He’s a member.” The guy smirked at me, reacting to my Freudian slip, I suppose.

“Oh. Too bad. Well, the offer of help still stands. I’m Rick, by the way.”

He extended his hand to me.

“I’m Harry.” I shook Rick’s hand and looked him in the face again, this time to actually get a better look at him. He looked to be in his late 40s, but his hair had gone completely gray. He was wearing a tank top that showed off well-toned arms and what looked to be a nicely developed chest with little or no hair on it.

“Glad to meet you, Harry. By the way… I’m not some random guy who goes around, offering help to other gym patrons. I actually work here. I’m a personal trainer.”

“Don’t take this question the wrong way, Rick. But shouldn’t you be working with a client instead of working out yourself?” This guy didn’t know me and my sense of humor, so I winked at him and grinned to show him I was just teasing him. Was I flirting with this guy? If I was, I was almost certain he had started it. Don’t ask me how offering assistance to me constituted as flirting. But it does.

Rick laughed. “Oh. No. I have a two-hour break between my last client and my next one. I thought I’d get in a quick workout in between. I have another hour and fifteen minutes before the next client gets here if you’d like for me to work with you…no charge.”

I thought about my options. Right now, I was having a hard time getting my feelings for my dad off of my mind. And left to my own devices to look around the gym at the hot guys all over the place was bound to get me in trouble. Maybe working with Rick would be a nice distraction. A nice, sexy, studly distraction.

“Sure! Why not? But just so you know, it’s been quite a while since I’ve worked out. Go easy on me.”

He just smirked at me. “Oh, I plan to work you over really good.” Did I detect something in the tone of his voice? My mind must be playing tricks on me. Not every guy I meet is gay. Snap out of it, Har!

For the next half hour, we alternated between working with free weights and the machines. Something I hadn’t really known before, Rick said it’s a good idea to mix work with free weights with work on the machines. The two of us talked the whole time he was working with me. I found Rick very easy to talk to. I told him of my job in the city and how my company had to downsize, which led to me finding myself back home with my parents. Of course, I stopped short of saying that Dad and I had started having sex. In turn, Rick told me a little about his life. He and his wife divorced about five years ago and she and their 20-year old son lived out in California, where the son went to college. He hadn’t seen or talked to his son since the divorce. His story had my interest piqued, but I felt like I might be overstepping my bounds if I asked him why they didn’t have any contact. I just assumed he was close to his mother and sided with her during the divorce.

At one point, I noticed Dad and Jim looking over at Rick and me. Dad looked puzzled. Did I also notice a bit of jealousy on his face? I quickly shook that feeling off. Dad couldn’t possibly be jealous. After all, how could he feel for me what I feel for him? He had just discovered me as a sexual partner the night before, while I had lusted after him for more years than I care to remember.

A little while later, Rick was in the middle of helping me with some pulling exercises on one of the machines and Rick had just finished telling me that, outside of his personal training here at the gym, he spent most of his free time at his house, when disaster struck. I pulled back with my arms and felt a sharp pain in my right arm. I grunted in pain and quickly released the weights.

“You okay, Harry? What happened?” I told him and he started rubbing my upper right arm. Not only did that help ease the pain a little bit, but it also felt good to have this hot man touching me. “It feels like you might have strained a muscle. I think I worked you a bit too hard. Maybe we’d better cut the workout session short. It’s not a good idea for you to risk further aggravating things.”

“Okay. I understand, Rick. Thanks for working with me and giving me pointers. It’ll be of great help if I ever decide to get back into working out regularly.”

“Does that mean you’re not going to be back in here anytime soon?” Rick sounded a little disappointed, probably because he was hoping to rope me into buying some personal training sessions from him. If my livelihood depended on getting clients, I suppose I’d be disappointed too.

“I don’t think so. I just came with my dad today. Without a job, I can’t afford to shell out money for personal training sessions…much less a gym membership.” At that moment, someone at the front desk paged Rick over the gym intercom.

“Damn. I’ve gotta go. I bet someone’s interested in buying personal training sessions. Listen, Harry… I understand your money constraints. I like you and want to work with you. I have free weights and a few machines at my house. I’d be willing to work with you there at a much reduced price.”

“I don’t know, Rick…”

He pulled a business card out of his short pockets. “Here’s my card. It has my cell phone number on it. Give me a call and we can work something out. Please, Harry.” As I took the card from him, I looked him in the eyes and felt what I can only describe as a jolt of electricity pass between us.

“I’ll think about it, Rick. Thanks again!” The front desk paged him again.

“Damn impatient co-workers!” He laughed and started to walk away. Then, he turned back around and shouted back to me. “By the way, you might think about taking a few minutes in the sauna before you leave. The steam and heat will do wonders with the strain in your arm.”

“Thanks, man!” And he was gone. I looked at his business card. Should I do this? I really wanted to get back into shape and he really seemed to want to work with me. If I did do it, the added bonus would be that I’d get to spend time alone with a sexy older man. I’d definitely give Rick’s offer some thought. For now, I was going to go through with another one of Rick’s suggestions. Some time in the sauna would be just what the doctor ordered. I looked at my watch and guessed that I had about 20 minutes until Dad and Jim would be done with their workout. As I walked toward the men’s locker room, I passed Jim, but didn’t see Dad anywhere.

“Hey there, Buddy.”

“Hey, Jim. Where’s Dad?”

“Went to get a drink of water from the fountain. We saw you working out with that guy earlier.”

“Yeah. He’s a trainer here…between clients today. He offered to work with me, so I let him.”

“I’ve been coming here for a year and I’ve never seen him. Then again, I’m usually in here later on in the day.” That made me pause. Was Rick really a personal trainer? But, the front desk had paged him. He had to work here.

“So, are you done working out?”

“Yep. I have a bit of a strain in my right arm. I think I’m going to hit the sauna for a few minutes. I wanted to let you guys know where I was going to be.”

“We should only be another fifteen minutes or so. We’ll catch up with you in the locker room.”

In the empty locker room, I stripped down naked, put my clothes in one of the empty lockers, grabbed a towel, wrapped it around my waist and made my way to the sauna. In the relative darkness and through the steam, I made my way to a spot on the benches and ran around the wall of the room. At first, I thought I was alone. But after my eyes got used to the dimmer light in the sauna, I saw that there was a guy sitting opposite to me. As the steam began to clear up, I noticed it was the married bench presser I had been looking at earlier. He had a towel wrapped around his waist too, but his well-toned, hairy chest was well in view. I noticed that he pulled his right hand back from the opening in his towel, giving me the impression that I had possibly interrupted a jack off session. Looking at his hunk’s hairy chest and with the idea that his hard cock might be straining underneath his towel created a bit of a stirring under my own towel.

“Hey, man. I’m sorry if I interrupted you.” It must’ve been my stirrings of arousal that gave me the courage to speak to this man that I had been ogling from afar only a little less than an hour ago.

He opened his eyes, looked at me across the sauna, and grinned. “No problem.

It’s a public sauna. You’re allowed to be here.” Was I really about to say what I was about to say?

“No. I mean… I’m sorry that I interrupted you.” To show him what I meant, I reached down and cupped my growing towel-covered cock and balls. Damn, I must really be horny to act so bold in front of a complete stranger.

His eyes widened and then he chuckled. “Oh, so you noticed, huh? I thought I had moved my hand away before your eyes got used to the light in here. I’m sorry, man. I know I shouldn’t jack off in a public place. I never get a chance at home. I’ve got three daughters who never give me a moment’s peace and a wife who won’t let me touch her anymore. I never get any release.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you. If you don’t mind me being in here, I don’t mind you finishing what you started.” The idea that this stud might throw his towel aside and start jacking his cock in front of me was getting me almost as excited as I was last night, when Dad and I were making love in my parents’ bed.

My bench press stud’s eyes widened at my suggestion. “Really? Are you sure? I mean… It might be kinda weird. You know…jacking off in front of another dude.”

My raging horniness and my desire to see this stud’s hard cock was now in complete control of me, spurring me on. “We’re both guys, man. I don’t mind. I need to be in here to let the steam do some work on my sore arm. You need to get off. Just sit back and make yourself feel good.” He looked at me across the room, his eyes looking into mine as if to see if I were truly serious, or if I was merely screwing with him. I could see in his eyes that he was incredibly horny. I could only hope that his horniness would win out over his doubts. Luckily for me, I was right.

“As long as you don’t mind. I think I will finish up. I need to get off really bad.”

“Go for it, man!” I said, almost a little too eagerly. Bench press stud undid his towel and uncovered his hard cock, which immediately sprung up and slapped his stomach. It was absolutely beautiful. I guessed it was about 7 inches long and average girth. Plus, his balls looked so big and full. This guy definitely didn’t get many opportunities to unleash his load. Looking at this balding guy with closely-shaved brown hair, a hairy, muscular chest, and mouth-watering cock and balls jacking off in front of me, I could hardly contain myself. If you looked up ‘masculine’ in the dictionary. This guy’s picture would be right next to the definition. I reached down and started massaging my own cock through my towel.

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  1. Phillip says:

    I needed something to read tonight while at work so I picked this story and I had to stay seated coz of the raging hard-on I had in my scrubs. Damn I can’t wait for more stories of my new favorite father/son team. Yummmm.

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