Good Son Helps Lonely Father Pt 8

“I will. Call me the next time you’re in town?”

“Sure thing! We’ll get together next time.” Mike smiled at me and then walked out the door. It was many months before I saw him again. He never did call me the next time he was in town on business. But that’s because both of our lives had changed so much in the meantime. Mike DID meet another great guy and their relationship had gotten very serious. But, that’s a story for another time.

For the next few weeks, neither Dad nor I spent much time with any other guys. Except for the weekend before our ‘year-long experiment’ was to end, we mostly kept each other company. That last weekend, Dad invited Jim up. I hoped it was so that they could have one last special weekend together before Dad committed himself to me, but I didn’t want to assume anything.

“I’m going to rent a hotel suite for Jim and I. You can have the apartment for yourself to have one final tryst before the year is up and we have to make a decision about us,” Dad said to me.

“Actually, I’m not going to see anyone this weekend. I might just hang out here and watch movies.”

“Really?” Dad looked a little shocked.

“Yeah. I have no need to spend time with any of my regular guys.” I wanted Dad to know what my ‘decision about us’ already was without appearing too needy or clingy.

He smiled at me, but played it cool himself. “Suit yourself!” were his exact words.

That Saturday, halfway through the day, I had just started watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Not only did I feel a certain kinship with Harrison Ford, since we have the same first name, but he was also one of my favorite celebrity fantasies. What a damn sexy man he was when he was making those Indiana Jones movies. Part of the way into the movie, Dad unexpectedly walked into the apartment.

“Forget something?” I turned momentarily away from the TV to look at him.

“No. My weekend with Jim is over.” He didn’t seem particularly upset. I quickly realized that there had to be much more to the story.

“Is everything okay?” I paused the movie and turned my undivided attention to him.

“Yeah. We’re both fine. We had a nice time last night. But today Jim told me that he’s met a guy and they’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks. I could tell by the way Jim was talking about him that he’s fallen hard for this guy. I told Jim that I didn’t think it was right for he and I to fool around while his heart is with this new guy. He agreed, so we decided to end the weekend early.”

“I’m sorry you and Jim couldn’t have more time together. But I’m glad he’s met someone.”

“You mean, so he’ll stop trying to win me away from you?” Dad winked at me to show me he was just teasing me. He knew I was no longer insecure about his special connection with Jim.

“I didn’t say that!”

“Uh-huh!” Dad kept grinning at me like the cat that ate the canary. “So, would you like some company or do you and Harrison want to be alone?”

I moved over to make some space for him on the couch. “In this case, three isn’t a crowd!” Dad sat next to me on the couch and I leaned back against him so my back was on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and that’s how we spent the next two hours. There was no sex play…just a nice day on the couch in my man’s arms, watching movies together.

The next Friday evening, I came home from a particularly grueling and stressful day at work greeted by a candlelit dinner for two. Dad was dressed up similarly to the way he was on that night over a year ago when we first had sex. Even though this dinner was a complete surprise to me, I was sure he had prepared it with the knowledge that I wouldn’t flake out on him like my mom had that night. We both knew what this evening was the culmination of. But neither of us spoke anything about it…at least not right away.

After dinner was done, I started to take my dirty dishes to the kitchen. “Dad, dinner was magnificent! Thank you for such a wonderful evening.” Dad touched my arm.

“The dishes can wait. We’ll take care of them later. Let’s go sit on the couch.” I was having the strangest feeling of deja vu from our first night together. After we sat down, Dad continued talking. “Son, even though looking back, I now see that this year has been necessary for both of us, it was the hardest year I’ve spent in a long time. It wasn’t easy parading dates in and out of this apartment right in front of you AND watching you do the same. I’ve spent time with many guys over the past year, but none of them hold a candle to what you and I share. I’ve made my decision. I want us to stop being roommates, Harry. I want us to be lovers and I want us to be exclusive.” At that moment, my heart jumped so far into my throat, I thought it might come out of my mouth! I was overjoyed to hear those words! “Though I flatter myself to assume that I already know your decision, I’d like to hear you say it. Son, what have you decided?”

Instead of telling him, I decided to show him. I leaned forward and pressed my mouth to his. He didn’t kiss me right away, as if he was expecting me to actually say to him that I wanted the same thing he did. But soon enough, he got the picture and began returning my kisses. After a make-out session of several minutes, Dad stopped us.

“You never DID actually say what your decision is.”

I looked at him and smirked. “Let’s put it this way, Dad. Last night was THE last night you’ll be spending in your bedroom. Tonight and every night from here on out, my bed is going to be OUR bed.”

Dad stood up and extended his hand to me, pulling me to my feet. “Well then… Why don’t we get to OUR bedroom?” With that, we began kissing and undressing each other as we made our way slowly to the bedroom, dropping clothes in our wake. When we got to the bedroom door, I saw a familiar set-up…candles lit and a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream on one of the nightstands. On one hand, it was a pretty bold move of him to set this up in advance. For all he knew, I could’ve told him that, even though I loved him, I wanted to be single. I turned to look at him. “The last time we did this, Harry, you were getting your mother’s sloppy seconds. This time, it’s all for you, Baby. I love you, Harry.”

“I love you too, Tim.” I felt that, in this case, calling him by his name instead of ‘dad’ was more appropriate. I walked to the bed, lay down and turned on one side to face him. He stood framed in the doorway, candlelight flickering across his naked body, with his hard cock pointing out toward me. His hair had gone completely gray by now and his chest hair had started to turn salt and pepper. But my dad was still the sexiest man I had ever known. He followed me to the bed and we spent the whole night making love. In fact, we spent most of that weekend in bed together.

From then on, Dad and I were practically inseparable. Of course, we DID each lead our own life. But we were head over heels in love with each other and fiercely loyal to each other. To the outside world, we were still Tim Morris and Harry Morris, father and son. But inside our apartment, we shared our lives and our bed. More than one of our friends would remark that one of us should move out so that we could both spread our wings and live our lives. We would just respond that neither of us were ready to be ‘pushed out of the nest’ just yet.

A few times afterward, I did make trips back home to see Mom. She would ask how Dad was doing. At first, it was very awkward. On the inside, I wanted to scream out how I had met and was sharing my life with a wonderful man who loved me. But I couldn’t do that. It would kill Mom to know that the man I was in love with was my father and her ex-husband. Eventually, Mom met another man…a really good guy named Bill. She finally retired from her job and they spend most of their time travelling. He treats her well and I can tell that they’re both happy together.

Things eventually changed for Dad and I too. After many years of pretending that we were just any typical father and son, we were finally able to live openly as lovers. After 10 years at the same Jentech office, I was promoted to head of the R&D department at the company’s offices in New York, about a thousand miles away from where we were currently living. Dad and I found a nice loft in Greenwich Village within our price range and immediately put a down-payment on it. Shortly before Moving Day, we sat down and decided that, when we got to New York, we’d stop being father and son. We would meet new people and make new friends. It was the perfect time to ‘start over’ without the baggage from the past.

When we moved to New York and started becoming involved in the social scene, we introduced ourselves simply as Tim and Harry, saying we’d been partners for more than a decade. Many of our new friends and acquaintances would remark how closely we resembled each other. When that happened, one of us would turn the observation into a joke, diffusing the situation by saying something like, “You know how they say pets often start to resemble their owners after a while? It works the same way with a gay couple!”

My relationship with Dad didn’t start out easy and it hasn’t been easy over the years either. But after all is said and done, we work through any problems that may come our way and we love each other more fiercely as each day goes by. I’m not going to end this story by saying something cheesy like, “…and I’d better finish typing this chapter because he’s impatiently waiting for me to join him in bed right now and slide down on his raging hard-on,” But Dad and I are still together today. We’re both older and he doesn’t have quite the sexual stamina that he used to. But we love each other with a passion that cannot be matched. No other man can make my heart skip a beat just by spooning me in bed and wrapping his arms around me. Our love story isn’t perfect. But it turns out that a love story doesn’t have to be perfect to be right. And I found the man who was perfect for me!

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8 thoughts on “Good Son Helps Lonely Father Pt 8

  1. MJ1972 says:

    If your not sure John, have you ever been in love with a much younger or older man? If so what does it really matter who they are

  2. MJ1972 says:

    Im so very happy they are still together!!as far as the rest of the world would know they were married had the same last name. It doesn’t matter how or who you love or truly your sole mate, it could be family or a random person. Who can deny true love !! Its sad but true but here goes, what people do in their own home behind closed doors or in an openly gay oriented place is thier business, im very happy for them. An those that oppose this should not be reading this an be judgemental!!!! Who know the person that loves you more then life itself could be your son , father, brother or other family member. Are you going to deny them or your self a love like this? If so your on the wrong web site.

    • MJ1972 says:

      If your not sure John, have you ever been in love with a much younger or older man? If so what does it really matter who they are

  3. Steve R says:

    I am so happy that it all work out but u can’t deny Tru love no mater if it a or father brother or just some regular guy u meet and fall in love

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