Hard Dick Heals Broken Heart

That night I slept in my sleeping bag on top of the bare mattress. I was just on my way out the door when I got a call from the local college where I had dropped off a resume’ the day before. The caller asked if I’d be available for an interview the next day at 11AM and I said I would.

I spent the rest of the day putting in more applications and resumes’. Later that evening I got another text message from Tate which read, “Me and Willy know where there’s a swimming hole back in the woods where we skinny dip. I bet we could have fun if you were with us.”

I texted back and told him, “I’m going to hold you to that when I come visit.”

I spent another night in the sleeping bag and dropped off more resumes on my way to my interview. As it turned out, I had exactly the office and computer skills that they needed and I was hired to begin the following Monday at half again the salary I’d made in Detroit.

As I was walking to my car, pleased as could be, I got another text.

“Daddy says he’s missing you” Tate wrote.

“You tell your daddy to be on the lookout for a lost city fellow right around supper time” I wrote back.

I finished up my business and checked out of the motel and then drove around the town checking it out. At around 5PM I got on the road that led back to my friends.

I pulled up out front and started up the hill. The dogs all seemed to know me and were happy to see me so I stopped and petted them. When I looked up, JT was standing on the porch.

I walked up and stood at the bottom of the steps and he said, “You didn’t fall in the ditch this time.”

“No, I knew what to look out for.”

I walked up onto the porch and JT said, “You weren’t gone too long. Didn’t like Nashville?”

I never made it.” I replied. “I’ve got some news to tell you.”

“Well, come on in. I made that possum stew you like so much and biscuits for you.”

“Save-a-Lot possum?” I asked.

“That would be the one.” he said.

I stepped closer and grasped his semi-hard cock through his pants.

“Only if I get some of this possum and gravy for dessert.” I said.

“I’ve been saving that gravy up in case some lost city fellow happened along.” he said with that same half smile. “There ought to be enough there for a couple of helpings.”

I noticed movement in the doorway and glanced over. Willy and Tate were standing inside.

“Have I been gone so long that you don’t recognize me?” I asked. “Aren’t you glad to see me?”

They both stepped out and wrapped their arms around me and rested their faces against the sides of my head.

“I didn’t think you’d ever come back.” Tate said.

“I thought you’d forget us.” Willy said.

“The three handsomest men in the state of Kentucky?” I replied. “I thought I’d better come back and see if you all replaced me yet.”

JT rested his hand on my shoulder and said, “Alright, then, let’s let the man have some dinner.”

The table was already set and we all sat down while JT served us. I couldn’t stop smiling.

“So what’s your big news?” JT asked after he sat down.

“Well, I got a job. In Richmond. I applied at the college and they have business offices in town. I’ll work three days a week in town and the other two days down at the college in Berea.”

“Richmond is only 12 miles from here.” Tate said. “And Berea is only another 15.”

“I know. I spent longer on the freeway in Detroit every day than it will take me to get to work and no traffic. Of course, I need to find a place to live.”

“What kind of place did you have in mind?” JT asked.

“Well, it wouldn’t be in town. Someplace out in the woods would be good.”

“Go on.” he replied.

“I’d need to have some room mates. Male, of course. I was thinking along the lines of a younger guy, probably blond. And a big hairy guy around my age who is a stud. It would help if they had really nice dicks and knew how to use them. Oh, and most important, there’d have to be an older guy who was hotter than fuck and hung like a mule. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask. I’d be paying my room and board and maybe taking advantage of some extra services that they could provide.”

“I think maybe I know just such a place.” JT said. “You’d probably need to check out the accommodations first though, right.”

“For sure.”

“Well, follow me and see what you think.”

We all got up from the table and followed JT upstairs. I was troubled to notice that Willy was limping and obviously uncomfortable.

When we got to the top of the stairs I discovered that the room was totally different. The beds had been disassembled and the mattresses were laid next to each other on the floor.

“We couldn’t agree on who got to have you share their bed tonight so we compromised.” Willy said. “We’re all going to pile in together. You’re in for a busy night.”

It suddenly struck me that there were 4 mattresses on the floor instead of 3.

“Where did the extra mattress come from?” I asked.

“Well, that story that we didn’t have an extra bed, that might have been a little white lie.” Tate replied.

I grabbed both sons by the ass, my hand deep in their cracks.

“I may have to punish you boys for lying to me.” I said.

“Now that sounds interesting.” Willy said.

We trooped back downstairs and sat back down.

“We’re going to have to come up with some chore assignments for you.” JT said. “Just because you’re a boarder don’t mean you can’t pull your weight.”

“Wait a minute.” I said. “There are 3 of you and I only have two holes. I’m probably going to be run ragged just taking care of my dick duty.”

“That’s true.” JT replied. “If it gets to be too much, let me know and we’ll cut you some slack. On the chores, not on your dick duty.”

“I can live with that. Besides, I was raised on a farm; I can probably out work the bunch of you.” I turned to Willy and said, “I noticed that you’re limping and uncomfortable. What’s going on?”

“His stump is sore and bothering him and he won’t go have the VA look at it.” JT said.

“I’ll work on it after dinner.” I said. “My first job was home health aide and most of my clients came from the VA. I did it for five years. There’s nothing I don’t know about stump care.”

“You want to take care of my leg?” Willy asked, incredulous.

“You’re damned right; I want you in top shape.” I said. “Besides, my services don’t come cheap. You have to let me work on that third leg when I finish with the other one.”

“It’s a deal.” Willy said.

We finished off the stew and biscuits and JT said, “You can take Willy into my room and do what you need to do. Tate, you come help me unload our new boarder’s car before he takes it into his head to run off again. Then I think we all need to turn in early. We need to show our boarder how much we like having him live here.”

The next morning, we were all sitting nude around the breakfast table. My hole and throat ached from use and I was happier than a pig in shit. I had told them the story of why I had left Detroit, about Scott and his cheating and using me. Tate was reading the many text messages that Scott had sent me over the past few days swearing his love, that he’d change his ways and that Billy meant nothing to him.

“We’re going to get rid of this fucker once and for all.” he said.

He herded us all, bare naked, out to the front yard. He had me kneel in front of the porch steps, and then positioned his father behind me so that his huge cock hung down on the right side of my face. He placed Willy on my left, his big dick in profile beside my cheek. Then he set the timer and placed the camera on the porch step to take a photo. He took his place beside his father, his gorgeous dick in profile on my other side.

“Show us how much you love daddy’s dick.” he said.

I turned my head and kissed the meaty shaft just as the photo snapped. The photo turned out beautifully, me from the chest up surrounded by delicious cock.

Tate showed us the picture, and then typed a message.

“Stop bothering me.” it read. “I’ve upgraded and you’ve been replaced.”

He went up to the ridge and sent the message. A message promptly came back that began “You cheap sleazy whore…” We all got a big laugh out of that.

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8 thoughts on “Hard Dick Heals Broken Heart

  1. Ron says:

    As soon as I read the first line and recognized it, I was happy to re-read. It’s as hot the second time and I would think not likely had I not been with a guy from the hills of Tennessee who said he had been fucked by his cousins, uncles, brothers and dad from a very early age. I’m looking forward to reading this all again.

  2. Bucky says:

    CLASSIC & FAV. STORY I can read over & over …& a dream of mine OF A PERFECT HOME filled with LOVE & uninhibited SEX with no drama.

  3. Dave+Ledge says:

    Sweet story. However I-75 won’t get you to Nashville. You would take other interstates from Cincinnati to get there. And, yes, I am from that part of the country and know it well.

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