He Needed Dominant Daddy Pt 1

Before Christian had any chance to react, Alfie let go of his chest, got down on his knees and suddenly the older man had his lips wrapped around Christian’s cock.


Christian had always been into the gym, as soon as he realized he was stockier than most in his high school he started working out, joined the rugby team and become pretty muscular. Eventually he found himself religiously going to the gym at least 5 times a week.

He stood at nearly 6 feet, he had short brown hair and brown eyes. Although he liked the look of them, he never got a tattoo. Something his girlfriend was grateful of.

Christian started dating Jane in High School, she was his sweetheart and when they both turned 18 they lost their virginity to each other.

Jane was beautiful, the most popular girl in school with long red hair and a few freckles on her face.

When they both turned 21 Jane got offered a job on the other side of the country. It was an amazing opportunity that she couldn’t say no too. Fortunately for Christian, he didn’t care too much about his Admin job so he said he would go with her.

A few months later, they had organised an apartment to rent and it was all booked in, he was moving away from his small hometown.

Most of his friends told him he was being stupid, that he was too young to do something like that. However Christian knew he was doing the right thing. There was nothing for him to want to stay at home, he could easily visit his mum and dad and he wanted to be with Jane.

Then, they moved.

The first two months were amazing. They were having sex nearly every night, being on their own meant they could do it in whatever room and whenever they wanted. They never argued and after one year of living together, Christian proposed. Jane obviously said yes.

A few weeks after their engagement though, Jane’s company went bust and she had to find a new one. It wasn’t too bad, she found one pretty quick but it was a few towns over which meant they would have to move again.

Luckily Christians job meant he could work from home a lot so he didn’t need to change jobs again.

It was a little bit more of a stressful move, since they didn’t have a lot of money, Christian had to move all their things himself in his little car. Then, for the first few weeks he didn’t go to the gym and he felt it start to affect him. He got most of any frustration he had out at the gym, so after trying out a few, he settled on one.

“Big Jim’s Gym.”

It was fairly big, normally quiet which he preferred and it had a steam room, sauna and a shower area.

Although Jane didn’t mind, Christian didn’t like that he was on very low pay and she was on a high pay, which meant she had to pay for his gym membership. She made it sound like it wasn’t a big deal, which it probably wasn’t, but Christian just didn’t like having to rely on her for money.

On a Thursday night, Jane was watching TV in the living room and Christian had gotten changed into his gym gear.

“Right, I’m off,” He told her, “you going to be okay on your own for a bit?”

“Yeah of course, have fun.” Jane said.

Christian kissed her goodbye and headed out. It was nearly 8.30pm as Christian liked to go to the gym late, meaning it was even quieter.

Although he knew what he was doing and wasn’t self-conscious about his body, he just didn’t like the thought of people watching him doing a workout or even laughing at him.

The car park was nearly empty when he got there.

Christian went to the changing room and put his back in the locker. Ah shit, he didn’t realise that the lockers needed a pound coin to work.

It’s pretty dead, it should be safe, he thought and just closed the locker, but left it unlocked.

Back in the gym, he looked around and saw 4, maybe 5 other people in there. It had been a long time for Christian since his last work out, so he planned on doing a little bit of everything.

Starting with his shoulders, he did his full upper body and then his lower body. He made sure not to push himself too hard on the first time so he didn’t cause any injuries, but by the time he was done he definitely felt it.

10pm, I could try out the steam room, he thought. It was a 24 hour gym, one of the reasons he picked that one.

When he went back into the changing room he saw that his locker was open, looking inside, it didn’t seem like anything was missing though.

Maybe someone realised it was full and just left it open?

Anyway, he started to undress. Since he hadn’t planned on going into the steam room previously, he just wrapped a towel around his waist with nothing underneath.

“Ahhhh.” He said out loud as he sat back and relaxed.

Oh god, I needed this! He thought.

The stress of the move and Jane’s new job, this was just what he needed to relax and let it all wash away.

For a good ten minutes he sat there with his eyes closed and relaxed.

Then, the fogged up glass door opened and a gush of cold air hit Christian and forced him to open his eyes.

With the steam quickly leaving the room, he got a clear view of the man that was joining him.

Jesus Christ, he’s huge!

This man looked over 6 foot and built like a machine. Every muscle in his body looked like it was building, Christian also took notice of his extremely hairy chest that was either wet from a shower or from sweat.

The tall man flashed Christian a smile of his pearly white teeth before sitting down opposite him. Like Christian, he was just in a towel.

It was another minute or two before the man eventually spoke.

“You new here?” He asked bluntly.

Christian opened his eyes again to see this older man, he must be at least in his 50s, staring at him.

“Erm, yeah.” Christian replied.

He didn’t like to talk to people much in the gym, even less when he was half naked in the steam room.

“You look like you go the gym a lot though, right?” The strange, older man asked.

“Yeah, I just moved here so just joined.” Christian replied. He wanted to be respectful but blunt, not wanting to have a conversation.

Christian did catch himself staring at this man’s incredibly muscular body, except for the thick hair all over him, it was the sort of body Christian would aim for. Jane always preferred Christian to shave all over and be properly smooth, which he was fine with.

“It’s nice to have some young blood in the gym.” The man then said, not taking Christian’s hint.

“Oh, cool.” Christian replied, why is he still talking to me?

“My name’s Alfie.” He then said.

“Christian.” Christian replied, still trying to kill the conversation.

Suddenly, Alfie stood up and quickly walked over and sat himself right next to Christian. He was so close that their sweaty arms were touching. Even though Christian knew he was fairly muscly, he looked tiny compared to this man.

The steam room is completely empty and he sits touching me! What is wrong with this guy?

Although Christian wanted to argue with him, he was way too big for Christian to risk getting into a fight with.

“You are pretty big,” Alfie said and suddenly one of his big, strong hands grabbed onto one of Christian’s biceps, “But with a little training I could get you even bigger.”

This strange, older men kept feeling Christian’s bicep. He felt almost frightened by this man.

“Erm… sure.” Christian replied, not wanting to offend him.

“Good,” Alfie said with a huge grin, “I’ll work you out good a proper.”

Why is he staring at me like that? Christian thought, Alfie’s eyes were darting all over his body.

“I… I should really get going.” Christian nervously said and stood up, Alfie’s hand finally left his bicep.

“See you again soon.” Alfie called out as Christian left the steam room.

What a fucking weirdo!

Christian went back into the changing rooms and stepped into one of the shower cubicles. He locked the door and started to wash the sweat off of his body with cold water. His hairs stood on edge but it felt like a good release after the work out and steam room.

Weirdly though, even with the cold shower, Christian looked down and saw his 5 inch cock was rock hard.

Am I horny? Christian thought for a moment.

Shaking off the thought, he wrapped his towel around him again and stepped out of the shower.

When he got back to his locker he could see Alfie on the other side of the room, smiling at him, still in just a towel. Without the steam to block him, his body looked even bigger.

Christian gave him a polite smile back then turned back to his locker.

Fuck sake, how do I get changed without him seeing me?

Christian turned his head and luckily, Alfie was gone. Thank god!

He let his towel drop, his cock was still rock hard and refused to go down. So, he quickly grabbed his clothes and got dressed. He didn’t see Alfie again and headed home.

What a strange guy.

When he got back Christian tried to have sex with Jane, it had been a couple of weeks but she said she was tired. Christian was definitely horny, but he couldn’t get away with having a wank whilst she was in the house.

The next night, Christian went back to the gym. This time, when he walked in he spotted Alfie straight away, he was on the bench press but obviously sat up resting between sets and he smiled over at Christian.

For god sake, again?

After putting his stuff into the locker, this time he had remember a pound coin and managed to lock it, he went and did a workout.

Christian did his best to stay away from Alfie, but it seemed the older guy was trying to get close to him.

Eventually though, Alfie disappeared into the locker room and Christian could work out in peace.

By the time he was done his body was aching all over. He was still sore from the session the night before and he knew a good steam would sort him right out.

Once again, wrapping himself in a towel, Christian went to the steam room. When he entered though it was so filled with steam that he couldn’t see a thing.

“Hey,” He heard a deep voice say, “Christian, good to see you again.”

Christian couldn’t see through the steam but he recognised Alfie’s voice. He was clearly sat at the far end, so Christian opted to sit near to the door.

“Erm, hi.” Christian whispered, wanting to do anything to not have a conversation with this strange, older man.

“I was hoping to see you again.” Alfie said to him, but Christian could hear something weird, as though Alfie was slapping his leg.

What is that noise?

“Oh, thanks.” Christian replied, Is he hitting on me or something?

“No, thank you, not every night I get to see a hot young man in here.” Alfie said, this time it was with more of a moan.

What the fuck?! Christian thought after hearing what Alfie just said to him.

He couldn’t speak, he was frozen in shock by the pure ridiculousness of what Alfie just said.

The steam started to clear a little and the silhouette of Alfie came into sight. The slapping noise was still going on but Christian couldn’t quiet work out what it was.

Alfie then started to breathe a little heavier, almost like a grunt or a moan.

What is he doing? Christian thought, but as the steam died down more, Christian’s eyes shot wide open as he worked out what he was witnessing.

Alfie was sat opposite him, completely naked, and his hand was wanking up and down on his very big, very hard cock.


“That’s better, I can see you now.” Alfie moaned as he kept wanking his cock with no shame.

He was leant back against the wall, as though he was relaxed as his hand moved up and down.

Christian was frozen in shock, sure, he had seen other rugby players cock when getting changed before, but this was different. He had never seen someone wanking before, never mind someone with the biggest cock he could imagine.

He knew he should’ve gotten up, he knew it was wrong, but his body was frozen solid. Christian found himself staring at Alfie, who in turn was staring back.

“I… I should go.” Christian finally managed to stutter out, but before he could stand up Alfie marched over and pressed his left hand against Christian’s chest and kept him held against the wall.

He wasn’t holding Christian too hard, Christian knew he could’ve gotten free, but then what, this guy is twice my size? If he wants to hurt me he could.

“There’s a good boy,” Alfie moaned, his left hand gently holding Christian’s smooth chest as his right hand wanked his big cock, “I’ve always wanted a hot, little slut to join here.”

Did he just call me a slut?

Christian’s eyes were wide open, he kept darting from Alfie’s giant cock and then up to his smiling face.

“Oh yeah, keep looking at me you little slut, keep looking at your new Daddy.” Alfie moaned.

His hand was moving faster and faster up and down his dick.

“I… I… I… need to go.” Christian stuttered out but he made no effort to stand up.

It was like he was frozen in fear.

“Oh no,” Alfie moaned, “You’re going to stay there like a good boy.”

What am I doing? Get up! Run! Do something!

“Ooooh fuuuckk yeeaaaahhh!!!” Alfie roared out.

Christian saw his head arch back and then suddenly… something thick and hot struck Christian’s cheek.

He looked down and saw Alfie’s massive cock fire out another load of cum that hit him directly in the eye. In his shock, he managed to lock his mouth closed in fear of some landing in there.

“Take my cum you fucking slluuuutttt!” Alfie moaned out louder than before.

His hand kept wanking his cock but he obviously wasn’t watching where he was cumming.

One shot hit directly onto Christian’s closed lips, then another on his forehead, then another on his other cheek, but then a few shots went down and hit his smooth chest and Alfie’s hand.

“Mmmmfff!” Christian finally tried to protest without opening his mouth.

“Oh yeah…. Oh yeah…” Alfie panted out and his cock finally stopped erupting, “I needed that.”

Christian felt like he was in some weird dream, like that didn’t actually just happen.

“Oh yeah, I’m going to love having you as my son, I’m one lucky Daddy.” Alfie moaned out again.

Christian just sat in shock as he watched Alfie wrap a towel around him and leave the steam room.

“MMMFFFF!!” Christian tried to shout once on his own but still didn’t want to open his mouth and risk tasting cum.

He nervously left the steam room, checking either side to make sure no one would see him with a face full of cum. Then he jetted down to the bathroom.

When he locked himself in and looked at himself in the mirror he couldn’t believe what he saw.

I am absolutely covered in cum!

His entire face was coated, it was dripping down and onto his chest. His nostrils were filled with the smell which…. Was surprisingly not too bad.

Plus, his eye burnt from where the cum had landed in it.

He did his best to wash it all off with cold water and then waited in the toilet for ten minutes, he hoped that Alfie would’ve left by that point.

When Christian got out and went to the changing room he was right, Alfie was nowhere to be seen.

He quickly got dressed and headed home, not wanting to risk getting caught by Alfie again.

Strange thing though, when Christian got back, he was hornier than ever.

No, that wasn’t because of what happened at the gym. I was horny yesterday and just haven’t cum since.

He walked up to Jane and pressed his lips against hers. For a moment she kissed him back before breaking it.

“What’s gotten into you?” She said with a little smile as Christian reached down and grabbed her arse.

“I just want you.” Christian said and kissed her again.

“Ew, Christian, you stink of sweat,” She moaned out, “did you not shower?”

Ah shit, I didn’t!

“S-sorry.” He replied, he felt a little embarrassed because he knew he must’ve smelt pretty bad.

After that, Jane didn’t want to have sex, so Christian just showered. He was considering having a wank in the shower, but he knew that Jane would question why he was so long and he didn’t want to go into that.

That night though was a sleepless night, I can’t believe I had an old man wank over my face?! And I didn’t do anything to stop it! No, I couldn’t have stopped it, he could’ve killed me if he wanted too!

Eventually, Christian did manage to get a few hours’ sleep.

The next day Christian worked from home as normal, although he was constantly thinking about the night before. He just couldn’t get over it, the audacity of Alfie to just do that, and to call him a slut!

When Jane came back Christian told her that he was sore and was having a day off from the gym, which she was happy to have a chill with him. He even didn’t have a wank before he was waiting to see Jane.

The only problem was that when Christian tried to have sex with her, she said no, yet again.

I know she’s working hard but we can’t just stop having sex! Christian thought to himself.

Once again, another sleepless night for Christian.

The next day Jane worked from home as well, which meant Christian still couldn’t wank. His cock was getting painfully hard at that point and he needed a release.

Then, when it got to 8pm, Jane looked over at him.

“Are you not going the gym again tonight?” She asked.

Truthfully, Christian never planned on going back, but he couldn’t tell Jane that.

“I erm, I think I might join a different gym.” He told her, not wanting to give off any reason of the truth.

“What, why?” She asked him.

“It’s not the best, I think I need a better one.” He explained as shortly as possible.

“I paid for that gym membership.” Jane then argued and Christian could sense the annoyance in her voice.

“I know, but I don’t like it, I’ll find a new one.” He tried to say calmly.

“If you think I’m paying for you to have two different gym memberships then you can think again!” Jane shot back, clearly annoyed.

“I know, but…” He went to speak but Jane interrupted him.

“No Christian,” She continued, “It’s only a three month membership, you can cancel it then and get another one.”

This is exactly why I hate her paying for stuff.

“Fine.” Christian grunted out.

For the next hour the two of them sat in silence, it was awkward and very tense. Christian knew he was in the wrong, but there was no way to explain it to Jane.

When it got to 9.30pm he couldn’t take the tension anymore, If I get to the gym for 10, there’s no way Alfie would still be there.

Christian also thought it could give him a chance to finally have a wank in their bathroom’s and get to cum as his balls were starting to hurt.

“I erm, I’m gonna go the gym.” Christian said sheepish and stood up.

“Good.” Jane spat out, still annoyed at him.

Christian got dressed then headed over. When he got to the gym there was only one other car and although he was extremely nervous about going back in, he did it.

Luckily, he couldn’t see Alfie anywhere.

He just did a quick thirty minute workout, he worked out any frustration and then headed to the changing room.

He hadn’t seen another single person in the gym, so, he thought he would go for a steam and cool himself off.

It was about ten minutes into the steam when, without even realising it, Christian’s cock grew hard. His eyes were closed and he was leant back against the wall as his hand automatically went into his towel and grabbed onto his hard cock.

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