He Needed Dominant Daddy Pt 2

The older man’s soft lips kept pressing against Christian’s, their tongues danced alongside each other and Alfie’s hand started to stroke Christian faster and faster.

Part 1


The next day, Christian left the house at 8pm in his gym gear. However, instead of going to the gym, he just drove around and went for a coffee. He didn’t want to even go near Alfie or risk seeing him.

As he sat in his car, nearing 9pm and drinking a coffee, his phone vibrated in his pocket and he received a text.

Unknown number? Whose this?

Unknown: You’ve disappointed me son, hiding away for two nights. It seems you want to be punished. Your Daddy x

What the fuck?! How does he have my number?! A million thought ran through Christian’s head as he started to text back.

Christian: How did you get my number??

It was three, very slow, very painful minutes until he got a reply.

Alfie: I took it from your phone your first night at the gym, you really shouldn’t leave your locker open. Now, you are coming to the gym tomorrow night and that’s final. Your Daddy x

Christian quickly and furiously texted him back.

Christian: No I am not! You said you would leave me alone now leave me alone!

Alfie: I don’t think you want to take that tone with me son, especially since I got your fianc√© Janes number from your phone as well. Unless you want her to receive this, you will be at the gym, tomorrow at 8pm. Your Daddy x

Attached was a video that Christian was afraid to open, but when he did, his heart sank.

It was the perfect shot of Alfie’s huge, hard cock that from that angle looked to be very close to Christian’s face.

“Please Daddy, let me be your gay slut and suck on your big, hard, juicy cock.” He then heard himself say.

Oh no, this is bad!

Then another video arrived.

This time, Christian was watching himself spank his own arse and practically beg Alfie to fuck him and finally… the final nail in the coffin, Christian staying perfectly still as Alfie came all over his back.

I’m fucked.

Christian didn’t reply back to Alfie, he didn’t even know what he could say. When he got home he was so nervous he barely spoke to Jane.

He could blackmail me, he could ruin my relationship, oh fuck!

The next day dragged on, Christian just couldn’t calm himself down with the fact he was getting blackmailed by an older gay man.

When he eventually went to the gym, he was visibly shaking. Then, he saw Alfie in the changing room.

“I knew you would make the right decision,” Alfie said as he walked to Christian, “I would’ve hated to have to ruin our fun so early.”

“Please, please don’t show those videos to Jane.” Christian begged.

“I won’t, as long as you do as you’re told.” Alfie said, although it was like a threat, he had a smile and lighthearted tone.

“What… what do you want me to do?” Christian asked.

“We’re going to work out.” Alfie said calmly and walked to the door of the changing room.

Work out? Is that it?

Alfie was true to his word, for the next hour the two just trained together on various machines. Christian was actually amazing at how strong Alfie actually was. He was doing a lot heavier weight than Christian.

When it got to just after 9pm Alfie finished his last set.

“Now, let’s hit the steam room.” Alfie said and patted Christian’s back.

The steam room, that can’t be good.

However, without saying a word, Christian went into the changing room. He and Alfie undressed and wrapped themselves in towels and then headed into the steam room.

When Christian sat down, Alfie sat down right next to him so that they were touching.

Oh god, what is he going to do.

“Why don’t you sit on your Daddy’s lap?” Alfie then asked a couple of minutes into the steam.

“You… you said you wouldn’t force me to do anything.” Christian stuttered out.

“I won’t,” Alfie told him, “but you need to be punished for letting your Daddy down.”

“So that’s my punishment?” Christian asked him.

“Oh no, that’s just the start.” Alfie said with a huge grin.

Christian just sighed, this man had everything he needed to ruin Christian. So, he stood up, then sat down on Alfie’s lap.

He thanked god that they both had towels on, but after their work out and the steam room their hot, sweaty bodies were forced to touch.

“There we go, doesn’t that feel good son?” Alfie asked as he wrapped his giant arms around Christian.

Even though Christian was big, he felt so small with this man.

“Y-yes, Daddy.” Christian stuttered out wanting to keep him happy.

Christian felt like a girl, sat on this big strong man’s lap with his arms wrapped around him. He could already feel Alfie’s hard cock poking through the towel.

“Give your Daddy a kiss.” Alfie then ordered.

Christian looked at him in shock, I can’t kiss him, that’s cheating! And he’s a man! He went to argue but Alfie gave him that same angered look.

Just get it over and done with, a quick one!

Christian leant in and quickly pecked his lips against Alfie’s then pulled away.

“Again, slow it down.” Alfie ordered.

Fuck, alright.. come on.

Christian went in for another quick peck but as their lips touched Alfie reached up and held Christian’s face firmly against his.

The older man was forcefully kissing Christian and Christian tried to resist kissing him back.

This went on for a few seconds until Alfie’s tongue pressed against Christian’s lips. Automatically, whether it was through fear or if he wanted to, Christian opened his mouth.

Alfie’s tongue pushed inside and ran against Christian’s.

I’m actually making out with a man! Christian screamed in his head, but Alfie still had hold of him so he knew he was helpless to stop it.

Alfie just kept his lips firmly against Christian’s as his tongue ran all over the younger man’s tongue. He kept doing this for a few minutes when Christian felt Alfie’s hand move underneath his towel.

He isn’t holding my head anymore.

Alfie’s hand moved further and Christian then realised his cock was as hard as ever.

“Oooh!” Christian accidentally moaned into Alfie’s mouth as Alfie slowly gripped onto Christian’s cock and stroked it a little.

As his cock was slowly getting wanked, Christian realised he actually pressed his tongue back against Alfie’s.

Alfie wasn’t holding him at all, Christian could move, but he remained on the older man’s lap as they made out.

“Mmmm.” Alfie moaned into Christian’s mouth.

The older man’s soft lips kept pressing against Christian’s, their tongues danced alongside each other and Alfie’s hand started to stroke Christian faster and faster.

“Ooohh….” Christian moaned again as he started to receive great pleasure from the hand job.

“There you go, enjoy your Daddy pleasing your cock.” Alfie whispered before pushing his tongue back into Christian’s mouth.

The sound of Christian’s cock being wanked echoed around the steam room. They were both so hot, so sweaty and Christian kept moaning into Alfie’s mouth.

Oh fuck… that feels so good.

He could feel his precum leaking out of his cock as Alfie wanked him faster… and faster… and faster.

Christian didn’t know how long he made out with Alfie for and had his cock wanked, but he knew his orgasm was building up and Alfie knew it as well.

“Do you want your Daddy to make you cum?” Alfie asked him.

“Yeess.” Christian whispered back in a moan.

Yes! What do you mean yes! But it feels so good!

Christian’s body started to shake and he instinctively rested his hands against Alfie’s big, strong, hairy, sweaty chest.

Alfie’s hand was firing up and down as he wanked the younger man’s cock.

“Oh god… oh fuck….” Christian moaned as he got to the brink of cumming.

When Alfie pulled his hand away.

“Oooohhh what?” Christian accidentally moaned and revealed that he didn’t want it to stop.

Alfie roughly grabbed Christian’s head and once again shoved his tongue into the younger boys mouth. They kissed passionately for a few minutes until Alfie started to suck on Christian’s tongue.

“Suck your Daddy’s dick.” Alfie then ordered Christian.

Christian was breathing heavily, his entire body was on the edge of orgasm as he stared at Alfie.

“I…” He panted out, “I can’t.”

“You disappoint your Daddy.” Alfie then whispered.

Christian couldn’t believe it, but he wanted Alfie’s hand back on his cock.

“I’m sorry… Daddy.” Christian panted.

Alfie then effortlessly lifted Christian and rested him on his back, his legs were spread and his towel had completely come off. Then, Alfie’s towel dropped. He was on his knees, between Christian’s spread legs and his hard cock aimed right at the younger boy.

He is not going to try that! No way!

“Grab your Daddy’s cock!” Alfie ordered.

They were pretty much in the missionary position with Alfie’s back up as Christian stared at his amazing, hairy body.

“What?” Christian asked.

“If you’re not going to suck your Daddy’s cock, as punishment you’re going to wank me off instead!” Alfie ordered firmly.

Wanking his cock seemed a lot less gay than sucking his dick, It’s just like wanking my own cock right? Christian argued to himself, and he was so fucking horny.

“Okay.” Christian replied back to him.

“Okay, what?!” Alfie shouted in annoyance.

“Okay, Daddy… I’ll wank your cock.” Christian replied, he couldn’t believe the words actually left his mouth.

With his own cock painfully hard and leaking pre cum, Christian reached forward and wrapped his fingers around another man’s cock for the first time.

Alfie’s was so thick that Christian couldn’t even get his fingers to meet on the other side.

“Good slut, now wank your Daddy!” Alfie moaned.

Christian knew he was getting to horny, but it felt like he had gone too far to stop it.

He gripped onto Alfie’s cock and started to stroke it up and down. It wasn’t the easiest at that angle, but Alfie seemed to enjoy it.

“Mmm that’s it son, how does my cock feel?” Alfie moaned.

His hands started to rub all over Christian’s smooth, sweaty chest.

“Big… Daddy.” Christian replied.

“That’s it, wank your Daddy’s big hard cock like the gay little slut you are!” Alfie moaned.

Christian hated the names Alfie called him, what he hated more was how his own cock twitched when he heard them.

Alfie spread Christian’s legs wider so they were as far apart as possible, then he moved forward. Alfie’s big cock was pretty much on top of Christian’s and it would be if it wasn’t for Christian’s hand around Alfie’s dick.

“I knew you were going to be a good slut for me,” Alfie moaned, “You just need me to let your gay out.”

Christian started to wank Alfie’s cock faster and faster, he could feel the older man’s precum leak onto his hand and then onto his own cock.

As Alfie moaned louder, Christian’s own breathing grew heavier and heavier. His chest was heaving up and down as he wanked off the older man.

The hot, steamy room was forcing the two men to be covered in glistening sweat. Alfie’s hands were easily rubbing all over Christian’s smooth body as Christian jerked his big, thick, wet cock.

“That feels so good son, you like making your Daddy happy don’t you?” Alfie asked, his fingers running all over Christian’s chest and moving up to his face.

“Yes, Daddy,” Christian automatically replied, “I like making you happy.”

I don’t mean that, it’s only because he is making me say it.

Suddenly, Alfie pushed one of his thick fingers into Christian’s mouth.

“Suck on my finger my slut.” Alfie ordered.

Christian just did what he was told, as though he was autopilot and wrapped his lips around Alfie’s finger.

“You love your Daddy’s cock.” Alfie moaned out.

“Mmmm.” Christian moaned around his finger without even meaning to.

“Oh fuck… that’s it you little slut…. I’m gonna cover you in cum again like the cum whore you really are!” Alfie warned.

He didn’t know why, but Christian picked up the pace of stroking Alfie’s cock after that. He kept sucking and licking on the older man’s finger as his hand moved faster and faster.

“Oh yes… fuck… make me cum son… make me fucking cuuuuummmm!!!” Alfie roared out.

His cock felt even harder and bigger in Christian’s hand and then he felt the first shot of cum hit his bare sweaty chest.

“Yyyyyyeesss!!” Alfie grunted again and more and more cum flew out of his cock.

Christian couldn’t stop watching, he stared at the giant cock that he had made cum as he unloaded a gallon of the sticky liquid all over his naked body.

It felt like his body was completely covered in cum, Christian didn’t slow down on wanking Alfie until his cock started to soften in his hand.

“Good boy, you did a great job.” Alfie moaned and pulled his finger from Christian’s mouth.

Alfie was breathing heavily and when he lowered himself down, Christian didn’t move an inch.

He just watched in amazement as for the second time, Alfie wrapped his lips around Christian’s raging cock.

“Ooooh fuuckk!!” Christian moaned louder than ever.

It felt like it was the horniest he had ever been in his life and Alfie’s mouth was fucking heaven around his cock.

“Mmmm!” Alfie moaned around Christian’s dick as he bobbed up and down.

Alfie’s hands were rubbing Christian’s body, spreading the cum all over him. He slowly moved his hand up and pressed it against Christian’s lips, but not before taking Christian’s cock entirely down his throat.

“Oooooohhh!!” Christian moaned from the deep throating and Alfie pushed his cum covered finger into Christian’s mouth.

“Mmmmm!” Christian moaned out of instinct as his senses were filled with cum.

This time, there was no arguing it, he was tasting another man’s load.

Alfie’s entire hand was drenched in the cum he had spread around Christian’s body. After Christian had sucked the first one clean, he pushed a second finger into his mouth.

Christian didn’t even realise what he was doing, but he sucked and licked on Alfie’s fingers like a slut as Alfie deep throated him over and over.

There he was, lay on the floor naked, his legs spread wide open with an older gay man sucking his cock. His smooth body glistening with a mixture of cum and sweat as Alfie’s two, thick, cum covered fingers pushed in and out of his mouth. Not exactly a position for a straight man.

“MMMMMMM!!” Christian moaned as his orgasm built up quickly.

“Cum for me you fucking slut! Cum in your Daddy’s mouth like the gay whore you were born to be!” Alfie roared before taking the cock back down his throat.

Christian was sucking down on Alfie’s fingers hard, all he could taste was delicious, thick cum until it hit him.

“MMMMMMM!!!” Christian moaned and spat out the fingers, “FUUUCCKKK I’M CUMMING!!”

He felt his cock erupt down Alfie’s throat as an inhuman amount of cum shot. Over and over he filled Alfie’s mouth with cum and Christian was seeing stars it was so fucking good!

By far the best orgasm he had ever had.

His entire body was writhing up and down and twitched as Alfie kept sucking his dick throughout his orgasm.

Eventually though, Alfie pulled his mouth away and Christian’s cock started to go soft. Leaving Christian panting for air on the floor.

Christian’s body was still shaking and before he could react, Alfie moved up and shoved his tongue into the younger man’s mouth.

“Mmmm.” Christian accidentally moaned as Alfie pushed Christian’s cum into the young man’s mouth.

Both of their cum covered and cum filled mouths locked with each other, kissing, passionately on the floor.

After a minute or so, Christian felt like he had swallowed his entire load of cum and Alfie leant back up. He smiled down at the younger man who was still panting for air in the hot, steamy room.

“There you go, you’re slowly learning to love your new Daddy.” Alfie whispered as his hands kept spreading the cum around Christian’s body.

When the younger man managed to open his eyes and look down, he saw that the cum had fully mixed in with his sweat and wasn’t even visible anymore.

Oh fuck… what did I just do? How was it so good?

“Get yourself together and meet me in the changing room son.” Alfie said.

Christian’s chest was still heaving up and down and he was still moaning as he watched Alfie put his towel on and leave the steam room.

He eventually managed to stand up and put his own towel around his waist.

Oh my god… what the fuck… I did not just do that! What is wrong with me?

At least this time Christian didn’t have to worry about anyone catching him with cum on his face.

He went back to the changing room where there was just Alfie waiting for him.

“Good boy, you did well, I’m very proud.” Alfie said.

Now that he had cum, the realisation of what just happened started to hit Christian. The shame, the guilt, it was taking over his body.

“Now, you’re going to get changed and go home, no showering.” Alfie ordered.

“What?” Christian asked in shock.

The cum all over his body wasn’t visible because Alfie had rubbed it in, but Christian knew it was there and he worried that Jane might smell it.

“I told you, do not question me boy.” Alfie threatened and stepped closer, towering over the boy.

Oh god, I’ve let this go too far, what have I done? Just agree and try and find a way out of this.

“Okay.” Christian whispered and looked at the floor.

“When will you learn, okay, what?!” Alfie barked.

“Okay, Daddy, I’ll do it.” Christian replied back in fear.

“Good boy,” Alfie told him, “be back here tomorrow, 8pm.” Alfie said and then left for a shower.

Christian then caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, his body was glistening with a mix of sweat and cum. He could still taste the remnants of cum in his mouth and his cock ached from cumming so hard.

I can’t believe I just did that… but I didn’t want to? Right? He made me, he blackmailed me? I’m still straight, this changes nothing!

Christian got changed and headed home, the entire way all he could smell was cum and his body felt sticky.

Luckily Jane was already in bed so he went for a quick shower before joining her.

“You’re late?” He heard her ask in a groggy voice.

“Yeah sorry, was a big work out.” Christian told her, although he was wracked with guilt.

“Is that gym getting any better?” Jane asked, although she was clearly half asleep.

“Erm, yeah, sure it is, go back to sleep sweetie.” Christian said and kissed her cheek.

As Jane started to fall to sleep, Christian wondered what he was going to do. He knew he had to go back to the gym the next day, he didn’t want to risk Alfie sending any of those videos to Jane.

I’m fucked.

That night, Christian’s dreams were filled with Alfie. When he woke up he was a hot, sweaty mess and his cock was painfully hard.

“Good morning.” Jane said with a smile and brought in a cup of tea.

“Hi.” Christian nervously replied.

I can’t believe I cheated on her, not just that, but with a guy.

As Jane sat down next to him, Christian was lost in thought.

No, it wasn’t really cheating was it? I didn’t want to do it, I was forced. I think.

The whole day of working from home Christian was a mess, he was constantly fighting in his head of whether he liked it or not. He couldn’t deny how good the orgasm he had was, but then he would argue that it was forced and that he wouldn’t choose to do it. He told himself that if Alfie wasn’t blackmailing him then he would never go back to that gym.

However, when it got to 7.30pm, Christian was in his gym gear and headed over.

“Good, I’m glad we had no more no showing.” Alfie said as Christian entered the changing room.

“Listen, about what happened last night…” Christian went to speak but Alfie cut him off.

“Shhh son,” Alfie said, “You don’t need to feel bad for loving your Daddy and his cock, come on, let’s just go for a work out.”

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