He Was Just Curious Pt 2

I rimmed him till his cock was pouring out precum like a geyser, I grabbed his cock and pulled it to my mouth. I sucked it deep inside my mouth, till it was deep inside my throat, he was breathing hard, his balls pulled in and wham he shot me with another huge load.

Part 1


I released his cock, and hovered over him, our lips meshed with each others, he rolled me over and held me down, his hands laced into my own holding me spread out and pushing my legs apart so he could attempt to get to my ass.

I knew I had to have his huge cock in me, I knew it would hurt but I also knew the pleasure would be my reward. I pulled back my legs and he got into position, I handed him the lube and he slicked up his cock. He pushed his cock to my hole and tried to ram it in, I held him back and told him to slow down.

He was good about it he knew his cock was not average by any means and would not be easy to take in anyone’s hole. I pressed out and he pushed in, once his knob breached the opening, my ass was ready to take it all. His cock slid in and I knew I had never had anything this big inside of me yet, but I could not believe how good his huge cock felt deep inside of me.

He was good about it taking it easy at first but his momentum soon was driving in then quickly back out, he was a good lover, he knew to change it up not just be vanilla. He quickened the speed then slowed it right down. He leaned in and kissed me, his cock swelled and his balls pulled in, he was so close to orgasm right now.

“Fuck Bill I’m gonna cum, your ass is so tight, I can’t hold back anymore.”

“Fill me up with your hot wet cum lover, shoot it in me real deep.”

No sooner said and his cock was shooting deep inside of me, this guy had so much cum to give, I also hoped he had one more load for me to suck out of him. He pounded the cum deep inside of me, his load was massive and dripping out of me. He collapsed on top of me, worn out no more gas in his tank, I rolled us over and wiped his cock off.

I would get one more load out of him before he was done, I swallowed his cock deep, I sucked down and worked his cock with my mouth and hand. He laid there this dazed look in his eyes, his cock poured out precum like a hose.

I released his cock and took his balls in my mouth, even his nuts were huge, I lathered them in spittle, then I took his cock back in my mouth. I worked his cock till his balls pulled in and he was on the verge of yet another massive orgasm.

He laid there his hands laced behind his head, his cock swelled his balls pulled in and he showered my mouth with pure white seed. His load not as huge as his first but still so tasty, I milked his cock till there was no more.

He laid there his eyes glassy, his cock a tinge of pink from being so overworked, his knob so sensitive. He lay there he was worn out, he had shot all he could shoot at this moment, he lay there watching me as I leaned in and kissed him. Then I kissed his neck to his beautiful pecs, sucking his nipples then down his ribs to his magnificent abs.

I passed his cock and went down his thighs to his knee caps to his feet, I sucked his toes then licked his arches. I spread his legs and could see his cock was getting hard once again, I licked his balls then the sides of his cock, I lifted his legs and there it was his perfect pucker.

So tight and so magnificent in every way, it looked so pristine in every way, it needed a tongue on it, in it, rimming it till he begged me to suck his cock once more. I folded him up and spread his cheeks, there it was, so perfect.

I leaned in and slid my tongue along his butt crack, I ran my tongue along his entire crack till it touched his hole. He moaned and almost screamed as my tongue lingered on his button, I circled it I pressed it to see if I could actually breach it. He was going crazy, pulling at the comforter, screaming as my tongue probed his tight anus.

I was so enjoying this right now, I had him going crazy as my tongue manipulated his tender sphincter, I gently pressed in trying to get inside of him.

“Oh fuck Bill your killing me here, my balls ache and you’re about to drain them once more.”

“You did say you were not getting enough sex so I am just making up for the lack of.”

I rimmed him till his cock was pouring out precum like a geyser, I grabbed his cock and pulled it to my mouth. I sucked it deep inside my mouth, till it was deep inside my throat, he was breathing hard, his balls pulled in and wham he shot me with another huge load. This one I held in my mouth, I would savor it and share it as well.

I sucked till he had no more, I laid on top of him and pressed my cum soaked lips to his, I slowly fed him some of his load. He clearly was not into cum eating but I would let him try his own, I swallowed all I had and pressed my lips to his once again.

I rolled off of him and laid there I was worn out, I had not eaten so much cum in a very long time. I hoped he would come back real soon and feed me so much more. He turned towards me his face was flushed, he was worn out, he lay there spent.

“Bill is it okay if I just lay here for a bit I’m a bit worn out, think I might need a nap.”

“Yes of course would you like something to drink?”

“Water would be great actually.”

I got up and grabbed us each a water, he laid there he did not move a muscle, I had worn him out for sure. I handed him the water and laid beside him, he and I traded looks, he gave me this sly smile.

“Best fucking blow job ever Bill, and that ass of yours is so tight, I may never leave here.”

“You are more than welcome to move in but the only rule is you have to stay naked all the time.”

“That is a rule I can follow, I love to be naked and with a guy like you around I am sure my cock would get lots of attention.”

“I do have a pool as well you and I could go for a swim.”

“Actually can we just lay here, I would really like to touch your cock now Bill.”

“Help yourself, I am naked and welcome any attention I can get.”

He got up and took my cock in his hand, he jerked it slowly then made the precum squirt out of the tip. He used his thumb to spread it all over my cock, he leaned in closer and licked the tip covered in precum. His eyebrows lifted, he smiled at me, his tongue licked my cock once more, he took the knob in his mouth.

“This tastes amazing Bill.”

He slowly took in more of my cock, I would say a good three to four inches, his technique was good, he stroked and sucked at the same time. My balls pulled in and I was close, I warned him just as I was about to unload.

He sucked down harder, taking in more and more of my cock, the first blast shot him at the back of his throat, he coughed and tried to swallow it all but I just shot way to much. He stroked my cock till I finally stopped shooting.

I handed him a towel to wipe himself off, I lay there I was worn out with just one load, he was a really good little cock sucker. I wanted to drain him of another load but he was spent, he had no more to give, his cock was so sensitive right now.

I suggested a swim then I could make us dinner, he smiled at me and leaned in and kissed me, his lips lingered on my own. His cock a mind of its own soon was growing once again, seems it liked all of this attention it was getting.

He Was Just Curious Pt 3

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