Hello Sir, Have You Ever Used A Man Pt 1

I reached into his open fly and pulled his balls free; they were huge and hairy, hanging down a good way. I gently held them as I began to lick all over his cock and begin to suck it deeper and deeper into my mouth.



Like most bars this one was mostly unforgettable, too many people, too many drunks, too much smoke and noise. But I would always remember this one as the place where I began a long adventure into sexual exploitation and servitude. Just entering the door of this particular bar makes my cock throb in memory and anticipation.

It was a usual Friday night and I’d decided to go out and have a drink. I’m not as a rule a pub goer but at a loose end, or should that be with a loose end I decided to socialise and see what came up.

The pub was a large city affair with numerous bars all overcrowded with the usual crush of people all desperately trying to get plastered and happy. I’d made my way to a slightly less noisy bar and secured a seat in a corner from where I could observe the room. There were a mix of people in groups and singly spread around and generally the atmosphere wasn’t to offensive. A number of men and women had caught my eye but nothing had eventuated before the dreaded Chinese bladder effect of beer struck. I’d been drinking for about two hours when I started to need a piss. Once I started I would have to keep tracking back and forth to the gents, I’d been twice, once for each of the last middies. I ordered one last drink and as nothing had occurred figured I’d call it a night and head home to my hand and dildo in front of the TV with a porn tape.

I followed an older man into the toilet and stood beside him in the double urinal. I casually noticed his cock, as you do! It was surprisingly large and much wrinkled. A little drunk, I commented on how wrinkled it was. Now this is of course a dangerous thing to do in anything but a gay place but the booze and being randy had made me less than cautious.

“You should see it when the wrinkles get straitened out.” He commented with a curious smirk on his face.

Quickly checking the room was empty he moved back slightly turning in my direction and stroked his cock giving me a better look and making it begin to swell.

“Do you want to see it without wrinkles?” He asked.

I could feel the excitement rising and licked my lips nodding as I nervously checked the room was still empty.

“Touch it then.” He ordered.

I let go of my now erect cock and gently took his in my hand. It was warm and soft to the touch but hardening and growing quickly. The wrinkles were in deed disappearing and I slowly stroked it as it grew.

“In there.” He said indicating the cubical.

I let his cock go and followed my now dribbling cock into the cubical and sat down as he entered closing the door behind him. His cock and continued to grow and was by now fully erect, 8 inches long, very thick and not a wrinkle to be seen!

I licked my lips and opened my mouth as he stepped closer. The smell of his excitement reached me just as I licked the head of his cock. It tasted of fresh piss and precum.

“Good boy. Now do it nice a slow and deep, swallow it all.” He instructed.

I reached into his open fly and pulled his balls free; they were huge and hairy, hanging down a good way. I gently held them as I began to lick all over his cock and begin to suck it deeper and deeper into my mouth. Slight involuntary moans were coming from me when there were suddenly other people in the toilet.

“Quiet slut.” He ordered. He took my head in his hand, his fingers interlacing behind my head and pulled me onto the full length of his cock which was by now throbbing and leaking copious precum.

The men in the room could be heard talking about women they planned to take home, their piss could be heard splashing against the metal of the urinal only inches from my head.

As he pulled me forward he heaved his hips towards me and forced his thick cock down my throat. I gagged and began to choke but he just held me in place and looked down into my upturned face as tears sprang to my eyes and I struggled to accommodate him fully. I could feel my throat retching against the intrusion but something other than the fear of being caught sucking cock in a public toilet made me want to achieve what he wanted. My stomach heaved and the contraction of my throat made him tense and push against my face even harder.

More men entered the room; one entered the booth next to ours and began to piss noisily. Others complained about the place being full. If only they knew how full some places were.

He began to withdraw slightly and then push back in. Each pump was slightly longer and harder as he was clearly enjoying the face fuck and the proximity of other men. I managed to gasp air each time he withdrew keeping as quiet as I could and now beginning to cope with the penetration.

My cock that had shrunk when he made me gag and retch began to harden again and I grasped it beginning to wank in time to his thrusts into my face. He smiled and quietly said, “That’s a good slut. Jerk it off while I relieve myself in you.”

I nearly came there and then! I poked my tongue out as far as I could and licked the underside of his advancing cock pulling gently on his balls and now wiling him ever deeper into my throat.

Men still came and went from the toilet and soon he was coming also. His face began to become very red and his breathing ragged and he started roughly fucking my face. He’d pull almost completely out and then shove it in as deep as he could. His pubic bone was hammering against my top lip and his hairy balls were now slapping against my chin since I’d let them go so they could swing. Slight slopping sounds issued from my mouth as he approached the point of no return and as the veins in his neck and forehead looked as if they were about to burst he heaved himself into me and began to cum. I beat my own cock as hard as I could and joined him in release, spraying cum onto his trouser legs and shoes.

He squirted a huge amount down my throat before making me hold my mouth wide open and allow him to finish draining himself onto my tongue. He seemed to dribble cum for ages as I had to swallow three or four times to avoid spilling his seed down my chin.

His cock began to soften and the wrinkles reappear. I licked it and kissed and sucking it deep to remove all traces of his thick semen. He stood there and let me nurse as he shrunk.

“You filthy little slut look at my trousers and shoes!” He said as he noticed I’d cum all over them. “Clan them up now, with your tongue you faggot slut.” He demanded leaning back against the door.

I slipped to my knees, concerned that someone would notice us but quickly licked all traces of my semen from his trousers and then shoes.

He flipped his soft but still impressive cock into his trousers, zipped up and smiled at me.

“Follow me out of here. I think we’re going to enjoy ourselves tonight.”

I quickly shoved my cock into my trousers and followed him from the cubicle. The men in the toilet looked at us in some surprise and I heard one comment about ‘fucking faggots’ as the door closed behind us.


We left the pub and he took me home to his place a half hour or so away. On the way he introduced himself as Malcolm, he was 56, a businessman with his own manufacturing company, an ex-wife, four kids and no current outlet for his sexual needs.

His property, car, house, clothes all spoke of comfortable wealth and he seemed self assured and easy with his choices. In the car he had me gently suck his cock all the way from the car park to the garage of his house. By the time we were there he was hard as a rock and dribbling again. I commented on his precum and semen, how much of each and how thick it was. He told me he’d always produced plenty and that this had been a problem for his wife who didn’t really like sex and the ‘mess’ it made. Speaking with my mouth full I told him how I really liked it and he could make as much mess as he liked in, on and around me.

Once in his house he had me strip off and show him my body. I had to stand there and turn around then touch my toes, pull my cheeks apart, display myself for his amusement.

He produced a number of dongs and a vibrator and had me use these on myself. I had to swallow them as far as I could leaving them covered in saliva and then lie back and while looking into his eyes push them up my arse as far as they’d go. I was facing him with and erection and a sticky mess beneath my gaping hole. He sat there, naked with a huge erection slowly pulling it throughout this display. He said how the dongs had been bought years before by him and his wife when they were still trying to ‘make it work’ but that they’d only rarely been used.

When I got to the largest dong and had got it as wet as I could he made me squat over it and lower myself down. It was 10 inches long and about 2 inches thick but I played with bigger ones at home. When my cheeks reached the table top where the action had taken place he groaned and began to stroke his cock in earnest.

“She could never take all of that!” He panted as he beat his cock.

“All of this little thing?” I coyly asked as I rose and fell the complete length of the rubber cock making obscene squelchy noises.

He groaned and beat faster his hand almost a blur. “Lie back bitch.” He commanded as he stood up holding a throbbing, drooling cock and stepped between my thighs. The dong was fully up me with just the very base showing from outside as I lay back and he stepped up to push his cock against my hole.

“I’m going to fuck you stupid now!” he gasped and he pushed the head of his cock in alongside the dong.

It was really tight and made me squeal much to his delight. “That’s right bitch scream while I fuck you to death!” he growled and then he shoved his cock right up me.

He took my legs in his hands and placed them over his shoulders then grasped my hips and began to fuck me. The dong had slipped inside and he just fucked away as I began to loosen even further and enjoy the rough ride. He fucked me for about ten minutes before he began to pound completely in and out of me as he came. Every now and then the head of his cock would strike the end of the dong and force it really deep making me moan in pain and perversion which served to drive him to even harder efforts.

Sweat was dripping off him onto my prone body as he pounded away at my now slack hole and I slipped back and forth across a table slick with sweat. Je rained a torrent of verbal abuse down on me as he fucked calling me a slut and whore, a faggot, queer and poofter. He said how he wished he could have fucked his bitch wife this way and then poured his semen up me in one last thrust whereby he lifted me from the table trembling and heaving his cock into me as his semen filled me to overflowing.

He put me back down onto the table and slumped back down into his chair leaving me exhausted and excited. His cock was softening but still proudly thick as it lay across his hairy belly. Semen was splashed across his balls and thighs leaving a shiny, slimy reminder of what he’d just done.

The dong was nowhere to be seen but he ordered me to push it out. I lay back and bore down to push the rubber out and felt his copious semen run down between my cheeks to join the growing pool beneath my arse. The dong still did not emerge.

“Reach in and get it you slack faggot!” He directed.

I reached inside with my right hand and could just touch the end of the dong well up my hole. I pushed down and after some fumbling managed to get a grip and pull it free. The sensation of my rectum sucking against the dong as it was withdrawn made me groan in disgusting pleasure. I could feel every atom of my hole reacting to the stimulation as the rubber pulled free.

Malcolm watched in amazement as I pulled the goo covered dong from my body and began to lick it clean. My arse was spasming in the throws of an anal orgasm as I did so and the obvious lust I was enjoying made him hard once again.

He made me get off the table and lick it clean while he fucked me once again this time from the rear. He pumped away for about half an hour before giving me another semen enema.

Exhausted this time he had me clean him up with my tongue as he dozed off. He awoke as I licked his arse and made me stay the night in his bed. He tied me to the headboard and put the dong back inside me. I still hadn’t shot another load since the toilet and desperately needed to cum.

In the morning he woke and had me suck him off before having a shower. When he was ready he made me get dressed and into the car. I still had the dong up me! He dropped me off at the car park and told me to be at the pub the next week with the dong in place!

I drove home faster than ever, called in sick to work and fucked myself into exhaustion reliving the night I’d just had. My hole had never been so sensitive or used. Every movement of the dong had me wriggling with passion and lust. When I did eventually fall asleep I slept right through from Saturday lunch time until the Sunday morning. I woke with a very sore arse and aching balls. I could barely wait until the next Friday, but was I glad I did.

Hello Sir, Have You Ever Used A Man Pt 2

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