Hello Sir, Have You Ever Used A Man Pt 2

He groaned again and sank his cock into my throat. This time he didn’t pump away but a look of concentration came to his face and then I felt his piss begin to flow.

Part 1


Meet him at the same pub. Him with four other men (Doug, Dave, Jeff, Harry) all in 50’s.

Have me suck them off in toilet. Pisspot.

Taken to a quiet park and I get ganged by this group of older men. Have to suck each to erection and take each load up my arse.

Friday came all too slowly. I arrived at the pub early, what was the point of not appearing eager I was! I had my second drink in hand when Malcolm entered and ignoring me made his way across to a table where four other men had been sitting drinking. I’d caught them looking at me and realized that Malcolm, must have said something to them.

Malcolm still ignored me and I didn’t dare approach him unless he gave me some sign. After all a man may not like his mates knowing he ploughed men’s asses and got sucked off in public places.

I had another drink and had to go to the loo. As I made my way towards the toilet door I noticed one of the men at Malcolm’s table lean across and say something to him, Malcolm nodded. I entered the toilet and stood at the urinal, my cock was erect and the dildo was rubbing in all the right places deep in my rectum. The man who’d already been there zipped up and left, not before I noticed he had a long thin one leaving the toilet fortunately empty.

Just then the door opened and I quickly stopped stroking my cock, luckily it was Malcolm. He coughed and nodded to the cubicle where he’d had me suck him off the previous week.

I quickly stepped into the booth and sat upon the toilet. I closed my eyes and opening my mouth wide waited for his lovely thick cock to be pushed inside.

“You slut” He derisively said. “Anyone could come in just now and see what you’re doing.”

I opened my eyes to see he’d not closed the door of the cubicle and I was exposed to the room. The door did open and some men came in, it was Malcolm’s mates.

I was sitting on the toilet, erection out mouth still wide in lust and shock.

Malcolm spoke to the four new men. “See I told you he was a slut!”

The four laughed, two moved to the urinal and the other two leant against the sinks to watch.

Malcolm nodded to me and I reached out and unzipped him. He was already hard and drooling as I pulled his cock and balls free of his trousers. My hand trembled as I proceeded to perform the most obscene of acts in full view of the door which could open at any time and reveal to whoever was there what a wanton faggot slut I was.

“Suck it poofter.” Malcolm commended and I did as he said. I placed my mouth over the head of his cock and swallowed as quickly as I could. In no time I was down to his pubes, I was really ready this time.

One of the men at the sinks groaned, “My god he’s doing it right down to the balls!”

Malcolm agreed. “Not bad for a faggot. I won’t be long then you can all have a turn. Can’t they slut?”

I mumbled my consent and nodded bobbing up and down on his cock.

Malcolm stepped into the cubicle causing me to remove his erection from my mouth and closed the door behind him. The four others could be heard discussing what they’d just seen. Obviously they’d never had sex with a man but they were very interested to ‘have a go at him.’

Malcolm had me remove my clothes, fold them and put them on the cistern. Now naked he made me squat and reveal the dong inside my arse. Satisfied that I’d done as I was told he had me sit astride the toilet again.

“I need to piss real bad slut, and you’re going to be my pisspot.”

I was about to protest when I heard the door of the toilet open and more men enter. Malcolm took my head in his hands as he had done last time and pushed his cock into my throat as before. He grunted and wriggled his hips to get himself comfortably set in my throat.

“Here it comes slut.” He whispered and I felt the piss run down his urethra across my tongue and straight into my gullet. I couldn’t taste it as he was so deep but the thrill of being such a slut had me pulling my cock furiously as he emptied his bladder into me.

His thick cock began to harden even more as he finished pissing but he pulled it out and wiped the drips in my hair.

“Later slut.” He said and zipping up left the cubicle.


One of Malcolm’s friends entered the cubicle, I saw a complete stranger behind him suddenly stare at me naked upon the toilet as the door opened and closed. Malcolm’s friend didn’t speak he just pulled his cock out and poked it at my face. I leant forward and licked the head as it emerged from it’s foreskin as he hardened. He moaned slightly then grabbed my head and just rammed it into my throat. His cock was long and thin ideal for deep throat.

I gagged and heaved but he pumped away with all his might for about a minute then groaned and holding me against his crotch shot his load into my stomach to join Malcolm’s piss. His mates outside the cubicle made various crude comments about his lasting powers and like for poofter sex.

I kept sucking until he pulled a wet slimy cock from my face and indicated I should clean it. I licked it clean and he began to twitch again.

“I still need a piss. Do you really drink it?” he asked.

“I opened my mouth wide and looking him in the eye nodded slowly.

He groaned again and sank his cock into my throat. This time he didn’t pump away but a look of concentration came to his face and then I felt his piss begin to flow. He must have had a bladder like a football as he seemed to piss for ages and I began to get short of breath but just as I was beginning to panic he stopped and pulled out. Gasping for air I licked him clean and ticked his cock away. He gave me a bewildered smile and shaking his head left the cubicle to be replaced by another. The stranger was still there.


This friend just unzipped and took out an average sized cock. It was very veiny and beginning to rise as he pulled it out but just as I leant forward to suck it he sprayed me with hot piss.

“Catch it slut.” He commended.

I opened my mouth wide and he pissed straight into me. I swallowed as quickly as I could but a lot just poured all over me. The noise of the piss hitting the floor and splashing across me as I swallowed as fast as I could was so disgusting it made me blush! The men outside the cubicle made more obscene comments.

As he finished pissing the door opened into the toilet and more people came in. The comments stopped and the man in with me grinned as he reached for my head.

“Do it.” Was all he said.

I sucked him into my throat and bobbed my head up and down to face fuck his cock as he stood rock steady. His cock became unbelievable hard and the thick veins stood out to create extra friction across my lips down and down my gullet. Slurping sounds issued from my face but I was past caring and anyway he came inside two minutes. Another cock shoved deep and held in place as its owner added to the pool of piss and semen I’d consumed in the last 10 minutes.

He pulled out and wiped his cock on my face before pulling the door open and leaving. While the stranger still watched the third of Malcolm’s mates stepped inside.


“I’m Doug.” He said and then introduced me to Doug’s best mate. Doug turned out to have an Indian Father and his cock was surprisingly dark. It was already erect about 7 inches long and smooth. He pushed it into my face and fucked me quickly.

“Lick the underside.” He commanded as he pumped away. Very quickly he also shot a load of hot semen into me. His was bitter and thin but there was a lot of it and I dribbled it down my chin and chest onto my own cock that was aching to cum as I very carefully stroked it without making myself cum. I knew that if I did I was in danger of just loosing control and I didn’t trust myself if that happened.

Doug pulled out and left the cubicle door open for the last of Malcolm’s mates to enter. The stranger still watched.

I don’t think anyone else could see into the cubicle as the stranger took up the best vantage point but it was a thrill to think that a complete stranger was listening to my debauchery and knowing I was being used and what for!


Harry the fourth man was hairy, really hairy. He had Italian parents and was a beefy man with a thick vicious looking cock jutting from a thick mat of black pubes. Only about 6 inches long his cock was at least as thick as Malcolm’s and thicker than anyone of the other mates.

He already and it out when he entered the cubicle and he didn’t waste any time. Without closing the door he aimed his cock at my face and pissed and strong stream towards me. I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much as possible but was soon soaked. The stranger just stared goggle eyed.

Harry’s stream slowed down and I descended upon his cock to suck him dry. He moaned and humped his hips forward as my lips and tongue came into contact with his thick cock. He closed his eyes and pumped his hips spasmodically as he quickly came in my mouth. He groaned aloud with no pretense of shame or caution.

“Drain it you queer. Suck those big ding balls dry!”

I did as I was told and he quickly shivered to a halt letting his cock fall from my mouth.

We’d been lucky and no-one had entered the toilet.

As Harry flipped his shrinking cock into his trousers he told me to get dressed and meet all of them in the car park in ten minutes. He turned to leave just as someone else entered the room. He laughed crudely to the stranger who’d watched it all.

“Go on mate give him one for the road.”

In a flash the stranger was in the cubicle and closed the door. He whipped out a raging erection that was already drooling precum.

“This is the filthiest thing I’ve ever heard of.” He announced as he pushed his cock into my face.

I took hold of it and licked the head. He shivered and groaned and let a spray of piss go right into my face. He kept going as I engulfed hid cock to the balls and swallowed every drop. All through this procedure he kept repeating, “I don’t believe this is happening.”

He finished pissing and began fucking my face. I was dripping piss and sweat and semen from everywhere. He just used me for the 3 or so minutes he took to cum and then grunting like a pig he added his load to the rest I’d swallowed and worn. He pulled out for the last two shots, and his were shots that splashed against my face.

I kissed his cock and gave it a quick sloppy suck to clean it then he put it away and left.

I closed the cubicle door and using toilet paper wiped myself as dry as I could before dressing and rushing to the car park.


Dave the first of Malcolm’s mates to use me with his long thin cock had a people mover van and they were all standing by it as I emerged from the pub into the car park. Malcolm signaled me over and did quick introductions. The second to have me was Jeff, whose veiny cock had given me a sore throat. Doug had introduced himself in the cubicle and Harry was the hairy ding.

Harry asked if the other bloke had taken up the offer to which I replied truthfully. He shook his head in amazement and disgust. “You really found a cheap faggot slut this Mal.”

We all got into the van after I’d quickly stripped. Dave drove with Doug in the front. The others got in the back with me and all got their cocks out. Malcolm’s was the biggest and only one that hadn’t cum yet so it was this one I was bent over first. As we travelled to the park where they were going to abuse me I sucked, licked, wanked and played with all of them. Dave was distracted from driving and so I got my arse slapped for being a cheap slut and causing a hazard on the road. With the lights on inside the cabin trucks, busses and the like passing us could see what was going on in the van and various horns were sounded as we drove along.

While I sucked at Doug’s dark cock Malcolm shoved fingers up my arse and pulled out the dong making me try and completely swallow the cock in my face as I anally came. Jeff and Harry were amazed and would have fucked me there and then but we had arrived at the park anyway.


We stopped next to a barbeque and table and I was told to get out and lie across the table face up. Each of the five of them stripped off and climbed onto the table over me. They again pissed on me aiming at my face mostly.

Malcolm had me demonstrate my anal wanking with the dong as Jeff filmed the events. When I sat down and the dong disappeared completely inside Malcolm said I was ready.

I’d been ready for a bloody week!!!

Malcolm shoved his fingers up me and pulled the dong out before rolling me onto my belly and stepping between my thighs. His cock was pushed straight up me and he began to fuck my already sloppy hole. He groaned as he entered the deep open hot interior and commended me to fuck his balls dry.

I humped back against each thrust he made as he completely pulled out and then buried it to the hilt. The hot and cold effect of my rectum and the night air contrasted so much he was sweating and grunting within five minutes. I was groaning like a virgin when Doug stepped forward and pushed his cock into my face. With only an average cock he didn’t think he’d even touch the sides after the dong and Malcolm’s big cock.

Malcolm was approaching orgasm and pounding me furiously when Doug suddenly shot into my mouth. I was surprised he was so quick and most of it splashed onto my face to be captured by the flash of the camera.

Malcolm groaned and lifted me up as he’d done the first time on his dinning table. This gave Harry the chance to scoot up onto the table.

He lay back and as Malcolm lowered me down Harry took over.

He had me kneel astride him and lower my hole onto his thick ding cock. It was wider than Malcolm but not a long and got a good feel of it as he had me pumping up and down. Soon however he felt my hole was too loose and had Jeff get behind me.

“Fuck this bitch with me Jeff he’s too loose to get me off.” He said. I was mortified and nearly came. My groans were disgusting and they all loved to hear, see and use such a slut.

Jeff’s cock had left my throat sore and now alongside Harry’s it was going to rip my hole open.

Harry held me still and forced his thick meat right up me. Jeff placed his cock head against my hole. “Here it comes slut.” And thrust into me.

I screamed and begged them to stop. “You’re tearing me.” I cried but they both began to fuck me anyway. The two cocks soon set up an alternate rhythm so that one was penetrating me as the other left. My moaning was still excessive, or so they felt so Malcolm gagged me with his cock.

All three men fucked me as they wished to as Dave and Doug used the video and still camera to record the obscenity.

Harry emptied his balls first but Jeff wasn’t far behind. Being astride Harry meant that most of the contents of my fucked out arsehole were pooling on his crotch, semen covered him from the waist down around his hairy balls and arse. When they pulled out and Malcolm consented to my mouth being removed from his cock I was set to sucking and licking Harry clean, this took some time!

Bent as I was from the waist the others took turns fucking me while photos were taken. My balls were stretched and slapped, my arse filled with cock and eventually Dave cleaned me out with a high colonic piss enema. The heat of the stream of piss shooting directly into my body made my hole contract and cum. I groaned as loud as every begging them, “Let me cum, fuck me, use me, fist me, ruin my hole!”

They heard the last and Malcolm stopped everything.

I was begging to be used.

“Not now poofter boy. I think you’re going to regret being such a slut and begging for such disgusting things.”

I trembled on my knees at their feet as they discussed how best to use me. Harry just wanted the whore me out to anyone who wanted a hole. They all agreed and as they did so a grabbed my cock, shoved my other hand up my arse. As they watched and photographed me I lead in the dirt jerking off until I came and passed out.

I awoke in the van on the way back to the car park. The dong was ‘back where it belonged’ and I was clean, well washed off under a tap in the park. I was still naked; I was bruised, stretched, sore and satisfied. I groped my hole and could still feel the puffy lips they’d given me. The end of the dong was within reach of a finger and I prodded it as I lead across the back seat listening to them discussing how to make me earn my keep for them.

My cock again became hard, I felt ashamed of myself but couldn’t help it and I began to wank again. Just as we got to the car park I was getting close to cumming and couldn’t hide the wanking any more.

Malcolm made me stop and when we pulled up in the now deserted car park he made me get out naked. In the glare of the headlights they watched me wank into my hand while fucking the dong in and out of my arse. I came as the dong disappeared inside me. They drove off throwing my clothes out as they left and telling me to wait for a call.

I didn’t even bother to drag on my clothes just found my keys a falling into the car drove home to recover.

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4 thoughts on “Hello Sir, Have You Ever Used A Man Pt 2

  1. John says:

    It’s been a looong time since I’ve been gangbanged at a very consensual invitation only sex party but never used as an urinal unless I asked.
    I Don’t like this Story!!!!!!

  2. Graeme says:

    Having spent many nights in tree filled parks or roadway rest area T rooms as urinal a fuck holes, can strongly identify w/ pufter except i was happy and excited as useful and taling what men wanted to iff load into me in public. Though never was so fortunate to be called out, but went out for being in service as many days or evenings until dawn as possible. Sad many bookstore or rest area mow closed. And the Sex sights are less fun and very few lurid connections except for getting fisted n dildo reaming.

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