High School Jocks Suck Cock Pt 5

Nick groaned, taking in more of the stud’s hard, meaty cock into his mouth. The warmth of the stud’s body kept Nick secure, and soon the two of them were pressed against each other, taking in one another’s erections while the other serviced them.

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High By The Beach

The same Tuesday night that Nick got pounded in the parking lot, he went home to see if either Matt or Francis had updated their status on facebook. Nothing. He looked around at his dirty room, realizing that he’d have to start packing soon for his trip to California. He was excited to see his older brother, Scott, who was telling him about a party on his first night there.

But then, making Nick jump, his cellphone buzzed. He was quick to take it out and stare, mouth-open, at who it was. Matt had finally texted him back.

‘hey. i’m free for a bit thursday night. got an excuse to leave the house. wanna go to the lake together?’

Nick couldn’t believe it. Matt was asking to take him somewhere. Not to simply fuck, but on an actual date. But he calmed himself down, remembering not to get his hopes up. It wasn’t a date. It was just two dudes hanging out. As friends. At least, that was what Nick thought was going to happen.

Twenty minutes later, in order not to look desperate, Nick text him back. ‘sure, sounds fun. do you wanna meet there?’

Matt replied back within five minutes. ‘no it’s cool, i’ll pick you up at five. give me your address.’

Nick couldn’t believe what was happening. He texted Matt his address, and lied down on his bed, staring at the ceiling in shock. He was going to hang out with Matt again. Whether it was a date or not, it was at least something. However, he wasn’t exactly sure if this complicated things with Matt. He decided to let it go for the time being—they were just going to hang out, for now.

The whole next day, the day before his date, Nick wondered if Francis would text him back too. Nick was horny and he wondered if Francis would be willing to meet up, so he texted him. He didn’t like the response he got back.

‘sorry man, i’m having dinner with my family tonight. can’t make it today. another time, okay?’

He replied with a heavy heart. ‘yeah okay, no worries.’

Despite being disappointed, Nick was still glad that Francis was so nice about it. And there was also the face that tomorrow, Nick would be seeing Matt. Then, Nick got another text. It was Francis again.

‘but hey, my brother’s going out tomorrow. I can meet up with you then if you wanna hang.’

Nick wasn’t sure how to reply. He’d been presented a choice—hang out with Matt or Francis. He knew that meeting up with Francis would definitely lead to sex, but he had already promised to go out with Matt. It didn’t leave him with much of a choice. Hoping he wouldn’t regret it, Nick texted Francis back.

‘sorry i can’t tomorrow, i’ve got plans 🙁 next time though.’

Francis replied soon after. ‘yeah ok. see you later.’

Nick hoped he’d made the right decision.

On the day of his date, Nick didn’t touch himself—he wanted to save his sex drive for the possibility of a night with Matt. Nick spent the entire day cleaning himself and getting his best clothes ready. Since Francis had broken his only jockstrap, and Nick wasn’t willing to put on the dirty ones for Matt, he settled with a tight pair of briefs that made everything below his waist seem giant. They were a little tight, but he felt super sexy.

When his parents began asking questions, Nick simply told them he was going to small get-together with some kids from school. His parents, who had been wondering when he was finally going to make some friends, didn’t object at all.

At ten past five, a huge, black GMC Sierra rolled in front of Nick’s house. Nick had seen Matt’s car parked in their garage a while back, but it felt weird to see it parked right in front of his own house, waiting to pick him up. It was surreal. Nick tried to calm the panic rising in his chest. He was going to hang out with Matt again, and it was making him pretty nervous.

Nick walked slowly across his lawn and got into the passenger side of the truck. Matt greeted him with a charming smile, his perfect white teeth shining bright as ever, and a pink ball cap placed backwards over his short, beach blond hair. “Sup?” he said to him, his big tan arms bulging out of his small, sleeveless shirt. His bulky chest poked through the fabric, stretching it to the limit and riding up at his abs. He was so muscular and veiny that it made Nick’s mouth water just to look at him.

His perfect face looked up at him expectantly, and his bright blue eyes scanned him up and down, checking him out. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and as he sat in the driver’s seat, wide-legged, Nick could see the unmistakable bulge of his junk at the very front. His jeans were riding up on him.

“Hey,” Nick managed, taking in the musky, manly aroma of his truck. It was a mix between booze and sweat, which he didn’t exactly mind. He just thought that if the two of them were going on a date, the truck would be a little more clean. But, after all, Matt was still a regular guy. Nick closed the door behind him, staring at his feet.

“You look nice,” Matt said to him, turning back onto the street and driving off.

“Th-thanks. You too.”

Matt smiled, keeping his eyes on the road and scratching his crotch. “How’ve you been, little bro?”

“Good. Hanging out with friends,” he lied. “You?”

“Same. Spending a lot of time with my family.”

Nick dared to ask him. “How’s… Francis?”

“Oh, he’s great,” Matt smiled. “Been chillin with me and a few of my pals.”

Nick just wanted to know if Francis was trying to go out with girls again, which he kinda doubted after the text he’d received from him, but it didn’t hurt to know for sure. “Oh, cool.”

“You been to Somerville Lake before?” Matt asked him, stopping at a sign. He took the opportunity to look back at Nick and check him out.

“O-once. When I was a kid.”

Matt laughed. “Been a while, then?”

Nick managed to smile, trying to keep himself calm. He was just hanging out with Matt. Like friends. “Yeah. I was eight, I think.”

“Wow. Ten years. My brothers and I used to go there all the time. But when we got into high school and shit, we just went swimming in our river instead.”

Nick nodded. The images of the nude McCarthy boys skinny-dipping in the river together made his dick jump.

“Well, that’s where I’m taking you. It’ll be fun.”

He nodded again. “Just us?”

Matt looked back at him, making a right turn. “Yeah. Just us.”

There was a silence between them, but Matt tried to make it less awkward. “I mean, the lake’s surrounded by parks and shit, but we can find a private area to hang.”

‘Private’. That word stuck out to Nick. “Alright. Sounds good.”

“You eat dinner yet?”

Nick shook his head. “Nope.”

“Well, I brought stuff. We can have a picnic or something.”

Nick smiled. It was a date after all. It was funny to Nick that despite knowing Francis for a longer time, Matt was the one taking him out first. “What’d you bring?”

Matt continued driving. “Uh, some sandwiches, that pasta you like. Francis helped me make that.”

Nick looked at him. “What? He did?”

“Uh yeah. He knows I’m going on a date but… he doesn’t exactly know who.”

Nick was a bit confused. The two of them were definitely on a date, but Francis still had no idea. How long did Matthew expect to keep this a secret? Perhaps he ought to tell Francis himself. Francis did seem to be getting more comfortable with the idea of having sex with a guy… and ,aybe Francis really wouldn’t mind Matt hanging out with him.

“I also brought beer. Lots of beer. And some weed.”

Nick froze. “Hmm?”

“Uh, I also brought some weed. You ever smoke it before?”

He thought it was best to be honest. “N-no.”

“Ahh. So I’m corrupting you.”

Nick smiled. “No… I just never thought about using it, before.”

“Well you don’t need to worry. It’ll just be for me, then.”

“Okay. I’ll just eat all the pasta.”

Matt grinned. “I don’t know man, I can get pretty hungry. I’ll fight your for it.”

“No way!” Nick laughed.

They talked a bit more, driving for about twenty minutes before they rolled into a dirt parking area. They brought their stuff down to the shoreline, where there were big green trees keeping shade over the grass and no signs of any roads or people. It was a huge lake, and they had all to themselves. The sun was already beginning to go down and made the whole sky turn yellow. It was pretty romantic, and Nick wondered if Matt had planned for this on purpose.

They sat and ate for while, and Matt rolled a joint, smoking it like it was nothing and getting pretty comfortable. His blue eyes softened, and his big muscles relaxed. Matt scratched his pubes through his jeans and stared at Nick. Once he was done smoking, he asked him, “You wanna go for a swim?”

Nick frowned at him, admiring his perfect face and sweet, pink lips. “I-I didn’t bring any swimming clothes…” he mumbled, watching the stud’s eight pack of abs rise and fall underneath his tight shirt.

Matt just smiled back. “So? We can go in our underwear.”

“P-people won’t see us?”

Matt shrugged. “I’ve seen people get naked here. We’ll be fine, bro… there’s no one even around.”

Nick partly didn’t want to get in his underwear in fear of getting a boner in front of Matt. But he realized that he wouldn’t be able to see it that easy in the water, and there was the fact that Matt had already been hard for the major part of their date. “Okay, sure.”

Matt quickly got up, taking off his shirt like a giddy schoolboy. Nick watched his big arms rip the skinny shirt from over his head, exposing his thick, built pecs and his rippling, rigid abs. His broad, muscular shoulders scrunched up as he moved, making him look really big. His nipples were fat and hard, and his soft, hairless body gleamed in the sunlight coming down on him. As he stretched to take off his shirt, Nick could see the top of his blond pubes sticking out of his jeans, and the base of his thick dick.

Nick looked away, doing some mental math to get rid of his stirring boner, and took off his own shirt. But he couldn’t help but notice when Matt took off his pants. He unbuttoned himself and pulled down his zipper. He took off his pants in a one movement, sticking his perky, fat ass in the air. He was wearing a tiny pair of boxers underneath. They were really short, almost to the point where Matt’s whole ass hung out of it, and his flaccid dick could stick out the end. His hard cock was already pushing at the fabric, begging for release.

As Matt bent over, the bottom of his boxers exposed parts of his ass, and the cloth clung to his skin. His huge, muscular thighs came down from the shorts, planting themselves powerfully in the ground. His v-lines were exposed and the shorts were so small that they revealed more of the base of his dick. His whole upper groin was basically out, pubes and all.

Matt pulled up his boxers a bit, making his ass looking fatter, and he stuck a hand down the front to fix his junk. He stuck his pubes down and shifted around his dick and balls. When he was done, Nick could clearly see the imprint of his dick, and what looked like his bulging nuts.

Nick looked away before Matt could catch him staring. He took off his own shorts to reveal a light-blue pair of briefs. He could feel Matt’s eyes burning a whole in his ass, staring down at him. Nick pretended to ignore him and anxiously folded up his clothes, putting them down on the blanket Matt had laid down for their picnic.

Matt pulled on his shorts once more, revealing a bit of his dick, and then wading slowly into the water. “C’mon, its really nice.”

Nick smiled at him, watching the jock lumber over awkwardly, holding his crotch in worry as the water came up to his waist. Nick did the same, bracing as the cool water hit his balls. It was definitely cold, but it was a nice relief from the hot, sweaty weather they’d been having recently.

Matt was rubbing some water on his chest. “Feel’s nice, doesn’t it?”

Nick smiled at him, watching his face. “Yeah, its good.”

Matt eyed him, and then sent a huge splash of water his way.

“Hey!” Nick yelled.

Matt giggled like a teenager, his deep voice making Nick horny. Matt ran away slowly through the water as Nick tried to splash him back.

“Get back here!” Nick laughed, trying to get him with another splash but missing by a foot. Despite being so big, Matt was fast.

“You can’t catch me, dumbass,” Matt laughed back, getting further away from shore and deeper into the lake.

Nick smirked. “Oh yeah?” He plunged himself into the water, swimming expertly towards him and grabbing the back of Matt’s shorts as he caught up. He exposed his ass accidentally as he pulled on them.

“Shit, how’d you swim that fast?” Matt grinned, his handsome face turning red with embarrassment as he pulled his shorts back up over his ass.

“I’m on the school swimming team,” Nick said, pushing some hair from his face.

Matt nodded, staring at him. “Ohhh, that would explain why you’ve got such a nice ass.”

Nick turned red too, smiling awkwardly. “Uh, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Matt then looked over to one of the islands nearby in the lake. “Race you to that island.”

Nick smiled, admiring his wet, bulging chest and his erect nipples. Water dripped down his smooth body and his cheeks were especially rosy, making him look so fucking cute. “You’re on.”

They both laughed and shouted as they raced to the island. Nick got there a few seconds before Matt, who’s swimming technique looked terrible. It made him look even cuter to not know what he was doing. Nick had the overwhelming urge to kiss him, and for Matt to hold him in a tight embrace. But he didn’t think it would happen.

Nick and Matt climbed onto the forested shore of the small island, relishing in the bright sunny rays that warmed their skin. Matt pushed his hair back and shook the water out of his ears, then he looked at Nick, standing abnormally close to him. “Come here,” Matt whispered.

Nick could feel Matt’s eyes looking directly at his face. He got even closer to him, their skin barely an inch apart, and their wet, soaking bulges brushing against each other slightly. Matt put his big, beefy arms around Nick’s waist, resting one hand in the back of his waistband, feeling the crack in his ass.

“Can I kiss you?” Matt asked. He raised his eyebrows, pursing his soft lips as he spoke. Nick felt so warm in his arms, and his soft, hairless skin was tight around his body.

Nick looked up at him, turning pink and nodding quickly. “Yeah.”

His lips came onto his face hard and fast, sucking on him. His hands pressed up on Nick’s ass, rubbing his cheeks. Matt breathed on him, pushing his growing bulge against Nick’s stomach and digging his nipples into Nick’s chest. Their skin was pressed tight against each other, and Matt licked the spit off Nick’s mouth, pressing hard on him. It felt so hot to have Matt so eager to kiss him, and that he so desperately wanted more—his dick was starting to stick through his wet underwear.

“Fuck, you’re a good kisser,” Matt said, finally taking his mouth off Nick to breathe.

Nick took in a gasp of air. “You’re just saying that.”

Matt gave him a horny smile back, saliva smeared across his mouth. “Maybe,” he joked. He then plunged his face back in, grabbing Nick’s leg with his rough hands and picking it up so it brushed against his side. He rubbed Nick’s ass, sticking his fingers through the wet cloth and squeezing his tight flesh. He grabbed handfuls, spanking him and spreading his cheeks apart. Then, he picked Nick up, lifting him into the air while his huge bulge settled beneath Nick’s.

Nick wrapped both his legs around Matt, letting the jock carry him further into the island, where the shade of the trees hid them from prying eyes. He could feel Matt’s dick pulsing right beneath his ass, and the big, muscular arms that carried him turned Nick on even more.

Matt laid him on the soft grass, piling on top of him and shoving his own groin up onto Nick’s ass. He still held onto him, kissing his mouth and then trailing down his neck, his chest, and down his faint happy trail…

“What are you doing…” Nick said, barely getting the words out. His eyes were closed and he was lost in the ecstasy of having Matt’s warm lips caress every spot on his body.

“I wanna fuck you.”

“Here? Someone will see us!”

“Fuck them. I don’t care. I just wanna feel you on my dick…” Matt mumbled. putting his lips over Nick’s wet briefs, where his cock was throbbing hard. “Tell me this isn’t what you want.”

“Yeah… I want this.”

Matt grinned again. Then, he put his lips to Nick’s crotch, kissing the leaking head of his penis through the cloth.

It felt like nothing he’d experienced—having someone kiss his dick yet tease him so badly at the same time. He had the urge to whip his cock out right then. But Matt did it for him. He began pulling down Nick’s underwear, snaking it through his legs and throwing them aside.

He kissed Nick’s member, putting his lips to the boy’s penis and pulling his foreskin down to expose his pink head. Nick sighed in ecstasy, rolling in the soft grass as the warm, wet mouth engulfed his hard shaft. Then, the hunk’s tongue began slurping at his piss-slit, licking the salty fluids that escaped his tip.

Nick could barely speak as the jock massaged the boner with his lips and big tongue. “Uhhnnn… Matt…”

“Mmmhmmm…” Matt smiled at him, downing Nick’s entire cock and letting the head hit the back of his throat.

“I wanna blow you…” Nick said to him. “Sixty-nine.”

Matt suddenly stopped, looking up at Nick with cum and spit running down his mouth. “Yeah?” His voice was horny, and he was teasing Nick with his eyes.

Nick nodded, still feeling the jolts of pleasure run up his spine as Matt’s hands continued to stroke his dick. “Yeah.”

“Alright then, I’m down.”

Nick watched as the stud turned around, putting his face to the teenager’s crotch and showing off his wet, bubbly ass to him. He was still wearing his wet, tight boxers but it didn’t take much imagination to see what was underneath. The hunk laid down on his side, letting Nick pull at his underwear to expose his big, veiny cock.

“Mmmm…” Matt moaned, as he felt Nick’s soft fingers graze over his pink head. It was engorged and sticky, smelling like salty jizz and dirty, manly sweat. The jock himself was burying his face into Nick’s groin, pushing down his drenched, clingy briefs to get at his twitching dick.

“Uhnn… yeah!” Nick muttered. Matt put his mouth over his bare pole, licking his wet head and taking in his shaft with big, pursing lips. He was just as desperate as Nick to taste cock, and his big hands caressing his delicate balls made the teenager shudder in bliss.

Then, Nick took the jock’s whole member into his own mouth. Matt’s waist was hairy and muscular, and his blond pubes were soft on his face. Matt bucked his hips into Nick’s face as he felt the teenager grasp onto his cock with his warm mouth. Nick fondled the man’s balls with one hand, stroking his hairless thighs while the other he used to keep the thick, hardening member inside of him.

Nick pulled down his foreskin, feeling the large head spew more spunk into his mouth. It was scorching hot, and pushed into his hole like a raging bull trying to mate with him. Meanwhile, Nick was trying to keep himself composed as the stud went down on him, juggling Nick’s nut sack while licking his quivering penis until more fluids leaked out of it.

“Mmmm…” Nick groaned, taking in more of the stud’s hard, meaty cock into his mouth. The warmth of the stud’s body kept Nick secure, and soon the two of them were pressed against each other, taking in one another’s erections while the other serviced them. Nick felt Matt’s groin tense as he really pushed himself into Nick’s mouth, pumping and grinding smoothly into his hole. It went further and further in, reaching the boy’s neck and causing him to choke and cough on his dick.

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4 thoughts on “High School Jocks Suck Cock Pt 5

  1. Alex says:

    I mean seriously, who couldn’t see this coming. And Nick’s not the brightest bulb in the pack. You don’t fuck both of them at the same time, unless, it’s at the same time. And what the hell….fucking with no lube. Nick doesn’t have the balls to say no. Common guys, show a little respect! And Francis, if maybe you had shown a little interest and kindness to begin with, Nick would have said no to your brother. God….the three of them are so fucking stupid!

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