High School Jocks Suck Cock Pt 6

Francis drove his cock deep inside, ramming his eight-inch boner into Nick’s tight hole and ploughing him into the bed, causing the springs to squeak and Nick’s voice to get loud.

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Brotherly Love

Since Nick had blown Francis off for Matt that day at the lake, Francis was forced to find pleasure elsewhere. His attempts at picking up some girls had failed and Francis had come back home defeated that night. He knew that Matt had also just come home and was in his room, but Francis wanted some alone time to himself—Nick was on his mind and he couldn’t get him out of his head. Francis was horny, and he needed to fuck something. Seeing as Nick was busy, Francis realized he’d have to please himself, instead.

Francis sat on his bed, opening his night drawer and getting out his skeet sheet—and old pair of boxers that was really soft on his dick. It was covered in dried up cum and he’d been meaning to wash it out, but his fucks with Nick had put it off for a while.

Francis pulled his boxers down to his ankles. He sprung out his dick, which was already awakening at thought of being jerked and having to stare at the naked posters on his wall. He rubbed his balls and then latched a hand on his dick. He closed his eyes, imagining big voluptuous tits, tight pussy, and a big fat ass. But the images in his head began to distort, and soon enough all he could think of was Nick’s body…

He was putting his dick up Nick’s ass, holding him against the bed and telling the teenager to let out his screams of pleasure. He was so fucking loud but Francis loved it. Francis drove his cock deep inside, ramming his eight-inch boner into Nick’s tight hole and ploughing him into the bed, causing the springs to squeak and Nick’s voice to get loud.

“Yeaahhh! Fuck me, daddy! Put your big, fat cock inside of me!”

“You like that wood, bitch? You gonna scream for daddy?”

“Yeah daddy, give me your dick! Fuck my boy-hole daddy…”

Francis imagined ramming his ass so violently that the bed was moving from side to side. He was grabbing Nick’s waist so hard and thrusting his fat, raging boner into his cunt with such force that Nick was screaming wildly in pain, moaning at the top of his lungs.

“Fuck the shit out of me, daddy!”

“You want this cock, baby?”

“Yeah, daddy! Cum inside me!”

Francis was going very fast now. His breaths were quick and shallow. One arm was on Nick’s shoulder, keeping him in place and another tight around his waist, fucking him senseless while he stood over his body, which was driving itself deeper into the bed.

“I just came daddy, I shot my load for you…” Nick said to him, looking back at Francis with those deep brown eyes of his…

Francis hadn’t opened his eyes just yet, but he realized something surprising: while one hand was on his cock, another was reaching up onto his ass. The jock’s legs were spread out and he sat low against the bed so that his asshole was exposed, and his two fingers were rubbing his crack.

He imagined more of Nick’s body, wanting to pump his big boner deep inside the teenager’s cunt, impregnating him with his spunk. This thought lead to Francis slowly putting one finger inside his ass—curious to see what it was like to feel his prostate throb in pleasure.

Francis let out low moan, momentarily stopping from rubbing his swollen shaft and instead focusing on the tight, prickly feeling overwhelming his body as his big finger slipped inside of him. His eyes were still closed, and he clenched his jaw, wanting to slip in another finger, and then another.

Three of his fingers were up Francis’ ass, and they expanded his tight, hole. Francis had felt this before, and the familiar sensation made his whole body jerk with pleasure. Francis’ finger went in and out of his hole, tickling his g-spot and causing his whole body to arch and stiffen.

The jock was eagerly jerking himself off again, his nuts jumping wildly up and down, while his foreskin slapped against his wet head and his fingers drove deeper into his anus. Francis bit his lip, pressing hard on his engorged head and pulling on the pulsing veins. The three fingers penetrated his body, making his cock tremble and his legs weak.

Francis felt his loose balls smacking hard against his legs and with a quick motion, they gave a big contraction. His penis shuddered and a prickling wave of sensation jolted his entire waist. A load swept through his body and spurt out of his dick. It went flying past the dirty pair of boxers and landed instead on Francis’ chest. Two more steaming spurts came, soaking his thick brown pubes and his rigid, rippling abs. It died down quickly, covering his hand entirely and dripping down to his balls. It had landed everywhere but his boxers.

It took a moment to realize who he’d came to. He wasn’t imagining fucking some girl, but it was Nick who he was thinking about. Thinking of him had also reminded Francis of how Nick would sneak a lick of his cum when he thought Francis wasn’t looking. As his own thick, white cum lay cooling on his chest, a curious thought passed through him.

He took a scoop of the spunk with his fingers and put it in his mouth. It wasn’t as bad as he thought. When he was done, Francis headed towards the bathroom. He needed to piss and then find some clothes for later. He was going to hang out with his friend, Nate, and maybe kick around a few balls on the field. When Francis relieved himself, he took to finding his clothes.

He was looking for a specific shirt—one that made his muscles look even bigger. If there were any girls watching him tonight, he wanted to impress him. Seeing as Matt and Francis shared a lot of their clothes, even as to go so far and share underwear, he bumbled over to Matt’s room to ask him about it.

Francis opened the door to their connected bathroom. “Hey Matt, you seen that blue v-neck—” Francis stopped dead in his tracks, realizing what the hell was going on in Matt’s room—he was with someone. But when he realized just who, his face turned pink.

Nick and Matt jumped. Nick pushed Matt off, sitting upwards. He stared in disbelief as Francis’ face turned a violent shade of red and he grit his teeth in anger. Matt also turned very pink, not bothering to cover up the leaking boner in his shorts.

“What the FUCK?” Francis bellowed, throwing aside the jeans he had in his hands and marching right up to the both of them. Nick trembled, too frozen with fear to even process what was happening. Francis had his fists clenched, and Nick was sure he was going to have his lights punched out.

“What are you doing with him?!” he asked Matt, ignoring Nick completely.

“Dude, r-relax—we were just—”

“He’s MINE,” Francis yelled. And then he pushed Matt back down onto his bed, and clocked him in jaw.

Francis’ punch had only grazed the side of Matt’s head. In one swift movement, Matt socked him in the gut, making Francis double over. He was about to aim for a kick but Francis was quick. He rammed into his brother, tackling his legs and throwing him back down on the bed. Matt banged his fists on Francis’ back, while Nick screamed and yelled.

“Stop! Both of you! FUCKING STOP IT!”

He tried to break them up, but they refused to cooperate. Matt was strong, so he got back to his feet, pushing Francis off him him and knocking him to the floor. He sat over him quickly, ready to aim punches at his brother’s face.

Nick grabbed onto Matt’s outstretched arm, trying to stop him from hurting Francis, but Matt threw Nick aside, and he fell into a pile of Matt’s suitcases.

“DON’T HURT HIM!” Francis yelled, bucking his hips and throwing Matt off, who was too busy trying to apologize to Nick. But before Francis got the chance to try anything again, Nick grabbed his arm and pulled him away.

“Stop it, please!”

Despite the overwhelming urge Francis had to beat the shit out of Matthew, Nick’s touch and his concerned voice prevented him from swinging another punch.

Francis’ muscles were bulging and his veins were throbbing as he huffed out hot air. His blood was pumping fast and his entire face, along with the rest of his body, was red in anger. Matt was sitting on the floor, against the wall, panting for breath as he stared at both Francis and Nick, trying to make sense of what had just happened.

“Are you alright?” Nick asked him.

“Yeah. You okay?” Francis muttered.

Nick tried to pull him back towards the bed, hoping to calm him down. “Y-yes, I’m—”

Francis broke free of Nick’s grasp and stomped off to his room, shutting the door behind him with a clatter that shook the walls. Nick stared, his heart beating wildly, at the mess they had made.

“What about you?” Nick asked him.

Matt nodded. “I’m fine. A-and I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to…”

“It was an accident, I know.”

As Matt got up, Nick noticed that the side of his right cheek was a little purple, but other than that, he seemed relatively unharmed. But his face was still a bright shade of red and his chest rose and fell quickly. He was breathing short, rapid breaths and his abs were twitching.

“I… think it’ll be best if I leave,” Nick told him.

Matt agreed. “Yeah, for now. Just until Francis calms down.”

Nick grabbed his clothes quickly. He was about to take off the cotton shorts Matt had given him but the jock put his big hand on Nick’s shoulder. “Nah, dude. Keep it.”

Nick gave him an awkward smile and nodded back. He pulled on his pants and tossed his shirt back on.

“We can leave through the front…” Matt mumbled. “My parents’ already left.” He was also putting on a pair of jeans, and a white-tank top that did barely anything to cover up his chest and torso. “I’ll drop you off.”

Nick said okay and almost sprinted down the steps. He waited at Matt’s truck, and got inside as soon as the lock clicked open. He watched Matt walk awkwardly to the truck and get inside with a wince—it seemed as if Francis had hurt him more than Matt let on.

The whole drive, the two of them said nothing. Matt just put his hand down his pants to adjust his junk every so often and sped down the road in silence. Nick was pretending to do stuff on his phone while they got back into town. After what felt like an eternity, Matt had drove onto Nick’s street.

“Nick…” he started, just before Nick closed the door behind him.


Matt was pink again. “I’ll call you when this blows over, alright?”

Nick nodded quickly. “Okay.”

“And—take care of yourself, okay? Tell me if anything happens.”

“Yeah, I will. Bye.”

He left before Matt could reply. It was around 11pm by now, and his parents were surprised to have him back so soon from what they thought would be a fun night out.

He went straight up to his room and shut the door behind him. Despite everything that had happened, watching Matt and Francis fight—he felt a tinge of excitement. Or maybe it was surprise. He hadn’t expected Francis to act the way he did, and especially not to focus all his anger on just Matt alone. He blamed Matt for what had been going on, not Nick. As he tried to fall sleep, the thoughts of the two brothers muddied his head and made his body restless. He needed to check on Francis, and he needed to know that he really was okay.

Nick got a text the next day. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw it was Matt.

‘I wanna meet up, to talk. Let’s find a place to eat. When’s best?’

Nick didn’t know how he felt about it—being seen with Matt in public was a bit scary but seeing as he’d made it clear they weren’t going to fuck in the bathroom or in his truck or something, Nick guessed it was fine just to see Matt and eat lunch. It wouldn’t look gay—just two friends eating together.

Nick texted back, ‘ok. there’s a Whataburger on Elm. Is around 2 okay?’

About ten minutes later, Matt replied. ‘Yeah, sure little bro.’

Nick arrived at the Whataburger in his ’09 Chevy Malibu—a birthday gift from his parents. He parked nearby and went in while nervously shaking. He could feel his legs quivering, and it felt like he was about to expose himself to the entire world by being seen with Matt. But he reminded himself—it was just lunch.

Nick saw someone waving at him in the far corner. Matt had saved him a seat in a booth, and he stood up to greet him. Matt looked deadly cute. He wore a tight-fitting blue shirt that showed the thick globes of his chest and the ridges of his abs underneath.

His arms stretched the short sleeves to the fullest, looking huge and bulky as they flexed. With any movement of his torso, Matt’s shirt lifted up to expose his blond happy trail and the thicket of pubes barely hidden by the waistline of his tight jeans. If Matt had them on any lower, Nick was sure he’d be able to see the base of Matt’s dick. Was Matt free-balling again?

Matt’s short beach-blond hair was messy and cute, barely visible underneath his backwards ball cap. His cheeks were rosy as usual and his soft pink lips stretched into a faint smile as he saw Nick. His blue eyes glistened, checking Nick out from head to toe. “Sup?” he said, his soft, deep voice making Nick instantly horny.


They both sat down.

“Wanna order something?”

“Yeah, okay.”

They looked at the menu in awkward silence for a bit and then Matt went over to tell a waitress what they’d like. He came back, his eyes still attached to Nick’s face. “You’ve been okay?”

“I guess.”

Matt got in close, leaning over the table. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened. I didn’t know Francis was so… protective. I didn’t even know he had fe—” Matt stopped short, realizing he’d said too much.


Matt shook his head. “I didn’t know that you two were… close.”

“We aren’t. Not really… I guess.”

“Yeah well Francis thinks that you are. He… wanted you for himself. No sharing. But he knows that’s not fair to you.”

“He never told me that.”

“Well he told me this morning. I figured I had to tell you before I leave.”

Nick looked shocked. “Leave?”

“Yeah, dude. My Spring Break is over. School starts on Monday and I’ll miss a few classes if I don’t leave tomorrow.”


Matt sighed. “Yeah, that’s the plan.” He leaned back into his seat, his face looking glum. “I like you a lot, Nick. I enjoyed our time together—the fun we had. I care about you, obviously. But… I didn’t think you ever expected this to be a relationship. I’m sorry.”

Nick felt a pang of sadness, but it was more because of the fact that Matthew would be leaving so soon. “I never wanted a relationship out of this. I knew we were just… messing around.”

“Thanks for understanding,” Matt put his hands over Nick’s. Evidently, he didn’t care who saw them. “I really have to go to San Francisco to finish school. That’s my first priority. This is my final year and I can’t fuck it up when I’ve worked so hard up to now.”

Nick pulled his hands away from Matt. “Yeah. I understand.”

“I’m sorry, little bro. But… you still have Francis. He cares about you—more than I thought he did.”

Nick was surprised. “He does? He told you that?”

“He does, Nick. He told me. And… there’s something else…”

“What is it?” Nick asked, able to tell by Matt’s voice that it was probably something private.

“Nick, I wanted to meet you here so I could say bye. I’ll be in Cali in a day or so.”

“I’m leaving for Cali soon too.”

Matt suddenly remembered. “UCLA, right?”


“Well… Francis and I made up. And… he says that it’d be okay if I said goodbye to you. Properly.”

They sat in silence again.

Nick spoke first. “What do you mean?”

Matt cocked his eyebrow. “I think you know what I’m talking about.”

Nick was shocked. “A-are you sure?”

“Yes. He said it’s alright, since we probably won’t ever get to do it again. He just doesn’t want to know about it. Y-you’re not mad at me, are you?”

Nick shook his head. “No.”

“What about with Francis?”

“I’m not mad at him either. Are you?”

Matt shrugged. “No. We made up this morning. And I can’t really blame him for acting the way he did,” Matt lowered his voice again. “You were the only way he was getting any sex. All the girls in town are still giving him the cold shoulder. I guess he felt that you were ditching him for me, and that upset him.”

Nick knew that’s exactly what he’d done—in the moment, he’d chosen Matt over Francis. But now… it seemed as though Francis was the one who wanted Nick more. Despite Nick’s feelings for Matt, he knew that what he had with Francis was special, and that something else was going on in Francis’ head.

“Francis doesn’t mind too much if you do it with other guys, but he finds it a little weird with the idea of you doing it with me, especially if you choose me over him.”

“I said yes to going out with you before Francis even asked me. It wouldn’t have been fair to say no to you after he asked,” Nick said.

“Yeah, I told him that. He understands, Nick. Really. That’s why he said its okay if…” Matt’s voice got quiet again. “He said its okay if we have sex one last time before I leave for Cali. I mean… I asked him if it would be okay. I didn’t want to leave you hanging.”

Nick nodded, wanting to change the subject. But he didn’t have to. The waitress had come over with their food. They ate in relative silence, with Matt occasionally trying to stir up a conversation. This was nothing like how Nick had imagined their lunch being, but he also knew that something had changed since he’d seen the two brothers fight. To see Francis fight someone bigger than he was for Nick… to fight his own brother…

When they finished, Matt looked down at Nick. “So… you wanna hang at my place then?”

Nick thought about it, but he didn’t need much convincing. “I guess, okay.” It was weird to think that this might be the last time they fucked. He hoped to make the most of it. “But I need to talk to Francis first. I need to see him.”

Matt smiled at him, leaving some money on the table. “Alright. He’ll be home around six, if you want to talk to him.”

Nick nodded. “Yeah, I do.”

“Okay. I’ll walk you to your car. I’ve gotta get packing, anyway.”

They walked slowly and silently, keeping close to each other as they strolled down the street. When Nick stopped, Matt looked at the car in surprise. “This yours?”

Nick smiled at him. “Yeah. A birthday gift from my parents.”

“Nice, nice…” Matt trailed off. Nick had expected the beach hunk to start talking about cars, but Matt instead grabbed Nick’s hand softly and lead him into an alleyway. For some reason, Nick didn’t resist.

The alley was dark and it smelled like crap. They walked to the very end, where the shadows made it impossible to see anything. Nick wasn’t sure where they were even going. But Matt stopped. He turned around to face Nick and looked down at him. “I wanted to give you something before tonight…”

Nick’s heart began to pound. He watched Matt wrap his sexy, muscular arms around him, and his cute rosy face come close. Their lips touched, locking on and sucking each other off. Matt’s big pink lips were soft and hot, and he felt Matt gently grab his ass. Then, it was over.

“That’s all?” Nick asked, smiling a bit. Despite this, he felt a bit guilty about it. He really needed to see Francis.

Matt laughed. “Don’t get greedy.”

Nick smiled back at him. He let go of Matt’s waist, and looked back at him as he walked away, back towards his car. Once he got inside, he sat in silence, excited for tonight, but also sad. He waved at Matt as he pulled onto the road and headed for home. Once he was there, he showered, pulled on some tight briefs, sprayed on some cologne and got out his best clothes. He waited around for a few hours, trying not to look desperate, then headed to Matt’s house at around six. The sun was almost down by the time Nick got there.

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4 thoughts on “High School Jocks Suck Cock Pt 6

  1. Victor M Evans says:

    I really, really enjoyed this part of the story! I was so surprised that it turned into a three-way, and it really turned me on. Let’s not forget there’s at least one more brother who is 100% gay to be added. I can’t wait to read that episode!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    This was the hottest story I’ve read in a long time! A busted a good nut to this story! I hope there is a least one more part! If not, it ended on a high note! 💦💦💦

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