Highschool, Hormones And A Canoe Trip

“I am not gay and not interested in having you suck my cock, now or ever so you can leave, and leave me alone.” I told him as I walked off.


I started at a new school in grade twelve, at eighteen I was a well built guy, I loved to work out, I had the weight and the muscles, guys and girls loved my body. The first day was eye opening, seems the whole school was run and bullied by the foot ball quarterback and his girlfriend.

They picked on the girls and boys, everyone feared them and their wrath. The girl, Rachel, ran the school, with the backup of her boyfriend, and the football team, she could do anything she wanted. My first day was more than interesting, Rachel walked up to me eye to eye.

“Who the hell are you?” She demanded.

I pushed her back.

“Get out of my face bitch!” I told her bluntly.

Her boyfriend Kyle came up to me and tried to push me, I grabbed him by the throat and shoved him into the lockers,

“Don’t ever put your hands on me again you little asshole!” I said with rage in my voice.

Kyle looked like he would start to cry, we had gathered quite the crowd, I let Kyle loose, warning him.

“You two stay clear of me or you will both regret it!” I said pointing in their direction.

I walked off having no other problems that day, the second day Kyle approached me, with his football team,

“Follow the rules or you will be taken care of!” Kyle boldly told me pushing me backwards.

“Fuck off Kyle or I will break you in half, and your football following fools too!” I laughed as I told him.

They all backed off, except for Kyle, he thought they had his back, I grabbed Kyle once more, I looked directly into his face,

“You little fucker don’t push me, the last guy that pushed me is in a body cast!” I warned him.

After the second warning Kyle and Rachel left me alone, seems Kyle was terrified of me. After a second period class, one of the guys in my class a very small guy, bit nerdy, but a very nice guy, seems Rachel decided she did not like the fact that he was smarter than she would ever hope to be, showing her up in class, making her look the fool, she had Kyle knock him down in the hall then kick him, then had the football team take turns kicking him. I walked up to Billy, helped him up, I looked right at them.

“Anyone else wants to kick Billy has to go thru me! so come on, one on one, right here or after school today, four o’clock, in the football field, come on Kyle you pussy, hope to see you there!” I said looking at all the ones who kicked Billy.

Hundreds of students came out to see Kyle and his boys get their asses kicked, Rachel was the first on the field, Kyle showed up at about four ten, not one of his football buddies showed up however, I removed my jacket.

Rachel was egging Kyle on to fight me, Kyle was very red faced, just knew by looking at me I would kick his ass. Kyle walked up to me and apologized, held his hand out to shake hands. Rachel walked up to him and slapped him in the face, Kyle pushed her back, I put my jacket back on and walked away, it turned into a fight between Rachel and Kyle.

The next morning Rachel was waiting for me at the front doors, seems she was single and needed a new boyfriend, she followed me into the school. She stood directly in front of me and asked me in the crowded hallway if I would be her new boyfriend.

“I would not touch the best part of you, you give a whole new meaning to the word Nasty!” I snickered as I told her.

The whole crowd laughed out loud, she turned a bright shade of red, I looked her in the eyes and said

“Fuck off Rachel your worse than trash!” I scolded her.

I made many friends, in no time, girls wanted me as a boyfriend, I told them I was not interested in a girlfriend right now, I wanted to be alone. Kyle tried to befriend me.

“Get the fuck out of my face or I will snap you in half, your worse than Rachel, you followed her with no thought of how you were hurting people, I want to bully you like you bullied all of the students here, but I am not that kind of person, Kyle I want you to apologize to everyone you have ever bullied!” I told him pointing at him as he confronted me in the hall.

The school was a better place to be, now that Rachel was no longer in charge of the halls, she kept a very low profile, not one guy in school wanted to date her, she had two girls who hung around with but they too did not want to be too involved with her, she was pure evil in a school girl. I ended up with lots of friends, it was a really great school to be in.

Kyle followed me from school that day, he wanted to talk to me about his involvement in all that had happened with him and Rachel, he said he felt really bad about all that had transpired. Kyle asked if we could be friends, I looked at him

“Kyle I am sure we could be,” I said sincerely.

He grabbed me and hugged me, he caught me off guard, he was a really attractive guy, six foot, one hundred and fifty five pounds, blonde hair blue eyes, and a very sweet smile. He kissed me on the neck, I pushed him back

“What to hell man,” I demanded.

“Your an attractive guy what can I say?” Kyle said giving me a grin.

I suspected a set up with him and Rachel, he assured me he was never interested in Rachel, sex with her repulsed him, he always was into guys, he loved to suck cock, and sucked a few of the guys in the locker room on a regular basis.

“I am not gay and not interested in having you suck my cock, now or ever so you can leave, and leave me alone.” I told him as I walked off.

I found him to be very attractive and secretly would have loved to have sex with him but more than just a blow job, he had a pretty little bubble butt, it had a perfect shape, his butt muscles, flexed so perfectly when he walked in the halls of the school. He left me alone after he followed me home. I loved to check him out whenever I could, I finally got to see him semi nude in the locker rooms, he had a beautiful body, tight muscular, milky white skin, I really wanted to fuck him so very badly.

I eventually became friends with him, he really was a nice guy, just easily coerced into doing things he would never ever do, at first we hung out at school, working out in the gym, then he came to my place after school, we played video games, and just hung out, he never mentioned sucking my cock, but I would have taken him up on it at this point, and I wanted his ass so very badly. He and I decided on a canoe and camping trip on a long weekend, we would tent along the way, canoe our way thru the woods.

We packed up and were on our way, when we got to our starting destination, we got our canoe all packed up and I stripped down to my shorts, I did not need much clothes on to paddle a canoe. He followed suit and stripped down to his shorts as well, I applied sun lotion on him and he on me, we got in the canoe and made our way down the river to our first stop. When we got to our first campsite I set up the tent and he made a fire, we would roast hot dogs, I had a surprise for him I had brought a couple beer for us to drink later.

After dinner and our beer we settled into our tent for a good nights sleep, it was very hot so we slept on top of our sleeping bags, we zipped our bags together, but for right now we lay in our underwear on top of the sleeping bags talking.

He said “I would have never thought we would ever be here, when we first met we did not get along whatsoever.” He turned on his side facing me.

“Your a nice guy just easily led by bad people.” I told him as I turned to face him.

I dozed off first, I woke up to Kyle touching my cock thru my underwear, my cock was rock hard and dripping, Kyle was like a deer in the headlights, I looked at him and smiled, I slid my underwear off to give him better access.

“Go ahead suck my cock Kyle, I am so dam horny right now.” I said with a raised voice.

He was all over me, he had my cock sunk deep down his throat,

“Let me suck yours,” I suggested.

I did have ulterior motives I wanted access to that ass of his, that beautiful bubble butt of his, I started with sucking his cock, then spread his legs and positioned so his ass was in my face, the boy had a beautiful pink rosebud that begged to be licked, once I shoved my tongue to his bud he jumped, I would make him cum by rimming his beautiful hole. I soon had his hole wet and ready for my cock, he got my cock ready he really wanted me to fuck his ass, he had never been fucked but wanted mine in him right now.

He straddled himself above my cock, he placed his hole directly above my cock, he slowly applied pressure to make my cock slide in, with some persistence and some pain my cock was deep into him. With a grimace he smiled at me, he would wait till his ass was accustomed to my cock deep inside him. Slowly he rose up, then slowly went back down, his ass was so dam tight, I could tell I was his first, he was soon riding my cock, my pole in and out of his tight little hole, I held his hips so I could get my cock in deeper, he was slamming his ass down on my cock now, I would soon be shooting deep inside of him.

I spit in my hand and grabbed his cock firmly, and stroked it, I could feel his ass tightening on mine, I was on the brink of shooting my load, his cock was swelling, his balls tightening, his cock was like a fire hose blasting me in the face, chest and neck, I scooped up some and tasted it. My cock soon was blowing into his ass, I was ramming my cock into him getting it deep inside of him, once my orgasm subsided, we collapsed on each other, it felt good to have him laying on top of me, he looks at me,

“Did you enjoy that?” He asked softly

“The best way to answer that is like this!” I replied quietly.

I grabbed his face and pulled him into a kiss, at first he resisted, but soon was kissing me back. He and I kissed, went for a late night swim to clean ourselves up, standing in the water, I looked over at him, dam he was a handsome guy, I pulled him close and kissed him once again, he wrapped his arms around my neck, we embraced for a few minutes, back in the tent we spooned and fell asleep in each others arms, our trip was great, we traveled many miles and had more and more sex, we could not get enough of each other.

When we got back home, our lives returned as they were, he and I spent a lot of time together, I attended his games, he was playing so very well, his foot ball career would earn him a scholarship, I would attend a college in the west Kyle in the east, we made attempts to stay in contact but our lives were headed in different directions. his football career could go all the way to pro, my career was in marketing,

I was working in a huge company, I was single, the last man I was with was a total nightmare, much worse than the previous two, I would stay single and enjoy my life, but if I was honest I was lonely, I wanted a warm body in bed with me at night, a man at my side, someone to love and take care of, someone to take care of me.

I was offered tickets to a playoff game, my best friend and I would attend, I looked forward to it as did Maria. She was a football fanatic, on the way to the game she commented how the star quarterback was from the same town as I was,

“Did I know him? his name is Kyle Wiggins?” Maria asked.

“I knew a Kyle Wiggins from high school, but it can’t be him, can it?” I replied asking her.

When the team came on the field I tried to get a look at the quarterback, but without binoculars I would never be able to tell, we had good seats but there was no way. Maria asked a man if I could borrow his to get a better look to see if it actually was the him I knew from high school. I nervously adjusted the binoculars to see if I could get a good view of him. Just with a side view of him I knew it was Kyle.

“So is it him?” Maria asked nervously.

I shook my head, I was choked up,

“Yes it is I can see the resemblance from when he was younger, he is still so very handsome.” I said nervously.

When the play was stopped and the kicker was to go out, as Kyle was walking towards us Maria grabbed my arm, pulled me to my feet.

“Kyle remember him? It’s Tommy from High school!” Maria yelled.

He looked directly at me, stopped in his tracks,

“Tommy?” Kyle said.

I saw him mouth the words but did not hear him, a huge smile came across his face, they pulled him off the field so they could get the play going, it was too loud for me to hear him so he had a volunteer bring the note to me, it read.

“Please Tommy you and I have to get together after the game, meet me at gate number six where the players come out to sign autographs. I so look forward to seeing you again, Kyle Wiggins.”

Maria was beyond thrilled she would get to meet Kyle and she now had his autograph on my note which she quickly took from me.

After the game Maria and I proceeded to gate number six, there was a huge crowd of people waiting for autographs, Kyle got a round of applause when he exited, he not only won but would bring them to the cup, and they were favorites to win. After about twenty minutes of signing autographs the crowd started to disperse, the odd ones hung around to get to stand beside their idol, Kyle thanked them and let them know he had to get on his way, important meeting.

I was all jittery, and nervous, he came up and grabbed me into a bear hug, he was no longer the small young lad I knew back in high school he was built. When we pulled apart I introduced him to Maria his number one fan, she had him sign an autograph, she also wanted a selfie of she and Kyle for her screen saver.

“Tommy can we go for dinner?” Kyle asked nervously.

“Yes we would love to,” Maria quickly responded.

I laughed.

“Maria, has other plans! Don’t you Maria?” I stated looking at Maria.

She looked at me like seriously,

“Oh yes I have to wash my car, hair, hair!” She replied nervously.

We all laughed.

I got in with Kyle and we headed off to have a drink at his hotel, we would go out for dinner after. Sitting in the car I was looking at Kyle he was so ruggedly handsome, I wanted to kiss him right in the car as he drove. He looked at me and just smiled,

“Are you attached or single?” Kyle asked sheepishly.

“Single after some really bad relationships!” I told him bluntly.

“How about you? you must have them lined up to date you?” I asked dreading the reply.

“Oh yea they are lined up and all crazy, even Rachel contacted me hoping I would go out with her!” Kyle replied making a face.

“I’m sure you have your choice of women?” I asked softly.

Kyle turned to me looked me, “Come on Tommy you know I am not into women! I’m gay.” Kyle smiled at me as he replied.

“Well there must be a huge amount of guys who want to be with the star quarterback?” I asked thinking he must have his choice.

“Yea and they all want something, season tickets, meet other players, have a three way with other players on the team, have me set their sister up with another player!” Kyle replied shaking his head.

“Your not serious?” I asked with total dismay.

“Tommy I wish I was kidding, but I am not, there are so many fake people out there!” Kyle said shaking his head.

“Your telling me I have met and dated to many of them, that is why I plan to stay single!” I said looking blankly out of the windshield.

Kyle and I chatted about the past the present and possible future what we were both looking and hoping for in the future with the right guy. There was an uncomfortable silence, I did not know how to break it, Kyle leaned in and kissed me, he caught me off guard. I pulled in closer and kissed him back,

“Dam I missed you Tommy, I have thought about you so many nights sleeping alone, missing you and remembering our camping trip.” Kyle said with longing in his eyes.

“I too have longed to be in your arms once more, to be able to kiss you, hold you, this is a dream come true for me!” I replied my eyes getting glassy.

He took my hand and lead me to the bedroom, we undressed each other, I stopped him when he started to take my pants off,

“Kyle I don’t usually do this I don’t have casual sex with just anybody!” I told him bluntly.

“Tommy come on man it’s me Kyle, not some stranger you met on the street, you know me!” Kyle said looking a little hurt.

I let his hand go and kissed him, I forgot what a good kisser he really was. Once naked we embraced on the bed,

“Tommy can you fuck me like you did that time we went camping?” Kyle asked with lust in his eyes.

“You mean dry with only spit as a lubricant?” I said jokingly.

We Both laughed.

“No I have lube this time!” Kyle said as he grabbed the lube.

I proceeded to fuck Kyle, it was not he same as when we did the first time in the tent, it was more intense, there was something there that was not here the first time we had sex. If I was to guess I would say there was feeling, possibly love in there too, he and I were both single lonely men, I could see myself falling madly, deeply in love with him, he is such a great guy. After he and I made love, I gently kissed him, told him how much I missed him, and how I cared for him all these years.

“I have missed you too as well, when we were together that was the best times, you were always there for me, I miss and need that again, I think I still love you like I did in high school!” Kyle said teary eyed.

Oh my god he just told me he thinks he loves me, I know I love him I have all this time.

“Kyle I knew a long time ago I was in love with you, I missed you so much, so many nights wishing you were by my side thinking about you and I and how I missed holding you, massaging your tensed up body after a game, Kyle I want that again, would you go out with me? Be my boyfriend?” I asked with anticipation.

“Of course I would be your boyfriend, but you know I travel a lot, and we live in different cities!” Kyle said with a worried look.

“If we really want it to work we can do it, I can fly to your away games, you can travel to me in your off time, I can do most of my work out of the office, I do not need to be in the office to get any of it done!” I replied with a slight grin.

“I love you and I will do everything to make this work!” I told him sincerely.

“Me too babe I to love you, thank you for coming to my game today, you have made me a very happy man!” Kyle said with a look in his eye I can’t describe.

Kyle and I moved in together, some of his stuff in my city some of mine in his, we both traveled a lot, but we made it work for us, Kyle is the number one quarterback in the country, I attend all of his games, I get to sit with the other wives and girlfriends. I am the envy of all the women I sit with, they all know my Kyle is number one.

He and I were very happy together, we vacationed a lot, traveled all over the world, anywhere we went he was recognized. He and I lived a long and happy life together, we never strayed or cheated on each other. I love him more now than I did yesterday, if you asked him he would tell you the same.

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4 thoughts on “Highschool, Hormones And A Canoe Trip

  1. singer4u says:

    Sigh…. such potential to have been a great story. Too bad it failed. Most writers know the difference between to and too as well as your and you’re. This author didn’t get it right a single time! Come on guys and gals – have a friend proof read your stories and/or download a free version of Grammarly on your computer!

    • Robbie says:

      Hardly any of these stories are proof read, but that is something you get use to if wanna keep reading if bothers them they stop and move on to a better platform.

  2. Bucky says:

    Beautiful & SEXY story …. I’m not into watching …. But these 2 I would , admire & ENJOY since they love each other so much. WHO doesn’t like hunky BIG COCK fellows who LUV SEX too . lol

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