Homophobic Dad

So I dutifully get on my knees and milk him. Covering his cock with my mouth and grabbing his smelly balls with my hands. Sucking that seed out of his snake.


The front door slams. It’s basically 3:00 am.

From my bedroom I hear my dad’s feet shuffle into the kitchen and open the fridge. The microwave beeps. The TV turns on and the volume cranks up. Sounds like he’s playing some standup comedy. Probably on BET.

I know he’s intoxicated because it’s Friday night and he’s drunk every Friday night. Especially when he’s hangin’ at Frank’s, who is never not fucked up.

This is gonna be another earpods kinda night for me. But I expect this, so I’m not super pissed.

Footsteps approach my closed bedroom door.

“Wanna hit this joint, Tev,” I hear him ask from the other side of the wall.


A big part of me doesn’t wanna join him.

I don’t really like my dad. I guess I love him, whatever that means when you don’t really know someone. He’s not a monster, but he’s kinda dumb. Homophobic. Can get mean and violent sometimes.

But I needed a place to stay after my split with Jonathan and dad needed help with rent. So here we are, cohabitating for the first time in, like, over ten years.

He was the last family member I came out to. Back when I was 19.

I was at his apartment two years ago:

“I didn’t raise no faggot, Tev.”

“This is a part of me that’s not going away, dad.”

“I didn’t raise no faggot, you hear me?”

“Yea, you’re kinda right. You didn’t really raise me.”

“The fuck you-“

“Yeah,” I interject, “mom and grams raised me. You know that. I saw you, like, once a month, tops.”

“Clearly you been raised by females, cause now you thinkin’ you are one. You really wanna be a faggot bitch?””

“Well, I’d rather be a faggot than whatever version of a man you are.”

He shoves me against the wall and wedges his forearm against my neck.

His teeth are clenched, and I can smell the whisky on his breath.

He’s trying his best to not escalate things any further. I know it’s time for me to shut the fuck up and get outta there.

I knew this wouldn’t go well, but it was an important step I needed to take.

He doesn’t puff his chest too much with me these days, thank God. It’s been uneasy, obviously. Feels like a battleground sometimes. But, frankly, it’s better than being homeless. I stay out of his way. I clean up after myself. I pay rent on time, and I like my room, so it’s been ok. I ain’t mad about it.

And even though I have a lot of resentment toward my dad, I still have some empathy for the guy. I know that a lot of his issues are bigger than himself. And the product of, like, unmet needs ‘n shit. Lack of guidance. Systemic shit.

He didn’t have it easy, ya know, so his decisions haven’t been easy.

And, yeah, there’s been a few special moments between us, it ain’t all bad.

And lowkey, y’all, he’s handsome for a man in his late 40’s. A tall, built black man. Car mechanic by trade. He’s always attracted women toward him with his wide smile, thick lips and dimples.

A smile I wish I saw on his face more often.

He was nominated for Coming Home Court in high school, which I always thought was hilarious. When he’s doing well, and taking care of himself, he can be a pretty charming and sexy guy.

He used to love singing Otis Redding while fixing up bacon and eggs.

“These arms of mine.

They are lonely.

Lonely and feeling blue.”

The truth is that I’ve beaten off to fantasies of my dad many times.

I imagine walking by the bathroom door, cracked ajar, catching him masturbating after a shower. After rinsing the grease and sweat from his hard-working body.

Through the steam he catches me watching him and demands that I give him throat.

A way to show me what happens to sluts.

When they’re being slutty.

“Get over here. This dick ain’t gonna suck itself, boy,” dad says as he flashes me his throbbing erection.

He has a forceful tone.

So I dutifully get on my knees and milk him.

Covering his cock with my mouth and grabbing his smelly balls with my hands. Sucking that seed out of his snake.

The seed that created me.

Slurp, slurp, slurp.

Mmm, yeah. That’d be hot.

Or I think about those nights when he brings a woman home sometimes.

These women must come from Frank’s place or the Village Bar, because those are the only two places my dad hangs out at outside of work.

They come home around 2:30 am after a couple pitchers of beer. And basically beg me to join them in taking some shots.

They start making out on the couch beside me. And she reaches to grab my junk, like a wildcat.

Invites me and dad into his bedroom for some double-penetration, a fantasy she confesses to have always wanted to try.

He’s lying on his back, while she rides his dick on top, bent over. I slide my dick into her pussy, alongside my dad’s, and we fuck her together.

As she slides up and down his cock, I stare at it. My dad’s dick is fucking pussy.

With me.

His cock plops out of her cunt, so I grab it and guide it back to her snatch.

And we continue to fuck her together.

And cum.

Together, inside her.

I snap back into the present. It’s 3:00 am here. Dad’s watching some stand-up comedy and asking me if I wanna share a joint.

He rarely invites me to hang out with him. And, though I know he’s drunk, he’s apparently in a good-enough mood to be feeling friendly toward me, and open, and I wanna be more at peace with him. And feel less strain between us. And I think it’s gonna take both of us getting out of our comfort zones a little bit more to get there.

… and I also don’t mind getting a little high right now, too.

So we smoke together. On the living room couch we watch stand-up. Both dressed in a T-shirt and gym shorts.

He lifts himself up to grab another corona from the fridge, and I stare at his fat ass as it walks away from me.

He’s always had a fine ass. An ass I inherited more-or-less, fortunately, so ‘thank you, pops’, I think to myself.

Asses that are meant to be devoured.

We ain’t talking much, but we share some laughs and keep passing the joint. He flips to some music videos and we watch a few.

My dad sings along to some of them, which is kinda cute and fun. I chime in sometimes, too.

We’re being cool with each other.

Maybe we have a chance.

And while staring at the TV and just really enjoying my high, dad decides to drop a bomb.

There’s always a curveball with my family, I swear.

“So, you really like sucking dick?”

He doesn’t look at me when he asks this.

I suddenly have a moment of panic.

Like, is he about to start some shit?

Wait, what?

What’d he say?

I glance at him to assess his vibe. He doesn’t seem agitated.


And his tone is non-confrontational.

Curious, even.

And we’re both stoned, just chillin’. Brandy’s playing in the background. He’s just watching music videos.

I don’t quite know how best to answer, to be honest, especially cause I’m baked.

So I just choose to keep it simple.

“Yea,” I say matter-of-factly.

There’s a long moment of quiet between us. Stretching uncomfortably.

I’m anxious, for sure.

But he asked a yes-or-no question and I answered it.


Yes, I do like sucking dick, dad.

I’m a very big fan and practitioner of the sacred art of sucking dick.

Fuck, I can hear my pulse.

Thump, thump.

How’s he gonna respond?

Thump, thump.

Thump-thump, thump-thump.

And then my dad drops another bomb.

“Show me,” he says in a low voice.

Hold up, what?


I’m second-guessing what I think I heard, trying to do calculus in my brain.

And then look down toward my dad.

And notice that he’s pulled his cock out.

He’s straight-up holding his erection in his hand.

Was it out when he asked me if I liked sucking dick?!

My world is flipping upside-down.

He’s offering himself to me.

Breathe, boy, breathe, don’t act too excited. Play it cool, play it cool.

Wait, is this some kind of trap?

I could pretend that I thought it was a joke, and awkwardly shuffle into my bedroom.

But, damn, I didn’t know he had such hard wood right now! Ohmygod, it’s so close to me!

Erect. Yearning.



Dad reiterates, “show me whatcha got, come on.”

I’m at a fork-in-the-road, ready to commit to either option.

He’s guiding his meat outward with his hand.

And it’s long. And thick.

I’m about ready to cave in.

Yeah. Yeah, I can fuck with this.

“Don’t leave your pops hanging,” he adds, and shakes his cock around a few times.

And as if he had flicked a wand in a stroke of magic, I obediently descend to my knees in front of him and put him into my disbelieving mouth.

His penis is warm and alive, and I feel the heat of his body now that I’m so close to it.

Temperatures are rising.

All you had to do was ask, dad.

I smell his crotch and body odor, and it seduces me further. I don’t mind the natural scent of a hard-working man.

I’m here to pleasure you, father.

My head moves up and down. Up and down my father’s shaft.

With each bob of the head, my mouth creates more saliva.

His tool calls for lots of lube.

Up and down, his cock stretches my throat more and more.

“Yeah, take it in,” he says softly.

And I do.

Well, almost.

It’s big, man.

My hands grab at his waistband and yank, and his shorts are now down to the floor.

I see the rose tattoo on his belly, close to his pubic hair.

I push his knees further apart and start stroking his wet meat with my left hand. My other hand explores his ankles and calf, and I start licking his nutsack.

Mmm, these heavy balls.

They’ve experienced so much.

They’re a fortress of his power.

Dad moans.


Yeah, dad. Just relax.

His testicle fills my mouth.


Take a load off, dad.

We on vacation tonight.

I’m just slowly dissolving.

Into a sensual trance.

Just surrendering to the will of my body.

Licking the top of his taint, mopping those tiny hairs.

Then slowly climbing back up his shaft like a snake.

Climbing his manhood.

To the tip, to his urethra, I give a kiss. Breath warm. Then put his head back in my mouth where it belongs.

You inside me.

Come back inside me, dad.

“That’s real good, boy,” he says as he reclines a bit more.

Hell, yeahhhh.

He likes this. I feel reassured.

This is what he wants.

I’m cleaning up my daddy like a good boy.

And he gets real dirty sometimes.

But I got him covered.

I continue sucking up and down.

Up and down.

I’m a good boy, earning his favor.

Oh, God, I can’t wait to swallow his bitter favor.

Please give it to me, dad.

I love bonding with you in this way.

This peculiar and delicious way.

My jaw hurts, but I have endurance.

And the taste of his warm pre-cum won’t let me give up.

I want your seed in me so bad, dad.

You inside me.

Give it to me.

I feel his knees close in a bit and touch my shoulders.

Touching me.

“Yea, suck it like a bitch,” he says.

In an almost-flirtatious way.

I love being your bitch, dad.

I feel myself becoming even more animalistic.

Faster, deeper, wider, wetter.

I taste his savoriness. I know he’s close.

“Damn, boy,” he whispers, “fuuuuuuck”.

He’s breathing hard.

“Mmm, yeah, suck it.”

My mouth is married to his cock.

Up and down. Up and down. I’m greedy now.

We just some fuckin’ freaks over here.

Freaks gettin’ freaky.

Up and down. Up and down.

“You want this dick in your pussy,” he abruptly asks.

Um, time out.

My dad wants to breed me, dude.


Without missing a beat, I reply.

“Hell yeah,” and take off my shorts and underwear.

On all fours on the couch, I turn my head toward him.

“Just enter gently.”

“I gotcha.”

I expect him to rush into it, so am pleased to suddenly feel his lips kissing my ass. He takes a big bite of a chunk of my cheek, then sticks his tongue in my moist hole.

Tongue-fucking me.

In-and-out, and around, making wild animal sounds.

In-and-out, and around.

Holy fuck.

Holy fuck, fuck.

Mother fuck, my dad knows how to eat ass, yessss.

He spanks my ass with a sting, ouch, then gingerly slides a finger into my anus, while continuing to lick my cheeks.

Gives me a moment to breathe into it.

A second and third finger soon creep in.

Helping me ready myself for his meat.

After some preparatory massaging, he gets upright, and points his dick with his hand toward my cunt and slowly slips the head of it inside.

And pauses.

I take a deep breath in and exhale. And he proceeds further, halfway down. Inch by inch.

And I take another breath in.

And out.

And he moves in further.

My father is entering my butt, my shitter.

Filling me with his manhood.

This is so raw, so primal.

Come on in, dad.

I gotcha.

This is what men do sometimes.

We fuck.

We fuck and we get nasty.

And sometimes we cross lines.

This can be our filthy, little secret.

No one would understand.

Dad starts slowly pumping in and out of me, holding onto my big ass with his hands.

Gripping tightly. Getting into his groove.

“Yea, take this dick.”

He speeds up and bends inward toward me.

I feel his sweaty chest rubbing along my backside.

We’re gettin’ slimy up in here.

“Yeah, that’s a good bitch.”

His balls are smacking.

Smack, smack, smack.

We’re both moaning.

A chorus of ecstacy.

He grabs me even closer, digging deeper in me.

In and out.

Spanks me hard.


“You love gettin’ fucked,” he tells me assertively.

In and out.

In and out.

I exhale, “I love it”.

Smack, smack, smack.

“Yeah, I can tell.”

In and out.

Smack, smack, smack.

In and out!

Oh, God, fuck!

He wraps his arm under me and presses it against my slick chest.

Thrusting and thrusting.



His face is just inches behind mine.

His brow sweat drips onto my back, and his hot breath steams my neck.

I get a small hint of his beer.

I feel his dick swelling inside.

He’s about to erupt.

He starts grunting with each plunge, “Unh….unh”.

In and out.


In and out.

“Unh, fuck.”

Knock me up, daddy, I want it.

“I’m about to nut,” he warns.

I turn toward him and pull him close with my hand.

“Give it to me.”

He thrusts deep inside me, straddling me with his head resting on my back, and lets out a loud moan.


Louder than I expected.

I moan, too.

His semen splashes inside me in succession.

Splash, splash, splash.


I have my father’s seed in me.

Splash, splash.

I’m collecting it all.


You inside me.

He stays inside me and catches his breath.

We share this long moment together.


In and out.

Gradually taking in our surroundings and coming back to reality.

His dick slowly slips out of my ass and he spanks my buttcheek one more time.


Maybe he won’t regret this after all.

He puts on his shorts in silence and walks to the fridge.

I get dressed, too, wondering if I should say anything, and if I did, wondering what I’d say?

I think he might be smirking, but I can’t really see his face.

I’m feeling a little shy and self-conscious about locking eyes with him, which is so weird after having had no qualms about gathering his seed with my ass just now.

I don’t know, I just feel bashful.

He grabs some leftover Chinese food, shuts the fridge, and takes a bite.

“Night, Tev,” he says casually while walking to his bedroom.

“Night, dad,” I mirror back.

I’m sitting here on the couch, stunned by all that just happened.

And so very turned on.

An LL COOL J starts playing.

I grab the joint and take a final hit and start jerking off. Wondering what tomorrow will be like between us.

I press my finger to my anus and swoop up some of my dad’s cum as it leaks out from my beat-up hole.

I put it to my lips, like chapstick, and continue stroking my cock, as my tongue carries his seed into my mouth.

Mmm, yummy.

You taste good, dad.

I rub some extra dad-cum on my hard-on, too, and keep pumping.

Up and down. Up and down.

And within seconds I’m squirting a massive wad of jizz onto my palm.

Squirt, squirt, squirt.

Squirt, squirt.

It drips onto the side of my hand and I slurp it up, licking the edges.

Jesus Christ.

What a fuckin’ crazy night.

Soon enough, “wanna hit this joint” became our code for messing around.

And I feel lighter, like some tension has been eased, in a super-fuckin’ weird kind of way.

He calls it out to me when he’s feeling especially horny. Usually at night, but sometimes in the morning.

“Wanna hit this joint?”

I love hearing that phrase.

I love hitting his joint.

We get baked, then ass-naked.

And do some male bonding.

You know, that dirty kind of male bonding men do sometimes, but don’t talk about.


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7 thoughts on “Homophobic Dad

  1. Lonewolf69 says:

    being on teh DL is alwise wild. Never admitting you’re a freaky deeky kinda man. Yeah. They always yell the loudest then let there guard down when REALLY Hot n Horny!

  2. Rob says:

    Great premise! However I think Dad has got some explaining and a different change in attitude needs to be apparent!

  3. Phillip says:

    Fucking hot as fuck. Wish it had been longer. Or maybe there’s a part two coming. I hope so. Fuck me.

  4. Bucky says:

    Hot & SEXY . Can be nice ; they can relieve each other whenever they feel like it …. welcome buddies & lovers. He can be a REAL DADDY’s BOY. He can give DADDY whatever DADDY WANTS.

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