Hook Up With Construction Worker

I started at the base of his beautiful cock, licking and sliding my lips up the purple vein on the underside. When I got to his head…


“Take off your shirt.”

I already had my hands under his shirt, to get at his broad, hairy chest, as I kissed and licked his neck. But I wanted to put my hot, hungry mouth on his nipples now.

We were standing in the living room area of my darkened apartment. The lights were out and the blinds drawn. I could barely let him get in the door before I attacked him, running my hands up and down his stocky, rugby player’s torso.

RH was about 5’11”. Maybe 2 ½ inches taller than me. Broad-shouldered. Rough hands and big arms from his construction job. Dark haired and scruffy.

He took off the shirt.

I stared up into his eyes as I gently flicked my tongue on his nipple. He groaned softly and ran his hand down my back.

I grabbed his thick, hardening cock through his sweatpants. He was about 7 inches erect, and maybe 2 inches in girth. I dropped to my knees and raked my hands down his hairy stomach, took the waistband and freed his dick. It stood straight out from his body, slightly purple head bobbing just inches from my face.

I made eye contact again as I grabbed the base of his shaft, gently licked the underside of his head, then slid my mouth over it.

This was only our second hook up, but I was already kind of obsessed. The first time had started out a little awkward, as we negotiated terms: no kissing, total discretion, etc.. We found each other on Craigslist when I posted in missed connections for a hot latino with a perfect dick who used to fuck me so good. RH responded. It wasn’t the same guy, but turned out to be an amazing lover.

I was a little stressed about work stuff the first time RH came over, so had a bit of a hard time loosening my ass for him. But once I did, Jesus Christ. He gave me one of the most intense orgasms I ever had. It had only been a week since then, but I had been jacking off to the memory more than daily ever since.

I stood up and raised my arms; he pulled the satin nightshirt I was wearing over my head. He stepped out of his pants and sat on the leather chair next to us. I had a raging hard on myself, straining at the elastic band of the black lacy panties I was wearing for him. I went to my knees again, this time between his legs as he slouched lower in the chair. I positioned myself so he could see how the thong framed my round, juicy ass cheeks (same thong as in my profile pic!) as I gave him probably my best blow job ever.

I started at the base of his beautiful cock, licking and sliding my lips up the purple vein on the underside. When I got to his head, I eagerly lapped up the salty, thick pre-cum leaking from his slit. The taste of his pre-cum set my heart racing, and made me even more lusty than I already was. I engulfed his head with my mouth and let out an involuntary moan as he thrust and started to fuck my mouth a little.

“Mmmmm. Suck that cock, baby. You suck that cock so good.”

I let the head out of my smooth, full lips with a slurp and an audible pop. Then I grabbed the base and slapped it against both of my cheeks, then my tongue, before took all 7 inches into my mouth again.

His head was thrown back, his mouth was slack as I slowly worked his dick with my mouth, my hands massaging his powerful thighs. Every couple of rounds as I came up for air, I would let it slide out of my mouth and dive down to his full balls, licking and gently cradling them as he softly panted and moaned.

After a few minutes I decided he needed a break before he exploded, and I didn’t want that to happen before I had a chance to ride that glorious cock to completion again.

I stood up and straddled him, my knees on each arm rest. I put my hands on his big shoulders, and lowered myself until the tip of his cock grazed my asshole. My asshole twitched in anticipation as I moved my butt in circles, never putting more weight on his dick. I didn’t want him to penetrate me here. I just wanted to tease him some more. But it was hard not to open up for him right here.

He stared into my brown, fully lashed eyes. RH wouldn’t allow kissing, and said he just wanted NSA fucking, but goddamn, he made some intense eye contact. So hot.

“Take me to your bedroom.” He sort of growled it.

I stood up, grabbed his hand and turned around. When he stood, I placed his hand on my bare right ass cheek. He slid it around and grasped my 6″ erection through my panties and pulled my body back against his.

“I can’t wait to fuck that tight ass again.” I could feel his hot breath, and his scruff on my neck as he whispered hoarsely in my ear. His hard cock was against the small of my back.

I reached up behind myself, and put my hand on the back of his neck, pulling his face to my neck and feeling the weight of his body against my back.

Then I let go and leaned slightly forward against the door jamb. His legs were against the back of mine. I spread them a bit, reached between them for his dick and slid it up under my balls until I could see it poking out the front below my own dick. I bent over a bit more and reached down to softly stroke its velvety underside.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I want that ass, baby. Don’t make me wait for it anymore.”

We went into my bedroom. I had burned some incense and lit a candle. There was some new-agey music pulsing softly on the stereo. I like to set a sexy mood. I turned around and guided RH until the back of his knees touched the bed and gave him a little shove. He fell backwards, and slid up until his head hit the pillows. I climbed onto the bed and flipped around 69 style so I could suck his delicious cock some more, while giving him an up-close look at my pussy.

I licked up more salty pre-cum, and started hungrily sucking his cock again. I still had my thong on. He slid the string out of my ass crack and began to sensually massage my ass. He worked his way toward my pussy and I followed his lead, moving in circles, pushing against his big rough hand.

My own cock was oozing pre-cum now, giving me a huge sticky wet spot on the black lace panties I was still wearing. I let his dick fall from my mouth and rested my cheek next to it as I focused for a moment on the sensations he was giving me as he gently probed my eager ass with his finger.

“Mmmm. I love the way you finger my pussy, baby.” It turned him on when I talked about my pussy. I was practically purring at this point, pushing my ass more intently against his probing digit. He took his hand away and I looked back at him to see why. He looked into my eyes as he put his middle finger into his mouth, wetting it, then placing it firmly against my sphincter and pushing.

I gasped in surprise and pleasure, then closed my eyes and relaxed, allowing him to finger fuck me with one hand while he stroked my cock over my panties with the other.

I twitched with electricity every time a knuckle dragged across my tight hole as he stroked in and out. I pushed my ass against his hand and arched my back, trying to let him get as deep as he could. My head was still resting on his thigh and when I opened my eyes between thrusts, I saw his huge dick bouncing before my eyes.

Jesus fucking Christ I was almost delirious with lust at this point.

So was he.

“I need you to fuck me now, baby,” I begged.

“Come on,” he rasped back at me.

I pulled reluctantly off his finger, and gave his cock one last slow suck, got up on my knees and spread his legs. There was lube on the bed next to us so I slathered his cock with it, then pulled the string of my thong aside and worked some lube up into my pussy.

I climbed up and straddled his wide belly, reached behind me and guided his cock to my hole, which was pulsing with anticipation by this point. The head touched the tight opening and we paused for a moment. I was still gripping the base of his shaft. I leaned forward a bit to improve the angle, and put a bit of weight on his dick while he gave a slight thrust at the same time.

I relaxed and the head popped past my sphincter. I gasped, threw my head back, and fell forward, letting my face hit his chest. As always, this part burned a little. I always wonder if I’ll be able to take it.

He slowly, insistently pushed into me. I savored every inch as his girth opened me up. When he was balls deep I placed my hands on his chest and sat up, letting my full weight push him into my guts. I leaned back a little and savored the full feeling, moaning as his cock hit my p-spot.

He ran his hands from my lats down to my hips, where he pushed even deeper, sending butterflies through my stomach and making my cock twitch.

When I was able to open my eyes again, RH was gazing up at me, undisguised hunger on his face as he took in my hairless chest, abs, and dickhead peaking out of my thong.

I was overcome with desire, and leaned forward to take a nipple into my mouth again, and lifted my ass. He started to pump, slowly at first, but then deeper and faster. It almost drove me fucking over the edge. After 15 or 20 thrusts, he slowed down. I couldn’t stand it and leaned forward to kiss him full on the mouth.

I was breaking the rules, but I didn’t care. I was kind of cock crazed at that point. Fortunately he didn’t seem to care either. I tilted my head slightly and parted his full, surprisingly soft lips with my tongue, my hands on either side of his head. He kissed me back exploring my mouth and slowly working the full 7 inches of his cock into and out of my ass. Not just thrusting at this point, but slowly making circles as he fucked me slow and deep.

The feeling of bliss was almost overwhelming at this point. I might have described it as an out of body experience, except I was fully present in my body, deeply experiencing every inch of this man’s hands on my hips, dick in my ass, and lips against my lips.

When I tore myself away from his mouth, the spell was broken. We made awkward eye contact for a moment, so I leaned back again to simply sit and grind on his cock. I closed my eyes to get back into it, and it didn’t take long because again… holy fuck this cock was just buried in my tight pussy.

“I want you on your back,” he commanded me after a few minutes more of me riding him cowboy style.

I climbed off his dick. My ass felt empty.

He got up and went around to the foot of the bed. I rolled onto my back. He leaned over and worked his way under my legs until his broad, strong shoulders were at the back of my knees. He stood up with my legs over his shoulders, pulling me towards the end of the bed.

He pulled the thong out of my ass again, with one hand guided his dick back to my now gaping hole, and with one confident thrust, was all the way inside me again.

I arched my back and bit my lip. He moved his hips in amazing circles again. When I opened my eyes, he was staring down at me. He knew he had me now. I would do just about anything for more of his cock and he knew it.

He expertly fucked my asshole, thrusting faster, then slower; deep, then shallow, his hands on my chest, my legs, my stomach.

After a few more minutes he moved my legs off his shoulders so I could put them around his waist. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling his cock deeper and grinding my ass against him. I could feel his balls against my ass. He slowly pulled out until just his head was still inside me, letting me feel every inch before he pumped hard back into me.

Now, this next part. This is what put me over the edge. I thought I had gone over before, but that was just… the beginning. He reached down, slid my panties down, and grabbed my hard dick with his right hand and slowly began stroking me in time with his deep thrusts.

I put my hand over his to feel him working my cock and pussy at the same time. Good gawd I had never felt anything quite like it. I strained my head forward to watch as he jacked me off and fucked me. I was in heaven… so many sensations at once.

“Ahhnnh. Ahhhh… Mmmmm. Ohhhnnnn. Fuck! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuuuuck.”

When I came, I shot ropes of cum over my shoulder and onto my chest.

It was so intense. My sphincter spasmed around his cock as he kept thrusting and I kept cumming. When I was done I ran my eyes up his sweaty torso to see his face, eyes closed in ecstasy, biting his lower lip as he pumped and pumped.

When I could think again, I let go of his hand and reached down with both of my hands to spread my ass cheeks apart for him. I wanted him deeper. I wanted him to know my ass was his. To use for his own pleasure.

He leaned in and pounded harder and deeper. His breath became ragged.

With an especially firm, deep thrust I could feel his cock start to jerk inside me. He ground again and shot more cum into my eager ass. After a few more pumps, he fell forward, face against my chest and just rested there for a moment. My legs were still wrapped around him as his cock softened and I gripped his back and shoulders, holding him against my spent, sweaty body.

When he recovered, he stood up and his cock plopped out of my pussy. He went to the bathroom without a word, and I heard the shower start up. I laid there in my sweat, stomach and chest covered in our cum, my asshole still pulsing.

I stood up, knees shaky and put on a t-shirt and shorts.

RH came out of the shower and toweled off. We made a bit of small talk before he left. In the beginning, he always wanted to leave quickly just after he came.

We hooked up a lot over the next couple of years, and eventually he would spend the night, me waking him up in the middle of the night with my lips on his cock. I think he sort of wanted a boyfriend, which is not really my deal, but I did love it when he stayed over and would fuck me in the evening, loosening me up so he could drowsily fuck me again from behind before he left for work in the morning.

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8 thoughts on “Hook Up With Construction Worker

  1. Curtis says:

    I hate it when men refer to their asshole as a pussy, I hate lingerie on men, and lastly men that shave their bush are not men they are fucking pussies.

  2. MJF says:

    This story started off hot with the image of the “masculine” construction worker then stopped at the “feminine” girl/guy talking about his “pussy” and lacy thong.

  3. Robbie says:

    This author fluctuates from ass to pussy. I guess he forgets or maybe thinks he has a pussy. When I have heard my top call my hole a pussy I stop and say “There is no pussy in this bed and if you’re looking for pussy and not ass i suggest you leave to go find one!” They then say the right things.

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